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    Shinka no Mi

    Chapter 152


    Translated by Mlzkzr
    Edited by Mlzkzr


    『Your level has risen』

    The moment I defeated Destra, there was an announcement like that in my brain. Eh, did I level up again? That’s a lie, right?

    I didn’t move enough to say that I beat him this time……

    “Hey, my level has gone up, but what’s going on……”

    Apparently, I’m not the only one who’s leveled up.

    “Your level has only risen by one?”

    “Eh? Etto………… that’s strange. My level is written as 609……”

    When Saria asked while tilting her head, Helen rubbed her eyes several times as she checks her status.

    Did I apparently defeat Destra? By this, Helen seems to have become a 『Transcendental』 which she wanted. No, I don’t really know why her level went up so much.

    “We, well that’s fine! This means that Helen’s goal is achieved, right?”

    “………… That’s right. For the time being, I found out that if I was with Seiichi-sensei, I would run away from common sense without knowing it.”

    “What is it to run away from common sense!?”

    “Isn’t that what it means? Destra, the asshole who seemed so dangerous, I don’t understand him, and are we different from him? It was over without me noticing that he had changed.”

    I collapsed on the spot to Al who said so in half open eyes.

    That’s stupid…… their common sense has run away because of me……

    However, apart from me who is depressed, Saria opened her mouth as bright as usual.

    “But it was alright! Thanks to the common sense that runs off from Seiichi, we’re safe, aren’t we? That’s why, thank you!”

    “O, oh? Really? If that’s the case……”

    As a result, if Saria and the others are safe, well, it’s okay for my common sense to run away! …… A’re? Is that okay?

    “Well, it seems that Helen’s level has risen, and it’s time to check her status while he’s fainted.”

    “Ah, I’ll check my level, too.”

    “How far are you going to be nonsensical?”

    I don’t really want to be called nonsensical!?

    When I open my status without being convinced somewhere……

    “Ah, my, status left me……”

    “What, your status left!?”

    Helen, who didn’t know my status, opened her eyes as she ask this. No, I don’t really understand either.

    However, I can’t see my stratus, so to be honest, I can’t confirm my skills…..

    When I involuntarily think that way, the brain announcer-san who played an active role today spoke suddenly.

    『Would you like to view the acquired new skills? 』

    “Eh, you can do that!?”

    『Yes. Then I will display it. 』

    That was resolved more easily than I thought, and when I felt that it was anticlimactic, I suddenly perceive some gazes.

    Then Al and Helen look at me with suspicious looks.

    “……Seiichi. Who are you talking to?”

    “Eh? …… Brain announcement?”

    “As I thought, you’re weird.”

    “I don’t understand it.”

    Helen also nodded to Al’s words, and took her eyes off of me as if to say 『Ah, it’s Seiichi-sensei’s insane behavior again. 』. Why!

    When I was unsatisfied with the unexpected treatment, a semi-transparent window appeared in my field of view.

    『That is, the race skill that had been acquired this time, is the 【All is different, all is fine*】. 』 (TN: minna chigatte, minna ii = A Japanese poem(haiku) by Misuzu Kaneko)


    Just now, what did it say? No matter what I asked, it felt like words that I couldn’t think of as a skill name popped out……

    『It’s the 【All is different, all is fine】』

    “It’s not a mistake!?”

    It’s not an ordinary skill name anymore, it’s a poem passage! I like that poem though!

    Rather, what is its main effect? I can’t imagine it at all, but……

    『All is different, all is fine』…… You can acquire all kinds of techniques and skill systems, such as unique skills only for races, special skills by genes, skills found as a result of mutation, and unique skills engraved on the soul. The range isn’t limited to the star where Seiichi-sama currently exists, it extends to another star, world, dimensions, and Gods. Just thinking, “Ah, I think it’s nice”, you will learn greater than the same ability in the state of it being controlled exclusively for Seiichi-sama’s use.』

    My body doesn’t really have self-restraint……!

    By the way, before I knew it, it appeared as a proper noun even inside the explanation of the skill!?

    What? To sum it up, I could only use the skills of this world until now, but that restriction was suddenly lifted? Even so, the way to unlock this is too ridiculous! I wonder if it’s possible to unlock this little by little!?

    Rather than that, the fact that the content of the skill is far from its skill name……!

    It says that all is different and all is fine, but I don’t think I’ll take that personally!?

    Without anyone realizing, I tsukkomi’d about my own skills.

    “Well, what should we do with this guy?”

    With that kind of expression, Al looked confused in front of the fainted Destra.

    “Isn’t it best to give him to Ranze-san? He’s the king, and he might want to get some information about the 【Demon God’s Cult】.”

    “Well that is reasonable. However, it’s troublesome if he did some strange action before we hand him over, so let’s confiscate all of his belongings.”

    “Ah, I’ll do that. I don’t want anything to happen to Al, Saria and Helen.”

    “Is, is that so? If you…… please.”

    When Al blushes at my words, she pulled back.

    Now then, I want to investigate immediately, but…… considering that Destra is empty-handed, there’s a high possibility that he has put it in his item box.

    If it’s inside the item box, then I can’t help it, but……

    As I suddenly whispered so at his inventory, I heard the brain announcement again, which is a lot today.

    『Skill 【Evolution】 has been activated. This allows you to interfere with the target’s item box. 』

    I’m tired of tsukkomi’ing with my body today so I’m going to go through with it.

    I try to confirm it immediately, and even though it makes me feel that I have resolved it easily, but…… what should I do to interfere with the target’s item box?

    When I twisted my neck, a translucent window suddenly appeared in front of me, and as I look closely, it was a list of Destra’s item box.

    When I pressed the 『Flame Knife』 on the list, a knife with a bright red blade appeared from thin air. Oh, amazing. I can really interfere with it.

    I mean, the items on this list are, the ones which that guy got in the dungeon even if he was solo?

    Even if we found a treasure box along the way, it was almost empty, and we haven’t had much success until now, but to be able to get it all together in one place like this…… somehow, it seems like Destra appears in games and so on, like a bonus character that drops many items. It seems that he also gave a lot of experience points. I wonder if another person will come out? (TN: Seiichi demanding for more)

    Looking at various things like that, some weapons and items were suitable for Helen.

    “Oh, Helen. Isn’t this perfect for Helen?”


    As I said so, I handed over to her two short swords named 『Wind Blade (Fujin) 』 and 『Lightning Blade (Raijin)』.

    Feeling some kind of Japanese design on it, the 『Wind Blade (Fujin) 』 is a beautiful green blade, and the 『Lightning Blade (Raijin)』is a beautiful yellow blade, and each is thinly wrapped with wind and thunder around it.

    As for the effect, the 『Wind Blade (Fujin) 』 enhances the agility of the owner, and moreover, the enemy’s projectile weapon….. it has the effect of automatically deflecting bows and arrows and weakening magic, and the 『Lightning Blade (Raijin)』has the same agility enhancement as 『Wind Blade (Fujin) 』, and has the effect of paralyzing the target that was slashed, and both of it is a Mythology class weapon.

    It’s a mythology class, so it seems that this dungeon was of high difficulty.

    Helen, who received the two short swords from me, stares at the dagger with a fascinated expression.


    “Can you use this as your weapon, Helen?”

    “…… Is it fine? This seems to be a ridiculous thing, but……”

    But for some reason, Helen suddenly said such a thing.

    “I saw it in 『Appraisal』, but a Mythology class is a weapon that you wouldn’t normally see, and if anyone uses it, they can become strong, you know?”

    “Eh? Does it look like I need it?”

    “Ah, yes……”

    I meant it as a bit of a joke, but if I think about it carefully, I really don’t need it.

    “None, nonetheless, if you sell it, you’ll get enough money to play and live for the rest of your life, you know?”

    “Hmm…… But I have so much money that I can’t use it……”

    “What is Seiichi-sensei really?”

    It would be troublesome to hear such a philosophy. I don’t even know myself anymore.

    “Anyway, don’t hesitate to accept it. We originally came here for Helen’s training.”

    “Bu, but……”

    “Helen-chan, it’s okay! I have my own weapons too!”

    “Right right. It’s no use holding back here, you know? I don’t know why, but you need strength, right? If so, receive it.”

    Helen, who was told not only by me but also by Saria and Al, received both of them at the end.

    I searched for other things that Helen could use, but I couldn’t find anything better than this.

    Besides, the mythology class is the highest in terms of rarity here, and there was no Dream(fantasy) class.

    However, since some weapons with disturbing effects came out, I’m really glad that I was able to beat Destra here. What, the wound of the other party who was slashed with it cannot be closed. That’s too scary.

    As I think that if these were to be passed on to the members of the 【Demon God’s Cult】, then it wouldn’t be funny at all. No, Destra looked down on the Demon God, and I don’t know if he’s actually going to give it.

    In this way, when I scatter the items taken out of Destra’s item box like a blue raccoon dog*, I noticed a certain item. (TN: Doraemon)

    It’s nothing unusual, it looks just like a transparent crystal, and for some reason it’s not in Destra’s item box, but on his pocket.

    “A’re? This is……”

    As I look closely, I tilt my head to the crystal which I feel like I’ve seen before somehow.

    Well, even if I look at it, I won’t understand it, so I tried to immediately examine it with 『Advanced Appraisal』, and Saria spoke to me.

    “Seiichi, what’s wrong?”

    “Eh? Ah ――――”

    The moment I tried to turn around in response to her, the crystal slipped from my hand, and I try to grab it in a hurry, but even though I should have a status like a monster, the origin is too dull, so when I think that I grab it, I repeat the action of dropping it many times, and I finally dropped it.

    Then the crystal that fell broke, and when smoke pops out from its inside and wraps my body ――――!?


    “Se, Seiichi!?”


    ―――― I was standing in a strange forest.

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