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    Shinka no Mi

    Chapter 151


    Translated by Mlzkzr
    Edited by Mlzkzr


    “Now then ―――― will you die?”

    The gray-haired man in front of us―――― in response to Destra’s words, we jumped out of the spot all at once.

    And each of us holds a weapon, and we become warier of Destra than ever before.

    However, looking at us like that, Destra floated a bitter smile.

    “No, it doesn’t matter even if you keep your distance. Wherever you run, even if it’s not in this world, you can’t get away from my ability.”


    When Al asks so with a stern expression, Destra smiles.

    “Do you want to know? Then I’ll tell you. My ability is――――”

    While saying so, Destra puts his hand over the nearby grass, and the grass suddenly withered.

    “Fu fu, how is that?”

    “Ho, how……”

    What? You mean the ability to kill grass? But if that was the case, that doesn’t explain the corpses of monsters that surrounds us…… (TN: Apparently, Seiichi thinks it’s just killing grass…)

    However, there might be some side effect by withering the grass. I’m not sure though.

    Nevertheless, if it’s really the ability to kill grass――――

    “Pla, plain……”

    “Pla, plain you say!?”

    Destra screamed with a red face in my reaction.

    No, my plain expression is not so good. I’m sorry.

    “N, no, that seems to be useful for farmers! Such as, weed treatment and so on……” (TN: Facepalm*)

    “Where are you looking at!?”

    In response to my honest impression, Al tsukkomi’d. I’m sorry, I’m not familiar with it.

    Speaking of what we know about Destra, he’s a 『Deity(Kami to) 』 of the 【Demon God’s cult】……Nn? Is he a 『God(Shito) 』 rather than an 『Apostle』? I don’t know more and more. The only thing that’s clear to me is that he’s an enemy.

    With that thought, Destra smiled.

    “We, weed treatment…… Fufu, fufufu…… This is the first time I’ve been ridiculed. Aah!?”


    At that moment, I felt that something bad spurts out of Destra’s body.

    On the other hand, I almost deflected it with 【Fine Sword of Swirling Hatred(Black) 】which I swung out.

    Destra then opens his eyes slightly.

    “Nnn? I thought I could’ve killed you by now……”


    “Seiichi, this guy is dangerous! We’ll stop moving right now.”

    As Al said, the presence of Destra, who laughs fearlessly in front of me, made me feel strangely uncomfortable.

    “For the time being, let me knock you out!”

    While activating the skill 【Infinite Hell*】, I hit Destra at a level where he won’t die.  (TN: Mugen Jigoku)

    Of course, even though it’s a bit sloppy, my movement wasn’t at a speed that I could honestly recognize, and I easily dived into Destra’s bosom.

    And, I delivered a blow in Destra’s belly while going easy on him.





    Destra, who I thought that would lose consciousness after receiving my blow, didn’t pass out, and stood unharmed.

    “Fufufu…… You’re surprised, right?”

    “……You, what are you?”

    When I asked him while taking a distance, Destra says so with a sarcastic smile.

    “I think you misunderstand me, but my ability is…… the power to kill a target freely.”


    “The future where I’ll die, on the contrary, I killed everything that would hurt me in the future.”


    What is, that foul ability! I too am, but not that much! ………… Probably!

    “That’s not all. My unusual power…… 【Extinction】 , the tangible and intangible, phenomenon, concepts, and fate as I wish…… I can kill it, even this world and God. And even if I’m not aware of it, if there’s something hostile, harmful, murderous intent, or something that’s detrimental to me, even that can be killed by reflecting it. How about that? Isn’t it hopeless?”

    No, it’s really absurd!?

    Without joking, can I really win against, this guy!?

    No, but, what if it’s a dead existence in the first place? Besides, if there’s a guy who can use such foul power, on the contrary, there must be a guy who has the power to revive, but……

    Then, Destra smiles deeply, as he sees my expression.

    “Now, you’re trying to find a weakness in my ability, right? You think it doesn’t work for dead beings…… That’s not true. I can kill even dead ones. After all, I kill everything.” (TN: How can you even kill the dead. You mean zombies?)


    This guy, is much more of a monster than me, a monster! I don’t know what it means to kill a dead entity! How do you even kill a dead person!?

    Is it really possible for me to defeat him!?

    “So, die.”


    When I was surprised at his ability that flew too much, Destra puts his hand over me.

    “Hahahaha! You made a fool of me, die with regret!”

    “Guaaaaaaahh! I, I’m going to dieeeeeee!”


    I held my chest reflexively, and Saria looked at me and cried.

    『Skill 【Evolution】 has been activated. The body will adapt to this. 』


    “I seem to be all right……”

    ” …………… Heh!?”

    Destra looked at me with a stunned expression and opened his eyes.

    “Wha, why! 【Extinction】 didn’t work! There is such an existence, that not only from this world, but a multi-dimensional, multi-world, and even God didn’t know!”

    “E, even if you say that…… it seems that some skill has helped me……”

    “Hah!? It’s just a system in this world, do you think that my power was prevented by such a skill?”

    Destra shouts so, and immediately regains his cool.

    “Fu, but knowing the seed, it doesn’t matter. If I kill that skill, then it’s over!”


    Once again, the moment Destra held his hand over me, an announcement flowed in my brain once more.


    “It looks like I’m fine……”


    In my reaction, Destra held his head on the spot.

    Not only me, but also Al and the others have confused expressions in his appearance that’s too defenseless, but at least as long as he has the power to kill instantly, Al, Saria, and Helen can’t move carelessly.

    “Isn’t that strange!? There may be people like me in all universes and in multiple dimensions. But the strongest of them is me! My power didn’t get through!? I have the power to kill even the god who created the whole world, the universe, and everything!?”

    No, it’s a really disturbing ability. Or rather, the scale of god in the whole universe, isn’t that strange?

    With that in mind, I involuntarily asked what I was wondering.

    “I mean, you’re, a man from the 【Demon God’s Cult】, right? Is it okay for you to say that you’re such a person that can kill a God?”

    “Haa? Do you really think that I’m under the Demon God?”

    Destra stares at me as if I was a fool from the bottom of his heart. No, you don’t have to make me look stupid…….

    “Well, isn’t your power also a thing that came from the Demon God?”

    “It’s different, you know? If this is a power given by the Demon God, then I won’t be able to kill the Demon God. This is my natural power. That’s why, I can kill the Demon God at any time. But it’s boring if I do that easily. The existence that they thought I had obeyed, will be killed by me at the height of pleasure! Ah, what kind, of expression do you think the Demon God would have at that time!? Just by imagining it, I’m already……!”

    Not only me but everyone draws back at Destra who has an ecstatic look on his face. Yes, this guy is really……

    Then again to us…… No, he turned his eyes back at me, and glared.

    “Thereby, why won’t you die!? My ability is absolute! Even if it’s an ability to invalidate instant death or a conceptual operation, it’s impossible to prevent it by any method!”

    Destra says so, but what is it, announcer-san in my brain! I mean, in my body!

    Even if I know that it won’t answer, when I involuntarily asked so in my mind, unexpectedly, brain announcer-san taught me emotionlessly.

    『Invalidity is invalidity, things like concept, protection, absoluteness…… and with that level, you’ll know what I’m saying. It doesn’t work because it doesn’t work. That’s all there is to it. 』

    The other party said that it’s complicated and difficult, but it’s ridiculously simple to me!

    But I appreciate that simplicity. To be honest, I don’t understand 10% of what Destra was saying. What? An event or a concept. Simple is the best, right?

    I mean, I didn’t expect an answer to come back! I usually only hear it when I level up or when my skills are activated, so it’s a little strange to be able to have a conversation with it like this.

    “Impossible…… it’s impossble……! This power of mine can’t be used to such a small fry that’s unfathomable in other worlds and relies on his skill such as stats and skills!? There’s no way that’s fine!”

    “Even if you say that…… Right?”

    “No, why does Seiichi not have such tension!?”

    I don’t really understand, but it doesn’t seem to work on me.

    When such an exchange was carried out, Destra had a look as if he had come up with an idea.

    “That’s right…… Even if my power doesn’t work on you, what about the others!?”

    While saying so, this time not to me, but Destra holds his hand towards Al, Saria and the others.

    I don’t know what to do, but the moment I set up Black reflexively, an announcement in my brain flowed again.

    『Skill 【Synchronization】 has been activated. By doing this, we will synchronize with the surroundings. 』

    Eh, synchronize?

    Destra had an evil smile, and while Saria and the others were strengthening their faces, I was distracted by the announcement in my brain, and I had a stupid look on my face.

    『The synchronization is complete. The synchronization content this time was, Seiichi-sama’s constitution as the main body of synchronization, and it will synchronize with the surroundings, the nearby Altria-sama, Saria-sama, and Helen-sama had been synchronized their nature to the same constitution. 』

    Al and the others have tense expressions on Destra laughing loudly.

    When I saw that, I whispered.

    “Etto…… my skill seems to have helped Saria and the others as well.”

    “Thus, why is thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat!?”

    Destra collapses again. A’re? This guy, how will he fight if he doesn’t have the power?

    Anyway, thanks to my skill, Saria and the others don’t have to worry about dying, and I wiped away my sweat.

    “Fuu…… I did it!”

    “No no no, what did you do!?”

    “Seiichi-sensei ….. After hearing about his abilities, I thought he was insane and nonsensical, but as I thought, Seiichi-sensei is even more insane and nonsensical……”

    “Why!? No matter how you look at me, I’m a person with common sense! I’m normal!?”

    “Usually, it’s not easy to negate the ability of the opponent with absolute confidence!”

    Al and Helen tsukkomi’d and somehow persuaded me that I wasn’t normal, and Saria was smiling as usual.

    “I see…… Thanks to Seiichi, we’re all right! Thank you!”

    “O, oh? When you thank me…… I mean, I’m not embarrassed, I just haven’t done anything……”

    No, it’s good to say that it benefited Saria and the others in the end because they’re alive, but rather than what I said, it’s correct to say that my body moved on its own. It’s strange for me to be thankful of my body, but I’m really grateful to it. However, since I’m no longer sure what a 【Human】 is, I’d appreciate it if you could think about how much I feel right now.

    To us who’ve lost our tension, Destra shook his head with an unbelievable expression.

    “Won’t accept…… I won’t accept this……! It’s a lie, this is supposed to be a lie!”

    The moment Destra screamed, I felt that something ominous had flowed out of him again, but I left it because it doesn’t matter to us anymore.

    I mean, it’s annoying…… The ability itself is no longer effective, but it has an unpleasant atmosphere, and there’s an invisible thing called instant death on it……



    Suddenly, I started seeing a black, smoky something in my field of view.

    Wait a minute. No way, did I really see it? Is this a lie?

    Nevertheless, in my eyes, suddenly, a black mist became visible, and if I look closely, I can also see the black mist spouting from Destra’s body.

    Apart from me who is surprised, it moves as if it had a will, and attacks us.

    It headed not only to me but also to Saria and others, so I grabbed the mist with my hand.

    “Eeh……?  You can see and touch it, but……?”

    “…… Seiichi, what are you doing by reaching out suddenly to a place where there’s nothing?

    When I was confused by the black mist that rages impatiently in my hand, I noticed that Al and Helen were looking at me suspiciously.

    “Ah, wait! There’s a good reason for this! That’s why, don’t look at me like that!?”

    “Even if you ask me not to look at you like that…….”

    “If you suddenly move your hands in an empty air, you’ll attract such eyes, right?”

    Of course, it is!

    However, only Saria seems different, and she twisted her head when she sees my hand.

    “I’m not sure what it is, but I feel that there’s something that’s not good in Seiichi’s hand right now……”

    “Ah? Can Saria see anything?”

    “Hmm…… do I see it, or is it just my wild intuition?”

    Here it comes, her wild intuition. But it’s amazing because her intuition is absurd.

    “Why, why is it not, what are……!”

    When we were talking peacefully, Destra was desperately holding his hands up to us, while dripping sweat as if to say that he’s not being recognized. Etto …… is he not going to give up?

    Anyway, I grab the black mist that came from Destra with my hands, and when I gather it, I made a mistake and crushed it.

    “Ah, I can crush, this.”


    I don’t know why, but the moment I muttered that, the black mist seemed to be screaming.

    Nonetheless, I thought that I was collecting a black mist, but perhaps this black mist is that 【Death】 thing. I can’t give a concrete explanation either, but somehow it resembles the atmosphere of the netherworld.

    As good as it was, I frowned at the black mist in my hand.

    “If this thing is that 【Death】 , and is Destra’s ability…… Honestly, it doesn’t feel good. It’s unreasonable to take the target’s life unconditionally.”

    『! 』

    Saying such things while including some anger, the black hazy mist that settled in the palm of my hand hardened, and it suddenly turned into a pure white light.

    “Eh, what what!? What’s going on!?”

    “No, Seiichi. From me and Helen’s perspective, what have you been saying? That’s what I feel, but……”

    It’s certainly unusual for me to react alone to something that no one can see!

    “A’re? The thing in Seiichi’s hand, was not good until a while ago, but now it transformed into something really good, right?”

    Then, although she couldn’t see it as clearly as I did, Saria, who perceived it sensuously, said so.

    I was told so by Saria, and when I stared at the white light in my palm without panicking this time, contrary to what it was a while ago, it was kinda full of vitality, and become a force that gives life to the body.

    And the light in my palm was 『Ma, master! How about this!? Forgive me, I’ve already washed my feet from killing, and from now on, I’m going to heal! 』  that’s what its saying, but to send such intention to me. Eeh……?

    In other words, that black mist…… 【Death】 itself, for some reason, seems to have reversed into healing powers, such as 【Recovery】 and 【Life Force】.

    Moreover, not only the light in my palm, but for some reason, the light extends to Destra’s body, and until now, black mist gushed out from Destra’s body, but now, a white and warm light is overflowing from him.

    “Why…… why doesn’t my power work……”

    Destra desperately tries to put effort into his hands while crying before I know it.

    Then, a new white light which transformed from the black mist emerged and I intentionally received it.

    Then my body shines for a moment, and I feel that my mood got better.

    “Oh, the energy in my body is overflowing.”


    Al and Helen, who can’t see the white light following the black mist, and Destra, the person who did that, turned their eyes to my reaction.

    “Seiichi, I want to receive it too!”

    “Oh, is that so? Then Destra-san. Your ability please.”


    Destra has an expression like he doesn’t understand what I mean, but regardless of such Destra’s will, a white light flew to Saria.

    “Nn~! It’s true! I’m feeling better!”

    “Isn’t it? Al and Helen can have it too.”

    “What are you talking about!?”

    “……I don’t know. I have no idea where Seiichi-sensei is heading……”

    I’m still wondering how can I explain this to Al and Helen, who don’t understand what is happening, but once again, the white light flew towards Al and Helen, regardless of Destra’s will.

    “Tsu!? Thi, this is……!”

    “Amazing…… My mind which was tired because of Seiichi-sensei until a while ago is restored all at once……!”

    “Wait a moment.”

    Isn’t it terrible that your mind got tired because of me? Can I cry?

    Anyway, now that they’ve experienced Destra’s power, it becomes a little easier to explain.

    “As you’ve just experienced, He…… Destra’s ability is 【Extinction】, was it? It has changed from it to 【Healing】 .”

    “I don’t understand what you mean!”

    “What happened and how did that happen……?”

    I don’t know it too. It turned out that his ability of 【Extinction】 had changed……

    Then, Destra, who was listening to my remarks, stared at his hand with a stunned expression.

    “My, my power…… has turned into, healing……?”

    While being stunned, the moment Destra put his hand over the dead grass nearby, the grass regained its fresh figure in an instant.

    However, looking at the scene, Destra had an expression of despair on his face.

    “I,it’s a lie. That is, a lie. I, want to make people miserable…… I like the sight of despair…… My ability should be able to do that……”

    Destra desperately activates his ability not only to us but also on the surrounding grass, as if he was looking away from reality.

    However, contrary to Destra’s desired result, we feel refreshed, and the grass also became verdant pleasantly.

    “Ah, aah…… Aaah…… Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah!”

    And when Destra collapses on the spot, he screams in despair.

    Looking at him, Al approached behind Destra with a pitiful expression somewhere and――――.

    “Now then, sleep for the time being.”


    ――――she hit him as hard as she can.

    Destra murmurs as he loses consciousness.

    “M,my power …… has changed, even in the future, where I shouldn’t get hurt……”

    And Destra completely fainted.

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