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    Shinka no Mi

    Chapter 150


    Translated by Mlzkzr
    Edited by Mlzkzr


    “Nn? A’re……”

    While Helen’s level is going up smoothly, as we go through the dungeon, we saw something lying on the way.

    “……What the?”

    Al and the others seem to have seen it, and when we approach it while being wary, a huge spider that’s about the same size as us humans, was upside down.

    With a black body and sharp legs, and a vicious mouth, the spider, even though we’re getting closer to it, didn’t move.

    “Wha, what’s going on?”

    Helen says so, with a little powerful look on her face, but no one answers.

    Then, as Al decided, she approached it, and when she examined the spider’s body, she opened her eyes.

    “…… It’s dead.”


    It’s dead? Now, now then, as we see it, it didn’t move at all, and I guess that’s because it was turned upside down, but……

    But that wasn’t what surprised us.

    “Why, why is there a dead body left?”

    Yes, in this world, first of all, when a monster is defeated, it becomes particles of light and disappears, and if you are lucky, it will leave a drop item.

    …… I haven’t seen it yet, so I don’t know, but I wonder if humans will also disappear as light particles……?

    Anyway, the defeated monsters disappear as particles of light, then each of it becomes experience value, and it remains unchanged that they’ll sometimes leave items further.

    But in front of us, there’s certainly a spider’s corpse.

    “This is also my first time seeing a monster in this state. No matter how I think about it, it’s not normal.”

    I originally lived on earth, and now I got used to the common sense of another world, but Saria, Al, and Helen, must have lived with the common sense that defeated monsters will always disappear as particles of light. That’s why they were more shocked and confused than I am.

    When each of them was puzzled by the corpse of a spider in front of us, suddenly, the dungeon began to tremble greatly.

    “Wha, what!?”

    “The heck, what is happening……!”

    We crouched down on the spot, and when we endured the shaking, the shaking eventually stopped before long.

    “In this dungeon, what the heck is going on?”

    “I don’t know…… However, there’s a possibility that the owner of those footprints is the suspect. Just keep that in mind.”

    As Al says, it’s not easy to connect it, but when these strange things happen up to this point, it just seemed like the owner of those footprints was involved.

    After a certain amount of inspection, we went forward again.


    From time to time on the way, corpses, similar to the spider earlier, were seen lying around, and we became more and more wary of the people who are ahead of us.

    “Even though I’ve come here to raise my level, it’s been strange……”

    “As one would expect, a phenomenon that a monster’s corpse remains is, I’ve never seen it. There’s nothing I can do about this.”

    “I, have also lived in the forest, and some of the monsters there died due to old age, but they also disappeared, so this is also the first time I’ve ever seen this phenomenon……”

    While Al and the others have a strong expression somewhere, I came to a certain idea.

    Since, there’s no drop item, in a sense, we can get all the materials left in it, right?

    Of course, in this world where drop items are basic, it’s nothing but eerie, but it’s also a good deal in a way.

    The question is, what kind of existence is the person involved in this phenomenon……

    As I proceed while thinking about such things, we eventually came in front of a strangely luxurious door.

    “The monsters that could raise Helen’s level no longer showed up halfway, so we came in front of the boss’ room, but……”

    “By the way, what is Helen’s current level?”

    “Eh? Etto…… It’s 488.”

    “Ah…… You haven’t reached yet the 『Transcendental』 huh.”

    She came here with the intention of becoming a 『Transcendental』, but I felt sorry to her for not being able to achieve it.

    There was no particular drop item that Helen could use, so after that, we could return and wait for the monsters to spring up again, or wait for her level to rise by defeating the boss that is behind this door……

    Then Helen says in a bit of a hurry.

    “No, but I was originally at level 203 and I’ve reached this level, and Seiichi-sensei made me strong enough.”

    “But what will you do then? Just turn back like this, and continue to defeat monsters that’ll spring up?”

    “Saria’s plan is fine, but……”

    Al looks at the door while saying so.

    “……Basically, only one party can participate in the boss’ room. That’s why, by the time this door opens, there’s the possibility that the owner of those footprints would either have defeated the boss or was defeated by it…… I’m quite uneasy. If possible, I would like to gather the identity and information of the owner of those footprints that is the cause of the mysterious phenomenon of the monsters’ corpse on the way.”

    “But by the time this door opens, you’ll almost hardly see that person, right?”

    “I guess so. Whether he’s dead or alive, I don’t think we’ll meet anyway. But I can still get some information. If he can defeat the boss of this dungeon, then he has that much force, and if he’s dead…… it’s cruel, but that only removes one factor to worry about.”

    Al said that in a sigh, and looks at us again.

    “That’s why, before I turn back, I want to inspect the inside of this Boss room once. Then I’ll turn back again, and let’s resume Helen’s leveling up, but …… is that okay?”

    “Of course, I’m fine with it!”

    “Yes, it’s alright for me too.”

    “I have no objection either. Besides, it’s better to check the Boss room and then turn back and it’s possible that monsters may spawn up in the dungeon.”

    We all agreed and decided to look inside the door in front of us once.

    “Well, then we’ll wait for a while until the door opens ―――― “

    At the moment I said that, the door in front of us began to open slowly.

    “…… It looks like, the battle inside is over.”

    Once we look at each other, we tighten our minds and step into the door.

    Then, a meadow spreads out inside the door, and like the time in Zora’s dungeon, even though we’re inside the dungeon, it was as bright as noon.

    When I was surprised by the sudden changes in the environment because we’ve traveled on a cave-like road so far, Al called out to us in a tense voice.

    “Hey…… look at that……”

    “Eh? Tsu!?”

    When Al prompted me, I turn my eyes in the same direction……

    “What, the hell, is that……”


    A part of the lush grassland has withered as if a gaping hole has opened, and there are huge grasshoppers, mantises, beetles and centipedes in the surrounding area, and all insect-type monsters scattered in upside down position.

    And in the center of it, a man with a gray hair and blue eye, was standing unarmed, and alone.

    “What the heck, Oi…… Why did the door open, you’re still here……!?”

    When Al asks so with maximum vigilance, the gray-haired man noticed us now.

    “Nn~? Ah, here here.”

    Despite Al and Helen being wary of him, the gray-haired man approached us as if he was taking a walk.

    “Sto, stop!”

    When Al holds up her weapon and yells, the gray-haired man stops there.

    “It makes me sad that you’re so cautious.”

    “…..Are the fallen monsters and monsters on the way, your work?”

    “Eh? Ah, that is. Yeah, that’s right.”

    The man who admitted it with an “Aah’, never stops smiling.

    “Then…… why are you, the one who cleared this boss’ room, still here?”

    As Al says, originally, only one party can challenge the boss room in the dungeon. That’s why it’s impossible to join other parties when they’re in the boss room, and if the party that challenged it first cleared it, the door cannot be opened if they didn’t go to the transition room ahead or got annihilated.

    However, the man simply told us without specially hiding it.

    “That is, I killed the rules of the dungeon.”

    “You killed, the rule?”

    When I twist my head around his words that don’t make sense, the man deepened his smile and bowed to us politely.

    “I’m Destra the 『Extinction』. I am an existence called 『Deity(Kami to) 』 in the 【Demon God’s Cult】.”

    And he turned a cold glance to us.

    “Now then ―――― will you die?”

    (TN: This guy is finished)

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