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    Shinka no Mi

    Chapter 148


    Translated by Mlzkzr
    Edited by Mlzkzr


    “It’s over safely.”

    “To be honest, I wasn’t surprised.”

    “It was fun!”

    After taking a room in the inn 『Tree of Peace』, and after chatting for a while, Al and the others came back.

    It seems to have ended without any particular problem.

    “I was relieved that nothing happened.”

    “No, it’s normal that nothing happened, you know? …… It was terrible at Seiichi and the other’s time.”

    “Ah, ahahaha……”

    That’s true. It’s a request for beginners, but Al’s angry at me for demolishing a building, not finding any medicinal herbs, and after all that, the dungeon of Black Dragon God. No matter how I think about it, it’s not normal.

    “…… Seiichi-sensei, what the hell happened? Isn’t it really awful with that content?”

    “But, it’s normal to escape……”

    “What’s normal to escape!?”

    I’ve never been a normal person since I came to this world. It’s just a series of surprises and freshness.

    “We, well I think it’s good! More than that, it’s Helen.”

    “……. Can you make me stronger?”

    Helen looks at me with a serious expression.

    “I honestly don’t know how strong you’re going to be, but…… Gassur gave me a piece of information.”

    “Ah? Information? What happened?”

    “Ah. It seems that a dungeon appeared near this royal capital.”

    “Haa? Dungeon?”

    Al has a suspicious expression on her face, but that can’t be helped.

    Generally, dungeons don’t appear so often, but I heard information about the appearance of dungeons in quick succession like this.

    …… I don’t have any confirmation, but the 【Demon God’s Cult】 may have influenced these activities.

    “So? Are you going to make me stronger in that dungeon? I’ll tell you, I’m not satisfied with ordinary dungeons, you know? I just have to be strong……”

    “Ah, that’s okay. It seems that the level of monsters that appear there is about 500.”

    “Is she going to be okay!?”

    A’re? Ye, yeah…… is that right?

    As I twisted my head involuntarily to Al’s Tsukkomi, I turned my eyes to Saria and the others.

    “Eh? I’m not sure. The dungeon of the Black dragon God and the 【Forest of Endless Love and Sorrow】 were of similar levels!”

    “I’m not interested in it in the first place……”

    “…… Altria-oneechan. I used to think it was a ridiculous level, but when I remember the dungeon where Zora-oneechan was, I’m not so surprised.”

    “Certainly. The dungeon where Zora was has stronger monsters than this. To be honest, that level isn’t even much in the Demon Kingdom.”

    “Tha, that dungeon was normal for me too, so I’m not sure……”

    What’s amazing is that Saria and the others doesn’t appear to know anything.

    And thus, Al, who listened to everyone’s words, held her head.

    “Ah…… It’s impossible for me in the old days, and I said that you weren’t normal…… When did I become unusual……”

    “Do, don’t worry……?”

    “……Well, thanks to that, the chances of me pulling Seiichi’s foot has decreased, so I’m glad it turned out that way.”

    I couldn’t get my head raised to such Al without my cheeks dyeing a little red. I’m sorry, but everyone seems to have been separated from normal human beings because of me. Well, a gorilla and a donkey are mixed in.

    When such an exchange is carried out, Helen, who was stuck in my words of level 500, came up to me in a panic.

    “Wai, wait a minute! 500!? That’s not normal!”

    “Eh? But, you can’t be satisfied with a normal dungeon, right?”

    “There’s a limit!”

    Is it like that? Tha, that’s difficult.

    “Well, that’s fine, isn’t it? The higher the opponent’s level, the stronger you’ll become. Let’s think positively!”

    “Usually, it’s something that, rather than being positive, prepare for death upon……”

    This useless me. Really escaping normally. My senses have become numb.

    “Can I ask you for a minute?”


    Then, while holding her head, Helen asked.

    “Seiichi-sensei…… How strong are you going to make me……?”

    “For now, I think you’ll become a 『Transcendental』.”

    “Being a 『Transcendental』 for now!?”

    The people around me have all become 『Transcendental』, so I think that’s the lowest line for me.

    Because I decided to make you stronger, I want to give you a level of a 『Transcendental』.

    “No, not good…… All the common sense inside me will collapse……” (TN: But of course.)

    “…… Nn. When you are with Seiichi-oniichan, you don’t have to think. You feel.”

    Olga-chan? When did I become such a conceptual being?

    With a reflexive smile on her face, suddenly, Helen slammed her cheeks.

    “He, Helen?”

    “Fuu….. I just changed my mind a little. I really need to be stronger…… And yet, now the level of monsters, I can’t do anything if I’m afraid by the word 『Transcendental』. Moreover, as Seiichi-sensei said, because my opponent are 『Transcendental』…… I must stand on that stage too……!”

    Well, there would have been a lot of things to think about, but it seems that Helen finally had a good chance to decide.

    “All right, then, in order to challenge it immediately tomorrow, let’s take a rest today.”

    This is how we went back to our respective rooms in preparation for tomorrow.

    By the way, my room is a three-person room with Al and Saria, but …… nothing in particular happened!


    “―――― Fuun. This is the new dungeon……”

    When Seiichi and the others were resting in preparation for the dungeon, a gray-haired, blue-eyed man was standing alone in front of the new dungeon as if he was going to challenge.

    The man didn’t wear any weapons such as a sword, and his appearance was rough like the townspeople you can see everywhere.

    However, the atmosphere that flows in his body is evil, and you can feel the horror of his terrifying killing intent on everything he touches.

    “When this is over, I’ll destroy Terviel, too…… I can feel some signs that seem to be troublesome.”

    Contrary to his words, his expression seems to be in composure, and he stifles a yawn.

    “Well, more than that…… I have to go through this dungeon, and collect all the remarkable treasures. To be honest, I think that’s enough for me, but…… in preparation for the big battle, the ≪Omnipresence≫ guy is noisy. Should I kill him too?”

    ” ―――― That’s a problem.”

    “A’re? Are you here?”

    Then a new person soundlessly nears the man―――― Yutis, the 『Deity(Kami to) 』 of the 【Demon God’s Cult】 has appeared.

    “What the? Do you want to help me capture this dungeon by any chance?”

    “No, I’m working in another case. I can’t help you.”

    “Whaaaat, that’s boring. Then what are you doing here?”

    “That’s, of course, to pierce a nail in you.” (TN: Something like giving info to someone.)


    Ignoring the moody frowning man, Yutis continued.

    “Is that okay? No matter how powerful we, the 『Deity(Kami to) 』 are, now that there are uncertainties, you should be prepared. And the preparation, is to increase the power of the 【Demon God’s Cult】. That’s why we need powerful weapons that can easily strengthened us.”

    “Isn’t it unnecessary if there’s such a protection from the Demon God-sama?”

    “You can’t say that. In fact, here in Terviel, three 『Apostles』 have been defeated before.”

    “That doesn’t matter to me. You don’t want them to be weak, right?”

    To the man who looked to be irresponsible, Yutis smiled bitterly.

    “Well, don’t be rotten. In addition to you, they also capture dungeons, and they brought back a lot of arms from there. Besides, this dungeon seems to be much stronger than the other dungeons, so we’ll also anticipate the weapons you can get. That’s why you were chosen to capture this easily.”

    “Well, it’s already good though. If this will benefit the Demon God-sama as a result.”

    The man sighed and said one thing that bothered him.

    “By the way, you said uncertainties, but what happened?”

    “…… Exactly. That’s why even when the Demon God-sama says that we should gather when he calls……”

    Unusually, Yutis’ smile disappeared, and he has frightening expression.

    “Is this alright? As I said earlier, the 『Apostles』 were defeated, but…… I couldn’t perceive the entity who defeated them.”


    The man who knows Yutis’ abilities well, opened his eyes as if he couldn’t believe it.

    “In addition, the 『Apostles』 who attacked the Barbador Magic Acedmy were also captured, and even the blessing of the Demon God who should have been given to those persons has disappeared. I looked into the memory of the head of the school, ≪Magic Saint ≫ Barnabas, to find out the cause, but …… It’s almost impossible to get a clue.”


    “However, the recovery of the 『Apostles』, which is one of my duties, and the planting of 『Seed』 on Barnabas were successful, so our strength will increase significantly.”

    “I mean, are you still messing up as ever, or is it an oversight……”

    “I’d like you to say that I’m being careful.”

    “You don’t have to worry so much, you know? I’m here anyway, and there are the 『Deity(Kami to) 』 including you, that’s why the resurrection of the Demon God will not change no matter how you scratch your feet.”

    The man shrugged at Yutis’ words.

    “Well, that’s fine. I’m peeved, but as you said, I’ll capture this dungeon. When it’s done, I’ll go back to my usual work.”

    “What are you aiming for next?”

    “That is, there are places with lots of people nearby, right? I’m sure we’ll see a lot of despaired faces.”

    The man couldn’t control his enthusiasm, and smiled wickedly.

    “No, it’s a pitiful country that’s to be targeted by ≪Extinction(Zesshi) ≫ . What country is it?”

    “It’s the Valsha Empire. It’s just going to be interesting because of their conflict with the Kaizer Empire. Well, I’m looking forward to it. We’ll collect a lot of negative emotions again.”

    When the man who was called ≪Extinction(Zesshi) ≫ says only that, he waves to Yutis and steps into the dungeon.

    After seeing him off, Yutis murmured a little.

    “……As that ≪Extinction(Zesshi) ≫ says, I think too much. Well, there is no doubt that this dungeon will be captured, so I’ll do my job.”

    And Yutis disappeared from the place soundlessly again.

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