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    Shinka no Mi

    Chapter 147


    Translated by Mlzkzr
    Edited by Mlzkzr


    As I promised with Al, when I came in front of the 『Tree of Peace』, I felt deeply moved.

    “I don’t know what to say…… I think I have returned when I came here.”

    “That’s right…… When we left this town, everyone came to see us off!”

    While agreeing with my words, Saria smiled gently.

    As I was immersed in a little sentimentality, my sleeves are pulled suddenly.

    “…… Seiichi-oniichan, shall we enter?”

    “Eh? A, ah, sorry sorry. Let’s go.”

    As I hold my hand with Olga-chan as it is with her momentum pulling my sleeve, Olga-chan laughed a little shyly.

    “Ah! Then, I’ll connect with Olga-chan too!”


    Saria also imitated me and held hands with Olga-chan on the other side of me.

    Rurune, who was looking at our figure in the back, mutters.

    “…… That’s nice.”

    “? You’re not a child, are you?”

    “Tha, that’s not the problem! Even if I’m with Milord……”

    To Rurune who is overreacting to Luthia’s words behind us, Olga-chan glanced at Rurune for a moment.



    O, Olga-chan? You laughed completely with your nose just now, didn’t you?

    When I enter the inn while being pulled lightly by a dark Olga-chan, a cheerful voice was heard.

    “Ah! Welcome!…… Seiichi-san!?”


    “It’s been a while.”

    At the end of our gaze, there was Mary working hard at Lyle-san’s dining room inside the inn.

    Mary looks at us with her eyes wide, and she immediately return to sanity.

    “Ha!? Okaa-san, Ohaha-saan! Seiichi-san, Seiichi-san and the others are back!”


    Soon after, with a little panic, Fina-san, the landlady of the 『Tree of Peace』, and her husband, Lyle-san, came under us.

    “Seiichi-kun and Saria-chan! And to Olga-chan and Rurune-chan…… It’s been a long time, everyone!”

    “I’m glad you looked fine.”

    “Hahaha…… Well, there were many things, but I’m doing well.”

    I died once because I’ve been in the netherworld.

    “So, what’s wrong? Certainly, you received a request to become a teacher at a school somewhere, right?”

    “Ah…… That’s right but, I got fired because of the recent situation or something……”


    “Ah…… is, that so……”

    “You’re fired!? Seiichi-san, are you all right? Are you going to let Saria-san and the others get lost in the road?”

    “No, I’m not that poor.”

    Mary’s exaggerated surprise is, probably to change this dark atmosphere a little.

    As expected, this poster girl, doesn’t miss any changes in the air.

    Besides, she’s rotten for money. Well, I don’t know the exact amount of money I have because Status-san left me. Right now, I live without any sense of money.

    …… If you just heard me here, I’m not a no-good person, right?

    “Hmm! I heard something bad. So, you’re staying here for the night?”

    “Yes. Ah, about three more persons will come, but……”

    “It has grown to…… Eight of them. Seiichi-kun, you’ve become a big wig before I know it.”

    No, really.

    Mary then grinned broadly and rubed me with her elbow.

    “Well~, if it’s Seiichi-san~. You can really be a smooth operator when put in a corner! Aren’t you? You shouldn’t do a lot of naughty things here.”

    “What are you talking about!?”

    Even though Olga-chan is here, what are you saying!

    To Mary, who is smiling like an old man, Saria became blank.

    “Naughty things?”

    “You’re already in love! Look, you know, something like this and that!”

    “Isn’t that sexual harassment too severe!?”

    Hey, Fina-san and Lyle-san, will you not stop this child!? It’s bad for Olga-chan’s education!

    Moreover, we’re not doing what Mary imagines. No, it’s not that I’m a wuss, but we don’t have such an opportunity or atmosphere so far, and above all I’m happy now just being with Saria and the others. Or rather, I don’t think I could afford to muse that way…… That’s? Is there something wrong with me? Maybe this generation of student couples are more advanced?

    Trembling at the fact that I might just be overwhelmingly late, Mary opened her eyes as she perceived from my appearance.

    “Wait, wait a minute…… it’s a lie, right!? You said that you were in school together, and most of all, when you were in this town, you were in the same room, but nothing happened!?”

    “No, nothing?”

    No, I don’t know. I’ve never been in a date before, and I haven’t even consulted anyone. I don’t know anything.

    “An, an endangered species…… There’s still a couple here who’s purely close to each other, like an endangered species……! The couples in this time will be disturbed!?”

    “Where did that gossip c0me from?”

    What is that, biased idea? What a chaotic world this is.

    When I’m terribly surprised by such a remark, Fina-san held her head and poked Mary lightly.

    “Ah, the heck.”

    “Mary…… you, I hope you grow older, and get to know a little more normal information and couples in general……”


    “…… I may be disqualified as a father, but I hope Mary can have a boyfriend sooner at this point. If she does that, I think she’ll understand general couples……”

    Even Lyle-san laughed tiredly and said that.

    Nonetheless, Mary is a beautiful girl because she is a poster girl, and she’ll be able to have a boyfriend soon.

    “…… That’s fine. So, you’re talking about a         room, but it’s impossible for everyone to have the same room. However, if you’ll have two three-person rooms and one room for two, they’re just empty, but…… what will you do?”

    “Then can I ask you for those three rooms?”

    “All right. How long are you going to stay?”

    “Etto…… I didn’t really think about it, but for the time being, give us a month’s worth of time.”

    I immediately gave Fina-san a month’s worth of money for eight people, then Fina-san smiled.

    “Yes, I certainly received it. But if that’s the case, if you’ll continue to work in this city, perhaps you should save money and either rent or buy a house?”


    “That’s right. As an inn man, I shouldn’t say this, but still, if you’re going to stay here for a long time, it’s cheaper to buy a house than to stay overnight.”

    “I see……”

    I’ve never thought about renting or buying a house.

    However, the situation is as unstable as it is now, and considering that we’ll work based in Terviel, surely, it’s better to buy a house.

    While thanking Lyle-san and Fina-san, we headed to each room to take a break before Al and the others came back.

    I’m going to spend time in a three-person room with Saria and Al, but Mary’s words mentioned earlier didn’t left me, and I became strangely conscious of Saria. Well, it must be the same as before……

    Then, Saria, who was quiet until a while ago, calls out to me unexpectedly.



    When I turn my gaze to Saria ――――.

    “Mating, su?”

    ――――There was Goria.

    I told Saria in an instant with a clear heart.

    “I’ll refrain.”


    Why, did you go out of your way to turn into a gorilla? And there are a lot of things I also want to say, such as whether Saria was conscious of Mary’s words, but thanks to Goria, I lost the strange feelings I have a little while ago. Yes, I’m in forced sage mode*. I’m enlightened now. (TN: Naruto is that you~?)

    ―――― However, as I imagined before, if I had a child with Saria, what kind of child would be born?


    ―――― Yeah, my genes would lose after all. No, I don’t know what will happen because it’s just my imagination.

    I spent time in my room with Saria until Al and the others came back.


    (TN: If you’re expecting an ero development, this is not that type of webnovel.)

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