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    Shinka no Mi

    Chapter 146


    Translated by Mlzkzr
    Edited by Mlzkzr


    “A new…… Dungeon?”

    “Ah, yes.”

    When we were surprised at the unexpected content, Gassur nods with a serious expression.

    “This is only recently…… it’s as what Seiichi-kun and the others know, after the first Demon King and Zeanos-kun opposed the invasion of the Kaizer Empire, it appeared.”

    I wonder if dungeons appear so suddenly?

    When a dungeon appeared in Barbador Magic Academy, I think Barna-san said that there aren’t many of it.

    Perhaps that question is visible on my face, since Gassur shook his head with a wry smile.

    “Unfortunately, dungeons don’t appear as easily as Seiichi-kun thinks.”

    “That’s right. It’s been decades since a new dungeon had appeared…… In the history of the Welmburg Kingdom, or perhaps even older?”


    Isn’t it weird that I encountered such a valuable thing twice? What’s more, it’s not a very nice thing, is it? …… No, if you’re an adventurer, you should be happy of that place, but basically, I don’t want to be at anything that’s too dangerous. Well, it’s late now.

    …… That’s? Come to think of it, the sheep bastard said that two more dungeons will be captured soon, and one of them is the Demon King’s dungeon, and I think the other one was the story of the Demon God’s Dungeon.

    Maybe it’s a dungeon that we can’t capture?

    Perhaps the monsters and traps there are okay if they’re careful, but…… when it comes to fulfilling its true meaning, luck and unknown elements will also be involved.

    That’s why even if we were to challenge this dungeon, I think that we wouldn’t be able to capture it. The sheep bastard is sick, but I don’t think he’ll lie in this regard.

    “By the way, do you know why the dungeon appeared or its cause? Dungeons usually have a dangerous image, so I think it’s quite dangerous to leave it alone without understanding its cause, but……”

    “On that point, we see it as being caused by the people of the Kaizer Empire.”

    “Eh? Kaizer Empire?”

    Even the appearance of the dungeon is unexpected, but is the Kaizer Empire involved in here again?

    “That’s right. It leads to the previous story, but I don’t know how the soldiers of the Kaizer Empire did it, however every one of them became 『Transcendents』 and became a group of beings with levels of 550 or more. To possibly give such a powerful force is, it might be either a 『Curse tool』 that’s activated at the expense of something, or a treasure class magic tool of the world. That’s why the human beings affected by either of these tools stayed there for a short time, and I think it had some effect on the land.”

    “This is the guild’s view, so I can’t say it’s really right, but…… if similar cases have occurred since the invasion of the Kaizer Empire in various places, then there’ll be no doubt anymore.”

    I see…… The Kaizer Empire isn’t just attacking this Kingdom of Welmburg, so maybe dungeons are appearing in other countries as well…… well, if the cause is really so, it’s only annoying oi!

    “For the time being, I understood the appearance of the dungeon, but…… Is that dungeon a completely new type? I’ve heard that some of them just opens another entrance that leads to an existing dungeon, but……”

    “Oh, I’ve done some research on that, and it’s a completely new dungeon so far. Of course, I’m just getting started, there may be hidden doors, and another dungeon beyond that.”

    “I see…… But why would you do that to us? It seemed to have something to do with Helen wanting to become strong, but……”

    “That’s it, Seiichi-kun. The risk of the dungeon there is so high that it’s impossible. After all, the level of monsters that appear in the dungeon is ridiculous.”

    “Tha, that much?”

    The normally playful Gassur says with a serious expression, so it must be a really dangerous dungeon.

    When not only me, but Saria and the others also corrected their posture to the atmosphere of such Gassur, Gassur went on with his story.

    “Nevertheless, because it’s so dangerous, I think it’s perfect fit for that girl who wants to be strong. However, beyond the level 500, which is the point of humanity, it’s up to her whether she can become a 『Transcendental』. Well I’m not too worried about that. What, the heart that’s trying to be strong, as long as you have the muscles to accept and help that heart! You can easily exceed the limits of humanity!”

    Gassur takes a muscle pose while his white teeth were shining. What he’s saying sounds decent, but when he talks about his muscles, he spoils everything in that look.

    Luthia who was listening to our conversation like that, muttered with a strange face.

    “It’s strange to be a human being. We demons have no particular upper limit of level, but……  humans have such limits. But that’s why they’re strong in group battles, and it’s a nuisance, but …… If such an individual becomes strong in terms of status of a 『Transcendental』, then there’s no way for other races to win. Maybe that’s why the restrictions were given. Well, there seems to be something that removes that limitation, but……”

    “Fuun. Humans other than Milord are basically too meager.”

    “…… I think that it’s strange even for me from the Demon tribe to say this indeed. If I decided to call Seiichi 【Human】, then the other humans will look cute.”

    “Before that, I don’t look cute!”

    Although it’s written as 【Human】 in my status, if I deny that I’m a 【Human】, I’ll really lose track of who I am!?

    “By the way, why did Eris-san stop going to the dungeon?”

    When Saria asks such a pure question, Eris-san sighed.

    “Do Seiichi and the others know how dungeons are treated in the guild?”


    Speaking of which…… I don’t know.

    Because during the test for registering in the guild, we were suddenly transferred to the 【Dungeon of the Black Dragon God】, and furthermore, since I was hired by the Barbador Magic Academy, I only did one request, so I didn’t have to worry about any guild rules. Well, it’s correct to say that because I don’t know it, I couldn’t care.

    “Is that okay? Originally, as a judgment as to whether or not requests can be achieved in the guild, each rank was set. The request for S class is, only S-class adventurers can receive, and on the other hand, the request on the test that Helen and the other girl are taking now is rank-free…… In other words, anyone can enter as long they register in the guild. You know these rules, right?


    “Then about the dungeon…… Basically, there is no such thing as dungeon request.”

    “Eh? Is that so?”

    Although it’s an arbitrary image, it seems that very rich men haven’t asked for a rare item from a dungeon….

    “The items that can be obtained from the monster materials and treasure chests in the dungeon are, basically, belongs to the person who found it, that’s the rule in the guild. Dungeons are also a place of longing for adventurers, because they have a dream of making money.”

    I see…… at first, I thought that adventurers were people who would live just by selling monster materials.

    The reason why I registered in the guild is because I wanted an ID card. It never occurred to me that it was a place to go after such a dream of becoming rich.

    That’s because ――――

    “Then, what are the dreams and goals of the people who belong to this guild……?”

    “Our dream you ask? Of course, to expose our desires, right?”

    『Yes, freeeeeeeeeeeely! 』

    “Quit being an adventurer.”

    Where are the adventurers dreaming of a fortune in the dungeon? No matter where I look, I only see perverts.

    “Kohon! It’s a bit off the mark, but well, a dungeon is a place filled with dreams. And when a new dungeon emerges, we’ll ask high-ranking adventurers to briefly check the rank range of the monsters inside it, then we’ll open it up to adventurers.”

    “Eh? That is……”

    “Yes. Rank doesn’t matter when you enter a dungeon.”

    “That’s why it’s so dangerous. There are a lot of young adventurers who stake their lives by trying out dungeons that aren’t fit for their body……”

    “Thus, I’m against Helen’s entry into this dungeon. Even if Altria-san and Seiichi-san are strong, it’s too abnormal this time!”

    I was anxious about Eris-san who seemed to be unusually flustered.

    After all, when the army of monsters came in at the beginning, both Gassur and Eris- san, jumped in without any hesitation even though there should’ve been a lot of S-class monsters in there.

    I can’t believe they both feel that it’s so dangerous……

    I’ve heard the story so much, but suddenly, I can’t help but ask a pure question.

    “But…… it’s so dangerous, and if some adventurers lose their lives, why not limit its entry?”

    As far as I’m told, I have a selfish idea that they should do that, but Gassur shook his head.

    “Can you stop people’s dreams?”


    That unexpected answer, makes me at a loss for words.

    While looking at me gently like that, Gassur continued.

    “Dreams have no boundary. The dream of getting money is also a great dream. And, each person has their own circumstances. Some may need money right now. However, when you needed a large sum of money that you’d never get just by spending a normal time, then how many ways do you think you can earn that? Adventurers must be free. And that freedom naturally comes with consideration and responsibility. ―――― Yes, their own life.”


    It’s so direct, and straightforward words, that I just breathe away.

    “They risk their lives, and try to make their dreams come true. The guild, won’t stop them chasing such stupid dreams. Instead, so that they can make their dreams come true, we’ll support them. It may be information, personal connections etc…… That’s what the Adventurer Guild is all about.”


    It was a very shocking story for me who had never thought deeply about the existence of 『Adventurer』 before.

    Nonetheless, it’s just that they’re cooler than I know, and…… as I thought for a moment.

    When I think that way, Gassur laughs as if he were embarrassed.

    “…… Well, one thing or another, even if Eris is emotionally opposed to her entering the dungeon, but if there’s something she wants ahead, we won’t stop her.”

    “…… I’m really reluctant to let her do that, but I was originally an adventurer. So, I understand the circumstances of her situation and the feeling of chasing a dream.”

    Gassur and Eris-san were, thinking so far for Helen who they haven’t met yet.

    Of course, it’s up to Helen to decide, but…… Almost certainly Helen, who’d hear this story, would say she would dive into the dungeon.

    Then, what I can do as her former teacher……

    “……Naa, Gassur.”

    “Mu? What’s wrong?”

    “About that dungeon, can I get some information on it? The level of the monsters that appears and the types of traps there, that’s what I need.”

    “…… I understand.”

    As soon as Gassur gave instructions to Eris-san, Eris also pulled back into the guild once more to get the materials.

    Now, what’re the level of monsters that will appear? I think it’s worth it because Gassur and the others were wary.

    Ah, that’s right. Let’s listen to only the highest level monster that appeared while they were getting the materials.

    “By the way, what was the highest-level monster in the new dungeon?”

    “Very well…… it’s 【Murder Mantis】 level 600″


    I doubted my ears.

    A’re? Just now…… I think I heard the level was 600, but 600 isn’t that high, right?

    “Sorry, Gassur. Tell me that level again.”


    “It’s not just my imagination!”

    A’re!? Is level 600 that high!? No good, my senses are completely bugged in the dungeon where Zora was……!

    “Fumu…… apparently, even Seiichi-kun, seems to be surprised at that level.”

    “Eh, no, that’s……”

    “…… isn’t that level, low?”


    Olga-chan murmured so softly, that I involuntarily tsukkomi’d.

    However, her voice seems to have reached Gassur properly, and he’s looking at Olga-chan with surprise.

    “O, Olga-kun. Just now, you…… what do you mean by the level is low……?”

    “……Nn. What I said.”

    “I, isn’t that a misunderstanding? It’s level 600, you know? Even the ones who were called 『Transcendentals』 will be lightly crushed, you know?”

    “…… I’m, level 850.”

    “I don’t understand what you mean!?”

    Gassur yelled and grabbed my shoulder.

    “Sesese, Seiichi-kun! Wha, what does this mean!? Olga-kun’s level is 850!? I don’t think it’s at the level of a 『Transcendental』 anymore!”

    “Oh, I’ve heard that I was level 710 before, but I’ve also leveled up.”

    “That’s not the problem! You were 710 even before leveling up!?”

    I heard Zora’s level in the dungeon where she was, and it was 710, but since then, we have been defeating monsters, so it’s not surprising that her level has risen.

    “What the hell happened to you guys in this short time!? I didn’t even hear it from my muscles!”

    “No, don’t speak to your muscles……”

    Saying that, I briefly explained the dungeon that appeared at Barbador Magic Academy.

    Of course, I also tell him that I met Zora there.

    “No, no…… I’ve been the guild master for many years, but I’ve never seen anyone soar this far! What are you!? What do you mean that you erase a dungeon!? It’s impossible even with my muscles!?”

    “I know right!”

    It’s really out my hand. It’s strange that I made the impossible possible.

    As he says such a thing, Gassur put on a serious look.

    “I’ve realized Seiichi’s potential for a long time, but…… if it weren’t for the Kaizer Empire, you would have been given a nickname.”

    “Eh, that’s ……”

    When I was having a bad feeling, Gassur said with a really nice smile.

    “Join us in the S class!”

    “I don’t want tooooooooooo!”

    Me turning into these perverts’ comrade is…… Please, just spare me!

    “I brought it…… eh, ara? What’s the matter with you? Even though there was a dark atmosphere a while ago……”

    Then, Eris-san who brought the dungeon materials, noticed what we were doing and tilted her head.

    “Listen, Eris-kun! What level do you think is Olga-kun here?”

    “Eh? That’s right…… she probably hasn’t reached 500, so even if it looks high, is it about 480?”

    “It seems to be 850.”

    “Did your brain become muscle at last?”

    “Eh, you think so!? I’m embarrassed!”

    “It’s too late…… so, are you making fun of me? Telling me that she’s level 850……”

    “……Nn. You can see it.”

    Olga-chan quickly approached Eris-san, and when she disclosed her status, Eris-san looked who looked at it became serious.

    “…… I seem to have become a muscle brain, too.”

    “Isn’t that great!”

    “Please keep your muscles silent.”

    “That’s also a compliment!”

    Eris-san checks the status of Olga-chan many times while treating Gassur appropriately, and she exhaled a big sigh before long.

    “Haa…… apparently, it seems true. And if Olga-san is like this, then isn’t everyone else at the same level? What the heck did you do……”

    “Ah, that’s……”

    When I give Eris-san an explanation like Gassur, Eris-san laughed as if she had blown out.

    “It’s beyond my control.”

    “I, I’m sorry?”

    …… I apologized at that moment, but is this my fault? Whatever.

    When I suddenly doubt her behavior, Eris put on a serious look.

    “But…… With Olga-san, it seems that the new dungeon materials that I’ll be giving you will not be wasted. There’s also the possibility that it will be erased like in the previous story……”

    “I won’t do that!? ………… ma, maybe!”

    “You’re already worried about your own words…….”

    After all, the fact that the dungeon has disappeared is an accident! Like, I just wanted to break the ceiling of the dungeon and show the sky to Zora! As a result of such pure-minded actions, a sad ending only came to it! To the dungeon!

    “It was really amazing at that time! When Seiichi waved his swords, the dungeon was gone!”

    “It’s a natural consequence from Milord. Because he has still consideration for the world, that degree is enough.”

    “Are you a human the same as us?”

    “I’m a human.”

    In addition to the words of Saria and Rurune, Eris-san has turned to suspicion. It’s a’right. I’m supposed to be human. I can’t confirm it because my status has set out on a journey!

    “Well, it’s fine. Rather, if you have all this strength up to this point, then they don’t have to worry about anything.”

    “That’s right. ―――― Seiichi-kun.”


    “She…… I don’t know what Helen-kun is in the Valsha Empire, and I don’t know what kind of feelings she has about the current situation. That’s why, like the time with Altria-kun before…… Please lend her a hand.”

    “……Yeah. If she needs my help, then I’ll do what I can.”

    ――――We got the information on the dungeon while Helen was away, and as my promise to Al, we went to the 『Tree of Peace』.

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