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    Shinka no Mi

    Chapter 145


    Translated by Mlzkzr
    Edited by Mlzkzr


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    “―――― So, you, Seiichi and the others came back because the school has closed?”


    Ranzelf, the king of Welmburg Kingdom, also called Ranze, held his head in front of Louise as she told him so plainly.

    Although there was a little consultation between Seiichi and the others with Helen’s desire to be strong, since Helen’s will seem to be firm after all, Seiichi returned to the Kingdom of Welmburg with Helen.

    Then, Seiichi went to the guild headquarters at once to decide his future actions, and Louise returned to the Royal Castle to report her return.

    “No, it’s strange that an Imperial Guard originally left me, the one who should be protected, but…… aren’t you too free to do that?”

    “Listen, Your Majesty. My level has exceeded 700.”

    “I didn’t hear that story at all!? The heck, 700!?”

    At that level, Ranze was surprised and he widened his eyes.

    “What did you do to be at such a ridiculous level!? I was even more surprised than when you suddenly told me that you had become a 『Transcendental』 before!?”

    “When Shishou destroyed the dungeon, it’s the result of me being involved in that process.”

    “I don’t know anything! What’s the disappearance of a dungeon!? Moreover, Seiichi is involved in that!?”

    Ranze, who was often surprised by Louise’s words, exhales a big sigh to calm down.

    “Haa…… you don’t tell a joke, so I know it’s true, but…… Who the hell is this guy Seiichi? I think there’s a clause that he wanted to hide himself, but he’s not a common man since he saved me from a curse after all. I don’t know if he’s inclined to hide himself anymore…… “

    “Speaking of which, apparently, Shishou seems to be from the same country as the heroes of the Kaizer Empire.”

    “How much are you going to surprise me?! Eh, then he’s…… from a different world!?”

    “It seems to be so. However, it seems that he wasn’t summoned by the Kaizer Empire, and he said he wasn’t a hero, but…… his ability is so presumptuous to even compare to them, and their gap is wide. Of course, Shishou is above them, you know?”

    “I don’t even have to ask you. But, what about him being stronger than the heroes? The Kaizer Empire is going to be in tears……”

    Ranze leaned back on his chair as if he was tired.

    “Ah…… The people from the Kaizer Empire aren’t really decent…… They summoned kids from another world as heroes, and declare war all over the world like this……”

    “Come to think of it…… Was this country going to be okay? I guess there’s no problem because I was able to talk to Your Majesty like this now, but still, I heard that most countries have fallen to the Kaizer Empire.”

    To Louise’s question, Ranze turned into a serious expression.

    “Ah, so it’s about that, but…… This was also because of Seiichi’s help.”


    “Do you remember when the guys from the 【Demon God’s Cult】 attacked?”


    Remembering the situation at that time, Louise clouds her expression.

    ――――The day when the meeting between the Welmburg Kingdom and the Demon Kingdom was held, the 【Demon God’s Cult】 led an army of monsters and attacked.

    In that situation, the Welmburg Kingdom and the Demon Kingdom dropped all their forces that were in that place, and the guild headquarters also collaborated in battle with the demon army.

    However, the army of monsters and some apostles are just a diversion, and their real aim is Luthia, the daughter of the Demon King, then they’re relieved that they managed to prevent the Apostle’s attack, but the Apostles were one piece better, and Luthia has fallen due to a 【Curse Tool】.

    There are a lot of armies of monsters, and the apostles with extraordinary power put the S-class adventurers, Louise and the others in a difficult situation, and it seemed that Louise will also be defeated by the evil blade of the Apostle.

    However, with the advent of the first Demon King and the dark aristocrat Zeanos, which Seiichi encouraged to move to Terviel of the Welmburg Kingdom, the situation suddenly reversed.

    The level of Zeanos is over 1500, which is a remnant of the time when he was a monster, Lucius, the first Demon King, and Abel and the others, the former heroes, have abilities that were also close to that level.

    Therefore, thanks to Zeanos and the others, the apostle’s attack was prevented, in addition, with the magic of Seiichi who was brought by Treasure Box, Luthia was able to wake up safely, too.

    “Including the 【Black Holy Knight】, the soldiers in my country are excellent. I can say that with pride. But…… for some reason, all the forces of the Kaizer Empire, became 『Transcendentals』 and I can’t laugh at it. “

    “…… I heard that story from a man named Zakia who is the second unit commander in the school. It was true.”

    “Ah. So, even if the soldiers of our country are indeed excellent, we can’t do anything about this. The difference in status by level isn’t something that can be easily overturned, and the guild headquarters may also be in the war, but above all, the branch was occupied because the Kaizer Empire controlled almost all the countries, and it’s in a pretty difficult situation. I can’t rely on them, and as I expected, I thought it was no good either. But……”

    To that point, Ranze recalled the scene at that time and pulled his smile.

    “……Zeanos and Lucius, who got the job under the pretext of training the members of the Demon army, took charge to the Kaizer Empire’s army near Terviel and attacked, and they were able to withdraw the opponent without sustaining any damage.”


    “No, what are they really? Zeanos is a name I’ve seen in a book some time ago, and wasn’t Lucius the first Demon King? It’s nonsensical……”

    “…… I’m sorry for your hard work.”

    Perhaps she was really sorry, but Louise was also doing her best towards Ranze.

    “No, isn’t that fine? Thanks to that, the Kaizer Empire has withdrawn from the Kingdom of Welmburg, and it’s now safe for us to live in this way …… Which reminds me, Roberto and the others arrived here a little while before you came back, and they’re resting now.”

    “Is that so…… Then, as the Second Unit Commander of the Kaizer Empire had said, the other students were able to return safely as well.”

    Even though Zakia told her so by his mouth, because it’s not actually possible to confirm it, knowing that the prince of the country that they’re going to attack has returned safely, Louise speculated that the other students would be able to return in the same way.

    “Well, there were various things that happened while you weren’t here, but…… Louise, you know well, don’t you? After all, they came to capture the neutral Barbador Magic Academy.”

    “……Yes. Because of that country, Shishou and the others decided to leave the school. I can’t forgive them.”

    “…… You’ve really changed. Or more precisely, when it comes to Seiichi, you’d give priority to him over me, who is the king…… As a person who knows you in the past, I’m deeply moved.”

    “? Is that right? Isn’t it natural for a disciple to think of her shishou?”

    “……Ah, what kind of feelings are you having…… more than that, if you don’t know those feelings, then I can’t say anything. I should tell this to Florio……”


    Louise twists her head because she doesn’t understand the meaning of Ranze’s words, but for Louise to know the reason why she herself is so attached and interested in Seiichi…… It’ll be a little further. Right now, Louise couldn’t name her feelings for Seiichi.

    “Well, that’s fine. So, what is that guy doing now?”


    “It’s Seiichi. He came back with you, right?”

    “Ah, if it’s Shishou ――――”


    “―――― Ah, Seiichi-kun, Altria-kun, Saria-kun! It’s been a while! Do you want, my muscles!?”

    “First of all, is that what you’ll ask?!”

    I…… Hiiragi Seiichi, has visited the guild headquarters for the first time in a long time, and as usual, Gassur in Boomerang pants takes a muscle pose, and asked that.

    ―――― After Helen told us that she wanted to become strong, we came back to this royal capital, Terviel, for the time being, and Louise took another action to report to Ranze-san, then us, including Helen, were visiting the guild headquarters to get some information.

    Even if I was told to train Helen, I don’t know what to do, and with the expectation that such information including the current world situation could be obtained at the guild headquarters, we came in here. The other thing was that Helen hadn’t registered with the guild yet, that’s why If we want to act together in the future, it’s more convenient to register here, so I have her come with us.

    I have to go and see what Zeanos, Tou-san and the others are doing later. Luthia is also concerned what the Demon Army is doing, and Saria also wanted to see Adramelek and the others.

    It’s been a long time since we’ve been in the guild, so I looked around the guild……

    “Destruction destruction destructioooooooooon! …… But, I’m more concerned about the guys in the branch.”

    “Well then… my nude body will be in the square today……”

    “Slan-shi…… did you take off your socks?”

    “Mu? Oops…… what, I did…… ha ha ha, I seem to be distracted by the branch office. It’s said that Walter-shi has been keeping his distance from young children these days, but……”

    “No, it’s a little embarrassing…… I’ve been doing a lot of things lately……”

    As always, each of them seemed to live faithfully to their own desires, but somewhere, it looked like no one was functioning well.

    When I was wondering that and twisting my neck, Gassur smiles bitterly.

    “Hmm…… apparently, you’ve noticed that something is wrong with us.”

    “Ah….. Just as I thought? I wonder if they’re feeling well or not……”

    No, you guys have a lot of energy, and that’s a problem. Mainly for the soldiers.

    However, everyone who was fighting with a smile even though a monster army was attacking, was not feeling very good now so I’m confused when I see such figures for the first time.

    It wasn’t just me, Saria and Al, who had a longer relationship with them than me, were also wondering.

    “Everyone isn’t as energetic. What’s wrong?”

    “Oi, Gassur…… As Saria says, what the hell is wrong? As I look at you closely, your skin isn’t as glossy…… you usually think about your muscles, and you were doing skin care, too, weren’t you?”

    “Ah…… It’s a little bit related to why you guys came back here.”

    “Eh? Why we come back? That’s ……”

    The reason why we came back again was, because the Barbador Magic Academy will be occupied by the Kaizer Empire.

    When Gassur makes a rare and serious face, he tells us the current situation of the guild.

    “The Kaizer Empire declared war on the world, and as announced, most countries have fallen into the hands of the Kaizer Empire. The remaining countries are, only the Welmburg Kingdom and the Valsha Empire, the eastern country and the Demon kingdom. Fortunately, Zeanos-kun and the others who are Seiichi-kun’s acquaintances are here in this country. We’re also very much taken care of by them during the attack of the 【Demon God’s Cult】, but thanks to them, we are now able to have a peaceful life like this now. Well, this is also our first peace, but……”

    For the first time, you mean the Kaizer Empire may start something again.

    Even if I just heard the name of the Kaizer Empire, I thought they were all bad guys, but there was a person from the Kaizer Empire in that Big Eating Contest that Rurune participated in, and I thought that person was normal. Well, his name was pretty unique.

    “Well, thanks to Zeanos-kun and the others, we got protected from the threat of the Kaizer Empire, but the situation is never good. After all, all the soldiers in that country have become 『Transcendentals』. I don’t know what kind of hands they used, but this is not something that we can overlook, and above all, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that the world would have really been conquered by the Kaizer Empire if it weren’t for Zeanos-kun and the others. Even with my muscles, it’s hard to overturn this……”

    Can this be overturned if he just works hard? His muscles are amazing.

    Rather than that, 『Transcendentals』 are a ridiculous existence from the perspective of people around. There are a few people here who are 『Transcendentals』 right now.

    “And the guild in this country is safe, but there are many branches in other countries. Due to the occupation of many of the countries by the Kaizer Empire, I don’t know what happened to the branches, but information has stopped coming in. That’s why we’re collecting as much information about the guild branches as possible, but……  It’s not good.”

    “Is that so……”

    Apparently, the cause of the strange atmosphere in the guild, was because they want to know the situation and safety of the people in the guild branch.

    When I look over the guild headquarters again, Gassur turned to Helen and the others, as he suddenly noticed.

    “Come to think of it, there are two faces that I’m not familiar with. Well, apart from that, I’d like to ask you why the daughter of the Demon King is here, but……”

    “Etto…… as her escort and companion, after the attack of the 【Demon God’s Cult】, we were at the Barbador Magic Academy…… is that right?”

    “I don’t understand what you mean! Hahaha!”

    I don’t think I’ll understand it too if I’m someone else, but how are you laughing at this.

    Then Helen, who was silently watching our interactions, suddenly opened her mouth to Gassur.

    “……Are you, the guild master of the guild headquarters?”

    “Mu? Well, you can say that! I’m only doing muscle training, though!“

    “It’s not something to be proud of.”

    “…… I’d like, to ask you one thing. I want you to guess this from the information of the guild and tell me. Against the Kaizer Empire, the Valsha Empire…… How much do they hold off?”


    Even though I’m surprised at the unexpected question, on the other hand, Gassur answered calmly without looking stunned.

    “Fumu……You seem to be from the Valsha Empire.”


    “………… I’ll be honest. The fate of the Valsha Empire, can be said that it’s already in the hands of the Kaizer Empire.”

    “Wa! That, is …… why?”

    “That’s easy. The soldiers of the Valsha Empire are strong, and it’s famous that the Empress is also a powerful person but……”

    Excuse me. It’s all new to me.

    “…… No matter how strong the soldiers are and the empress is, there’s no way for them to beat the Kaizer Empire which has soldiers that are 『Transcendentals』 , who have more force than the Valsha army.”

    “………… Near the Valsha Empire, there is the 【Forest of Seal】 similar to the 【Forest】 here. Is it still there?”

    “You’ve heard of it? The Kaizer Empire no longer needs to worry about the 【Forest】 and 【Sea】 of that country, because they’re so strong. That’s why they’ve reached out to that country for invasion. It doesn’t change even if it’s the Valsha Empire or not. Their status is that much.”

    To the words that were told clearly, Helen silently fell down.

    …… I’m still not sure, but Helen is in a hurry to become stronger for some reason.

    Is it for herself, or is it for someone……

    When an indescribable air was flowing between us, Gassur told us cheerfully as if to change the mood.

    “Anyway, let’s be happy since we see each other again now! So, will she and the other girl there register in the guild?”

    “Me, me is it? Wha, what should I do……”

    Suddenly being talked to, Zora panicked and was shaken, but Luthia stared at her with a smile.

    “I think you’ll like it. Zora can now make her choices by her own will.”

    “My, my own will……”

    Then Zora nodded a little, showing a bit of a worried appearance.

    “Uhmm…… I want to register in the guild too!”

    “……I also request you. It’s more convenient to have it, that’s what Seiichi-sensei also said……”

    “That’s right! Then, let’s finish your registration immediately! Eris-kun, Eris-kuuun!”

    When Gassur calls out to the other side of the reception desk, we heard Eris-san’s voice

    “Yeees! Please wait a little!”

    “…… Because it seems to be that, I’m sorry, but please wait a moment. Nevertheless…… I’m surprised about the Demon King’s daughter, but there’s a girl from the Valsha Empire and a child of the Snake Tribe here…… It seems that there are a lot of different people coming together.”

    “Ce, certainly……”

    It’s just now, but the current members, including me, a 『human (monster) 』, were a Gorilla, a former disaster, a donkey, former assassin, a medusa and the Demon King’s daughter……

    Isn’t it just Al and Helen that’s normal? Hey, is there something like this? Normally. If you think about it calmly, don’t you think that it’s too much? In the first place, it’s strange that a gorilla and a donkey are members.

    By the time Eris-san arrived, after the introduction of Helen and Zora themselves, Eris-san, who seemed to be in a hurry, came a little later. She’s dressed properly in receptionist clothes. That’s good.

    “Excuse me, I’m sorry to have kept you waiting.”

    “No no. And, it’s been a long time.”

    “Eris-san, it’s been a while!”

    “How were you?”

    Eris-san who received the words of me, Saria and Al, laughed so cute that I couldn’t associate her with that SM queen at all.

    “Yes. Everyone seems to be doing well, too. Also, there are some people who are new to me……”

    “Ah, I’d like to ask this child and this girl to register.”

    “Understood. Then please both of you come here.”

    Zora and Helen were prompted by Ellis, and when they went through the procedure on the spot, I smiled.

    “Yes. This completes the temporary registration of Helen and Zora.”

    “Temporary registration?”

    “Ah, that’s right……”

    As Helen curiously twisted her head, I remembered that this guild didn’t go through the procedure and they register as it is.

    “Yes. Here, we will assign one examiner to the person who made a temporary registration, and try to see the person’s aptitude. Not everyone who’s registered is good at combat.”

    “In that sense, it’s just right! There’s Altria-kun here. It would be nice to have her supervise you.”

    “Well, I don’t mind. Are you both okay with that?”

    “I don’t have any problems with that, but……”

    “I, it’s fine for me too!”

    “A’right, you can just complete the test for a while. Oi, Gassur. Do you have any good requests for the test?”

    “Of course, I prepared it! Like when Seiichi-kun registered, there are requests that are almost impossible to achieve with the members here!”

    “What kind of request is that?! Rather, isn’t that dangerous?”

    “Ah, I didn’t particularly say that in terms of risk. But, as Altria-kun knows, even though they are top notch when it comes to combat, it’s good to say that they’re no longer talented enough to do harvesting and chores! Even if they apply for a request, it will be left as it is!”

    『No, we feel embarrassed』

    “There’s no factor for ya’ll to get embarrassed!?”

    The guild that listened to the conversation between Gassur and Al, wore refreshing smiles and thumbs up at us.

    Ah…… Certainly, the request that I did isn’t a request that seems to be done here except for the subjugation of slime……

    The demolition of a building is a little subtle, but I think it’ll end up being properly broken without thinking about it like I did, and walking the dog…… it was a little different from that, but if I was going to take a walk with Milk-chan, it’s likely that in the gate entrance, the pervert’s appearance there which wasn’t hidden at all will be eaten first, and the worst one might be the request of the orphanage.

    Especially Walter-san, don’t get close to him!? That person, is really being taken care of by soldier-sans.

    And it has only negative effects to the orphans. Don’t let such a pervert come closer to them.

    Saria remembered the orphanage in this conversation, and she laughed gently.

    “I wonder if everyone is doing well. I hope Claire is fine too……”

    “……Saria-oneechan. Why don’t we go with Seiichi-oniichan and the others there later?”

    “Ah, that’s true!”

    As Olga-chan says, it might be good to show up at the orphanage later. Because there are too many incidents that we became a little rough these days, I want healing. Children are cute, you see…… We won’t go with Walter-san!?

    When Al overlooks the members of the guild, she exhales a big sigh, and scratches her head.

    “Hah…… well, it can’t be helped. And it’s convenient to think of it as a request from these guys. Oi, Seiichi!”


    “I’ll take the two of them and test them out. You have to secure a room with the 『Tree of Peace』.”


    “Nah, I ask you. ……The room allocation is, that’s…… both I and Saria, you don’t have to be separated with us by gender.”

    “Fu etu!?”

    Such Al dyed her cheeks red, and in a hurry, she left the guild with Helen and the others. We, well when I was staying at 『Tree of Peace』, I lodged with Saria, so there’s no problem……

    When Al’s reaction was shown, it became embarrassing for me as well.

    “……Altria-san. She’s really cute, right?”

    “……That’s right. It’s hard to imagine her like that in the past.’

    Gassur, who was staring at such a situation in the same way, said that with a friendly look.

    At this point, Al and the others had taken a different action, and because there’s also the matter of an inn, I tried to head to the 『Tree of Peace』, but I was held up by Gassur.

    “That’s right, Seiichi-kun.”


    “That girl just now…… Helen-kun, said that she wanted to be strong, right?”

    “Eh? Well, that’s right, but……”

    “I have one confirmation, but is she good at combat?”

    “Yeah, about that……”

    Asked by Gassur, I think back to the time when I fought Helen again.

    Among the F class, she has a level of combat skill that makes her unique in the class, and I saw a section that she was learning some kind of martial arts, just like Rachel.

    Rachel seemed to be limited to spear, but Helen appears to have known so many martial arts for some reason.

    Other than that, considering her footsteps when fighting, it can be said that she’s definitely strong.

    Well, she’s so strong that I can’t compare myself to her before my evolution!

    “Helen is said to be one of the most talented individuals in the school, and I think she’s really strong.”

    “Is that so……”

    Gassur showed a little thought in that.

    I wonder about that, and when I twisted my head, Eris-san shouted as if she had noticed something.

    “Ah…… Gassur-san. I suppose that, you intend to teach that place?”

    “……Umu, that’s right.”

    Eris-san said so with a stern look to Gassur, who hesitates a little but nods.

    “Gassur-san. It’s too dangerous. To let the girls who just registered today go……”

    “However, the guild rules should be rank-free. We have no right to stop her from going.”

    “Bu,but ……”

    “And besides, Seiichi-kun and Altria-kun are there. Come now, it’ll be fine. Right, Seiichi-kun!”

    “I can’t follow the story at all though?”

    I don’t want to tell them 『Na~』in a situation where I don’t understand anything. What the heck are they talking about?

    When I reflexively gazed at Gassur with my eyes half open, Gassur laughed wildly as if it wasn’t his bad at all.

    “Hahahahaha! I’m sorry! No, she really wants to be strong, that’s why I’m thinking of providing a place for that.”


    What’s? That.

    Not only me but Saria and the others also twisted their necks, and Gassur continued with a serious expression.

    “Actually, in this Terviel, besides the invasion of the Kaizer Empire, there was another incident.”

    “An incident?”

    “Ah ―――― the appearance of a dungeon.”


    We were surprised by Gassur’s words.

    (TN: Another one.)


    “―――― They’re off.”

    Seiichi and the others returned to the royal capital, and when each of them were moving to start a new life, Barnabas also had to think about how to conduct himself.

    “…… I can’t believe that this place is gone. …… I never thought of it. I don’t know what’s going to happen to the world……”

    Barnabas has the highest ability in the world as a magician, so if he considers the adventurers and officers of a country, he doesn’t have to think about anything. Barnabas’ power is so fascinating.

    However, now that many countries have fallen into the hands of the Kaizer Empire, where even the guild isn’t functioning properly, Barnabas couldn’t move the way he wanted to.

    If he tries to go to the Valsha Empire or the Welmburg Kingdom from here, it is even more likely that he’ll be killed by the Kaizer Empire, who finds his power an obstacle.

    “…… Well, maybe it’s too late now.”

    With Zakia, the second unit captain of the Kaizer Empire, he received a one-sided sentence that is hardly peaceful, and Barnabas perceived it as a threat from the Kaizer Empire without much thought of it.

    However more than that, the Barnabas now, didn’t feel like serving some country.

    It’s the only neutral school in the world that has been working for many years….. His days at the Barbador Magic Academy, were the most important thing for Barnabas.

    As an elf who lives for a long time, watching young people in the future grow one after another, was a dazzling sight no matter how long it passed for him.

    “Even that future was taken away like this……”

    However, the opportunity to see the sight may never come again.

    As the Kaizer Empire ruled the Barbador Magic Academy, the neutrality disappeared from the world, and what will remain is either an allegiance or rebellion.

    From now on, the young people of the Kaizer Empire and the countries ruled by the Kaizer Empire will, not be able to make future choices.

    “This power of mine…… was it something so helpless……”

    For Barnabas, who has reigned as the world’s highest-peak magician, called the ≪ Magic Saint ≫, this was the first moment in his life when he realized his own powerlessness.

    However, he can’t continue to worry any longer.

    That’s why Barnabas, who has been around for many years, knew that he had to make a compromise somewhere and look to the future.

    However, even so, he has been watching many young people until now, that’s why he believed.

    “From here on, it’s time for the young people in the future to choose. At the end of that choice, I have no option but to believe that there is light ahead of that.”

    When he quietly told in the school so, eventually Barnabas started moving to a certain place.

    It’s the place where the apostle of the 【Demon God’s Cult】 that had attacked before is imprisoned, and they were supposed to be handed over to the Kaizer Empire by Zakia afterwards.

    It’s quite risky to deal with Demiolos, who has a hand that can restrain Barnabas in an instant, and the betrayed Anglea alone, but for some reason, Demiolos’ mighty power was lost, and Anglea who was betrayed, showed a friendly attitude towards Barnabas and the others, so there is almost no threat from her now.

    Barnabas is no longer the head of the school, but without the Kaizer Empire, this is the only problem he had to deal with.

    “Their existence…… is more of a problem for this planet than the problem of me and the Kaizer Empire. Beyond their desires, there should be nothing left behind.”

    When he got down the stairs leading to the basement, where only a few people in the academy know, he arrived at a thick iron door, and he opens the door without hesitation.

    And then ――――

    “――――Oya, it looks like the lord here has returned.”

    “Wha!? You are!?”

    There, the 【Demon God’s Cult】’s apostle that continues to put an eerie smile on ―――― Yutis stood in front of the cage holding Demiolos and the others. (TN: Huh? I thought demiolos was dead!!?)

    “You bastard…… who are you!? Are you going to leave the cage now……!”

    Barnabas immediately activates his magic and tries to restrain Yutis.

    Demonstrating his ability as the 『Magic Saint』, he activated the 『Light of Magic Seal』 of the highest-grade magic of the light attribute that was previously used by Demiolos.

    The speed of his magic activation isn’t comparable to general magicians, and it wasn’t a speed that an ordinary person could react to.

    However, Yutis wasn’t just an ordinary person.

    “It’s a very noisy welcome, isn’t it?”


    When the 『Light of Magic Seal』 which approached Yutis touched the black haze that oozes out of Yutis’ body, the magic disappeared in an instant and, for some reason, it appeared around the body of Barnabas.

    “Thi, this is――――”

    “Well then, be quiet.”


    The 『Light of Magic Seal』 is no longer under the control of Barnabas, and before he knew it, the power to control it is in Yutis’ hands, and Barnabas was restrained by the ring of light.

    “You should choose a more confrontational enemy, you know? 『Magic Saint』”

    “You bastard…… What the hell are you!?”

    Barnabas desperately asks so with a painful expression on his face.

    Yutis then deepened his smile and bowed beautifully.

    “How rude of me. I’m a 『Deity(Kami to)』 from the 【Demon God’s Cult】, my name is Yutis, the ≪Omnipresent*≫. From now on, please be aware of that.” (TN: Henzai)

    “≪Omnipresent≫ …… then……?”

    Barnabas could hardly understand the meaning of the man’s words.

    However, Yutis just smiles and doesn’t tries to say much.

    Then, suddenly, Yutis turned his eyes to Demiolos, who muttered something in the cage, and opened his eyes.

    “This is…… What does this mean……? There’s no shadow of Demiolos that I can see…… And, as the Demon God-sama said, I can’t feel the power of the Demon God-sama on him……”

    This time, he turns to Anglea, who is being imprisoned quietly, and he frowns again.

    “……Why is this failure of an 『Apostle』 safe…… I have so many questions, but apparently my 『Transition』 doesn’t seem to work on this matter either. When my power is shut off in succession like this…… it’s very irritating.”

    Contrary to his words, Yutis’ killing intent spread throughout the space.

    His killing intent is too intense, that even Barnabas cowered.

    Then Yutis came up with something and approached Barnabas.

    “Yes, if I can’t actually jump to that place then…… if that’s the case, let’s just peek at your memory. What, it’ll be over soon. I’m just going to jump my consciousness a little into your memory.”

    “Wha, what are you going to do? No, stop!”

    He desperately twists his sealed body in the 『Light of Magic Seal』, he tried to escape from the spot, but Yutis grabbed Barnabas by the head.

    “Now then, what happened on the day Demiolos attacked the school…… Let me see everything.”

    And when Yutis closed his eyes, Barnabas’ consciousness flew far away in time.

    For a while, he stayed still in the same position, but before long, Yutis opened his eyes.

    In accordance with that, Barnabas, who he has searched for memories, sweats a lot and breathes desperately.


    There’s a reason why Barnabas, which he searched for memories of, was so tired.

    That’s because humans who received Yutis’ skill, it’s not only on a level that they’ll remember the memories at that time clearly, they’ll have to repeat the same experience again.

    In other words, the time Demiolos sealed his movement, and he had to relive his painful past with his body.

    ―――― That’s not just once.

    Yutis peeked at that part over and over again just to find out who had defeated Demiolos.

    As a result, Barnabas repeatedly experienced the severe pain that struck his whole body and the helplessness of not being able to do anything.

    Originally, it’s a technique that can give mental pains at a level that shouldn’t be strange even if a person becomes crippled, but because Barnabas is called the 『Magic Saint』 which has lived for many years, it was at the level that he could barely endure.

    However, without paying attention to such a weak Barnabas, Yutis stared at his hand as if he couldn’t believe what was happening with him.

    “This is stupid…… I can’t even trace his memory…… ? What the hell is going on……”

    Yutis can exist in the past, present, future and every space-time, dimension, and world at the same time if he’s serious.

    Because he has that much power, he was elected as a 『Deity(Kami to)』, and he was  given more power.

    However, when he was exposed to a situation where his power, which he is proud of, couldn’t be understood at all, Yutis was surprised and angry, and then …… a slight fear grows in him.

    Nevertheless, he shakes his face to run away from such emotions.

    “…… I can’t afford to be afraid. That is, it’s the same as admitting that the power of the Demon God cannot pass through. It’s alright, I can’t see it because of my lack of power. If it’s the Demon God, he’ll be able to erase its existence without having to look at it. Right now, it’s just up to me to tell him about this……”

    When Yutis snaps his fingers, the black smoke that erased the 『Light of Magic Seal』 of Barnabas which appeared earlier, wrapped up Demiolos and Anglea in the cage.

    “…… Impossible impossible impossible……”

    “Wha!? This is……”

    “You guys are valuable samples. I’ll transport you safely.”

    And when he snaps his fingers again, both Demiolos and Anglea were no longer in the cage.

    “Wa!? You bastard, where are the two of them!?”

    “Do you think that I’ll easily disseminate such information?”


    In front of Barnabas, who distorts his face with regret, Yutis whispered like a devil.

    “It’s fine. To the thirst for a little power that dwells in your heart……  I gave you this  【Seed】.”


    “Now then, with this――――”

    Before Barnabas can question him, Yutis snapped his finger, and disappeared like Demiolos and the others.


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