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    Shinka no Mi

    Chapter 144


    Translated by Mlzkzr
    Edited by Mlzkzr


    Orphe used, the 【Jewel of Transition】 to return to the Kaizer Empire together with Zakia and the others.

    Zakia looked around and realized that he had already transferred from Barbador Magic Academy, and stared at Orphe violently.

    “Orphe, what are you――――”

    “What are you thinking, Zakia-san!”


    Before Zakia could say something, Orphe’s sharp fist caught Zakia’s cheek.

    “What’s with your attitude before!? What the heck is wrong with you!? That’s not like you!”


    In response to Orphe’s words, Zakia was shocked more than he thought.

    “With your attitude at the school earlier, you’re not different from those in the first division! Why did you do that!?”

    “I am……!? Guaaaaaaa!?”

    The moment he thought about it that much, a severe pain hit Zakia’s head.


    “I, I’m fine…… I see…… such a, thing……”

    Zakia pressed his head, and desperately endure the pain, while remembering something.

    “……I, was fitted with Helio’s skill……!”


    ――――The Kaizer Empire’s best magician with the nickname of ≪Phantom Demon≫, Helio Loban.

    The only person in the world who can operate the 『Phantom Attribute Magic』, and an existence that is the right-hand man of Sheld Wol Kaizer, the current emperor of the Kaizer Empire.

    The second unit led by Zakia is composed of commoners, and the members of the first unit, which consist only of people from aristocrats; it’s only recently that all the soldiers of the Kaizer Empire became 『Transcendentals』.

    The Kaizer Empire soldiers became 『Transcendentals』, when Helio presented something to them with Emperor Sheld.

    It’s a magic tool that Helio has found, and any person can easily raise their level, in addition, it’s possible for them to exceed the level‘s upper limit, using that ridiculous magic tool.

    Originally, the existence of such a suspicious magic tool, the location of its discovery, there’s supposed to be a lot of things to ask.

    Still, no one raised a question, because when Helio brought this magic tool…… a lot of people had received Helio’s 『Phantom Attribute Magic』.

    No one was aware of the magic of the Kaizer Empire’s best magician, and regardless of the degree, everyone fell into that trap.

    And because Helio casts the most vigilant of him, Zakia, with great care, Zakia became unknowingly convenient for Helio, and was transformed into a person that was easy to manipulate.

    ――――However, when he came here, it was a miscalculation for Helio, and fortunately for Zakia, his subordinate Orphe wasn’t really influenced by Helio’s magic.

    But, since it’s originally a highly effective magic, even though Zakia’s personality had mysteriously changed, it was effective enough for him not to notice that.

    As he went to Barbador Magic Academy, Zakia’s character distorted when he just had a conversation with Barnabas and returns.

    However, Seiichi came there and intruded to complain.

    If this were someone else, the story would have changed.

    Because there should be no one who can stop Zakia who had become a 『Transcendental』, no matter how much one complains, he would end up driving him away.

    However, it’s Seiichi that came there.

    The disastrous consequences of saying that that wasn’t a battle, and in the face of Zakia and the Second Unit’s crisis in their lives, the magic that Orphe had was released.

    It’s not possible to get out of Helio’s skill with a half-hearted blow, but their battle with Seiichi was so shocking that they didn’t know that.

    With the quick judgment of Orphe who returned to his sanity in this way, using the 【Jewel of Transition】 that had been given to him by Emperor Sheld, they were able to come back safely.

    “Zakia-san…… What will we do? If Helio-sama’s magic is involved, then it’s going to be very troublesome……”

    “…… Ah. Now that I’m under his magic, I have to act even more cautiously…… From what is visible in my thinking circuit, I have to act in doubt about everything……”

    Even though Zakia says so, because he knows how hard it is, he can only make a bitter look.

    “…… More than that, let’s return everyone in the second unit to sanity.”


    Zakia and Orphe splits up, and persuaded them one by one to save them from Helio’s skill.

    No one was severely enchanted like Zakia, so it didn’t take much time for them to return to their senses.

    Even so, the soldiers of the second unit who knew that they had received Helio’s magic, couldn’t help but accept the fact.

    “No, no way Helio-sama……”

    “What have we done so far……”

    “Aren’t we becoming the same as the guys in the first unit…… tsu!”

    “The hell, how many countries have we……”

    The soldiers who remembered their actions by returning to their sanity, were rushed with intense regret over their actions.

    There were many countries, that have been invaded by the soldiers of the Second Unit including Zakia.

    To such soldiers of the second unit, Zakia immediately ordered them to return to the barracks and take a rest, and the soldiers headed to the barracks totteringly.

    Orphe looks sadly at their backs.

    “…… For the time being, I’m glad that everyone returned to their senses……”

    “……Ah. But, nothing has been solved. Rather, it became more complicated.”


    “First of all, the fact that Helio cast a magic on us…… he may have also used magic on His Majesty.”

    “That’s…… You mean a rebellion!?”

    “No, I don’t know that yet. But if he also used his magic on His Majesty…… His Majesty, Sheld, would definitely be his ally. He probably used magic of the same degree or even stronger on him than me.”

    Zakia says so with a difficult expression.

    “…… And if Helio was thinking of rebellion…… We also need to find out if this is an individual action or of an organization.”

    “Zakia-san, do you think that there’s someone behind Helio-sama?”

    “It’s just a hypothesis, but I can’t say no to that possibility. Now, it’s not strange if someone is behind him.”


    When he exhales a heavy sigh, Zakia recites his thoughts further.

    “…… Thus Helio is also a problem, but there’s another big problem.”

    “Eh? The same problem as Helio-sama……?”

    “It’s His Majesty. His Majesty …… No, there’s no one who can stop His Majesty if he uses 『That』 which was handed down to the royal family of the Kaizer Empire.”


    In the words of Zakia, it reminded him of the current appearance of Emperor Sheld, and Orphe couldn’t continue to say the words beyond that.

    “His Majesty, has power that cannot be compared to us 『Transcendentals』 …… If the stage is right, His Majesty alone can conquer this world.”


    “That’s why, we should get going.”


    “Unfortunately…… No, fortunately, there are countries that haven’t surrendered to the Kaizer Empire yet.”

    “Certainly…… The Kingdom of Welmburg, the Valsha Empire, the Demon Kingdom…… and the Eastern country.”

    “Ah. The Welmburg Kingdom is a small country, but the 『Sword Knight』, 『Black Holy Knight』 and the 『Ice Demon』 are there. And the guild headquarters…… Nn? Come to think of it, I think I saw the figure of 『Sword Knight』 at the Barbador Magic Academy a while ago……”

    “Eh? Isn’t that just in your imagination? It’s not so easy for a guard to leave her king.”

    “…… That’s true, too. Anyway, the Welmburg Kingdom has great power even though it’s a small country. Morever, the Valsha Empire, ruled by the 『Crimson Empress』, is still equal to us in national power before we became 『Transcendentals』. Although the current soldiers of the Kaizer Empire have become 『Transcendentals』, the soldiers over there are originally strong. And the Empress’ power cannot be underestimated. Not to mention the demon kingdom, that has demons with powerful force, so it should be no problem there. Lastly, the eastern country, but…… there are too many mysteries over there. In the first place, His Majesty didn’t care too much about them from the beginning, and there’s a story that the civil war is intense in the eastern country, too. He probably doesn’t care about the situation there at all.”

    “…… When I think about it again, that’s a country that’s been left to stay.”

    “That’s right. However, when His Majesty comes out directly there….. the winner or loser will come out in an instant. But if we were there, His Majesty won’t appear directly yet. Yes, if we move as Helio’s puppets…… We’ll make it look like we’re invading, and we might be able to convey the situation over there.”

    “You’re saying…… that you mean to deceive Helio-sama?”

    In Orphe’s question, Zakia nodded quietly.

    “If he knows that our spell has been broken, I don’t know what Helio will do. I think I’ve solved the spell from the soldiers earlier, but I don’t know where his magic is being set up. There’s also the possibility of us being deceived by his 『Phantom Attribute Magic』.”


    “But I woke up thanks to Orphe. It’s hard to say that it’s complete, but…… if we know that Helio’s magic is being used, then we can prevent it.”

    “Nevertheless…… Despite the fact that Zakia-san and the others are sane, if we were able to tell the Kingdom of Welmburg and the others about his Majesty’s current situation, would it make any sense? Is it possible to stop His Majesty now ……”

    “The late king―――― Alf-sama, might know how to stop his Majesty now.”

    “Alf-sama!? How, however, Alf-sama is ……”

    While having a stern expression on his face, Zakia was determined.

    “……Ah. We have to save Alf-sama now. That’s what we need to do…… Find out how to save Alf-sama, and ―――― without being perceived by Helio and the others, we’ll pretend to be puppets and convey this crisis to the kingdom of Welmburg and the others.”


    To Orphe who’s staring at Zakia with an uneasy expression, Zakia confidently answered with irony.

    “……What, I’m used to becoming a 『Manipulated Puppet』. ―――― Let’s do this, Orphe. This situation…… to change it even a little.”


    When Zakia nodded with satisfaction at Orphe’s reaction, the one who suddenly defeated Zakia at Barbador Magic Academy, Seiichi’s figure crossed his mind.

    “Who the heck, is that man……”

    No one answered the murmurs of Zakia.


    ” ―――― Seiichi-san. It was a short time, but…… I’m really thankful to you”


    I ―――― Hiiragi Seiichi, in front of me was Beatrice-san, who had packed her luggage and bowed her head as she says that.

    “Thanks to Seiichi-san, everyone in the F class can now use magic. What I could’ve never done…… What I was dreaming of, Seiichi-san made it come true. Really, I’m grateful.”

    “That’s, I ……”

    After all I, was lucky enough to get this power.

    …… It was not my skill or anything that defeated a monster for the first time, but it’s just that my body stinks and my opponent just died without knowing it.

    Still, when I came to this world, the skill 【Complete Dismantling】 that God gave me as a farewell gift, and the 『Fruit of Evolution』, saved me, and I’m here now.

    Well, sometimes the actual effect of the fruit of evolution is a little too much than I imagined, and on the contrary, there are times that I have a hard time with it, but I’m grateful.

    It just so happened that my power helped everyone in the F class, but without that power, I would just be a useless person who cannot do anything.

    But Beatrice-san shakes her head at my words.

    “No, Seiichi-san. No matter what the process, it was definitely Seiichi-san himself who made it possible for them to be able to use magic in the end. That’s why, please be proud of that.”


    Seriously, I’m not much of a great guy.

    Still, if Beatrice-san says so…… So that I can stretch my chest even a little, I’ll have to work hard.

    Looking at my face, Beatrice-san smiled sweetly, and began to walk with her luggage.



    When I said so involuntarily, Beatrice-san turns to me with a strange expression on her face.

    “If I’ve made them able to use magic, then Beatrice-san has been supporting them so far! Not only me…… No, more than me! Beatrice-san, please be proud of that! Beatrice-san, you’re the best teacher that I know!”


    Receiving my words, Beatrice-san opens her eyes.

    In my life, I’ve never seen anyone who thinks more about their students than Beatrice-san and is pleased with their growth.

    I can’t compare to Beatrice-san, since she’s been supporting and snuggling up with everyone in the F class.

    Then not only me, but Agnos and the others gathered in the same way and yell at Beatrice-san.

    “Beatrice oneesan! Neesan didn’t abandon us, and we’ll never forget you!”

    “…… I was taught with something very important by you. My respect and appreciation.”

    “…… Expert”

    “Be, Beatrice-san! Really …… I’m really thankful to you!”

    “…… Thank you. Beatrice-sensei, I’m really grateful to you.”

    “I want to take the sensei’s class again~”

    “I’m perfect, but I was more refined now…… thanks to Beatrice-sensei. Thank you very much.”

    “Beatrice zenzeiiiiiiiiiiiiii. Tenkyouuuuuuuuuuu.”

    …… About one person is crying, but it only means that she’s so grateful to Beatrice-san. And if I look closely at them, besides Flora, there are other students with tears in their eyes.

    ……I think I’m about to cry too, damn it. What are you all doing…… I’m weak with this kind of things!

    Beatrice-san stops in surprise, and with tears in her eyes, she smiled and bowed to us and left.

    When her figure disappears, this time, the boys such as Agnos and Blued begin to move.

    “Well then…… Aniki. I’m going now, too.”

    “…… I, too, need to get back to my country right away and grasp the current situation as much as possible.”

    “We were also taken care of by Seiichi-sensei.”

    “Tha, thank you very much!”

    “…… Ah, everyone looks healthy.”

    『Yes! 』

    Agnos went away energetically while waving his hand until the end, and Blued walks while looking cool, yet graceful.

    Bead and Leon seem to be tagging together part way, and left at once.

    “Then we will go too~”

    “Thanks to sensei, I’ve become able to use magic, and my beauty was refined. Ah, don’t you fall in love with me?”

    “Seiichi-Zenzeeeeeeeeeeeee. Tenkyouuuuuuuuuuu.”

    Rachel and the others greeted me, and they took a horse-drawn carriage to their hometown and left.

    While gazing at that figures, I’m not even Flora, but I felt like there was a gaping hole in my heart.

    …… Coming to this school, it’s kind of a daily routine to be with everyone, so I feel lonely when they leave like this.

    Perhaps guessing my feelings like that, Saria gently snuggles up to me.

    “It’s alright. We’ll see them again!”

    “……Do you, think so?”

    “Of course! Because they’re alive!”

    “…… so it’s over when they die.”

    To the extreme words of Saria, I smiled bitterly. …… A’re? Which reminds me, I’ve been to the netherworld…… I can meet them even if they die, right?

    ……Yeah, let’s stop this story. The emotional farewell is ruined.

    When I saw off my students, Barna-san approaches quietly.

    “Seiichi-kun. I have called you to this school, and this is the result…… I’m very sorry.”

    “Such …… That I was able to come to this school, I am thankful.”

    I was able to meet the Kanazuki-senpai and the others who I haven’t seen since I came to this world, and above all, I meet everyone in the F class.

    The time I spent with everyone, became a very important thing for me. Although there’s a feeling of gratitude, there can be no anger.

    Following my words, Al also tells Barna-san.

    “I, too …… Because of my constitution up till then, I didn’t have the opportunity of being involved in the development of the younger generation. But I was able to teach about adventurers at this school, and I was really happy. Thank you very much.”

    “Umu, the school meal was delicious. I praise you.”

    “……Glutton, this is not a playground.”

    “? I’m very serious, aren’t I?”

    “…… It’s too late.”

    It’s too late for Rurune, Olga-chan.

    When Barna-san gently smile and he move his line of sight to Zora and others.

    “…… I did something wrong to Zora-kun. Just as I thought you were starting to get used to school life with great trouble……”

    “N, no! That’s unfortunate, but I’m grateful to principal who accepted me like this!”

    “Thank you for telling me that…… and I’m sorry to Louise-kun and the others.”

    “That’s not the case. I’m not originally a person at this place.  I’m only here in the favor of the head of the school. There is nothing but gratitude I have for you.”

    “I’m the same. I originally followed Seiichi selfishly, but I’m grateful in you for placing me here. Thank you.”

    “…… Umu, if you think about it, it’s strange that Louise-kun, who’s the main force of the Welmburg Kingdom, and Luthia-kun, the daughter of the Demon King, are here. Iyaa, my common sense is broken when I’m with Seiichi-kun!”

    I’m also having a hard time because my common sense is broken.

    “So…… What are you going to do now, Seiichi-kun?”

    “That’s right…… I haven’t decided what to do yet, so I think I’ll spend some time in Terviel, Kingdom of Welmburg, while sending Louise and the others.”

    “I see…… Then, the Welmburg Kingdom will be safe for a while. After all, Seiichi-kun is on his way there.” (TN: He can probably defeat the Kaizer Empire’s army by just standing only.)

    “Ahahahaha …… I, I’m just a young lad.”

    I don’t really know how much effect I’ll have there, but I feel that it’s going to be okay no matter what happens at least since the former heroes and the first Demon King are there.

    Barna-san laughed at my reaction, and shifted his gaze to another place.

    “Now then…… I somehow understood what Seiichi-kun and the others’ future moves are, but…… what will you do? ―――― Helen-kun.”


    When I inadvertently turned my eyes to where Barna-san’s gaze is, there was the figure of Helen thinking about something.

    A, a’re? You just went home with Rachel and the others……No, Helen wasn’t there at that time.

    Apparently, I’m the only one who didn’t realize it, and Saria and the others don’t seem to be surprised. A, a’ree?

    As I was surprised and wondering why Helen still remained……



    “Ple…… Please make me stronger!”

    “……Ye, yes!?”

    Helen said so and bowed to me.

    (TN: ‘Helen: Please make me part of your harem)

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