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    Shinka no Mi

    Chapter 143


    Translated by Mlzkzr
    Edited by Mlzkzr


    “Uhhmm …… why don’t you stop? I didn’t think that there’ll be any conflict!”


    “You’ll take care of me with your sword silently!”

    After that, my resistance ends up being futile, and I moved to the arena in the form of being taken by Zakia-san.

    I’m telling them to stop, but Zakia-san and the other soldiers are very belligerent, and Saria and the others started to cheer me on and no one is stopping us. Do they understand? That it’s me who’s going to fight?

    “The, then let’s have a dialogue! We have mouths, let’s use words! Let’s talk!”

    “No words needed. We’ll talk with swords.”

    “Swords have no mouth!?”

    Why does anyone think that they can talk with a sword!

    In this world, I wonder if all the mouths on everyone’s faces are just decoration!

    Aside from me who was making a ruckus alone, Zakia-san put the sword he had cared for in its sheath.

    “Ah…… yo, you finally got the feeling of having a conversation!?”

    “Iaido’s blows are enough for you.” (TN:

    “Why are you so aggressive now!?”

    Are most of the people in this world, creatures that can’t settle down unless they fight? Tell me, Ojii-san!


    No way, an answer came back!? Eh, where!? Ojii-san in the Alps, are you here!? It’s a different world here!?

    『I’m not an old man. I’m the World. 』 (TN: World-chan appears here)

    Alright, it seems that my head has gone crazy.

    I can’t help it. I can erase a dungeon, and I quit from being human just a little.

    This is not the netherworld, and it’s strange for me to hear the voice of the world!

    It appears that I’m tired from various things happening recently, so when I shook my head to switch my mind, I can no longer hear the strange voice that claims to be the world. Okay, that’s normal. But let’s go to a hospital one of these days. My head…… rather than saying that, my body is strange. To the extent that it inadvertently saved ‘something’. (TN: Emphasize on ‘something’)

    “A, anyway! I don’t think well of violence!”


    “No, you really aren’t saying anything! This conversation is a catch ball! And now, I’m hitting a wall!?”

    “Shut up. No matter how much you try to play with your words, it’s no use.”

    “The words that came back to me were painful!”

    “Noisy, I’ll silently pull out my sword”

    “That’s not a catchbaaaaaaaaaaall! You’re throwing a hard fastball one-sidedly……!”

    My catcher mitt isn’t that thick, you know? Will I cry before long?

    My words that desperately appeal at the level of the United States cries* are also useless, Zakia-san looked at me with cold eyes as he prepared indifferently. (TN: Ever watch American baseball? Quite noisy, right?)

    “I’ll tell you one thing. This game…… I don’t think you’ll be able to call it that, but it’ll be over without you doing anything.”


    I, was almost forced to take the game, and now I can’t do anything!? What does it mean for me!?

    “…… Now then, let me tell you that you’re powerless. Barnabas, referee.”

    “U, umu.”

    Barna-san looks at me anxiously, but before long, he sighed as if he had given up. Eh, so you’ll not stop this?

    “Then……the match between Zakia, the 『King’s Sword』 and Seiichi…… start!”

    It has begun!

    Wha, what should I do? I wonder if I have to fight……

    Apart from me who is in panic, Zakia-san reached for the handle.

    “Now, this is it ―――― you’re dead!”

    “This is just a mock battle, right!?”

    I was surprised at Zakia-san’s words that has a lot of killing intent, and Zakia-san tried to pull the sword out of its sheath at once but――――


    ―――― he magnificently slipped down.


    Zakia couldn’t hide his confusion for the first time.

    Without showing any gap no matter what kind of situation he’s in until now, if it’s an inferior opponent, Zakia finished everything with his single sword(tachi), but he didn’t think that he would fall over in an empty space before fighting.

    This time again, he firmly checks the scaffolding of the arena, and thought there was nothing wrong with it.

    However, Zakia who set up an assault against Seiichi, didn’t move as if his body refused everything, and as a result, he’s figure plunges from his face to the ground.

    “Uh, uhmm…… Are you okay? You fell down quite quickly from your face……”


    Moreover, since even Seiichi, who is supposed to be his opponent to fight, is worried, Zakia’s face became hot.

    However, while arranging that feeling so as not to expose it even a little, he got up there and tried to pull out his sword quietly.

    “Fu ―――― Fun gu!?”

    And the sword didn’t come off.

    No matter how much effort he put into it, Zakia’s proud 【Magic Sword Fifthia】 didn’t come out of its sheath.

    As if to abandon its role as a sword, the Magic Treasure Sword, which he has shared the battlefield with until now, stopped working.

    ――――What the. What’s going on!? (TN: Zakia)

    Zakia was confused by the phenomenon that was happening to him.

    In a sense, Zakia desperately tries to pull the sword out of its sheath even though he’s in front of the enemy.

    But still Zakia’s sword stopped working as if it refused to fight Seiichi.

    To Zakia who was desperately pulling out such a sword, Seiichi doesn’t know what to do, and he can only watch it silently.

    Then Zakia, who had boiled up inside, gave up pulling out his sword, and held the sword in the upper part of its sheath.

    “Even if the sword won’t come off, this is enough……! Eat this 【 Supreme Heaven Thrust* 】 ! Guaaaaaaaaaaaa!?” (TN: Hatenshou, 覇天衝, I’m not sure here, any suggestion?)

    “Eeeeeeeeeh!? Self-destruction!?”

    Zakia waved down his sword which is setup on top of him, and activate a technique against Seiichi, but for some reason, the technique returned to Zakia without going to Seiichi.

    Originally, it should produce a storm that’ll shake the atmosphere around Zakia, but the storm winded up to Zakia himself.

    Zakia, who was blown away without knowing the reason, falls from his face to the ground while spinning like a drill.

    “Uwaa…… That seems painful……”


    The voice of Seiichi’s mercy is heard again, but the Zakia now wasn’t ashamed, he was just confused.

    He doesn’t know what the hell is going on.

    As he tries to get up from spot, this time, he loses his strength as if his foot had abandoned its role, but he endured it and managed to support his body, and as he takes a step, this time, the unusual ground suddenly loses its frictional force, and Zakia couldn’t get his foot firmly on the ground and slip again.

    “What…… what’s going on with me!? What’s wrong with my body!?”

    The confused Zakia couldn’t help but be afraid of the phenomenon that was happening to him.

    After all, Zakia can’t even stand up straight.

    Barnabas, Saria and the others are watching this strange scene, but like Zakia, they can’t help but be puzzled.

    After all, since this mock battle had begun, Zakia has been doing nothing but self-destructing.

    Especially the people in the second unit led by Zakia, they cannot believe the scene in front of them, and they have no choice but to be stunned.

    “If, if it’s magic……!”

    “Ah, you better stop it……!”

    Zakia, who realized that he couldn’t attack while approaching, immediately changed his direction of attack using magic.

    “How about this…… 【Flame Bullet】! Guaaaaaaa!?”

    “I told you so……”

    The magic that Zakia activated, as Seiichi’s concern, attacked Zakia himself, but Zakia, who thought that it was a fluke, continued to use magic without giving up, and all of that attacked Zakia himself.

    Looking at Zakia, who is in tatters, Seiichi who feels sad slowly approaches Zakia.

    “Uhmm …… I’m not sure what it is, but why don’t you stop this? It doesn’t make sense to have a mock battle with me……”

    “Uooooooooooooooooooo! Guhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!?”

    “I can’t even talk to you, oi! And you’re self-destructing!?”

    Zakia thought that this was a chance because Seiichi approached, he activated his skills on the spot.

    However, all of that attacked him, and his figure which was tattered becomes even more tattered.

    Still, when he held his sword to win against Seiichi, he still feels pathetic, and then the 【Magic Sword Fifthia】 finally slipped out of its sheath.

    “Wa! With this……wa!”

    As his sword partner came out, Seiichi is no longer an enemy.

    When Zakia thought so and tried to attack Seiichi again, the 【Magic Sword Fifthia】 bends itself as if it were saying 『Ah, that’s a problem』.


    “I, I don’t knooooooooooow!”

    Even so, when he tries to attack Seiichi with the bent sword, it bent further as if the sword completely denied the meaning of its existence, and it slipped from Zakia’s hand.

    In front of his partner that fell to the ground, Zakia shakes his shoulders.

    “……That’s fine. If I can’t use a sword or magic, then this body is enough!”

    And since Seiichi was worried about Zakia, he approaches him, and Zakia hits Seiichi at close range.

    “Uoooooo ―――― buhoaaaaaaaaaaaa!?”

    The fist pierced his own cheek, and not on Seiichi’s.

    The serious fist of Zakia is of moderate power, and it blew himself away.

    Zakia, who tried to hit a counterattack from his own body with skill, magic, and weapon, stroke his cheek while being stunned, and for some reason, his body moved freely and round-trip slaps was delivered back at him.


    He can’t even understand why he’s slapping himself anymore, and even if he tries to move his body to avoid it, it doesn’t even twitch.

    Contrary to Zakia’s will, Zakia’s body had completely refused to fight Seiichi.

    Even after that, Zakia’s body continued to hurt Zakia himself, and when its momentum disappears like at the start, he stopped breathing and fell there.

    Then, the soldiers of the 2nd unit who were confused and looked at it until now, stared at Seiichi with furious eyes.

    “You bastaaaaaaaaaaard! What did you do to Zakia-saaaaaaaaaaan!”

    “Eeeh!? I, it’s my fault!?”

    “No questions asked, a bastard guy like you, we’ll deal with you……!”

    “O, oi!”

    Orphe, the vice-captain of the second unit, tries to stop them in a hurry, but the other soldiers couldn’t help but confront Seiichi because Zakia, who they yearn for, was in tatters.

    Barnabas was wondering if he should stop this……

    “……Well, it’s fine. My academy will disappear anyway, so it’s fun to see some interesting things at the end.”

    “You’re not going to stop this!?”

    Since the referee, Barnabas, also approved it, Seiichi had to fight everyone from the second unit except Orphe as it is.

    Nevertheless, the battle didn’t happen.

    “Wha, what the!?”

    “My, my sword is bent!”

    “My, my armor is heavyyyyyyyyyy!?”

    The second unit, who were thinking about how to hurt Seiichi, had all of the weapons they wore before engaging refused to fight Seiichi, and it abandoned its existence as weapons.

    As the result of that abandonment, it shattered and became something that cannot be repaired, and when they notice it, they have to fight on their own, just like Zakia.

    Still, when the soldiers, who hadn’t diminish their fighting spirit, tried to assault Seiichi, apart from that strong will, each of their body abandoned fighting Seiichi this time, and tried to run away from the place.

    ――――Yes, their 『body』 tried to escape.


    “My, my aaaaaaaaaaaarms!”

    “Eyes……my eyes huuuuuuuuuuuurt!”

    “Ueeeeeeee!? Whatwhatwhatwhatwhat!? What’s going on!?”

    It was as if their body parts…… muscles, bones, nerves and cells are trying to escape from the place, and as a result, the soldiers’ bodies self-destructed.

    Their bones dislocated in an attempt to escape from the spot, and their eyes try to get out of the eye sockets as it is with their nerves.

    Their body hair such as their locks pulled out all at once with its hair roots, and all of their teeth fell out on the spot.

    In front of the members of the 2nd unit that’s screaming with agony, Seiichi, who didn’t know why this happened, was in a fluster.

    “What’s happening!? When all of you suddenly entered the mock battle, you start bleeding from all over your body!? Is there any virus that spreading here!? They don’t just appear in comics and dramas like that!?”

    When Seiichi grimaces at the excessively pitiful scene, the bodies of the 2nd unit members thought that they offended Seiichi’s mood as it is, so each of them returned to its original role.

    Thanks to that, the soldiers who were screaming until now, fell on the ground and they desperately check the condition of their body.

    “A, Ah…… My hand…… It’s, working properly……”

    “My eyes can see…… I can see properly……!”

    “I’m glad…… I’m very glad……”

    Because it thought that they would fight Seiichi, it caused this situation, but who can imagine that the world itself, weapons, skills, magic, and all of their body will turn to be their enemy.

    And Seiichi himself, who caused this tragedy, didn’t realize that his allies are this ridiculous, and he doesn’t even know the cause of the turmoil.

    Therefore, from Seiichi’s perspective, the actions of Zakia as well as the phenomena that occurred in each person of the 2nd unit, just looks like a strange occurrence, and he was scared and frightened of it.

    When the soldiers of the 2nd unit were in ecstasy about returning to their normal physique, Zakia, who had recovered by that time and managed to stand up, stared at Seiichi with a serious expression.

    “…… Are you saying, that this is your power?”

    “Eh? No no no, I don’t know why!?……… it’s, not right?”

    No one answered Seiichi’s question, in which he didn’t ask anyone.

    However, Zakia was not convinced by his answer, and he glared at Seiichi furiously.

    “Not just me, but to folly my companions ……. I won’t forgive you.”

    “Isn’t that too unreasonable?”

    Seiichi had teary eyes.

    Nevertheless, Zakia doesn’t have ears to listen to him, and when he tries to attack* Seiichi again, not sexually, persistently――――. (TN: the Japanese word used here can mean “sexual attack”)

    “Wa! 【Jewel of Transition】!”

    “Wha!? Orphe, what are you――――”

    Orphe, the second unit vice-captain, who had been watching silently until now, took out a palm size transparent ball from his pocket, and threw it to the ground vigorously.

    The thrown ball got shattered, and smoke erupted from within Zakia and Orphe, and, it clung to all the soldiers of the second unit.

    Moreover, the smoke completely enveloped Zakia and the others, and when the smoke finally cleared, Zakia and the others’ figures are no longer there.

    To the sudden development, Seiichi is stunned.

    Not only Seiichi, but Barnabas and the others were the same, and they could only open their mouths.

    Barnabas, who came to his sanity first, declares while being confused.

    “Ah…… the winner is, Seiichi-kun……?”

    No one even knows if it was a mock battle anymore.

    It was such a one-sided result.

    Then, Seiichi murmurs while being stunned.

    “…… I, didn’t really do anything……”

    “What do you mean by that!?”

    Altoria’s tsukkomi, echoed in the arena.

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