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    Shinka no Mi

    Chapter 142


    Translated by Mlzkzr
    Edited by Mlzkzr


    “――――Barnabas. Today is the promised day. Are you ready?”


    I ―――― Zakia Guilford was back at Barbador Magic Academy again.

    This Barbador Magic Academy used to receive money, teachers, and other personnel from countries around the world, and has been operating neutrally.

    Of course, even in such a school, it’s difficult to be completely neutral, and interest influence was moving greatly in an invisible place.

    Still, neutral is neutral.

    This school that continues to be neutral, was a very rare existence.

    …… But, that’s over now.

    The King of the Kaizer Empire, my homeland, Sheld Wol Kaizer started to unify the world.

    At first, I also objected it.

    Although I said that it deviates greatly from the thought of the former king who’s also my benefactor, but above all, such as the competitive factors and resources, no matter how I think about it, it’s not realistic.

    That’s why, when His Majesty forced to unite the world…… to attack His Majesty, I considered it.

    However ―――― that didn’t come true.

    No way, His Majesty…… No, the royal family has a trump card like that――――.

    “…… Really, if I close this school, will the students be able to go home safely?”

    When I was sinking in a sea of ​​thoughts, the head of the school, Barnabas, asked with a stern look.

    “Ah, that’s a guarantee. Until the students of this school return safely, we won’t do anything. In fact, there are only a few people who are already in this school, right?”

    “……Hmm. If this isn’t you…… I won’t believe it, but……”

    …… Barnabas never trusts me.

    If someone other than me, does something, then he’ll believe me.

    And that idea is not a mistake.

    If I’m not here, they’ll conquer the inside of the school as it is without any negotiation and would have made the students hostage and part of the discussion with the Kaizer Empire.

    The strength that makes it possible…… it’s in the current Kaizer Empire.

    “Okay then. ―――― So, from now on, this Barbador Magic Academy is of the Kaizer Empire ――――”

    “―――― Wait a momeeeeent!”
    ” !?”

    “Wha!? Se, Seiichi-kun!?” (TN: They forgot about him)

    Suddenly, an intruder appeared in this school head room.

    That person’s figure is suspicious, and I can’t see his face because he’s wearing a hood. …… Who? Is this guy…

    Then, following such a man, a few other people came with rough breaths.

    “O, oi…… Se, Seiichi…… you bastard…… your legs, are too fast……”

    “………… Forget that, did he really just break in, this guy……”

    When I look closely, I saw the appearance of His Majesty’s second son, Blued-sama.

    To the man who suddenly broke in, one of my men raised his voice.

    “You…… Who the hell are you? We’re having an important discussion with our captain and the head of this school! To disturb it…… Do you know what will happen to you!?”

    “I don’t know! But I seem to have been fired today, so I’m here to complain!”

    “Co, complain!?”

    “I just declared it clearly, oi!”

    That’s too refreshing, and we were taken aback suddenly.

    To me who is stunned, the hooded man turns his face and points his finger at me.

    “Yes, you there! I’ll tell you that since you seem to be the strongest, but first of all, it’s annoying, but! I got fired, fired! It’s too late! You understand! If I’m going to experience it, then I should be leaving school first, but you said that I’ll go through an unexpected discharge first….. isn’t that rare!” (TN: Seiichi got fired even before he finished his education in his former world)

    “Uh, uhm?”

    What the hell, is with this guy. What is he trying to say.

    “I don’t know about that world unification or stuff, but can you not do it? Getting us involved, I really want you to stop! Please think about the feelings of small citizens who are swayed by you great people! We’re powerless!”

    “What kind of scam it is that you’re powerless!”

    “Isn’t that cruel!?”

    With us, whose understanding is still not catching up, the mysterious man and dark-skinned woman who came after him, were exchanging like a couple manzai. No, what are they showing us?

    We, who should have completely dominated the atmosphere of this place until now ―――― realized that we’re being swayed by a single man.


    I ―――― Hiiragi Seiichi, as a result of assaulting this principal’s room just to protest without having any particular idea, went to a scene where men dressed in a somehow rugged armor, was having a conversation with Barna-san. Well, I charged without thinking, but I’m lucky to have someone to complain to like this! I came with more momentum than usual!

    And right now, I’m throwing it to the man who looks like the strongest person for the time being.

    “Generally, Blued is here! The students and heroes from the Kaizer Empire were taken home first, but why did they leave him behind!?”

    “Ce, certainly……!”

    Blued also nodded to my words, and when I turn my face to the man who seems to be the strongest in front of me, the man looked away with an awkward glance.

    “I, I forgot……”

    “I was forgotten!?”

    An unexpected fact! Isn’t he a Prince!? I’m amazed at everything the Kaizer Empire does! Then the man who was pointed out by me cleared his throat, and turned his sharp gaze to me.

    “If you’ve been listening quietly from the beginning…… Who are you? I’m sorry, but the outsiders should return.”

    Ah…… Certainly, I didn’t say my name. Moreover, the other party is a superior person.

    No matter how much I protest, I have to do it properly! ……Well, I didn’t use honorifics because of the encounter and other reasons. Sorry!

    “Gohon! Etto, I was hired as a teacher by the head of this school, Barnabas-san, I’m Hiiragi Seiichi, an adventurer.”


    “Oi oi, adventurer …… aren’t they troops who don’t belong to any country?”

    “And from the sound of his name, is he from the eastern country?”

    The moment I gave my name, the other soldiers went abuzz. Did I introduce myself so strangely?

    “That so. I’m the second unit commander of the Kaizer Empire, Zakia Guilford. This time, I was dispatched to close and operate this Barbador Magic Academy.”

    When I twisted my neck, the man who looked like the strongest―――― Zakia-san also said his name.

    “So, Seiichi. You said you came here to protest, but…… What are you going to do with that complaint?”

    “Nothing really, I’m just complaining but?” (TN: ……What?)




    For some reason, silence came to the principal’s office.

    A’re? Did I say something strange? Al and others are surprised, but I think I told them that I was just going to complain……

    “No, what kind of face is that which seems like it’s normal!? Because the action itself is strange for you to go and complain in the first place, you didn’t think that there might be something after that!”

    I receive an extreme tsukkomi from Al.

    Then Zakia-san sighed.

    “Haa…… That’s a waste of time.”


    “I don’t know who you are and how you came into this place, but…… no matter how much you complain. This was decided by the Kaizer Empire, and it’s something that no one can overturn.”

    “No no no, that’s strange! It’s self-satisfaction that I came here to complain for sure!”

    “Is it really for self-satisfaction……”

    Blued whispered as if he was tired. I’m sorry, forgive me! Because I live only by standard momentum!

    “It’s for self-satisfaction, but I’m not exactly convinced that the decision of the Kaizer Empire is absolute but? Why does this school have to be closed in the first place?”

    “That’s easy. The emperor of the Kaizer Empire, Sheld Wol Kaizer-sama started to unify the world, and because the war has begun.”

    “No, who’s that?”

    “Who, who’s that!?”

    I know the emperor of the Kaizer Empire, but I don’t know his name.

    “Well, I understand that the Emperor has begun to unify the world. But is that necessary? Why are you going out of your way to have a war? Because you said that it’s world unification, it’s not for the people of the Kaizer Empire, is it?”

    “…… Indeed, this war is not a war that thinks of the people. It’s just a war that His Majesty desires.”

    “That’s…… Father……”

    In Zakia-san’s words, Blued has an increasingly dark look on his face.

    Looking at such Blued, Agnos was going to say something, but he was stopped by Beatrice-san. Well, if Agnos and others come out here, it’s going to be even more complicated.

    I wonder if it won’t get complicated if I don’t come out? ………… That’s right!

    “Haa…… Uhmm, is such a war recognized? If only one desires a war, then do you think the people will allow it? At least I won’t like it, but……”

    “His Majesty has already decided. In the first place, you’re not a citizen of the Kaizer Empire, and you won’t even be granted a veto.”

    “My human rights were denied even by strangers!?”

    My, human rights are being rejected too much, right? My race 【Human】, are you breathing* properly? (TN: iki – breath, respiration, son, interest (on money), I don’t know the reference here, any ideas?)

    “Mainly, do you think you can win in strength? It’s like the World VS Kaizer Empire, isn’t it? And, were you convinced by that? To go to war with such personal desire.”


    “Eh, you don’t consent!?  What does that mean, you’re following them even though you’re not satisfied!?”

    No matter what, it’s weird!

    If you’re not convinced, then a coup d’état? Want a demo? All you have to do is raise it.

    I can’t do anything if all the people say that they’re in favor to this war, but who’s totally pleased with this war?

    Therefore, this might become a civil war, but at least, there are more who oppose it than those in favor, so if you start a coup d’état, you’ll succeed. (TN: Seiichi, wanting them to become a terrorist)

    I don’t know if they understood what I wanted to say, but Zakia-san just shook his head.

    “It’s impossible. No one can stop His Majesty anymore…… Not a human being, His Majesty now became the strongest person in the world.”

    “The strongest existence in the world?”

    What’s that. Who are you talking about? When I see you next time, I’ll get angry if the other person is a monster, you know?

    Because in Zakia-san’s way of saying it, it’s as if he had become a monster.

    Although I twisted my head unintentionally, Zakia-san doesn’t intend to elaborate that story. Too bad.

    “…… Moreover, you seem to think that the Kaizer Empire can’t beat the world, but that’s not true.”

    At that moment, Zakia-san pulled out the sword that he had on his waist for some reason.

    With that as a signal, the other soldiers also pulled out their sword.

    ” ―――― There are tens of thousands of soldiers who are equal to or close to my ability.”


    “Gu!? Thi, this pressure……!”

    The moment Zakia-san and the other soldiers pulled out their swords, Blued, Agnos and the others who were nearby, and Barna-san turned their face blue.

    “It’s not good for you if you’re raising a buzz at this level. …… That’s no wonder. They’re equivalent to me who was called the ≪King’s Sword ≫ ――――”

    “No…… and?”



    To my question, not only Zakia-san, but also Barna-san, Blued and the others, and, the soldiers of the second unit had a stupid expression on their faces.

    “Did you not hear me? There are tens of thousands of people who are equal to me who is the ≪King’s Sword ≫, you now?”

    “Ki, king’s sword? I’m sorry for being ignorant, but…… are you a celebrity? You mean, there are a lot of celebrities like Zakia-san?’

    “…… Oi, Seiichi. Are you really saying that?…… at least, that’s what I wanted to say……”

    To me who is confused, Al puts her hand on her forehead, and whispered so as she looked up to the heavens.

    As I look closely, Blued, Beatrice-san and the others were suffering the moment Zakia-san pulled out his sword, but the ones who headed to the dungeon with Zora like me, Saria, Al and Rurune seemed to be okay. …… That’s? This, did Zakia-san do this?

    “Tha, that’s stupid! Why can you stay calm!? All the second units here, have set foot into the realm of 『Transcendentals』! “

    “Ah, the same as us.”


    In my words, not only Zakia-san, but Barna-san, Agnos and the others also spewed. …… that’s right, isn’t being a 『Transcendental』 amazing? I was paralyzed because the people around me were all 『Transcendental』. No, there are too many strong people around me. Everyone at the guild headquarters, Zeanos and the others……

    “Well, for the time being, we have a lot of 『Transcendentals』, so we can win……”

    “Tha, that so.”

    Eeh……? Seriously? ……In me, I can only see the future where the guild headquarters will defeat them unilaterally and in a strange way…….

    Besides, even if the Kaizer Empire waged a war on the Welmburg Kingdom, Lucius, Zeanos and the others are also there now …… can they really win? You need to exceed level 500 to become a 『Transcendental』, right? Zeanos was originally 1500, right?

    Once again, I tried to do a battle simulation in my head.


    “I feel sorry for them……”

    “Whawhat you!”

    Oops, I seem to have spoken it. Excuse me.

    The world unification of the Kaizer Empire, which I originally thought was impossible, became even more…… On the contrary, my thoughts were decided.

    “…… As I see your speech and behavior, the women there must be 『Transcendental』”


    “But, what about you? I can’t see any atmosphere or behavior of a strong man in you. I don’t think you can beat me.”


    Atmosphere of a strong person? …… Well, I’m just an ordinary person, he’s like an expert on somewhere, 『This guy…… is awesome……!  and the like, and I can’t emit that atmosphere. Well, in the underworld, there were some expert, 『You’re there, aren’t you? 』 or rather, they can sense the life force, so now I learned how to infer presences.

    That’s why Al, don’t look at Zakia-san with eyes like 『Is this guy serious』! Saria and the others didn’t even look at each other!

    “A person who can’t even win against me, there’s no way you can beat His Majesty all the more. If you can’t beat His Majesty, you can’t complain to him. I’ll let you taste the thing called powerlessness.”

    “Eh? Uhmm…… What does that mean?”

    Suddenly the situation became suspicious, and when I asked timidly, Zakia-san answered plainly.

    “That’s easy. Fight me, and I’ll let you know that you’re powerless.”

    “How did it come to pass that way!?”

    Just like the guys from the Demon Army, this world is full of muscle brains!

    Without knowing the circumstances, I should’ve come here to complain, but for some reason, I ended up having to mock battle.

    (TN: Another mock battle, this guy will taste despair too. Next up, Zakia vs Seiichi)

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