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    Shinka no Mi

    Chapter 141


    Translated by Mlzkzr
    Edited by Mlzkzr


    “――――The academy, will be closed……”


    『What? 』

    Five days after the school festival.

    When I came back from bringing the necessary materials in class with Olga-chan before HR of F class, Beatrice-san said that before we started HR.

    Eh, you mean …… close?




    “Hey, why were you so surprised Seiichi!?”

    When I was surprised with Agnos and the others, for some reason, Al, who was in the F class, made a tsukkomi. Eh, I’m surprised because I didn’t know that!?

    Then, Beatrice-san gives an apologetic expression and tells us.

    “I’m sorry…… While Seiichi-san went to pick up the teaching materials that will be used in class, in the staff room, the principal told the teachers so. And the content of it was too shocking, that I didn’t even realize that Seiichi wasn’t there……”

    “……Ah! Surely, Seiichi wasn’t there at that time. I’ve forgotten about you until now……”

    “Is my presence that weak! No, it’s not good!”

    Well, when I heard that the school was going to close, I can’t afford but get conscious of it.

    Al is also in this classroom, but maybe that’s because the school is closed and there are no classes?

    I wonder, isn’t that too soon!? What and how did they make such a decision!?

    I certainly knew that because of the 【Demon God’s Cult】 attack, some became distrustful of the school, but didn’t Barna-san start the school festival in order to change the mood from that distrust and dark atmosphere!? If this is closed, then it won’t mean anything!

    What was that embarrassing time for…… Ah, when I remember that, I want to die. It’s no better than this.

    “Be, Beatrice-neesan! What happened all of a sudden……”

    When Agnos asked her that involuntarily, Beatrice clouded her expression, and for a moment, she turned her eyes to Blued.

    “…… Apparently, the Kaizer Empire will control this school.”


    “Eh!? That’s stupid!”

    The Kaizer Empire? Why?

    There are a lot of stuff I want to say, but of the Kaizer Empire …… moreover, it seems that information hasn’t been passed to Blued, the second prince, so he’s surprised with us.

    “Impossible! No matter how strong the Kaizer Empire…… Even if my father wants to unify the world, this school has grants and human resources from each country, and it’s made up of students. Unilaterally excluding them as such and operating it…… Many countries won’t be silent.”

    “I haven’t heard the details either, but…… most of this continent is now part of the Kaizer Empire.”

    “Haa!? What the hell is that!? What’s going to happen!? No matter how great a country they are, it’s just one country!”

    As Agnos said, Beatrice-san’s words were unbelievable.

    Because, if the Kaizer Empire invades another country in some way, the other countries will be wary and form an alliance…… Anyway, they’ll surely take up some measures.

    What happens when the countermeasures are so easily destroyed? What’s more, can they manage the world in a unified way? That’s impossible.

    “…… Wait a minute. The sphere of influence of the Kaizer Empire, have been invading……? That’s pretty much……! The Valsha Empire, what about the Valsha Empire!?”

    “Oi, Helen!?”

    “Ca ca, calm down! Wha, what’s wrong?!”

    Helen tries to get close to Beatrice-san while changing her complexion, but Agnos and the others desperately soothe her.

    The Valsha Empire? I think I’ve heard something about it but….. I don’t remember.

    Rather, as I see Helen’s distraught, is it her home country?

    “Helen-san, please calm down. It seems that most countries have come under their substantial control, but among them, the Kingdom of Welmburg, the Valsha Empire, the eastern country, and demon kin country are the only ones who continues to resist. However, it seems it’ll become a situation where a war is likely to occur at any moment, and How long will this deadlock last……”

    “…… I was relieved to hear that. Even though I followed Seiichi to become stronger, if there was no country to protect, I……”

    “Yes. I, also came here to train under my Shishou…… If there’s no homeland to return to, then it won’t be a very funny situation.”


    That’s right…… Louise and Luthia, weren’t unrelated. Of course I, too.

    Luthia shook free from the restraint of the demon army…… Well, as a result, she got permission, but she followed me. To become stronger.

    Of course, there’s also the means to protect herself from 【Demon God’s Cult】, but she supposed to have decided in the dungeon where Zora was, that she would become stronger than that.

    Even Louise, managed to convince Ranze-san to come here.

    …… But if what Beatrice-san says is true, then I guess it means that the Kingdom of Welmburg, where my father and the others are, is okay. Well, I’m not worried because the soldiers and the guild guys are there, above all, Zeanos and the former heroes, and recently, they’ve had Saria’s parents too. It feels like overkill….. That?

    For the time being, Helen who was told that the Valsha Empire was safe, sat down there. Hmm…… what happened?

    “……I’ll continue to talk, but due to the fact that the Kaizer Empire now controls many countries, it’s no longer possible to say that this school is operated by various countries. And about a week ago, apparently, it seems that the school director had a direct talk, and if he wants to close the school now, they promised that they wouldn’t do anything to the students until they returned to their home country.”

    “…… I see, was it the captain of the second unit who brought up that story?”

    “Ah? Do you know him?”

    “……I guess. If someone from another unit came, then they won’t release the students so easily…… Rather, they don’t mind using them as hostages. That’s why there’s only one person who’ll make such a proposal.”

    “……Hey, you’ve said bad things about your country, they’re shitty?”

    “………… I don’t even have any words to return. I’m sorry.”

    Unusually, Blued bowed to Agnos’ words.

    For the time being, I know why it is going to close. No, I’m not convinced.

    Along with the reason for closing, I have one more thing to ask.

    “Uh…… can I ask one?”

    “Yes, what is it?”

    “If the words of Blued and Beatrice-san’s story were correct, the students can return to their families for the time being, right?”

    “Yes, that’s right. The school head also considered the safety of the students, as he made this decision.”

    “I see…… Then, what about us teachers?”

    “We’re fired.”

    “Ah, isn’t that straightforward!”

    “You wavered a little!”

    I was hit on the head by Al. No, even if you said that I wavered…… This is just my quality.

    I mean, I’m a teacher now, but I’m a student on Earth, and am I going to experience being fired before I left school? Fuuu! It’s rare!

    There was too much information about it and my tension was strange, and apart from me, Beatrice-san looked over at Agnos and the others.

    “……I really wanted to teach you all until the end, but…… apparently, it’s not going to come true. Fufu …… Recently, everyone has been studying hard, and was looking forward to the test……”


    Beatrice-san, has been seriously facing each of them, and since Agnos and the others had been unable to use magic, she’s been teaching them. …… To end it in this way, no one could have imagined.

    “…… Well, we don’t have time to grieve, do we? Apparently, the people from the Kaizer Empire will be here again as a final confirmation today. When the people from the Kaizer Empire first visited, the students and Heroes from the Kaizer Empire were brought back, but the others are now arranging their luggage and ―――― “

    “Wai, wait a minute!”

    I inadvertently interrupted Beatrice-san’s words.

    No, but……!

    “You said that they were taken back…… There, isn’t any heroes in this school right now?!”

    Certainly, I thought that I didn’t see Kannazuki-senpai and the others from the time we were cleaning up after the school festival, but it wasn’t because the heroes, including Kannazuki-senpai, opened a store, and above all, I didn’t think that there were such things like instructions given to the other heroes.

    I didn’t see them after that…… Or rather, there’s usually no element for us to meet unless Kannazuki-senpai charged at me.

    That’s why I wasn’t particularly conscious of it……

    “Seiichi-san. Here”

    “Eh, this is……?”

    As I was being impatient, Beatrice-san gave me a letter.

    “I received it from the school director. It seems to be a letter from Kannazuki-san.”


    I opened the letter in a hurry and looked over the contents in a rush.


    “…… Kannazuki-senpai, doesn’t change.”

    There, ‘I can’t abandon the teachers and the other heroes just because my bracelet is no longer in effect’. With those words from Kannazuki-senpai, that I read, I know what I can do, was written.

    For a long time, Kannazuki-senpai has put things behind herself, and has been helping everyone around her.

    That’s why everyone loved Kannazuki-senpai, and respected her.

    Even if we came into this different world, she hasn’t changed after all.

    ……No, in a sense, she was changing in a peculiar direction!

    “…… But that’s not all.”

    Kannazuki-senpai, doesn’t want me to get involved…… she’s always thinking that.

    That’s why she kept silent about me. Of course, I don’t think the Kaizer Empire will allow me to go and see her.

    “Fuu…… I’m not really convinced of many things, but…… I guess it’s no use in making a ruckus here.”

    Honestly, I just feel like why aren’t they leaving us alone.

    Even Agnos and the others, don’t want to leave this place because they like it.

    Really…… I wonder, what a war is……

    As the whole class is enveloped in a dark atmosphere, Blued suddenly bowed his head to us.

    “…… I’m really sorry. My country is…… Because of my father, this happened……”

    We can’t see Blued’s dace who was bowing his head, but his voice was shaking.

    However ――――

    “Haa…… Hey, I’ve said something similar before, but you don’t have anything to do with it, right? You didn’t any of that shit, and it’s your old man who’s all bad. You bastard shouldn’t apologize!”

    “Thatha, that’s right! It’s not Blued-kun’s fault!”

    “……Don’t mind it, I don’t know if it’s unreasonable, but…… it’s not Blued’s concern.”

    As Agnos, Leon, and Bead said, Blued shouldn’t be at fault here.

    He’s just the second prince of the Kaizer Empire, and he can’t even choose that birth. It would be strange to blame him.

    Receiving the words of everyone like that, Blued shook his body without raising his face.

    “Father…… why the hell…………… I’m sorry…… I’m really sorry……”


    ……Here, against the Kaizer Empire, if he doesn’t have any attachment to them, he may have acted against them, but…… For Blued, the king of the Kaizer Empire is his father.

    It’s a complex feeling, but because my father and the others are important to me, too, when I was put in the same position as Blued…… I couldn’t act immediately by all means.

    ……………… Yeah, I have decided.

    “Beatrice-san. After this, the people from the Kaizer Empire will come, right?”

    “Eh? Yes.”

    “A, aniki?”

    My question gave Beatrice-san, and Agnos and the others suspicious looks.

    “I’ve thought about it for a while, but…… I have no life experience, and above all I don’t know what’s the correct thing to do since I’m not smart.”

    No matter what I try to do about the Kaizer Empire, there are just some people who can’t do anything to a country.

    I can’t do anything about it.

    That’s why……

    “I’m going to get fired today anyway, so let’s go and complain at the end!”

    『Eh? Co, complain? 』

    In my words, the students had a stupid look on their face.

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