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    Shinka no Mi

    Chapter 140


    Translated by Mlzkzr
    Edited by Mlzkzr


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    “Fuu…… did everyone felt a little better?”

    Barnabas, the director of the Barbador Magic Academy, whispered so while looking at the students who were cleaning up the school festival.

    By the attack of 【 Demon God’s Cult】, the inside of the school was filled with dark atmosphere, and the school festival decided by Barnabas who wanted to dispel it even a little, and as a result, the atmosphere in the school has improved a little, which was the aim of Barnabas.

    “…… However, it seems that not everyone enjoyed it……”

    Nevertheless, it’s also true that there were some people who didn’t thought well about this school festival itself.

    The first one was the S class…… and also those from the 【Kaizer Empire】, and many of the Heroes weren’t obediently enjoying the school festival.

    “I wanted to give the young ones a little time to relax……”

    It was at that time that when he sighed again, and Barnabas himself tried to clean up the school festival.

    “…… What is this?”

    Suddenly, Barnabas felt a strange sign in his perception range.

    It’s on the premises of this Barbador Magic Academy, and it was the feeling when someone came using transition magic.

    Moreover, he perceived not only the reaction of only one person but the reaction of many people.

    When 【Demon God’s Cult】 similarly came using transition magic, due to the blessing of the Demon God, even Barnabas couldn’t detect them, but he felt it clear this time, so Barnabas thought that the probability of it being related to the 【Demon God’s Cult】 was low.

    However, it’s a fact that they came suddenly, and when Barnabas tried to see the sudden visitors with caution. ――――

    “He, headmaster!”

    “Why, what happened?”

    A male teacher rushed to the director’s office.

    Then, the male teacher tells Barnabas with rough breath.

    “So, soldiers! The soldiers from the 【Kaizer Empire】 are here!”

    “What the heck!?”

    “――――For the sudden visit, excuse me”


    When Barnabas turned his eyes to the end of that sudden voice, there the 《King Sword》―――― Zakia Guilford stood with his subordinate, the Second Unit of the Kaizer Empire.

    “…… This is, this is…… of various countries, in this place where people of various statuses gather, to bring a lot of soldiers like that…… What the heck are you thinking ――――《King Sword》dono?”


    Zakia, didn’t immediately answer Barnabas’ question, and he have been silently closing his eyes for a while, but before long, he opened his eyes quietly.

    “The ≪Magic Saint≫ Barnabas Averitte. From today on, this Barbador Magic Academy will be operated by the Kaizer Empire.”


    It’s just a short word, but there’s an overwhelming sense of intimidation that overflows from there, and everyone in the second unit of the Kaizer Empire, including Orphe Almond, who was waiting behind Zakia, stiffened himself.

    “I wonder what does that mean…… What stupid things are you saying? After coming suddenly without any notice, you say that the Kaizer Empire will manage this place? ――――Are you trying to make fun of me?”

    “Unfortunately, it was his Majesty’s decision.”

    However, Zakia said so without moving at all.

    The reaction was also unexpected for Barnabas, and he slightly move his eyebrows.



    Silence has come, and Orphe and the others don’t know how much time has passed.

    The one who broke the silence, was Barnabas.

    “No, I won’t…… what are you saying?”

    “You have no right to refuse.”

    In response to Zakia’s words, the sense of intimidation of Barnabas became stronger.

    In this ridiculously suffocating room, it’s no wonder that Orphe and the others want to go home.

    “Haa…… What the hell is your king thinking? This is the only place where neutrality is maintained. If there’s one country that’ll operate ――――”

    “You don’t have to worry about that. Because ―――― it’s fine if the Kaizer Empire controls the continent.”


    Barnabas was surprised and opened his eyes.

    While staring at such Barnabas calmly, Zakia continues.

    “Apparently you didn’t know. There are only four countries on the continent that defy the Kaizer Empire. The Valsha Empire, the Welmburg Kingdom, and the eastern country. And the ―――― the demons only.”

    “That’s stupid!?”

    There are more than ten countries besides those that came out of Zakia’s mouth, but if Zakia’s words are true, then it could be said that they literally seized all of the continent.

    In addition, not only the Welmburg Kingdom, but both the Valsha Empire and the Eastern country aren’t large in scale as a nation.

    “Why is that……”

    “The other day, the demons and the Welmburg Kingdom had an exchange meeting. In doing so, the Kingdom of Welmburg only invited the daughter of the demon king, who is the king of the demon tribe, and they invited the S-class adventurers all over the country…… With that opportunity, we aim directly at the leaders of each country, and hostage them. As a result, the countries throughout the continent cannot go against the Kaizer Empire. In this way, most of the continent were in His Majesty’s hands.”

    Barnabas stares at Zakia with an unbelievable expression.

    “That’s stupid…… impossible. Even if they don’t have S-class adventurers, there must be soldiers and generals from the most powerful countries! If you’re not a 『Transcendental』, to go through them and aim directly at the leaders ――――”

    Barnabas said that and realized.

    “―――― The 『Transcendental』《Magic Saint》 Barnabas. The title of 『Transcendental』, you are not the only one who has it. …… I stepped into that area, too. And I’m not the only one. Someone who is stealthier than me, and is also good at combat in the same way…… The Kaizer Empire’s power has been strengthened more than you think.”

    “Impossible……it’s impossible……! I didn’t hear such a story at all until recently! Why is that all of a sudden!?”

    In the Kaizer Empire, it’s not particularly surprising that the ≪King’s Sword≫, which is called the strongest, has become a 『Transcendental』.

    But in Zakia’s way of saying it, it seems like there are many more 『Transcendental』 in the Kaizer Empire.

    Not everyone can become a 『Transcendental』, like Barnabas, which is the 《Magic Saint》 or the ≪King’s Sword≫, it’s an area that can only be reached by a limited number of talented people.

    The time to reach that area is by no means short, and it requires years of training and vast combat experience.

    A lot of such 『Transcendental』 appeared in the Kaizer Empire…… or created. The method to do so is also important and worrisome, but more than that, if Zakia’s words are true, then the situation on the continent can be easily tilted, and it’ll be one of the strongest times of the Kaizer Empire.

    While Barnabas was stunned, he asked Zakia as if to squeeze out.

    “Milord…… Is this all right with Milord? The previous king didn’t want to unify the continent…… And why was Milord, who admired the former king, at the mercy of the current king? Do the people have some doubts on the soldiers?”

    “…………I too, tried to change His Majesty’s mind. And……. killing His Majesty, I’ve thought about that.”


    Orphe, who has been familiar with Zakia’s conflict until now, stared at Zakia sadly.

    “Then…… why? Why, don’t you stop him……! If Milord have that much power, then the King of the Kaizer Empire will……”

    “I can’t.”


    In those unexpected words, Barnabas couldn’t keep up with his words.

    “I can’t, kill His Majesty. No, not just me…… No one in this world, can kill His Majesty. ….. Yes, Barnabas. Even you……”

    “That’s absurd!? That kind of…… What’ s going on……”

    Barnabas unintentionally turned his eyes to the human beings, to Orphe and the Second Unit, and everyone looked down with a heartbroken look.

    Those expressions told the whole story.

    “What…… what’s happening……? The Kaizer Empire…… The King of the Kaizer Empire, the heck……”

    Zakia gazes quietly at the staggering Barnabas, turned his back as it was.

    “Barnabas, I will take the heroes home with me. ………… one week. I’ll give you grace for one week. In the meantime, shut down the school. And if the students want to go back to their home countries, we’ll silently overlook it. This is my biggest compromise. If, you still want this to continue…… At that time, we’ll overrun this land.”


    “……Now then.”

    Zakia pulls Orphe and the others, and went away from that place.

    Barnabas wanted to keep Zakia, but more than that, the information and shock given to him was large, and he can’t keep himself calm.

    “Scho, school director……”

    The male teacher who had tried to keep quiet about their exchange up to now, called out to Barnabas in a trembling voice.

    “…… Immediately, gather information on the situation of the Kaizer Empire and the present continent. Three days……try to collect as much information as you can within three days.”

    “Ye, yes!”

    The male teacher rushes out of the room.

    And then, Barnabas looked up to the heavens.

    “Why is this happening as soon as the atmosphere in the school becomes brighter……”

    He lamented, but the result isn’t going to change.

    For now, whether Zakia’s words are true…… he needed to collect information as soon as possible.

    ――――And a week later, Zakia returned to the Kaizer Empire with the Heroes………… and Barbador Magic Academy decided to close.

    (TN: Something’s up with the King of the Kaizer Empire, I think)

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