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    Shinka no Mi

    Chapter 139


    Translated by Mlzkzr
    Edited by Mlzkzr


    (TN: We have the long-awaited first appearance of the demon god here)

    『―――― Ah, my power is coming back. 』

    In the darkness where nothing was visible, a single purple flame was floating on the surface.

    Although the flame was eerily flickering, it gives off a mysterious charm that you can’t take your eyes off.

    『A little more…… I’m almost there. In a little while, I’ll be able to revive. 』

    There is no one in this world who can correctly understand the words he said with all his emotions.

    Because this flame is the existence that the 【Demon God’s Cult】 worships, and is a genuine God.

    There’s no way that humans who were created by the Gods can understand the thoughts of the Gods.

    ――――For the Demon God, this sealed star and the creatures that live in here can’t even be his targets of interest.

    It doesn’t change even among the members of the 【Demon God’s Cult】 who worship this Demon God, but they never know that fact.

    Human beings worship the Creator Gods and it’s absolutely natural for them to submit to them, and even erasing the very existence of human being itself, for God, it’s nothing.

    But, because He’s sealed now, He can’t interfere with the living things.

    However, if the seal got released ―――― If this Demon God just thinks 『Disappear』, not only the stars, even the universe and even the world will disappear.

    However, the fact that he’s sealed doesn’t change.

    『――――Gather, my 【Apostles】』

    The moment the flame quietly told so, several dark lights appear in the place as if to surround the purple flame.

    When the lights shine greatly, it eventually become humanoids, and a number of figures gathered beside purple flame while hanging their heads.

    Then, among the people who were hanging their heads, a man closest to the purple flame opened his mouth.

    “――――Are you calling for us? Our Sovereign”

    That man, who was always grinning, was the one who recovered the Apostles who attacked the Welmburg Kingdom.

    The Demon God noticed that and he nodded at the words of the grinning man.

    『Mu? What happened to the 【Deities*】 other than you? 』(TN: Kami to)

    “I am very sorry. The other three are still the same…… If you don’t mind, why don’t I take them by force?”

    『No, it’s good. They’re probably moving because of their power. Now, there’s something more important than that…… Rejoice. My resurrection is near. 』


    For the 【Apostles】 who worship the Demon God, the words of this Demon God were something that they kept waiting for.

    『Yes, my revival is near. You’ve worked so well for me. 』

    “I,I’m gratefully happy!”

    『Umu. So I’m going to ask you to enter the final touch. 』

    “Wa! Tha, that’s……”

    At the Demon God’s words, the grinning man lost his expression.

    However, his expression immediately turns into a smile, and it was a deeper and more eerie smile than usual.

    『Each of you has moved for me until now, and have probably sowed the 【Seeds of Calamity】 on this star. …… Some of them, like Demiolos, have lost their power and ended up without sowing the 【Seeds of Calamity】, but that’s the result of Demiolos’ overconfidence in his power. Well, it looks like he was planning on something, but now that it’s hindered, he can’t do anything. Besides, it seems that the others were able to sow the 【Seeds of Calamity】. 』

    The words that Demiolos, who was spoken from the mouth of the Demon God, had lost his power, the 【Apostles】 who knew that fact for the first time reacted, but didn’t block the words of the Demon God.

    『Some of them on land, and some are in the human heart…… Carefully raise those 【Seeds of Calamity】. Then raise the last disaster, and knock the world down in chaos. So my resurrection will be complete ―――― good? 』


    Everyone bowed their heads more deeply.

    Then, the man with a grin quietly raises his hand.

    “My Sovereign. There’s one thing I would like to convey……”

    『What? 』

    “In fact, the other day, Rodias and the others attacked a meeting between the Demon King’s daughter and the human race in the Welmburg Kingdom, and tried to assassinate the Demon King’s daughter. And Rodias and the others were raiding using the monsters that they took smoothly, but because of the unexpected reinforcements of the Welmburg Kingdom, both Rodias and Lester, and Edmund was also done in.”

    『……What? 』

    “Hey, Yutis! You bastard …… We don’t know that story!?”

    The man with a grin on his face ―――― Yutis’ explanation caused the other apostles to be surprised, and another one lashed at Yutis, who didn’t report it immediately.

    But Yutis continues without breaking his smile.

    “Yes. I didn’t need to tell you.”


    “As I said earlier, the unexpected reinforcements…… there was also the appearance of a powerful person who could defeat Rodias and the others who were 【Apostles】 from the combat unit. In addition, we have no information about that person…… If there was such a powerful person until now, it isn’t even something strange that there’s one rumor about him. But because there’s none, it’s not a good idea to put out our hands carelessly. I’m also worried about that unknown strength, but in the end I decided that it would be better to focus more on regaining your strength, and kept silent so as not to cause the others to worry too much. Because, isn’t that right? While we 【Apostles】 are taking revenge, rather than sending in 【Apostles】 that may get defeated again, isn’t it faster and more certain to have you, my sovereign, erase him?”

    “Hey, Bastard…… What do you think of the Demon God-sama!? To bother the Demon God-sama’s Hand――――”

    『Good. As Yutis said, no existence can become an obstacle as long as my resurrection is done. If I just erase everything at the end, it’s all the same. 』

    “If, if the Demon God-sama says so……”

    The man who was snapping on Yutis, reluctantly withdrew because the Demon God himself said so.

    『But Yutis. If that story is true, why didn’t you lend a hand? Among my 【Apostles】, you’re special…… you’re a 【Deity (Shinto)】. You can move past, present, future and any kinds of space and time. Then we could have eliminated those who defeated Rodias and the others. In other words, if you had helped, you wouldn’t lose some 【Apostles】 by a mischief. No? 』 (TN: So this is the Quasi-boss)

    Suddenly, the purple flame bursts up violently.

    The flame was never hot, but the 【Apostles】 in the place hang their necks desperately even though they are about to be crushed by a huge 『Something』.

    Yutis himself received the intimidation, and he managed to squeeze out the words while his smile was pulling.

    “Oh…… Fearful…… Rodias and the others have been recovered at the last minute with my ability. And when I went to collect them, those who are there were the ones I want to tell you about.”

    『What? 』

    When the Demon God extinguished his intimidation, the 【Apostles】 coughed violently on the spot, and was panting in search of air.

    『Who should be given priority over those who defeated Rodias and the others?』

    “Ye, yes…… I heard from Edmund, who I succeeded from retrieving, that Rodias and the others knew that the Demon King’s daughter and the King of the Kingdom of Welmburg will hold a meeting, and at the meeting, they tried to create a big rift between the humans and demons by killing the daughter of the demon king. And as a result, Rodias and the others were defeated by unknown reinforcements, and with Edmund’s ability, they succeeded in using the 『Curse tool』 on the Demon King’s daughter ――――at least, that was supposed to be.”

    “Wha, what do you mean? The 『Curse tool』, is a tool that bestows 『curse』, right? There should be no way to break a 『curse』 unless you’re the Demon God-sama!”

    The same man lashes at Yutis again, as he can’t believe what Yutis just said.

    But, because Yutis himself cannot believe it too, he frowned slightly.

    “Yes, it should be. However, the Demon King’s daughter…… by a young man who was there, it seems that her curse has been lifted. Moreover, not only did he solve the 『curse』, the 『curse』 was reversed into a kind of blessing……”

    “Hah!? Tha, that’s ridiculous! If you’re going to tell a lie, then tell a better lie!”

    “……I would have been glad if that was a lie…… But in fact, the Demon King’s daughter was actually saved, and Rodias and the others were on the verge of being captured. And for some reason, far from being able to fly to the 【Past】 before Rodias and the others were defeated, in the place where the young man appeared, in the past, and even in the future, I can no longer interfere. I’ve never encountered anything like this……”

    “Seriously ……”

    The man who was lashing out on Yutis, couldn’t continue to speak his words to Yutis, who was rarely confused.

    Among the 【Apostles】 of the 【Demon God’s Cult】, Yutis, one of the 【Deity (Shinto)】 who has a particularly strong power and special ability, had the skill to move freely in the past, present and future.

    Moreover, Yutis’ ability isn’t limited to the inside of this star where the Demon God is sealed, he can appear anywhere, in all dimensions, in all space-time, in all universes, and in the whole world.

    Even if Yutis wasn’t pleased with it, because he was a man who trusted his ability, he couldn’t believe Yutis’ words.



    『Even though my resurrection is near, all my power hasn’t yet returned. If that existence is a hindrance to my resurrection…… Erase him. Call the other 【Deity (Shinto)】with unknown force, and erase that human which your abilities didn’t work on. Regardless of the 【Apostles】, it would be possible if it’s you and the other 【Deity (Shinto)】. After all, I have given you much of my strength. 』

    “Hah! I’ll hurry up and tell the other 【Deities】, we’ll be sure to destroy all the potential threats to you.”

    『I’m looking forward to it. ――――The 【Apostles】 here. Grow the 『Seeds of Calamity』 that have been sown all over the world. And the end of the world. That’s what I desire. By sacrificing this star, which has the remnants of the power of the other gods when they sealed me, I’ll be the only one that is second to none at the same time as my resurrection. I’ll give you great protection in that occasion. 』


    When the 【Apostles】 nodded all at once, they became dark lights again, and disappear from the spot.

    And, the Demon God who became alone again, whispered abhorrently.

    『The possibility of this being threat to me……… you ask? Impossible, that’s impossible. I am a God. To me, who can do things such as erasing the world, let alone people, is that a threat? ……Fuun. That’s ridiculous. However, it’s still annoying. Well, that’s going to be solved as soon as the 【Deities】 go. Because my resurrection cannot be stopped anymore――――』

    When the flame of Demon God gently shimmers, it slowly disappeared as if he closed his eyelids.

    (TN: A major foreshadowing)

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