After finishing my shift I, moved to the waiting room.

In the waiting room, Saria and Al are also taking a break.

“Ah, Seiichi! Oh, tired!”

“Yeah, thank you.”

While giving Saria and the others a smile and gratitude, I took off the mantle that I was wearing and took a rest.

“Fuu……………… I’m going to die for a moment!”

“Wait, wait, wait, wait!”

When I said so and tried to lean out of the window of the room, Al stopped me with all her might.

“What are you saying with nothing but a nice smile!”

“Al, let go! I’m no good anymore, those pompous lines…… Ugaaahhhhh! Just kill meeeeeeeeeee!”

“Calm down, idiot! It’s not just you, I’m embarrassed too, so please be patient! Who can kill you in the first place!?”

“Surely, there is!?”

“Eh, with that level!?”

Helen, who was watching the interaction between me and Al, opened her eyes.

Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit! I want to die and erase that embarrassing memory right now! In such a place, my body got in the way. Thank you for always helping me! But is it okay for you take a little more restraint?

Even if I were to die…… I mean, I’ll be 『Ah. Please don’t come here』 on hell and heaven, then the Netherworld would refuse me too, and I feel like I’m going to continue living. Rather, it’s also true that I’m not surprised anymore at that. I’ll still die at the end of my life, right!? That, please as a human being!

Calmed down a little after being held by Al, I muttered while being dejected.

“Who’s, the one who told us to have a cosplay café……”



I hit myself in the face with all my power. Yeah, it was all my bad.

……Certainly, that was an embarrassing blunder, but still, the students who came to the shop had smiling faces, and I’m glad that each of them enjoyed it.

It was nice to see a new side of Saria and the others…… and in the end, I’m happy.

After sighing again, I smiled bitterly.

“If you tell me that much, then I can’t say anything more…… Thank you”

“Yup! Good luck in your future task!”

“All right, I’m going to die for a little bit after all.”

Recalling that there was still work, Al and Saria restrain me from trying to kill myself.


“Hee…… If you look at it this way, there’s a lot of stuff going on.”

“That’s right. Tha, that looks delicious!”

I managed to finish all my shifts while enduring the embarrassment, and was looking around the school with Saria.

Al and the others still have shifts left, and the rest of the members are looking around.

Until now, the school festivals in my high school and junior high school on earth, hadn’t been really enjoyable for me because I was bullied, but when I looked around like this, I felt a different atmosphere from the summer festival.

The food-based products that the students serve are delicious with decent quality.

When I and Saria were walking while eating food from a store sometimes, we passed in front of a shop.

“House of fortune-telling?”

“Hee …… are they doing fortune telling there?”

It’s the school festival, and I don’t know how full it is, but I’m curious. I have never had my fortune told on Earth before.

“The long-awaited, shall we enter?”


The fortune-telling house which used the whole classroom, was covered with black curtains on its windows and once we’re inside, a mid-purple light that’s totally dark floats around.

“Oh, welcome, to our fortune-telling house…… please take this seat.”

Prompted by a person who was wearing a hooded robe so that we can’t see his face, Saria and I sat in front of someone dressed in a robe that was a little more luxurious than the people surrounding us.

There’s a crystal in front of the person, and he’ll probably use this crystal. (TN: I don’t know the gender of the fortune teller yet so for the mean time it’s a ‘he’)

“Now then, welcome. What shall I tell you? The compatibility between the two of you? Future? Or is it your true nature?”


It seems that he can fortune-tell more than I expected, so I think about it.

Then Saria raised her hand.

“Yes! Then I would like to know my compatibility with Seiichi!”


“Ehehe. What will happen? Ah, what does Seiichi want to know?”

Because Saria seems to want to know how compatible she is with me, I thought about it for a little bit.

“Hmm… then my true nature? I guess”

I understand the compatibility and future somehow, but I didn’t really know what that true nature is, so I decided to ask for it.

“I see……understood. Then, first of all, let’s figure out your compatibility that the lady said……”

The person in the luxurious robe, put both his hands on the crystal ―――― or not, he held his hands over our heads.


“You won’t use the crystal!?”

“I saw it!”

“And isn’t it too fast!”

Aside from me, who suddenly tsukkomi’d, the student in robe opened his mouth with excitement.

“The compatibility between the two of you is great! Rather, I’ve never seen a combination that goes so well together up to this point! Your future will be safe and secure, and a bright future will be waiting for the both of you! I hope you’ll explode for many years, god damn it!”

“That’s too unreasonable!”

I don’t know if we’re being celebrated or cursed!

However, when he said that the compatibility between me and Saria was good…… I was normally happy. No, I’m super happy.

When I unconsciously look at Saria, Saria also turns her eyes at me, and laughed a little shyly.

“Ehehe…… We’ll be together forever!”

“…… That’s right.”

No matter what happens, I want to be with Saria.

Just to ponder about it again, I thought it was nice that we’ve come here.

“Nnn! Ahem ahem! I wonder if you can stop revealing your flirty mood here!?”

“Ah, so, sorry……”

I didn’t mean to flirt, but…… Yes, I’ll reflect.

“Well, that’s fine…… Now, let’s take a look at the true nature of that man.”

“Ple, please do.”

The student in robe didn’t hold his hand over my head this time, he only stared at me in the face. No, why won’t you use the crystal? Is it too big?

“I saw it!”

“I guess he’s not going to use it after all……”

“That’s waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh!?”


The person in robe who was looking at my face, moved back with great force after having a blank expression on his face.

“Wha, what the, hell are you!? This …… Anyway, I don’t know what to say, but it’s absurd! Packed with all the possibilities of a 【Human】 and moreover, deviated from the principles of this world…… No, that’s not the case. A single entity that’s separated as an 【Individual】 of the same rank or more as a number of worlds and dimensions!? Ah, shit! I can’t explain it with my vocabulary! Who can even explain this!? What are you looking for in a school festival event!”

“I, I’m sorry!?”

I don’t know, but I’ve been scolded. No, I don’t really know.

What’s more, even though this is just a school festival event, isn’t it a surprisingly solid fortune-telling?

“A, anyway! It’s impossible for me to tell your fortune here anymore. Or rather, no one can tell you! That’s what God…… Nnnn! E,even God doesn’t know!? Then, what the fuck is this guuuuuuuuuuuuuuy!?”


In front of the student wearing a hood that held his head, Saria and I look at each other.

It doesn’t seem to be a good idea to be here any longer, so I paid the money and the two of us left.

(TN: That was surprising)