“Welcome, welcome! How about some 【Lequia Bird skewers 】!”

“Let’s tell your future…… Mumu!? Sha, shadow of death……!?”

“Even if it’s a hit or a miss, we’ll have no complaints! How about it? Would you like to draw the lottery just once?”

――――Currently, at Barbador Magic Academy, the school festival was being held.

Moreover, this time, it was different from the usual school festival.

During the in-school rivalry, they were attacked by 【Demon God’s cult】, and Barnabas organized this in order to cheer up the students who were deeply wounded in their hearts.

However, Barnabas, who couldn’t prevent the attack, has been questioned by various countries, and a considerable number of students were forced to return home.

Although there are still many students in the school, some of the students’ parents became distrustful of the school, and there was also a household that came to this school festival and tried to ascertain the actual situation.

Still, the students worked together and decided on what to do and was enjoying the school festival to their heart’s content.

In such a situation, there was one class that was crowded.

“Hey hey, did you go there!? To the F class’ shop!”

“I went! Isn’t it super dangerous!?”

“That class, is too high level!”

“Fuck! It’s the face after all…… Is it the face!?”

The class located at the end of the school building…… was the 2nd year F class.


『Kyaaaaaa! 』

Agnos, Blued, Leon, and Bead, the moment when the four of them graciously greeted the female students, a high-pitched cheer rose.

At this time, the F class’ shop, where the male staffs are serving the customers, was a 【Cosplay Café】.

Moreover, since they’ve heard the contents of each cosplay outfit from Seiichi in advance, those who can act were supposed to serve the customers while playing their character.

Blushing her cheeks, to the schoolgirl who sits in an absent-minded manner, Agnos passed the menu list a little wildly.

“Ora, this is the menu. There’s a line of shit people, so please make a quick decision if you can!”

“You foolish bastard. The other party is a customer. Do something with your language”


“Let’s leave this idiot. Rather, you should choose an item from the menu.”

“You can’t speak like that to people either!”

The wild Agnos matches the butler clothes that he’s wearing roughly, and even that harsh attitude was very appealing to the female students.

On the contrary, Blued was tightly dressed in butler clothes, and even though a commoner’s blood is flowing on him, he’s from a royal family, and his high-pressure attitude is received favorably from their looks, and the girls stare at him with fascination.

“U, uhmm! This is, the menu! Etto …… that’s …… Whi, which one would you like to have!?”

“Uh huh …… Well then…… It’s Leon!”

“Eh? Eeeeeeeeeehh!? M,m,m,m,me is it!? Tha, that’s no good! Ah, I, I’m sorry!? I’m sorry for talking back! Please forgive me!”

Leon, who was frightened, continued to serve customers in his own way, but the girls, who were looking at the scene with a somewhat dangerous gaze, stared at him with a snort.

What’s more, some of them said things that intentionally bothered Leon as he does now, and when they actually see the person in trouble, they’re breaths became rough, and they came out to be helpless perverts.


“Don’t bully Leon too much.”

“Be, Bead-kun!”

“Are you all right?”

Who appeared in the way to cover Leon, was the bare-faced Bead.

With his large body that has been trained and a sharp gaze, he should be intimidating for some people, but it’s beautifully neutralized by the soft atmosphere worn by Bead’s own body, and the mature Bead was popular with the female students.

There are also some female students who were staring at Agnos and Blued’s interaction, and Leon and Bead’s conversation with nosebleeds.

Although a chaotic space is spreading in the middle of it, Agnos and the others still got the support from many female students, and it contributed steadily to the F-class’ sales.

As it comes to another shift, now it’s Helen and the other girls’ turn to serve.

Then, the customer base changed all at once, and the F class’ classroom which was filled with female students until a while ago, was crowded with many male students this time.

“We, welcome …… come …… go …… Goshoujin …… sama ……” (TN: Welp, I’m going to have a heart attack here >_<)

While floating blood vessels on her forehead, Helen serves the customers while squeezing her cheeks.

Wearing maid clothes, she managed to smile at the male students who were coming one after another.

“Helen-chan, that’s no good, you know~? You have to smile more naturally~.”

“Bu, but!”

“But it is, isn’t it~? Since Helen-chan is a maid now, you have to serve properly~”

“Se, serve!? Ah, right …… Tentatively, this is a café, right!? You know that, right!?”

“I know~.”

“Then why do I have to dress-up like this! At least Rachel should wear the same!”

“I can’t do that ~. I’m, a Sister-san~…… Ah, thank you~. You lost lambs~. What’s wrong~? Want a confession*~?” (TN: It’s something like confessing your sins to the church)

“So you’re still saying that this is a café !?”

Rachel is dressed in a Sister clothes, and even though this is a café, she has embodied her role in her own way, and not only did she give the menu, she also encouraged him to repent. What kind of shop is this.

While the two of them were interacting like a manzai*, at another seat, the boys had heart marks in their eyes, and kept staring at Irene and the others. (TN: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Manzai)

“Be, beautiful……”

“What the heck…… Is this heaven……? When did I die!?”

“It doesn’t matter if they’re dunce or not…… I want to be stepped on by her……” (TN: We have a serious case here!)

Although they were the students of other grades and classes who looked down on the F class, since that time in the in-school competition, their attitude towards the F class has softened comparatively, except for those who had extreme thoughts on them originally.

Not only did they show more power than their S class opponents, but while no one was able to move, the fact that Agnos and the F class was the first ones to jump out to the opponent which is from the 【Demon God’s cult】 is also greatly related to it.

However, some students still harbor a dark feeling about the F class, but that’s only a small percentage of them.

And now the students, who have softened their attitude towards the F class, not only on Irene, they were stretching their noses to F class’ beautiful girls.

Irene, who was given hot gazes, brushed her hair as if to say that it was only natural.

“Fuu…… Well, I’m perfect and beautiful, so it’s a natural result. Ah…… This sinful me. Is this my own doing? I have to a-rrest myself!?”

Because there is no organization called the police in this world, Irene, who was taught with the word and meaning of 『Arrest』 by Seiichi, was playing around with the toy handcuffs that was attached to her policewoman’s cosplay for some reason.

Next to Irene, who was intoxicated with herself, Flora with a bright red face was desperately serving the customers.

“I, Irene!? Ple, please help me with the customer service!?”

“Uuoooooo! Flora-chan, is so cute!”

“Wha, what a suggestive outfit…… Outrageous……so outrageous, but that’s good too!”

Flora, dressed as a bunny girl, blushes at the gaze of unfamiliar boys.

“Why am I dressed like this!? Weren’t there cute girls who looked better!? Like Saria-san and Rurune-san!”

“What are you talking about? Flora is enough, you know? To deny that you’re beautiful, I can’t forgive this.”

“I, Irene……”

Irene stares at Flora with a serious expression.

“……I can’t allow you to stand out more from me. I’ll arrest you.”

“Isn’t that unreasonable!?”

Flora, who was given a strange false accusation, was handcuffed by Irene in her hand.

In this way, even though Helen and others’ time were swirled in confusion and embarrassment, they managed to get through their shift.

“””Oh Ane-samaaaaaaaaaa!”””

“””Anegoooooooooo!””” (TN: Both terms mean “Sister”)

When Helen and the others’ time is over, now it’s Louise and the others’ turn to serve.

“Tha, that’s!”

“What’s wrong?”

“Which one in this is your recommendation, Ane-sama!?”

Louise, who was dressed in butler clothes, has a lot of enthusiastic female customers, and was still held back by one of them.

While the tremendous number of people lined up, Louise herself can’t stay in one place for a long time, but perhaps because of her original personality, she responds gently without being unkind to the female student.

“Then, how about this cake set? It comes with a cake and a cup of tea to go with it.”

“The, then …… I’ll have that!”

“I respectfully obey, Ojou-sama”

Since she was originally working on the royal castle, her movement is sophisticated, and after a beautiful bow, she smiled slightly.

The female students and the other guests who saw that smile, turned red all at once and fell on the spot.

“Oh my? Are you alright?”

――――Furthermore, because she did it so naturally, it was even worse.

“Whi, which one will you choose!? You have to decide quickly…… or I’ll use you as a bait for sharks!”

When Louise was captivating a female student, Beatrice was acting like a pirate while dyeing her cheeks red.

Since the students are doing their best, and because Beatrice originally has a serious character above all, she acts and interprets a female pirate that she’s wearing now in her own way.

But still, she’s embarrassed and her face is red.

“Captain! Ta, take my moneeeeeeeeeeey!”

“What are you saying!? Me, take my gold!”

“Don’t say stupid things! I’ll give you all of my fortune! From today on, I’m pennileeeeeeeeeess!”

In such Beatrice, the male students try to pay more than the amount written on the menu.

If it was the original Beatrice, she would immediately point that out, and only receive the prescribed amount of money, but now that she’s in her role, and because it’s embarrassing that she can’t subtly make a normal decision, she received the large amount of money without any particular hesitation.

“Now…… Wh,who are those that want me to rob their money!?”

“””It’s meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!”””

It’s the end for them.

These male students have no salvation, but no one was unhappy as the people seemed to understand it.

“Uh, uhmm …… This is for that seat…… this is for the seat over there…… Awawa! My head is confused!”

“Calm down. It’s alright, let’s do it together.”

Zora, who was in a cabin attendant’s figure, and Luthia, who was dressed in a kimono, cooperated with each other to place the orders one by one.

“Tha,thank you for waiting!”

“Bon Appetit?”

The two of them carried the food together, and as they deliver it, not only the male students but also the female students look at them warmly.

“Next is over there!”

“Isn’t it dangerous to run?”

“Ah, that’s true! But, it’s fun……”

“…… Yeah. I’ve never experienced anything like this either, so it’s interesting.”

The two people, who were in a special environment each, freshly enjoyed this 【Cosplay Café】.

Incomparable to the other members, Zora and the others continued to serve the customers in a heartwarming way.

When the shift changes again, this time, Saria and the others start serving the customers.



“Daaaaaaaaaaaah!? Saria!? Human!? Become a human!”

Saria, wearing a nurse outfit, tries to start customer service in her gorilla form, but Altria stopped it with all her might. As a result, Saria transformed into a human figure quietly.

However, even so, the customers were able to see the gorilla form of Saria, and everyone desperately rubbed their eyes.

“A, a’re? Did my eyes, go crazy?”

“That’s strange. Mine too.”

“That’s true. I felt like there was a gorigori* macho monster in cute dress a while ago here …… or is it just my imagination!”  (TN: Gorilla)

“I agree! For some reason, that pretty dress looked so good on her…… or is it just on my mind!”

Frighteningly, Saria, who was a gorilla wearing a nurse clothes, was clad only in the atmosphere that she wore. It shouldn’t look stunning on her, but because it looked so good for some reason, the men got even more confused.

But as soon as she changed to a red-haired girl, everyone stopped thinking about it. It might be fine because she’s cute now.

“Yeees! A shortcake, right! Understood!”

Saria, who has returned to being a human, wore an innocent smile, and attracts customers one after another.

Moreover, it’s not only the men who are fascinated, the women were also captured by her cuteness.

“Kuh…… Wh, why the hell am I dressed like this……! A, anyway, Seiichi is looking……”

Even though Altria, who was wearing a miniskirt Santa, dyes her face red, partly because it’s a request from the students in the F class, she continues to serve the customers somehow.

Unlike Helen and Beatrice, who have similar feelings, she can’t act because she doesn’t fully understand the existence of Santa.

“Hmm, is this omelet rice? Leave it to me, I’ll eat it now.”

“…… You idiot. It’s not a dish for Glutton.”

Rurune tries to eat all the dishes that should be served to the customers, but Olga managed to prevent her.

But still, Rurune’s appetite didn’t subside, and even though she’s clothed in a Chinese dress, she doesn’t do anything in particular, and she’s eating other people’s food if there is a chance.

Despite being disappointed, Olga, who has the figure of a shrine maiden, is trying hard to serve the customers, and she warms the hearts of everyone regardless of their gender.

“……Nn. I’m sorry to have kept you waiting.”

“Oh, I’ve been waiting!”

“……Like I said, it’s not for Glutton.”

What’s amazing is that the customers who were letting Rurune eat, was healed by Rurune’s appearance that was eating happily, and rather, it appears that people who seemed to be offering food to Rurune were appearing more and more.

However, since Rurune is only interested in food, she showed no interest in who was treating her.

The F class, which has many notable students like this, was crowded with customers at any time of the day, but there was one person who stood out the most.

“―――― Welcome, Ohime-sama.”

Like the darkness noble, dressed in a more extravagant robe of a nobleman like Zeanos wore, with an irreverent and captivating smile―――― was Seiichi.

From the point of view of those who know the usual Seiichi, it’s a sight that would never be possible.

However, Seiichi is dressed like a prince of great power, and was serving the customers.

This was the costume of Seiichi that Saria and Altria chose.

The costume seems to be seriously made by Saria, and the other costumes were also of high quality, but Seiichi’s costume is even more elaborate. The Gorilla Saria was so serious about Seiichi.

Against such seriousness of Saria, Seiichi unconsciously activated the skill 【Acting】 that he got in his date with Altria before, and was completely in the role to match his costume perfectly.

Different from Blued, the ideal prince that girls from all over the world would have imagined at least once, was perfectly played by Seiichi.

“Well, have you decided on an order?”

“Wa, wa hii!? Thi, thithi, this one!?”

Seiichi, who has a track record of being departed by his status, fully demonstrates his charm.

As a result, Seiichi gently smiled as he tenderly grasped the hand of the girl who repeatedly shook the menu as if it was broken.

“I respectfully obey, Ohime-sama?”


All the women who were on that place sunk. (TN: The ship is sinking! I repeat, the ship is sinking!!)


“Se, Seiichi-kuuuuuuuuuuuuun!”


“Nn? tsu!?”

Continuing to serve customers in an empty mental state, I ―――― Hiiragi Seiichi, turned my face to the voice I heard suddenly.

And then, there are the appearances of Kannazukii-senpai and Airin who are approaching while drooling and dripping nosebleeds…… Scary!? Both of you are cute, so please restrain yourselves!? Isn’t your cat mask* important!? (TN: neko no kawa – This expression is used when someone is putting on an appearance of sweetness or friendliness, while hiding their true personality. You ever watch Kimetsu no Yaiba? That is what Tanjiro wore on his head)

The two people, who are at the level of no longer having self-control, was in line properly whether they were collected or not, and came to the shop.

I knew it before the shop opened, but it seems that the heroes couldn’t decide for their program after all.

However, it seems that it’s possible for them to participate in the school festival as a customer like this instead, and Kannazuki-senpai and the others went out of their way to come here in the time when I was serving. I’m scared of that obsession. I’m grateful, but.

“Seiichi-kun Seiichi-kun Seiichi-kun Seiichi-kun Seiichi-kun Seiichi-kun Seiichi-kun Seiichi-kun Seiichi-kun Seiichi-kun Seiichi-kun Seiichi-kun Seiichi-kun Seiichi-kun Seiichi-kun”

“Sei-chan Sei-chan Sei-chan Sei-chan Sei-chan Sei-chan Sei-chan Sei-chan Sei-chan”

Scary scary scary scary scary scaryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! (TN: Seriously, it’s scary!)

Looking at the two people who were calling my name in line while staring at me with bloodshot eyes, I wanted to run away from this place right now. It’s strange, I shouldn’t have to be afraid because of my status!

However, if they continue to call my name like that in line, it will be annoying to the other customers…… They’re too scary.

Nonetheless, the way I’m dressed right now is the same as that of royals and aristocrats that Saria seems to have made seriously, and I’m serving the customers …… And so far, I had managed to act like that using my skill 【Acting】 one way or another.

If I pay attention to the two of them as they are, the other customers may get disappointed.

That’s why, I’m going to play the role here too and silence those two…….! Or rather, I just want to get in the character and escape from reality! Jeez, these two girls!

Immediately, after activating my 【Acting】 skill, my consciousness instantly switched to the role.

And when I gently put my index finger on the lips of the two people who were still calling my name repeatedly, they opened their eyes to my actions and stiffened.

“Be quiet. This is where we eat, you know? Even so, for bad kids who don’t listen…… Do you want me to punish* you?” (TN: Oshioki- https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/%E3%81%8A%E4%BB%95%E7%BD%AE%E3%81%8D)

“”If you pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase!””


And also! My lines, weren’t dull right!? Hey, is it better for me to die now!? No way, this shop! Who’s the one who suggested this? It’s me!

What’s more, why do you want to be punished!? It didn’t work at all! They became rather noisy!

Not only Kannazuki-senpai and her fellow, but also the other customers demanded Oshioki and the like from my remarks, and I was so embarrassed than ever before in this. There are too many perverts in this world!

After that I, forcibly killed my heart in this strange atmosphere, and finished my shift by making full use of my 【Acting】 skill.