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“Heeey, get the nails over thereー!”

“Please put the signboard on the other side!”

“Did we request for a classroom? Eh? Not yet?”

As the day of the school festival approaches, every class seemed to be busy preparing for their program.

I myself went to request for additional desks and chairs to use in the classroom, participated in the preparation, and was still carrying the desks and materials.

“As Barna-san’s aim, everyone is becoming lively.”

“……Nn. Lively.”

Olga-chan, who is helping me, also smiled a little while carrying the ingredients that will be used for cooking.

“…… Speaking of which, are the heroes going to participate?”

“Ah …… Come to think of it, I haven’t seen them at all since then.”

As Olga-chan stated, it was since Kannazuki-senpai and the others charged into the home economics room.

I haven’t seen any heroes since I reunited with Hino in the hallway.

It would be a lie if I said that I don’t mind it, but Kannazuki-senpai said she’d do something about it, so it’ll be fine. As long as she doesn’t become a pervert, she’s a super reliable person.

As I observed the situation of the other classes, I arrived at the classroom.

“I’m back――――”

“Ah, Seiichi! Look! Look!”


The moment I entered the classroom, there’s a gorilla dressed in a miniskirt-type nurse clothes―――― No, Saria, decided to pose sexily while saying “Uhhuun”.

The sight is too shocking, and I reflexively hardened.

“Mou….. I look quite charmingly cute that you’re overwhelmed. Iyan*.”

“That’s not iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!”

No, I wasn’t staring at you in that sense!? I was just stunned because my brain’s processing couldn’t catch up for a moment!?

In the first place, why did you decide to wear a nurse outfit in your gorilla form!? You aren’t in your human form!?

As I look around the classroom to ask someone for an explanation, for some reason, I can only see the men.

However, there’s a curtain partition that was made in the classroom before I knew it, and the girls might be inside it.

“N, no …… I don’t even know what to say……”

“…… The girls are changing into their costume behind the curtains, but Saria was like that from the moment she came out.”

To my glance that’s seeking for an explanation, Agnos squeezed his cheeks, and Blued turned his eyes away. No, they don’t know why!?

To me who is appalled, Goria grabbed me by the shoulder with amazing strength.



“This me, is fascinating* Seiichi.”

“It seems like you’re physically killing me!?” (悩殺 (nousatsu) – the last kanji 殺 means ‘kill’)

There’s a creaking noise from my shoulder where her hands are on!

Or rather, after all, her thinking circuit when she’s a gorilla is too different from when she’s human, and I’m not used to it! No, I think that Saria also looks good on it, but I’m on my deathbed!

“…… Saria-oneechan, it looks good on you.”

“Thanks, Olga-chan. A, Olga-chan, since your outfit is here, let’s change your clothes.”

Saria, who was praised by Olga-chan, smiles gently, and took Olga-chan to the other side of the curtain.

…… Weird. For a moment, the nurse outfit looked unusually good on her. I’m no good anymore.

“…… Ah, the men changed their clothes, too.”

“Ye, yes! However, it seems that we’ll basically use uniforms of Butler clothes, but……”

As Leon says, Agnos and the others were dressed in the same butler clothes.

However, each of them has their own way of wearing it, Agnos wears his butler’s clothes loosely, on the other hand, Blued is perfectly dressed in it, Bead rolled up his arm with his jacket removed, and Leon was wearing a proper bow tie aside from the others who were wearing a string tie*. (TN: bolo tie – https://dictionary.cambridge.org/us/dictionary/english/string-tie)

Hmm…… Looking at them like this, it seems that the boy’s handsome rate is high, including Agnos. They look great.

I don’t know yet, but with these four people alone, the women in this academy are likely to gather.

When I was involuntarily impressed with the appearance of the four people, suddenly, the curtain which had been partitioned up to now was opened.

“Everyone, has finished changing clothes.”

As the Gorilla Saria said that, the women came out embarrassingly.

“Do, don’t look too much at me…… or I’ll kill you!”

“That’s dangerous oi!?”

Because if you’ll serve customers in that appearance, and say that you’re going to kill every time you see them, all the customers will die.

While receiving my tsukkomi, she dyed her cheeks red, and Helen glared at me while wearing a maid outfit.

“Now now, isn’t it fine~. Helen-chan, is cute you know~?”

“Bu, but ……”

“In any case, you’ll stand in front of the customer in this form, and you should give up~”

“Ugh…… That’s true, but…… Ah, right! Then I’ll cook――――”

“Are you going to kill the customer?”

“That’s what you’ll say!?”

Helen, sorry. I agree with Rachel.

In the first place, customers can’t eat without anything on the plate. At least, I want you to tell us that again after you can prepare 『things』 on the plate. Even if you said that, the answer is no.

Rachel, who is persuading Helen, is dressed in Sister clothes, and it looks quite good on her.

“Fuu…… this is a pretty interesting outfit. It helps me shine.”

“I, I think I’m worse than Helen! What about this!?”

Irene combed her hair as a policewoman, and Flora was looking around in a bunny girl outfit, wondering if there was something to hide herself with.

Irene aside, Flora was…… Yup. If anything, Flora, which has an image of an old man, on the contrary, looks fresh that she appears like a girl. I don’t know what she’s thinking but. Thank you for your hard work.

“Claudia* was often dressed as a man, but I wonder what am I supposed to do……” (TN: Louise’s co-member in her troop)

“This dress…… is very similar to the national garments of the eastern countries.”

“The uniforms were also fresh to me, but…… there are a lot of clothes in the world that I don’t know!”

Louise is dressed in the same butler clothes as the men, and her spine is also pinned, so she’s very cool.

Luthia was wearing a Japanese kimono, and her hairstyle is tied up accordingly, too.

I heard the words “Eastern Country” for the first time in a while, but It’s a country that’s really similar to Japan in the past. I want to go there someday.

And Zora, which had been sealed in the dungeon until now, was frolicking in the appearance of a cabin attendant. ……As I think about what she’s gone through, even this little thing is fresh for Zora, and she must be happy. Well, the costume of another world might be fresh from everyone’s point of view.

More than that, Zora is laughing so happily, so I think it was really good that we took her out of the dungeon. I hope that she’ll keep learning more about fun things.

“Do, do I have to dress up like this too!”

“O, oi! What costume is this!? The length of the skirt is short despite the fact that it’s lumpy……!”

“Hmm……this is much easier to move…… Or rather, easy to kick.”

“…… My clothes are strange, too. What kind of costume is this?”

Beatrice-sensei also decided to change her clothes and participate, and she’s dressed as a female pirate now. Because she usually wears a sharp appearance, a wild look like this…… Yup!

Before I knew it, Al also changed her clothes, and was wearing a mini skirt santa as she desperately pressed her skirt while blushing.

Next to her, with a Chinese dress and a risqué slit, Rurune released a kick defenselessly. Oi, you see …… you’re wearing underwear, right? It’s okay, right!?

Olga-chan is dressed as a pretty shrine maiden, and was looking around at her clothes with great interest.

In this way, everyone changed their clothes, and because all of them are beautiful and pretty girls, the cosplay level was incredible.

“Uoooooooooooo! Awesome! Aniki, I’m super moved!”

“……Well, aren’t they pleasant? …… Nn”

“Everyone, looks good”

“They,they’re gorgeous! Ah, I’m sorry! I can’t believe how beautiful they are……! It’s awe-inspiring, right!? Excuse me! Please forgive me!”

Agnos snorted roughly at the women’s appearance, and as Bead and Leon reacted as usual, it was impressive that Blued unusually diverted his line of sight at them.

No, I’m sure that you’re having trouble looking at them! I’ve also been wondering where to take my eyes since a while ago!

“Hou? Everyone, is pretty right?”

Saria lined up next to everyone once again, and makes a sexy pose. No, only Saria felt beyond out of place in a strange level, right?

…… Ah, I’ve settled down when I look at Saria! For the first time, I was grateful at the Gorilla for her appearance! Thank you, Gorilla! My reason was preserved!

As I stabilize my mind by myself, while looking over everyone’s costume, Louise asked a casual question.

“Come to think of it…… I haven’t heard the details, but is Shishou a hero?”


“That’s what bothers me, too. When you learned the 【Demon King’s Magic】 in the dungeon, you said that you can already use the 【Holy Attribute Magic】, and the heroes came to the tasting party the other day……”

Speaking of which, Helen and others knew, but I didn’t explain it to Louise properly.

We captured the dungeon with great momentum, and just like a storm, Kannazuki-senpai and the others came over, and left as it was……

“Hmm…… I wasn’t summoned as a hero, so I’m not a hero, but I’m a human being in the same world as the heroes. That’s why people from the other world know me.”

“I see…… Are these clothes normal in another world?”

“You ask if it’s normal. Of course it is, some people wear it for work.”

Convinced by my explanation, Louise observed everyone’s clothes again.

I think the policewoman’s clothes are quite faithful to it, but other than that, in Japan …… Or rather, it’s been remodeled to be more like a cosplay.

“Now then, is it just about trying on these clothes today? The menu has been decided, and we won’t know the rest until we wrap up the day, but……”

“What are you saying? We’re not yet done you know?”


Not yet? Did we have anything else to prepare for?

I couldn’t think of any reason why Saria would said that, and when I twisted my neck, I was gripped by my shoulder again.

“Seiichi will, change clothes too”

“………………eh!? I have to do it too!?”

“It’s only natural?! I’m not their homeroom teacher in the first place, and I changed my clothes! You’ll change your clothes too!”

“Now now, Milord! Come this way!”

“…… Exciting”

By Al and the others who were approaching and surrounded me before I know it, I lost my escape. A,am I stupid!?

“Ah, wait a minute! I,I’ll change clothes! I’ll change clothes by myself!? So don’t drag me!? Don’t come with me!?”

“It’s alright. Let us gently dressed you.”

“What do you mean by gently!?”

“It’s fine, it’s fine.”

“No, stoooooooooooooooop!”

With too much desperate resistance, I was taken by Saria and I had to wear various outfits like a dress-up doll.

――――By the way, I learned this later, but it seems that Saria made all of these costumes just by listening to my portrayal of them. That’s too much!

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