(TN: Kanojo – can also mean ‘girlfriend’, but in this case, the right term would be ‘girl’)

“Why did Kannazuki-senpai and Airin become like that……”

I had a shocking reunion with Shota and the others in the home economics room, but after that, Kannazuki-senpai decided to discuss with the other heroes about their event for this school festival again, so they parted from us.

However, I managed to take off Shouta and the others’ bracelets, which was my original purpose, so they’re safe for the time being.

Although there’s a school festival, Agnos and others have not finished their test yet.

That’s why Beatrice-san teaches them while they’re studying, but I was going to get the teaching materials that will be used in the class.

“I haven’t really grasped this school yet, but I’m sure it was this way, wasn’t it?”

It seems that the teaching materials were located in a place where I don’t usually come, and it was at that time when I was moving with a little anxiety.



I heard the voice of a woman arguing suddenly.

“What? the hell……”

I can’t even hear its contents, but I only know that it’s not calm.

…… It’s this way.

For the time being, as I headed to the ones who were making those voices, it continued to a less popular spot, and what I arrived at was an empty space under the stairs that was really unnoticeable.

Well, what are they doing in a place like this……?

When I took a peek on them for a moment, ――――.

“Hey, can you not disturb me? I have something to do with the girl there.”

“What is it for!? For you to use violence on her like that!?”

“Why do you say so? It’s none of your business, right?”

“It doesn’t matter…… I can’t just keep my mouth shut! I know it’s frustrating for everyone, but don’t take it out on the others!”

“Hah? Are you kidding me. What is it really?”

“This girl, don’t get in the way in this just because you look a little nice, eh?”

“……Ah, right right! Why don’t we harm her on this occasion?”

“……That’s nice. Let’s hurt her here, and make her our slave.”

” !?”

In that place, three female students cornered someone close to the wall ――― And there was the figure of Hino Youko.

Behind Hino is another female student with a frightened expression, and apparently, Hino is protecting a female student from those three.

Looking at such a scene, I felt nostalgic.

…… Hino didn’t change. And that’s what makes me very happy.

I was just getting help from her on earth, but if it’s me now……

“Hey, what are you doing?”


When I called out to the three female students, one of them turned around grumpily to me. Gah, is it bad!?

“Who’re you?”

“I’m a teacher at this school――――”

“Ah~ right. You’re curious but will you stay out of this?”

They’re not listening to me!? Girls are scary!

“That’s not the case. After all this, is a questionable scene no matter how you look at it, right?”

“……So? Thereupon, how does it relate to you?”

“Or, don’t you know who we are?”

No, I don’t know. It’s the first time we’ve met, right?

“You’re a teacher at this academy at most, but I don’t want you to interfere with us heroes.”

“Right right. Look, get out of here if you understand.”

The three girls, who quickly lost interest in me, turned their eyes back to Hino and her friend again.

And when I raise my arm without any hesitation ――――.


“Oi oi, Stop with the violence.”

“Wha!? Oi, let go of me! It’s disgusting!”

“That hurts!?”

When I entered the bathroom, I properly washed my hands, and I didn’t touch anything dirty! That’s a harsh accusation.

When I grabbed a female student by her arm and stopped her, they all distanced themselves from me all at once, and glared at me

“Hey, I can sue you for sexual harassment, you know? It’s seriously the worst for you”

“Ah, then I should have taken a photo from the previous time.”

“Well, that’s fine. I’m going to take a photo that will threaten this guy now.”


Eh, are girls this scary? Or is my system just numbed because of Kannazuki-senpai and the others?

……No, I think she’s a different creature in the first place.

“Yes, it’s a punishment for going against us heroes. You don’t have human rights, let alone a veto, anymore.”

“Even if I meet people for the first time, my human rights will be deprived huh……”

I hope I won’t get used to not being able to get my opinion across like this anymore. It’s not good after all.

“First of all, let’s beat this guy first, and after that, we’ll do the same to you.”


The female student who was looking at me turned her eyes to Hino, and when Hino received her gaze, she stretched her body.

“Now then, why don’t you sleep a little……!”

How violent are you.                

The girl student aimed at my face without hesitation.

Seeing that, I……


“Eh? Ah, wh, why!?”

“Uwaa…… I can’t forgive you……”

I avoided it normally.

As a result, her fist hit the face of another female student who was wandering around behind me, and got blown away as it was.

“Isn’t that student, your friend? She seemed to be in pain now, but……”

“You, you bastaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaard!”

“――――What are you doing, youuuuuuuuu!”

Then the girl student that got blown away draw closer the girl who hit her with a dreadful look while shedding nosebleeds.

“Tha, that’s not on purpose――――”

“Hah!? That’s not related! You punched me in my face…… Oraa!”


Then, the female student who was blown away earlier hit back the female student who had punched her this time.

The female student was blown off with the same intensity. It’s hard to understand if I just lump them up as female students.

Alright, the first person to punch was the female student A, then the person that was hit was the female student B, and the female student C is on the sidelines. That’s perfect.

Before I knew it, the female students A and B start fist fighting while ignoring me, Hino and the one with her.

“I, never liked you all this time! Why do I have to be directed by you!”

“Shut up! I hate you too! Ora, die!”

Eeh……  I don’t know what to say…… I can’t even afford to gloss over them anymore……

When I was trying to draw back from the female students A and B’s fistfight in front of me with all my might, female student C tries to stop them while being flustered.

“Ju, just a minute, stop this. We don’t need to hit each other――――.”

“Hah!? What was that you bastard!”


They’re really violent!?

Even the female student C, who should have been on the sidelines, got caught up in their fight as it is, and I, Hino and her friend were confused.


“For now, come over here”

“Eeh!? Ah, y, yes ……”

Hino and the other came over here while seeing off the side of the fistfight and kicks that’s unfolding with an indescribable face.

“Well, it’ll be all right now. Look, you can go now.”

“Tha, thank you very much! Uhmm…… Thank you so much, for your help!”

“Eh? Ah …… tha, that’s right! I just did what I should have done!”

The girl that Hino was protecting bowed her head many times, and immediately left this place.

“So, you won’t go too?”

However, for some reason, Hino remained here.

“Yes…… These girls are in the same class as me…… So, can you stop them somehow?”

She said she was worried about the person who was trying to hit her a while ago…… that’s amazing.

However, for me to stop them from doing this…… No, I can’t. I’m scared

But it’s my fault that this happened, right? If I don’t avoid saying things, I’ll be beaten! It was a completely unfortunate accident that the female student B was there ahead.

When I was thinking about various solutions, I inadvertently said.

“Haa …… I think they would be settled if Kannazuki-senpai were here at such a time……”

“――――Did you call me!?”

“――――Where did you come froooooooooom!?”

“Eh!? Stu, student council president-san!?”

It was Kannazuki-senpai who appeared on the spot. I don’t understand what it means! You weren’t here until a while ago, right!? Where did you really came from!?

Hino is equally surprised by Kannazuki-senpai who suddenly appeared.

However, passing through us who were surprised, Kannazuki-senpai sighed after seeing the terrible situation in front of her.

“Hah…… They are the girls who have recently had problems with their conduct among the Hero groups.”

When she muttered so, Kannazuki-senpai headed down towards the female students without any hesitation.

How the heck, will she solve it? After all, because she’s the student council president, she’ll solve this smartly and coolly.



“With even more violeeeeeeeeeeeeence!?”

There was nothing.

Kannazuki-senpai hits the three female students together, and slammed them against the wall.

However, the shock made the three female students faint, and they fall down to the ground as it is.

As she grabbed their feet randomly, she started dragging them.

“I’ll take care of these girls.”

“Ah, yes”

“Well then.”

I thought that I would be a little more involved, but Kannazuki-senpai drags the female students as it is.

“Fuu …… If I leave here right away, I’ll be seen as a woman who can work, and Seiichi-kun will be excited by my unusual reaction…… Perfect!”

I heard it all.

When I see off Kannazuki-senpai leaving while ruining various things, Hino called out to me.


“Eh? Ah, what’s up?”

“That’s…… Thank you for your help!”

“Eeh? No, I didn’t do anything. …… There was an internal discord among them to begin with, and it was stopped by that woman.”

“Nonetheless, I was so happy that you just call out to us there. That’s why, thank you so much.”

Hino bowed her head politely as she said that.

Actually, I didn’t do anything, but…… But I thought this impression was like Hino.

Then I suddenly realized something.

If I think about it carefully, Hino is wearing a bracelet just like Kannazuki-senpai and the others ……

But now that I’m hiding my face and Hino doesn’t know me….. No, can she remember me in the first place? Even if she remembered, Hino and I were not good friends.

But she had helped me…… I want to remove Hino’s bracelet somehow.

I’ve been saved many times by Hino’s kindness.

This time, it’s my turn to move.

After thinking about it so much, I …… decided to take it off as a coincidence in the end, and put it on her on my own.

Thereupon, I don’t really know anything about it. I pointed to Hino’s bracelet while pretending to be like that.

Here, the 【Acting】, which I got when I went to the theater with Al out of nowhere, is activated. For this negative endowment to work in a place like this……!

“That bracelet……”

“Yes? Ah, this? This seems to be a special bracelet that we heroes got from the people of the Kaizer Empire, you know? It strengthens everything…… it’s amazing right!”

“Hee…… Can I take a look at it? I’m interested in these strange tools.”

“Yes, that’s fine you know? Ah…… It’s just that once I put on this bracelet, it doesn’t seem to come off…… Can I leave it as it is?”

“Yeah, it’s fine.”

Hino showed me her bracelet obediently without any doubt.

No, in this case, this 【Acting】 skill is scary. I induced Hino in a very natural way. I’d be happy if the process of obtaining it is different!

When I touch the bracelet lightly while shedding tears in my heart, I immediately invoked 『President L*ncoln』.

Then the bracelet came off easily, and falls on the spot.

“Eh!? Wh,why did the bracelet……”

“It looks like it was a lie that it won’t come off. But if I do this …… yes, it was as before.”

“Eh? Eh? It wasn’t a lie that it doesn’t come off…… I tried it so many times but it wouldn’t come off, so I thought it was something like that……”

Despite the bewildered Hino, I immediately put the bracelet back in its original form and put it on Hino’s arm. (TN: And now, she’s your slave. Hehehe)

“I’m sorry, it seems to have confused you somehow……”

“N,no. It was unexpected for me, too…… Besides, it seems to have been put back, so maybe its fine”

Hino laughed kindly when she said that.

“……Ah! It’s about time for me to get to class. I’m really thankful to you!”

Hino suddenly noticed the passage of time and after bowing deeply once more, she left with a small run.

“Phew …… that is really, a protective person who I need to defend from the slavery of the Kaizer Empire…… right?”

When I realized that one more of my concern disappeared, I remembered my original purpose, and I also hurried to pick up the teaching materials.

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