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“That’s all there is to it.”

“It’s really been taken off……”

After somehow getting out of chaos, we moved on to a serious story, and I explained about Shota and the others’ bracelets.

The effect of the bracelet was camouflaged because of my story that caused chaos, and Shouta and the others believed that the bracelets can be removed by me, and I just finished removing all the bracelets of everyone in front of me.

“Even so…… 『Bracelet of slavery』 huh …… I thought that we couldn’t take it off after we wear it, but it was such a dangerous thing……”

“As I thought, we can’t trust the Kaizer Empire……”

Shouta muttered so while rubbing his arm, and Eri-san said so with a cloudy expression.

The most shocked about these words was ―――― Blued.

“No way, my father……”

“Ah…… Blued-kun has nothing to do with this, right? That’s why Blued-kun doesn’t have to worry about it that much……”

“…… No, even if it was my father’s deed, I’m still a member of the royal family of the Kaizer Empire. I’m so sorry……”

Blued said so and bowed his head to Shouta and the others.

Of course, I was in the scene, and when Kannazuki-senpai and the others can’t say anything, Agnos, with a stunned face, slapped Blued on his head.

“Are you stupid?”

“No ……!? Why did you hit me! You’re the stupid!”

“The idiot would be you, bastard! Why are you apologizing for what your parents did?”

“It’s my father……”

“That idea is strange. It doesn’t even matter if you’re a royalty or not. You’re you, and your father is your father, right? I can understand that.”

Agnos’ words are objective words that he can only said because he’s a third party, and those words felt very heavy.

“You shouldn’t act like the two of you are the same. You didn’t do anything wrong to the Heroes, did you? If you apologize for that, your father’s sin will become yours. Is there such a stupid story. If you think that you and your father are guilty for the heroes, then if you ask me, don’t you think that the heroes were at fault enough?”

“……That’s right. The cause of what happened to us was the Kaizer Empire and your father, if we involve you who have nothing to do with it, we will be no different from the Kaizer Empire.”

Kannazuki-senpai also spilled a small smile on Agnos’ words, and said so.

Blued was taken aback by those words, but before long, he smiled with confidence as usual.

“Hah …… I didn’t think that I’ll be preached by such an idiot…….”

“Why are you making me look stupid even though I just said some good things!? Ah!?”

“Don’t get me wrong, that’s a compliment.”

“Wha, what the heck. Well then ―――― No, you’re not praising me!?”

Really good friends, you guys.

When the dark atmosphere has changed, Shouta groaned.

“At any rate …… Seiichi had liberated us, right? What are we going to do now?”

“Ah… that’s certainly true. Without this bracelet, they would be suspicious when we return to the Kaizer Empire……”

“……No, why did Kannazuki-senpai still wore her bracelet? It’s been taken off, right?”

When Kenji uttered that question naturally, for some reason, Kannazuki-senpai became proud, and she turned her challenging glance to Airin.

“Do you want to know? Mufufu…… I can’t help it! So, let me tell you! First of all, I am the first person who Seiichi-kun broke the bracelet of slavery!”

“Wha!? What was that su!?”

“That’s not all. After breaking it, I put it back on using Seiichi-kun’s hand, so I became Seiichi-kun’s thing both in name and in reality!”

“You’re talking about this matter like it’s not your doing……!”

That’s certainly so! That’s the way of saying it!? Moreover, why do you seem so happy!?

“Well, that’s cheating su! I also! Want Sei-chan to break it and put it back on to me again!  And I’ll become Sei-chan’s property su!”

“What cheating!? Furthermore, what kind of things are you talking about!”

I really didn’t want to know about this aspect of Kannazuki-senpai and Airin! I wish you were still the person that I admired!

When I was holding my head, Shouta muttered with a serious face.

“…… That’s right. If we ask Seiichi to re-attach it, the command right will be transferred to Seiichi……”

“What are you talking about!?”

Shouta!? Shouta also became an idiot!?

When I turned to Shouta with a terrible face, Shouta hastily corrected.

“Nn? Ah, it’s different!? I don’t feel the same with Kannazuki-senpai! Even if it was simply not Seiichi, I thought that it would be enough if a trustworthy person could attach it to us……”

“Fumu…… Then I’ll take Shouta and the other’s part.”


Then, Kannazuki-senpai changes into a serious face, which is different from before. I wish she could stay like this for a long time.

“If it’s ok for me to put it on, then I’ll do it. If you feel uneasy with me, then for example, Shouta and Miu can put it onto each other, and it would be better for you two to govern each other. How’s that?”

Really, why did you become a pervert?

I seriously thought so in front of Kannazuki-senpai, who showed us a plan immediately.

Then Shota and the others talked lightly, and give an answer.

“We agree…… It’s okay that Kannazuki-senpai will put it on to us separately, so may we ask you that?”

“Ah, I’ll take responsibility. What about you guys?”

“I’m going to have Sei-chan put it on to me su!”


“Hence, why!?”

“Ah …… aside from Airi, it’s okay for us to put it on to each other.”

“Well, we’ve been together for a long time”

“It just feels right”

“I see…… That’s why Seito-kun should also quietly wear her bracelet with them. Seiichi-kun, I’m good enough to be your slave alone.”

Please, Kannazuki-senpai. Is it really a serious matter for you to even have an unexpected cat fight?

Please keep restrained until the end.

“I absolutely hate it! I mean…… No!”

“Eh? Ah!”


Airin took my hand from where I was and made me put the bracelet on Airin’s arm.

Kannazuki-senpai, who was watching the scene, screams.

“Ehehehe…… I’m now Sei-chan’s property!” (TN: BOOM! Another bomb!)

“Seito-kuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun! If you weren’t here, then I was supposed to be Seiichi-kun’s only slaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaave!?”

“Scary scary scary scary scary!”

I was seriously taken aback in front of Kannazuki-senpai who seems to regret it while shedding tears of blood. No, not just me, we all pulled back. Good, it’s not just me.

In the atmosphere that’s really messed up, Rika-san asked a question.

“By the way…… Why did Seiichi-kun’s class come in this home economics room? Home economics class?”

“Eh? Ah, no, it’s not. You see, there’s going to be a school festival next time, right? Because of that, our class will have a cosplay cafe, so we were cooking here to figure out what will be on the menu and to find out who could cook to an extent.”

『Cosplay Cafe!? 』

Shouta and others opened their eyes to my words.

“Oi oi…… Although everyone couldn’t sort out their feelings since the recent attack, Seiichi’s class is already thinking about the school festival huh……”

“Ah, wait a minute, onii-chan! He defeated the attacker at that time……”

“Eh? ……… You aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!?”

Because I’ve been wearing a hood until now, it seems that Shouta and the others, who didn’t know that it was me, didn’t realize that the one who defeated the raider from the 【 Demon God’s Cult 】was me. It didn’t felt like I defeated him……


“Seiichi, seems to have become much stronger before I noticed.”

“Isn’t that right? Kenji also kept boxing seriously, and in that sense……”

“No no, I was so scared that I couldn’t move that time, you know? ……I’m really pathetic. I was actually thinking of becoming stronger for Seiichi even if just a little bit, but I can’t believe that Seiichi is stronger now ……”

“Yeah yeah. Seiichi-oniichan, as usual, you went too far above my expectations.”

“E, eh?”

“…… You, were insane even in another world?”

“That’s not what it is!?”

I say that to Helen, but she doesn’t believe me at all.

When I think that we have considerably deviated from the story of the cosplay café, suddenly, Kannazuki-senpai looked at me with her eyes shining.

“I-is Seiichi-kun going to cosplay too!?”

“We, well…… that’s right.”

“Will you wear a bikini!?”


Oi, what’s a bikini!? Why is that the first choice that comes to your mind!?

When I was having trouble with Kannazuki-senpai, who came close to me, Airin pushed her away from the side.

“You’re in the way su!”



“Sei-chan! Is there also Sei-chan’s handmade dish in the café!? “

“We,well? I finished making it a little while ago, and Kannazuki-senpai came to ask for it at the time when everyone was going to judge it……”

“Is it all gone now su!?”

“Hahahahaha! I’m sorry, Seito-kun! Seiichi-kun’s handmade dish was eaten by me!”

Kannazuki-senpai, who should have been pushed away, suddenly stood up, and said that with a proud look as if she just won.

“Why!? What does it mean, Sei-chan!? Why didn’t you prepare one for me!?”

“That’s really unreasonable!”

Kannazuki-senpai is proud of it for some reason, but that was originally made for Rurune, right? Rurune, whose refill is gone, has been depressed for a while now, right?

I tear off Airin, who keeps complaining unreasonably, and ask Shouta on what he was thinking about.

“He, hey. You were surprised that we were already preparing for the school festival, but are Shouta and the other heroes doing nothing?”

“Ah…… that’s……”

“…… Everyone got their spirit completely broken by the attack the other day.”

“Yes? Their spirit got broken?”

I involuntarily ask again.

“When we were first summoned to the Kaizer Empire, we were somehow so happy that the other guys could be Heroes like the ones in the story. Moreover, according to the story, we seem to be stronger than the people of this world……”


Are heroes stronger than the humans of this world?

I involuntarily faced the F-class, and I looked at Louise and the others……


“I’ve already guessed everything in that reaction……”

No, that’s because…… Right?

I don’t know the heroes’ current stats and levels, but no matter how I scratch my feet, I can’t think of a future where they can beat the guys at the Guild Headquarters and, Louise and the others, right? Of course, even if I was normally summoned as a hero. A’re? Can I even win if I leveled up?

I won’t say it because it’s going to get complicated, but there’s also Luthia, the daughter of the Demon King, right?

“Anyway, we were told that we were strong, and the soldier-san there trained us. However, most of the training contents were simple swings and simulated battles, and we couldn’t raise our levels with the actual battles…… Moreover, as a result of the guys who lost their patience and appealed directly to the country, we got sent to this academy.”


Eh, what’s that, I’m jealous.

Now that I have met Saria, Al and the others, I don’t have any regrets, but if not, I wanted to do such a safe training.

Even if it was my desire, I didn’t want to exchange my life in that empty forest! I don’t know how many times I almost died!

I think that was more important than I expected, but I like to have that even if I do those actual battles. Because it was scary. And it hurts.

It’s quite hard to throw away such a safe training situation……Do they have the courage to do that? I don’t know.

“In fact, when we came into this school, there were only a handful of guys who are stronger than us. It also led the other heroes to become impudent……  but that confidence, was destroyed. Now, most of them say that they want to go home, but …… their bracelets are also there, and typically, they’re in despair.”


On the contrary, I was the only person on earth who was stronger than himself here. (TN: It means that his heart and mind are stronger on earth than in this another world)

Even though the heroes haven’t been robbed of anything, their hearts broke, or …… it’s difficult to say.

“Then, they want to go home, and you mean that, not everyone is going to participate in the school festival?”

“It’s just like that.”

“Uhmm…… I heard that the other classes of the Heroes had begun to decide on what to do……”

“Eh, is that so?”

“Yes, after all, it is a school festival…… I think that all of us want to have fun.”

If Beatrice-san’s information is true, then unlike the heroes, the students in the other classes are probably already starting to look forward to it.

……Although there may be differences in culture or public order, but I think it’s unlikely that we earthlings are stronger in this world where there are so many strong people.

“Is it even possible to not participate? As Beatrice-san says, this is the long awaited, famous school festival, right?”

“That’s right! At that time, it was scary, but you must do your best in order to enjoy!”

When I look at Saria for consent, Saria nodded with a smile. Right right. It’s not that we’re dead, and if the opponent is stronger than us, then we can’t do anything about it anymore, right?

……Ah, I did die once.

Shouta and the others, who saw my reaction, opened their eyes for a moment, and they immediately smiled bitterly.

“That’s the way it is.”

“That sort of thing……? Well, no. But, if you don’t do something, only the Heroes will be left out.”

“……Yeah. It may be difficult, but we’re going to talk about it again with everyone.”

“I think that’s good.”

I nodded at the words of Kannazuki-senpai. Well, if it is Kannazuki-senpai in her serious mode, then she can manage it.

“Sei-chan! Come on, cook once more for me su!”

“Milord! For me too! Please do it for my sake too!”

………… Airin, you were still saying that.