“Waitwaitwaitwaitwait ……!”

In the situation where my mind wasn’t ready for, in front of Shouta and the others who were suddenly brought in, I hurriedly pulled Kannazuki-senpai to the corner of the classroom.

“What are you thinking!?”

“Seiichi-kun…… You’re bold, you…… I want to hear those words from your mouth……”

“What are you really thinking!?”

“…… Can’t help it, I’ll tell you. Since Seiichi-kun pulled me into a situation where we’re alone in front of everyone, why don’t we just do 【beep】 or 【beep】? That’s what I’m thinking about……” (TN: That was actually censored)

“I’m not listening to thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat!”

Moreover, its content was more terrible than I expected! No way, this person.

“There’s this thing called timing, right!? Look, the faces of Shota and the others and my class! They’re so confused!? You know!? At least, not now!”

“Hahahahaha. I’m glad to see Seiichi-kun.”

“I don’t know what that means anymore! But, thank you for the time being!?”

Although my tsukkomi can’t catch up with Kannazuki-senpai’s mess, I’m not gonna feel bad if she says that she’s genuinely happy to see me, so I said a word of thanks involuntarily.

Then Shouta, who looked at our figures with suspicious eyes, calls out.

“Kannazuki-senpai …… What’s really going on? This guy was definitely the one who was on the F class’ bench at the time of the in-school tournament but…… Do you know him?”

“What are you talking about? He’s Seiichi-kun.”


『Eh!? 』

“Oh…… Seriously, this person……”

Kannazuki-senpai drops bombs one after another without worrying about my heart’s preparation. No, I know I have to meet them early, and remove those bracelets……but I’ve avoided them until now…… Right?

“No no no, Kannazuki-senpai? I know that you miss Seiichi for sure, but as one would expect, mistaking another stranger as Seiichi is…… ”.

“What!? Even if you look at this, are you still saying that he’s not Seiichi-kun?!”

As Kannazuki-senpai said that, she flips my hood, and my bare face got exposed.

For that reason, I prepared my heart……

“No, isn’t he another person!?”

“That’s right”

I knew it…… I knew that they wouldn’t even notice that I was Seiichi because I ate the 『Fruit of Evolution』 and my appearance had completely changed.

It’s just like that, but Kannazuki-senpai, who noticed who I was after my appearance had changed, is weird ……! Airin too!

“―――― Did you call out to me!?”

“I didn’t call out to youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!”

What’s going on now?! I thought that the S-class adventurers were the true perverts, but I didn’t even think that there’s a pervert on earth which is as good as them!?

I was tsukkomi’ing while screaming, but Airin certainly came to this home economics room. What is it really? Do they have special skills that even my body can’t acquire?

Airin’s friends also entered inside this home economics room while following Airin.

“Airi! To think that you suddenly started running……”

“Haa……haa…… seriously, the worst…… Why did you run like that?”

“Airi, please explain at least.”

“I felt like I had to see Sei-chan!”

“That’s not an explanation.”

It looks like they got dragged by Airin like Shouta and the others.

Anyway, among the members of the F class who were being completely excluded; Beatrice-san says so while returning to her senses.

“Uhmm uh …… Can I help you guys……?”

“Eh? A, ah …… I’m sorry for the noise. The woman there…… Well, we are like leaders from the hero’s group, but this person suddenly yelled, 『Seiichi-kun’s handmade dish!? 』and we charged in here with a little inexpressible movement.”

“Ah, it was certainly true that Seiichi-sensei just cooked a dish. Nevertheless, how did you know that?”

When they heard Beatrice-san’s words, not only Shouta, but also Kenji and the others stiffened again.

“E, etto ……? Just now, did you really said Seiichi……?”

“That’s what I just said, right? What? You’re the same as that woman, you also know Seiichi-sensei? I don’t understand why you don’t know his face.”


Shota and the others silently stared at my face.

“Se, Seiichi……”


Silent again.

And ――――


The best scream today echoed in the home economics room.


“I don’t really understand what you mean! What and how did you become the F-class teacher at this school!?”

I managed to calm down Shouta and the others, and we talked about things that happened until the present day, starting at the 【.Forest of Endless Love and Sorrow】.

Because almost all of the contents of the talk were heard for the first time by Beatrice-san and the others, everyone listened to me seriously, but the result was Shouta’s words earlier.

“Sorry, Seiichi-oniichan. I can’t believe it either……”

“Miu ……”

Shota’s younger sister, Miu, also said that with a straight face.

“I can’t believe that his squishy stomach, which was the most comfortable thing, was gone……!”


I felt like I heard some unexpected words from Miu, but…… it’s probably just my imagination.

“But still, you really changed, Seiichi-kun. I didn’t notice that it was you at all.”

“Yup yup. I don’t think anyone will make a fool of you anymore~?”

“That’s right. Rather, they can make a fool of themselves……”

Shouta’s girlfriend Eri-san and Kenji’s girlfriend Rika-san, and Kenji said so spontaneously.

Seeing the state of Kenji and the others, Helen asks while being amazed.

“Seiichi-sensei …… What did you do?”

“Eh? Di, diet ……?”

『That is not it! 』

It was denied by Shouta and the others. I don’t understand.

Then, Saria, who was silently watching the exchange, makes her eyes shine.

“Seiichi’s childhood friends…… I want to know what he was like in the past.”

“Um……you are…….?”

By the way, I certainly have said that I lived a survival life in the 【.Forest of Endless Love and Sorrow】, but I didn’t explain about Saria to them properly. It will become longer if I talk about her.

To Shouta who has a strange expression, Saria answered with a big smile.

“I’m Saria! And I’m Seiichi’s bride!”

Another bomb was dropped. (TN: BOOOOM!?)

The group of Kannazuki-senpai and Airin who knew the situation hasn’t shown any particular reaction, but it seems that the shocks of Shota and the others who meet her for the first time today are quite a thing.

“Eh, no, wait a minute. Bride……Bride-san!?”

“What does it mean!? Seiichi-oniichan! Rather than being your girlfriend, she’s your wife!?”

“Oi oi…… You’re just doing things in a place where we don’t know……”

“Ah……that…… I don’t know how to explain, this ……”

What should I talk about first? That Saria is a gorilla?

“Wait, Seiichi. You…… certainly talked about what you’ve been through roughly, but you didn’t talk about all the important parts!?”

“Oi oi …… I can’t really do that, right?”

“It’s just been announced big time right now!”

It was.

“You …… I was really worried when you weren’t in the hero’s group at the beginning. But until now, I’ve always believed that you’ve been living in this different world because you’ve been through a lot and you’re amusing and funny. I believed in you but…… as expected, it’s too much!”

“Now now, calm down”

It’s my fault.

When I managed to calmed down Shouta and the others, Rurune suddenly appeared next to me and I became nervous.

“Umu. I didn’t come out in the story of Milord earlier, but I’m Rurune, a servant of Saria-sama and Milord, Seiichi-sama.”

In addition of that bomb, everything was blown away.

In the end, Rurune’s remarks were the key, and my actions after coming to this different world, that was dig from its roots and up to the leaves, are exposed, it led to the story of Olga-chan, Louise, and Luthia, and further chaos envelops the home economics room …… but that’s another story. It’s nice to have a home economics room.