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“Now that we have decided the cooks to some extent, with this――――”

“Wait a minute.”


After eating the dishes that everyone cooked, when we decided the cooks and the menu lightly, suddenly, Helen stopped us.

Helen points at me and says in a dignified manner.

“Seiichi-sensei…… You have to cook, too.”

“Eh? …… EEeeeee!?”

I’m surprised at her sudden remark. No, I can cook.

“But it’s right, isn’t it? Aside from the young Olga-chan and Zora who doesn’t know how to cook, and Beatrice-sensei, Louise-san, and Luthia-san are good because they will not cook, but what about Seiichi-sensei?”

“Well, uh…… I’ve never cooked, either, so, I don’t need to cook……”

“I said that I can’t cook either, right?”

“Ah, yes”

I no longer had the option to refuse. Damn it.

“Even though…… the cooking group has come out to some extent.”

I’m a complete beginner at cooking, and I don’t know anything about elaborate dishes…… No, on the contrary, I don’t even know a recipe.

“Ah, I can still go with hamburgers.”

I only somehow remember the recipe of the hamburger that I made in the class last time, so maybe I can make it.

That’s what I thought, so I prepared the ingredients for the time being, and when I was about to start ――――

『You have learned the skill 【Cooking】』

I haven’t even cooked yet!?

Even though I was surprised at my body which was worse than I expected, I regained my mind and started cooking.

“Etto …… After kneading the ground meat, I’m sure I need to do something like making the air vent.”

I lightly threw a piece of flattened meat in one hand.




There was nothing left in my hand.

Why was thaaaaaaaaaaaaaat!

I just learned the 『Cooking』 skill not long ago!? Right!?

What is this disastrous ending!? There’s no trace left of it more than what Helen did! There’s not a single feel of that flesh on my hands! On the contrary, isn’t that amazing!? I have to do it again!

As everyone goes silent, an announcement flowed in my brain again.

『……【Cooking】 skill have evolved, and has change to 【Cooking Iron Man*】』(TN: ryouri no tetsujin = can also mean ‘cooking strong man’)

I was even concerned by the announcemeeeeeeeeeeeent!

I never thought that it would be so bad, but I resumed cooking as if nothing had happened.

And then, the situation in which it disappeared didn’t occur this time, and I was able to finish the air removal cleanly.

“Yes, it worked!”

“Have you done what you couldn’t do before?”

“That’s right”

I had no choice but to answer back to Helen’s sharp tsukkomi.

But after that, there was no particular trouble, my further evolved skill……with the 【Cooking Iron Man】’s effect, now that I know how to cook, it proceeded more smoothly.

“It’s done.”


I somehow made the sauce, and when it was nicely served on the plate, I carried the hamburger under everyone.

I’ve made it for everyone, and if anything, a refill for Rurune was prepared.

“I, I’m not going to eat it. If you could make it this far, then it’s going be disastrous……”

“Don’t ask me more because my heart is dying. “

That was an unfortunate accident!

At any rate, if you eat a single bite, that failure would be get rid of.

After tasting it, I think it tasted so delicious.

“Well then, let’s eat Seiichi-san’s food right away.”

When Beatrice-san says so and tries to eat my hamburger ――――

“Seiichi-kun’s homemade foooooooooooooood!”

“Eh? Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!?”

Suddenly, the door of the home economics room was opened, and a woman with long black hair entered the room while crawling on the ground.

“The first one to eat it is meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!”

“What theeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!?”

A super-horror woman who seems to be a mixed of Sadako* and Teketeke* jumps at the hamburger that is left for Rurune, and devoured it as it was. (TN: Teketeke = https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Teke_Teke, Sadako = https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sadako)

“Ah… It’s the best…… I can die now.”

“AAAAAah! my hamburgeeeeeeer!”

Certainly, that was intended to be Rurune’s hamburger.

Listening to Rurune’s scream, I turned my eyes to the sudden intruder, and I realized that it was a person who I knew very well.

“Eh……  Kannazuki-senpai!?”

“That’s right! It’s your blooming sacred lotus, Karen!”

“I don’t want to believe it!”

Who would recognize that it’s Senpai, who’s a very respectable person, that entered the room while crawling in such a ghastly pale figure with black light all over her and looks like a youkai? At least, I don’t think anyone, in the high school I went to, would believe that it’s her.

No, other than that……

“Wh,why are you here?”

“Nn? Ah, that is―――― “

It was at that moment when Kannazuki-senpai began to say so.

“I’ve never seen such a disgusting move of Kannazuki senpai……”

“She can’t show it to the other guys, right? That is……”

“No, just like to the other guys, she can’t show it more to Seiichi, right?”

“Ah …… definitely……”

New people came to the home economics room.

Saria and the others are all surprised by these people, but I was even more shocked.

“Eh…… why are Shouta and the others……?”

“I brought them.”


My tsukkomi echoed through the home economics room.