“Well then, let’s make a menu to serve at the cafe.”


We have to decide on the dishes for the school festival*, and at Beatrice-san’s suggestion, we settled to do a cooking prototype. (TN: Gakusai)

So we came to the home economics room to cook……

“I entered the home economics room of this school for the first time, but it’s no different from Earth.”

Surprisingly, such as the sink or the stove, which I don’t know what the principle behind it is, but I felt that it wasn’t much different from a kitchen on earth.

Maybe it’s like the camera on the Royal Capital Cup some time ago, and it works with mysterious magic power. Magic is really amazing.

“Uwaa! Seiichi, the kitchen here is wide! It seems that I can cook something better here than in the forest!“

“I,in the forest!?”

Agnos opened his eyes wide to Saria’s casual words.

If I think about it carefully, in that forest that doesn’t even have such a fine kitchen, with Saria’s high specs, she can produce high quality food in there.

“Yes, that’s why please don’t talk so much. So, I would like you all to make something to prove your cooking skill at once…… Well, there are a lot of ingredients in this home economics room, so everyone, let’s make a menu for the cafe that all of you imagined.”

“Be, Beatrice-sensei …… That’s…… I, I can’t cook, so I shouldn’t have to, right……?”

Helen looked unusually upset; and Beatrice-san said to her with a very nice smile.


“……Helen, gave up”

“Is that so? Well, nobody cares about a dish that’s just fucking bad ――――”

“Shut up!”

“Guboa!? Wh, why …… I’m, just comforting you……”

When Helen’s sharp fist pierces Agnos’ belly, Agnos fell as it was.

Agnos, that’s not called comforting……

He was in agony by the time they started, but Helen also started cooking reluctantly.

And even though it’s only been a few minutes since the start, a clear difference began to appear.

“I’ll cook the perfect dish because I’m the perfect one.”

Irene, while saying this, apparently uses unusual cooking utensils and seasonings, to make a dish that usually appears in every palace.

“It’s a cafe~, so a cake is good~”

Rachel was smiling and having fun while making a cake.

“It looks good! …… I, I can eat a little bit, right……?”

Flora starts to eat the pancakes that she made herself. Yup, Flora can cook, but she can’t stand in the kitchen.

“Even as it is…… Mogumogu…… It’s delicious…… Cooking is…… Mogumogu…… not necessary …… Mogumogu…… isn’t that right?”

Rurune, out of the question.

As each of them proceeds with their own unique cooking, Saria was ――――

“Seiichi, my basket full of love is here, will you eat it?”

For some reason, she became a gorilla in an apron.

“Why?! Why aren’t you cooking in your human form!?”

“Eh? I can’t do a fine work if I don’t change my appearance, you know?”

“With that big fingers!?”

That’s weird! Obviously, gorillas have thicker fingers! Why are you more dexterous in that form than when you are in human form!?

“Mou, I’m wearing a naked apron, so aren’t I cute…… I’m shy.”

“Why are you getting embarrassed now!?”

Even her bare shirt gorilla figure had a strong impact, but a gorilla in uniform apron is also dreadful!

Nonetheless, the cakes and snacks made by Saria were all delicious. As expected.

Looking at everyone who was cooking food, the time passed in no time, and we finally decided to taste it.

This time, there’s me and Beatrice-san, Olga-chan, Zora, Luthia and Louise, so there are six of us.

I’m told that Luthia and Louise are going to join us, but well, I excluded them this time because it’s better to have the students cook the food.

“Let’s start with the men’s dishes.”

According to Beatrice-san, we decided to eat from the dishes of Agnos and the other boys.

First of all, Agnos’ food.

“It’s a very wild dish……”

The dish that Agnos served was a slight fashionable grilled meat on bones, but I didn’t know whether I can say that it was a dish

However its taste is normally delicious, but it would be different if we said that it’s going to be served in a café.

The next thing that appeared was Blued’s dish, just like a British afternoon tea, it was a very stylish dish.

“Fuun, it’s just like in a café.”

“This is…… amazing.”

“It’s on a level that’s likely to be found on popular stores in the Royal Capital.”

“A level that can pass even if you feed it to the aristocracy of my country”

“Fuwaa! This is such a delicious food!”

“……Nn. Delicious”

Not only Beatrice-san, but Louise and the others also praised Blued’s cuisine.

Yeah, Blued will definitely go to the kitchen. Nevertheless, Blued is so cool, so if possible, I want him to serve the customers. ….. Well, there would be no problem if the kitchen was rotated by way of a shift system.

Next, for Bead’s dish, he did a set of fried egg on a very ordinary loaf of bread. The taste is fine, and Bead seems to be all right in the kitchen.

The last dish that Leon served was pasta.

“I, is it okay that I cooked it…….? Ah, so, sorry! I’ll let you eat it without talking back!”

Aside from his personality, it’s very delicious, so Leon will be fine in the kitchen.

After all, I knew that all of them could possibly do the cooking other than Agnos. No, if I teach Agnos properly, I think he can cook proper food.

While the men’s team was better than expected, we finally decided to eat the dishes of the women’s team.

“Now, this is my perfect dish!”

“Oh, ooh……”

The dish that Irene served was….. beyond my comprehension.

What is this. What’s this crispy brown, thin thing? And why is it in spiral? (TN: Like a poop)

And what’s this green sauce? It’s a dish that I’ve never seen before, but the way it is served is so great that you could only eat it at a high-class restaurant.

The taste is delicious, but I don’t know what it is. Eh, I’m scared of what’s this.

I have a poor tongue and I didn’t know how great Irene’s cooking was.

However, on the contrary, Louise and the others, who look just like they have eaten a delicious food, were groaning.

“This is…… splendid……”

“Yeah…… this might be as good as the food in the castle……”

“Of course. That’s because I finished it using the ultra-high-quality ingredients that aren’t profitable with my perfect cooking technique.”

“Ignoring profitability is not good. So it won’t be used.”


Beatrice said that and Irene was rejected. Yes, it’s not profitable. We won’t get established as a store.

“I~, tried to make a cake~.”

Next up was the shortcake made by Rachel, which was simple but solidly delicious. Yeah, this is accepted.

Once the unanimous acceptance of Rachel was decided, now it’s Flora’s turn.

“Uhmm uh …… It’s gone when I noticed it……”

“Was it delicious?”


“Not accepted”


A’re? I don’t think so. And what kind of lie it is that it disappeared without you noticing. I was watching you.

“Milord! I’m ――――”

“Yes, next”


Because I know that she didn’t cook, Rurune was completely ignored.

Then, Saria, who returned to being a human, serves her dish with a smile.

“Yes! I made omelet rice!”

Sarria cooked omelet rice made with fluffy soft-boiled eggs.

Moreover, a heart was carefully written on it with ketchup.

“Hmm! This is delicious!”

“……Nn. Saria-oneechan’s food is delicious.”

I know Saria’s cooking skills, and Saria’s food was exceptional.

It’s still a mystery how she learned this cooking techniques when she was a gorilla.

Not only Zora and Olga-chan, but Beatrice-san and others praised her without any complaints, so Saria was also safely appointed as a cook.

And the last one, Helen’s dish was ――――

“……Look, I can’t do it.”

―――― a plate.

“Where’s the food!?”

“It vanished.”

“What does vanished mean!?”

What kind of food did you cook!?

When not only me but Beatrice-san also had a complicated expression on her face, Helen stuffed up and pointed to a part of the plate.

“Look, it’s still there!”


“Look, here!”

At the spot where Helen pointed to, there was only one dark grain that couldn’t be seen without you looking carefully.

“Uhmm…… this is…….?”

“The rest of my food.”

“Don’t let us eat the remaining dregs!”

It’s not even cooking anymore!

Beatrice managed to squeeze out these words while bitterly laughing at her inability to cook which was more than expected.

“Um…… people have their own strengths and weaknesses, and Helen will be in charge of carrying the food and listening to orders! It’s all right! Even if you can’t cook, you can live!”


Helen, who was told that she’s desperate in a roundabout manner, wept quietly.

Sensei, you shouldn’t have said that.

In the end, five people became the cooks, and they were Blued, Bead, Leon, Rachel, and Saria.

TN: This is just a trial chapter. I don’t know if I can keep translating this webnovel because of many reasons (my laptop got broken etc.). I actually posted this chapter using my phone. So it’s not fully edited.