“――――It’s a school festival”

『School Festival? 』

The next morning, Beatrice-san said so at HR. (TN: HR – Homeroom)

“Yes, it’s a school festival. The school director, who saw the atmosphere in the school these days, decided to hold a school festival to make it even a little brighter.”

“The school festival…… means that we don’t have any classes!?”

“That’s what it’s about.”


Agnos pushed up his fist and was delighted with all his might.

“Hmm…… Do we have time to have a school festival? The 【Demon God’s Cult】 guys may come and attack again.”

“Aah? It’s a fun event, so don’t throw a bucket of water on it!”

“Idiot. I’m not pouring any water on it, I’ve just mentioned the facts, right?”

“But~, Seiichi-sensei is here~, so isn’t it fine~?”

“………… That’s right, too.”

“Don’t be convinced!?”

In Rachel’s words, Blued nodded with a strange face. No, you can’t be convinced with that reason!?

I was unintentionally shocked, but Helen, who held down her forehead as if she had a headache, opens her mouth.

“It’s useless to say anything, you walking absurdity……”

“Walking absurdity!? You say that I’m insane!?”

“Aren’t you insane? After you erased the dungeon, you brought a new person again.”

“That’s right!”

“Ehehehe …… everyone, nice to meet you.”

After coming back from the dungeon and discussing about what to do with Zora, she decided to live as a student just like Saria and the others.

The result of reporting it to Agnos and the others, was Helen’s words. Why does the fact that I cannot deny it even though my urge to deny it builds up!?

Well, my mental damage aside, even though her hair were snakes and her eyes were covered with glasses, I was worried how far Zora with the eyes of petrification would be accepted, but it was really nice because everyone accepted her without any concern.

“I was certainly surprised. When Seiichi-sensei asked me about glasses, I was wondering what it would be used for…… but I didn’t think that it’s going to be used to help a person in this way.”

“I understand! Why is Seiichi-sensei so popular…… I wish I was a man with no common sense!”

“I think that thought is strange.”

“That’s right. To attract the opposite sex, I wish I was beautiful.”

“Tha, that’s different…… Ah, I’m sorry to answer you!”

Let’s just said, it was disastrous. No, Beatrice-san wore an honest admiration. ……It’s a praise, right? I’m getting suspicious.

“Anyway, having a school festival means that we have to think about what we’re going to do. Do you have any ideas?”


Everyone groaned at Beatrice-san’s words.

“A’re? Isn’t there something like a standard in a school festival?”

I thought that there was some kind of standard because there’s a concept of school festival in this different world…….

Listening to my question, Flora taught me with a bitter smile.

“No no, sensei. It’s not that it doesn’t have one, but basically speaking, it’s a standard thing to play a drama when it comes to school festivals.”

“Drama? Then why don’t you all do some kind of a play?”

“It’s not that easy, and I don’t think the other classes will lend us the stage.”


I didn’t think that they wouldn’t let us do a play at all.

As I was thinking on what the heck are we going to do, Flora asked me to come up with something.

“Ah, Seiichi-sensei! Seiichi-sensei was originally from the same hometown as the heroes of another world, right?”

“Eh? Ah, that’s right.”

“Then, the school festival in Seiichi-sensei’s hometown, what was it like?”

“My school festival……. Yeah, of course we also have a play, but other than that, there are events that can be done like selling foods and drinks, remodeling classrooms to look like haunted houses, and another standard was a cosplay café.” (TN: Yup, pretty standard)

『Cosplay Café? 』

Didn’t you all heard what I just said?

“Cosplay café is…… Well, to put it plainly, everyone is dressed as butlers or maids, and it’s a cafe that serves customers. …… If I think about it, this class, have good-looking guys and beautiful girls so I don’t think it’s a bad idea.”

“Be, beautiful girl……” (Helen)

“Aniki! Am I good too!?” (Agnos)

“What are you talking about! I’m the good looking guy here!?” (Flora)

“What are you saying!?”

In my words, Helen had her face red, and Agnos snorted. Flora is more of a beautiful girl than a good looking guy. She’s good looking, though.

“A cafe…… I don’t think the idea itself is bad, but who will cook?”

When Bead suddenly spilled that, Helen stiffened her facial expression.

“I-it should be done by someone who can, right?”

“That’s right…… Who can’t cook in this class?”

Bead asked all of them including the women, Helen and Zora, even Rurune.

“Eh, Helen, you can’t cook?!”

“Shu, shut up! It doesn’t matter if I couldn’t do it! Even that Agnos raised his hand!?”

“No, in my case, I can make something that I can eat, but I simply can’t cook stylish food like in a cafe……”


Helen hardened to Agnos’ unexpected words.

Zora has been sealed for a long time, so I know that, and Rurune is out of the question, but…… It was surprising that Helen couldn’t cook.

I mean……

“You’re quietly raising your hand, but are you two going to participate?”

“Is it not okay?”

“I have nothing to do.”

For some reason, both Louise and Luthia were raising their hands. You guys aren’t supposed to be here, right? You’re full of enthusiasm to enjoy the school festival huh. Well, it’s a special festival, so I think it’s good to have a lot of people enjoy it.

“Rather, it’s like we’re doing a cafe with this flow…… Is that okay?”

“Isn’t that fine? With that cosplay cafe, I can fully demonstrate my beauty.”

“Uh, uhmm …… I think I’m okay with that too.”

Leon, who doesn’t give much opinion, agrees, and it seems that everyone else is not against it, so we decided to have a cosplay cafe.

After seeing all of their opinions, Beatrice-san told us.

“We haven’t decided on a detailed schedule yet, but it’ll be a good idea to think about the costumes and menus now. And the cooking will also be on a shift system, and it might be good for people who can cook to show their skills once.”

“Oh! As expected of Beatrice-neesan! We don’t have to study, we just have to eat…… That’s the best idea!”

Beatrice-san laughs at Agnos’ too honest words.

“I want you to enjoy studying too……  Oh well. Rather than that, in order to achieve the aim of the school principal, which is to 『Enjoy』, everyone, please do your best to make something good.”

Beatrice tried to finish it at the end of the home room, but for some reason Agnos and the others looked at each other’s faces.

“What are you talking about, Beatrice-neesan?”


“That’s right~. Beatrice-sensei will also participate~”

“Eh……EEEeeeeeeeee!? Tha, that’s ……”

As the eyes of expectation were turned to her, Beatrice-san was very surprised.

“That’s no good, Beatrice-sensei! Our teacher will also cosplay with us, right? You’ll do it!”

“Eh ―――― tha, that is ……”

Beatrice-san was speechless in Flora’s words.

Flora smiled deeply when she saw Beatrice-san like that.

“Of course, sensei will also wear maid clothes!”

“N, n, n, n, no ! As your supervisor, a teacher is ――――”

“That’s not good, Beatrice-neesan! If the school director held a school festival for us to 『Enjoy』, then shouldn’t Beatrice-neesan participate too!”

“Well, just give up.”


I felt warm when I saw everyone making a good noise around Beatrice-san.

…… Even in high schools on earth, there were a lot of good teachers and students doing it.

I was always disliked by my teacher, so I was just watching…… That’s? Tears came out.

When I was in tears while remembering myself, Flora called out to me like that.

“Seiichi-sensei! It doesn’t matter with just one person, but Seiichi-sensei is also participating, right?”


“Of course, Louise-san and Luthia-san are also participating, but Altria-sensei will be forced to participate!”

I didn’t think I could join them myself, so I was unintentionally surprised.

…… A school festival…… I’ve been bullied and I’ve never really enjoyed it with pure feelings……

When I looked at everyone, they all looked at me with a smile.

This school festival …… I wonder if I can enjoy it, too?

For the first time in a different world, I might be able to enjoy the school festival. ―――― That’s what I thought.


When Seiichi and the others were discussing about the school festival.

“Huh!? Seiichi-kun will be a butler!?”


“Ah, no, it’s nothing.”

“Wha, haa …… So was it the story of the school festival?”

“That’s right. Apparently this academy will hold a school festival, and I hear that we heroes may participate as one class, too. So if you have any ideas, I’d love to hear it from you.”

Among the heroes, the topic of the school festival had come out.

The central facilitator is Kannazuki Karen, who was also the student council president, and nearby her are Seiichi’s childhood friends such as the Takamiya brother and sister, and Araki Kenji.

When they hear such words from Kannazuki, the reaction of the other heroes were poor.

“Scho, school festival……”

“A, are we doing this……?”

“I want to go home……”

They’re heroes who came to another world, and didn’t doubt their strength, but they felt their powerlessness in the previous attack by the 【Demon God’s Cult】, and by this time, they were scared.

And as a result of running wildly by his own, the one who was about to be killed by the world ―――― Kisaragi Masaya, shouted with a scarred face that made his shine as an idol disappeared.

“Are you making fun of us!? Can’t you see that I’m seriously injured!? And yet a school festival!? Don’t make a joke!”


She scratch her head to Kisaragi which was different from the time when he had plenty of composure, then Kannazuki cast a look of pity on him.

“I don’t want a world like this anymore! Bring me back! If I’m on earth…… In Japan, I won’t lose……!”

Those who have promoted the arrogance of being a hero, including Kisaragi, continued to scream in an unsightly appearance as if to run away from reality.

However, it won’t come true.

Heroes do not have the means to return to Earth..

Besides, they haven’t noticed anything, other than Kannazuki, but the heroes can’t escape because of the 【Bracelet of Slavery】.

They can no longer do anything on their own.

―――― However, if it’s this world, that moved for a certain 『Human』――――There might have been a way for them to return to Earth, but this world that knew the past of that certain 『Human』, couldn’t have done such a kind thing.

In front of the Heroes whose hearts grew wild, Kannazuki sighed.

“Haa …… I want to quit this role……”

“Kannazuki-senpai ……”

Her childhood friends, including Shouta, who looked at Kannazuki’s hardships, turned their worried eyes to her.

Kannazuki made up her mind after receiving these lines of sight.

“……This is a good opportunity. Actually, there’s a person who wants to meet Shouta and others.”


Shouta and the others were puzzled by Kannazuki’s unexpectedly bright voice.

Seeing that, Kannazuki smiled deeply.

TN: This is the last chapter, see you soon!!