“――――So that’s why, the dungeon has vanished.”

“What do you mean!?”

I returned to the school immediately, and I reported to Barna-san about the dungeon as it is.

However, Saria and the others had to go back first to get a rest. Well, I have to report about Zora, so she has followed me.

“No …… what do you call it, what do I say…… I’ve just done it.”

“I’ve never heard of a dungeon that got blown away and disappeared!”

“No, my life has been really difficult!”

“Isn’t there a better way to put it together!?”

Barna-san. You don’t understand.

Sometimes, I can even save the whole universe without knowing it.

Barna-san, who heard my messy report, exhaled a big sigh, and he turned towards Zora who was with me.

“So……are you the girl who was sealed in the dungeon?”

“Wa, Yes. I’m called Zora.”

“Hmm… that glasses, is not just ordinary glasses. If I’m not mistaken, you’re going to turn what you see into a stone?”

“…… Yes. It’s not a power that I can control myself……”

“I see……”

And then, Barna-san folded his arms.

“Seiichi- kun. What are you going to do with her?”

“That’s right …… I saved her in a predicament, and if she even wants to, we’re going to try and work together.”

“To put it like that …… What does Zora-kun want to do?”

Tentatively, this was the story made in the dungeon that we would follow, but it was checked again just in case.

Zora then looked at Barna-san with straight eyes.

“…… I would like to act with Seiichi-san and the others. There’s also the case that they helped me, but more than anything, it’s fun to be with Seiichi-san and the others. ….. It’s been a short time, but I realized that.”

“Fumufumu …… If you’re fine with that, then I have nothing more to say. You can be a student of this school, or you can be Seiichi-kun’s assistant. Please spend as much time as you like.”

“Yes! Thank you very much!”

Zora nodded with her face shining. To match such feelings, her snake hair swayed happily, too.

“Well, the content of the report was absurd, but first of all, I’m sorry for the trouble. I’m glad that the danger is gone now.”

Immediately, after escaping from the dungeon, I used magic to grow the trees in the vacant forest, and I restored them to their original state as much as possible.

Well, now that there are no longer monsters there, the ecosystem will be restored sooner or later.

“Seiichi-kun and Zora-kun. That’s, spend your time today slowly.”

“Thank you very much.”


When we finish greeting Barna-san, we left the academy director’s office.


After Seiichi and the others left, Barnabas exhaled a big sigh.

“Fuu …… No, by this time, I didn’t think that there’s anything like this that would surprise me at this age……”

Contrary to his words that contained some shock, the expression on Barnabas’ face was happy.

“Nevertheless, the Demon God’s resurrection is coming soon hah…… But, in Seiichi-kun’s story, it doesn’t seem to exist in this world right now…… I want to take the lead, but I’ll definitely fall behind them.”

In Seiichi’s report, Barnabas, who learned that the Demon God was actually sealed inside a dungeon, wanted to wipe out the 【Demon God’s Cult】 before it was resurrected if possible.

Demiolos, who was captured successfully, had his mind broken, and he’s unable to get information from him.

The mentally safe Anglea, who doesn’t seem to be an apostle originally, doesn’t appears to have been given important information.

But even if he knows the location of the 【Demon God’s Cult】, it’s going to be tough to wipe them out.

There’s overwhelmingly insufficient information on the apostles who used eerie abilities just like Demiolos.

On the contrary, even if they could fight them, it can be expected that the damage will not be small, and as a result, there was a risk that it would led to the outcome of collecting negative emotions, which is the purpose of the 【Demon God’s Cult】..

“Haa…… it’s something that can’t be left alone ……”

No matter how much he thinks about it, there’s nothing that the current Barnabas can do with that.

Moreover, Barnabas has other things to do in the present time.

“…… If the current atmosphere of the academy becomes even a little brighter, then it’s fine……”

Barnabas was looking at the materials he got while saying that.

Because he was unaware of Demiolos, who attacked the academy last time, he apologized to all the parents in each country who had left their children at the academy.

The students’ parents, were distrustful of 『Barbador Magic Academy』 because of that incident, some of them even called their children back to their own country, but they were asked to wait and see with Barnabas’ desperate persuasion, and it’s not in a very good atmosphere.

『Barbador Magic Academy』 is the only school that is neutral.

How much it means, Barnabas understands that well.

Of course, they have received donations from other countries to maintain the academy, and even though total neutrality is difficult, there is still a good chance that the students will join hands in a bright future between countries, regardless of war or politics.

That’s why Barnabas couldn’t let this school end.

“Whether it’s good or bad…… Either way, I want the students to have fun once.”

On the paper in Barnabas’ hand, 【Notice of School Festival】 was written on it.