TN: Sheep-san

Level…… Up?

When I was soothed, those ruthless words chilled my heart all at once.

…… No, calm down. It’s not yet decided that the result will be drastic. Well, all my level up so far has become ridiculous!

When Al suddenly noticed that my expression became dead instantly, she asked suspiciously.

“Nn? What happened? Seiichi”

“…… I seem to have leveled up ……”

“What, you’re still getting stronger!?”

I don’t want to hear it! Can you tell me? My body. Where are you headed?

Anyway, there’s no point in crying, so I quickly check my status.

When I was thinking about how long it had been, my status was――――


【Hiiragi Seiichi-sama】

Congratulations on your level up this time.

I am very pleased that you seem to be getting stronger.

However, at present time, I can’t display Seiichi-sama’s very awesome status, so I cannot show it.

I am very sorry.

Please forgive me for being so unworthy.

―――― But I won’t give up.

Even now, so that Seiichi-sama can view his status somewhere in the future, I’ll embark on a training journey.

Don’t look for me.

And someday again, once I’ve grown up, I’ll be able to show Seiichi-sama’s status, so I would appreciate it if you could wait even a little.

I wish for Seiichi-sama’s more and more success.

Then, until the day when we can meet again, someday――――


―――― It went on a journey.


Status comebaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack! (TN: He said this one in English)

Why does the status abandon my status!? I never thought my status would be so outrageous to even use an honorific!

It’s not like that! Won’t you come back?! No, where did you really go!

It doesn’t matter what you think! It’s weird! I’m starting to feel distrust towards myself!

I was afraid of the result, but I couldn’t have expected it to be so terrible!

Saria and others were surprised to see me screaming with emotion and retorting.

“Seiichi? What’s wrong?”

“The status …… left me……”

『Wha? 』

Everyone’s voice matched.

I want to react the same way! But I can’t because I’m a related party! I’ll cry.

Saria and the others are stunned, but before long, everyone nodded as if they were convinced.

“I see …… but it’s Seiichi!”

“……Seichi’s status, it’s impossible …… No, wait. Your status has an ego!?”

“I see …… Finally, at the spoonful of Milord’s greatness, even the status gave up!”

“…… Seiichi-oniichan. That’s truly unusual …… But I’m convinced.”

“Shishou …… How can I get to that high-position? I can’t see a future where I’ll catch up with Shishou. …..”

“Seiichi. I, understand well. I thought that the 【Demon God’s Cult】 was a very dangerous organization. …… But when I look at Seiichi right now, that Demon God seems pathetic.”

“Eh? Eh? I, I’m not sure…… but he’s amazing for the time being, right?”

“Don’t be convinceeeeeeeeeeeeeeed!?”

Especially Saria! It has no basis anymore!

Because everyone was convinced, Zora was also convinced that I was like that too.

I’ve already been mentally beaten, and that’s quite painful, but in that situation, I realized that I didn’t name myself to Zora. I want to escape from reality!

“Ah…… Come to think of it, I didn’t tell Zora my name yet.”

“Ah, yes! I heard the names of everyone else while you were making these glasses. ”

“That’s right. Well then, again. I am Hiiragi Seiichi. You can call me Seiichi.”

“Yes! Seiichi-san, right!”

Looking at the lively expression of Zora, which is different from the one before, my rough heart was healed a little.

“――――No no no, I want you to be healed more!”


We suddenly heard a voice.

Al and the others immediately set up their weapons while being wary of the voice, but it was a familiar voice for me and Saria.

“A’re? This voice ……”

“No……no way……!?”

In front of my eyes, that’s trembling with fear, that guy ―――― Hitsuji appeared.

“It’s been a long time! Everyone loves, Hitsuji-san, right? Now, please be healed to the fullest.”

“It’s too lateeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!?”

To Histuji in a tailcoat and a top hat that’s looking at me with a triumphant look, I said so with all my might.

I thought I was healed! But it’s all gone now!

When I was hanging my head in mind-like pursuit, Al asks me with surprise.

“What? Do Seiichi and Saria know him?”

“Yeah, that’s right! He’s Histuji-san!”

“Un un, Saria-ojousama is pretty cute as usual. Compared to that, Seiichi-sama…… has finally been departed by his status hah. Yeah yeah, you aren’t a human as ever”

“Why are you scratching such a wound of mine!? Rather, why do you know that my status has departed me!?”

“Because I was looking at it and laughing at you.”

“As usual, you have a bad personality!”

He hasn’t changed at all! On the contrary, I’m relieved!

Al, who was watching us interact, squeezed her cheeks.

“Wh, what do I say….. this guy has certain mannerisms.”

“No, I can get embarrass.”

“I didn’t praise you!?”

What’s going on with this guy’s brain conversation function!?

“Well then, because of Seiichi-sama, the introduction became longer, but it’s time to get into the main subject. ”

“It’s my fault!?”

“Yes, that’s already decided.”

I’m going to definitely hit this guy.

“Now then, Saria-ojousama and Seiichi-sama, did you vaguely sense what I came here for?”

“Ah? Aah …… Surely, you’ll arrive if a dungeon was defeated in its true meaning*, right?” (TN: shin no imi = true sense or true meaning)

“That’s right. And only its true meaning, can a dungeon be defeated, but that’s solely for a dungeon that has residual feelings …… In fact, I couldn’t come out in this dungeon. ”

“Wha? Is that so?”

Speaking of which, certainly, the point where you can complete the dungeon in its true meaning is, by taking care of its residual feelings.

Then Hitsuji turned his eyes to Zora.

“Yes. Originally, this dungeon was a natural dungeon created by magic power, but the existence of Zora-sama and the Snake God-sama were sealed here. As a result, the dungeon itself grew to the point where it had an ego.”

“Hmm …… but Zora and the Snake God are still alive, so it doesn’t have any residual feelings, right? That’s why the dungeon’s ego would be almost too nil to occur …… “

When I asked him that, Hitsuji waved his fingers.

“Fu …… isn’t that clever? Seiichi-sama.”


“Certainly, I’ve said that dungeon bosses are often the owners of lingering thoughts, but it doesn’t mean that it can’t be a residual thought of another being. And in this case, the naturally occurring dungeon here, has many residual thoughts of the Snake-tribe people who sealed the two, the Snake God-sama and Zora-sama. Well, it’s not regret or something like that, it’s extraordinarily powerful …… It is thoughts of hatred, which is close to a curse. That’s why this dungeon developed an ego and it turned into a dungeon that can’t be truly traversed.”

“I, I see……”

Zora is a remnant of the Snake Tribe …… When she heard that it was because of their hatred, she made a sad expression.

Whatever the content of that hatred, she can’t help it because she doesn’t have good memories of the snake tribe or her relatives.

When I thought about that, Hitsuji said with an amazedly exhausted tone.

“Haa…… Nevertheless, Seiichi-sama is as absurd as ever.”

“Wha? What is it?”

There are way too many verses to think of.

“Is it okay? This dungeon can be traversed in its true sense, but it’s impossible if asked if it could be done.”


I gave a dumb voice to Hitsuji’s words.

No …… impossible? But this nasty sheep is here because it’s done, right?

“Mainly, in the true dungeon traversal, if you clear the regret of the residual thoughts, it’s usually possible to complete it. But like I said, the lingering thoughts that reside in this dungeon are the hatred of the Snake Tribe. It would be impossible to dispel those remorseful thoughts, wouldn’t it?”

“That’s…… Well……”

“Then how did you do that ―――― it’s irrelevant if you just erase this dungeon. ”

“Well, I don’t think that’s true!?”

My eyes swam across Hitsuji’s words.

“No, it’s weird no matter how you think about it, right? Not only did you destroy the dungeon that shouldn’t be able to get destroyed originally, but you even erased all of its residual thoughts, right? Moreover, some people like Zora-san were released from the bindings of the dungeon before the dungeon got broken. Can you stop fooling us that you’re a 『Human』?”

“Don’t say thaaaaaaaaat!”

I’m already burbling here! My mind got an octopus hit*! I don’t even think that I’m a 『Human』 anymore, but my status ―――― my status left meeeeeeeeeeee! (TN: Octopus hit is a proverb meaning multiple or many, just like the tentacles of an octopus)

When I was holding my head in Hitsuji’s words, Hitsuji continued while ignoring me like that.

“Well, let’s leave that self-proclaimed human being there. Anyways, I’m very pleased that you were able to tread the true dungeon in this way. ”

“Then you don’t have to tell me that much!”

“Ara, you’re smart to notice that.”

“A-ll right, eat this with your teeeeeeeth!”

“Hiiiiiiii! Violent bullying! That’s bullying!”

The sheep responded with exaggeration as I cracked my fingers and approached. This guy is absolutely stupid.

“Now now, please calm down. …… Well, Luthia-sama.”

“Eh? M, me?”

Suddenly being talked to, Luthia was surprised.

“Yes, you are. This dungeon is special, but the dungeon that’s related to you…… Particularly, the dungeon of the Black Dragon God-sama, which your Father, Seiichi-sama and the others had visited, has a true dungeon tread. If this true dungeon was traversed completely…… Your Father and the Black Dragon God-sama will be released.”

“I, is that true!?”

Luthia opened her eyes and draw closer.

“Yeah, yeah. I’m a gentleman. I’m not lying. Including such Luthia-sama, let me provide information to everyone.”



Hitsuji, who was smiling, said that to us.

“――――Two dungeons will be truly traversed in the near future.”

“Two dungeons ……?”

“Yes. Moreover, one is related to Luthia-sama, which I mentioned earlier, it’s the dungeon of The Black Dragon God.”

“Black Dragon God!?”

Hee. the Black Dragon God’s dungeon will be truly traversed soon hah……

“Nn? What will happen if the dungeon of the Black Dragon God was truly traversed?”

“That’s right …… The Black Dragon God-sama will be released from the dungeon’s spell, and it will be able to go outside freely, right? That’s why, Luthia-sama will be able to meet them outside soon.”

“……I see …… by the way, who will tread it?”

“Umm …… I can’t say any more by the rules than it should be, so I’m sorry, but let me tell you about the reward for this traversal.”

Ah, come to think of it, we’d get something if we traversed the dungeon in its true meaning……I got a helmet though!

“I feel a bit uncomfortable, but well, it’s fine. The ones who will traverse the dungeon of the Black Dragon God-sama, are Zeanos-sama and Lucius-sama that you all know, except for Zora-sama.”

“Ah! Zeanos-san and the others!”

“…… Isn’t that the two people Seiichi brought back from the underworld …… it’s scary to say that they came back from the underworld. ”

“Certainly, those two people are now working together with shishou’s parents. Moreover, they’re the former hero’s master and the former first generation Demon King.”

“Yeah. The two of them. The true condition for traversing the dungeon of the Black Dragon God-sama is, to bring Lucius-sama, the first Demon king, inside it. However, it’s originally impossible to bring a dead person back …… How insane are you to even bring him back from the underworld?”

“I’m aware of that as well.”

“…… Then, it’s fine. Anyway, because the two of them will challenge the dungeon, the dungeon’s true meaning will soon be fulfilled.”

“I see …… what’s the other one then?”

I know the dungeon of the Black Dragon God, but I wondered what about the other dungeon that will traversed.

Because I only know the dungeon which is here, the Black Dragon God’s dungeon, and 【Forest of Endless Love and Sorrow】, so I won’t understand it if you said that. …… I’m worried after all.

Then, Hitsuji said this with a serious expression.

“―――― It’s the dungeon of the Demon God-sama.”


We became speechless.

“De, Demon God’s dungeon?”

“That’s right. In other words ―――― The Demon God will be resurrected.”

“That’s!? Oi, what did you say, Hitsuji-san? Can’t you stop it!?”

When Al came under and lash out on Hitsuji, Hitsuji shook his head slowly.

“…… Unfortunately, it’s impossible. My role is to manage the dungeons. ……The manager who destroys the dungeons, I can’t do that.”

“That’s ….. Then, even at least it’s location ……!”

Yes, if we know the location alone, we might be able to stop it.

She thought so and asked, but Hitsuji shook his head again.

“…… I can’t tell you where it is.”


“That is also a rule…… But before that, there’s currently no Demon God’s dungeon in this world.”

“……………… Wha?”

I unintentionally uttered that to Hitsuji’s words that I didn’t understand.

“Originally, it was in this world. However, the members of the organization called the 【Demon God’s Cult】, detached the Demon God’s dungeon from this world, and transferred it to another space. …… The management of dungeons, which aren’t in this world, is I don’t know, so even if I was allowed to teach you its location, I don’t know where it is in the first place.”


All we could do was stay in silent.

However, to blow away such a dark atmosphere, Hitsuji said brightly.

“…… However, it’s still a long time from the Black Dragon God’s dungeon. In the near future, it’s just a comparison with others. It’s good to be in a hurry, but it’s much better to be prepared, and it’s okay if it’s not straightaway, right?”

“That’s right… Well, for the time being, we can’t do anything without finding the Demon God’s dungeon. ”

I mean, they did a lot of trouble.

Those guys, are ominous anyway.

They use powers that I don’t understand, and they attack to collect things like negative emotions. …… That’s not a good thing!

“Well, there are few large variables like this, but the dungeon is likely to be traversed in its true meaning.”

We were listening to Hitsuji’s story, but Luthia unexpectedly opens her mouth with a serious expression.

“…… Histsuji-san, is it fine?”

“Yes, please call me that.”

“Thank you. My Father was certainly sealed in a dungeon. …… And if you traverse the dungeon in its true meaning, you said that Father could be released. Then, what are the conditions to truly release him?”

“I see I see …… You want to hear that?”

“Is that a no?”

Seeing Luthia asking so with a somewhat uneasy expression, Hitsuji looked at me meaningfully for some reason.

“That’s right…… I had prepared a dungeon traversing reward separately from the previous information, but if you want to give up the reward for traversing this dungeon, I’ll tell you that information. How about that? “

Ah, this guy said something detestable.

…… But, to be honest, I’m not interested in the rewards for dungeon traversal. ….. in 【Forest of Endless Love and Sorrow】 , I got something like the 『Fruit of Evolution』, but that’s a different story.

“I don’t care, you know? It’s important information for Luthia.”

“I’m fine too!”

“I was originally invited by Seiichi. I’ll leave all the decisions to Seiichi.”

“Shishou. I’ll follow Shishou’s intentions as well. ”

Al and Louise also said that.

Rurune, Olga-chan, and Zora, who doesn’t know what’s happening, and originally don’t seem to be involved in this story, aren’t interested. Olga-chan is yawning.

“…… really …… is that okay?”

Luthia says so with great anxiety, but it’s really fine.

“Yup. Don’t be reserved.”

“……I get it. Thank you. Can you give me that information, Hitsuji-san?”

“―――― I respectfully obey.”

When Hitsuji respectfully bowed, he grinned.

“Well, if you take Seiichi-sama to that dungeon, everything will be solved.”

“What kind of information is that?!”

To the answer that’s too appropriate, I involuntarily tukkomi’d.

However, Hitsuji continues without worrying either.

“No, aren’t I very serious? After all, you can release the bindings from a dungeon, and besides, you’re erasing the dungeon anyway, so why not do that right now?”

“That’s right, but! I mean, that’s not …… right!?”

“I don’t know.”


The information I got after declining the traversal reward was this, I don’t want to go …… and I don’t want to admit it! But I feel like I can do something about it, so I can’t really help it.

To me who was holding my head, Luthia looked at me with an even more anxious expression.

“Seiichi ……”

“Ah …… Yeah. Luthia’s father was sealed in a dungeon, and if I go, I will be able to solve it, right? I have to go and see how to solve it……”.


“All right, let’s go.”

“Eh? Is it really okay?”

“I can’t do it right now, but I’ll definitely go. And let’s release Luthia’s father. Is that fine?”

“Yes…… Thank you……!”

“I’m not sure that I can release him yet, but you’re welcome.”

“What half asleep things are you saying? If you go now, you can proceed by bulldozing* through it. You have many gorilla brides, so how about 『Gori Push*』?” (TN: This is actually a pun of Japanese language, Bulldoze = gorioshi, Gori Push or gorilla push = gori oshi)

“Don’t open your mouth again!”

While stroking Luthia’s head, who’s being uneasy, Hitsuji said such a thing. I thought you became a little better!

“Hahahahaha! It appears that Seiichi-sama is really the same as usual, so I was relieved.”

“That’s right…… I’m relieved that you haven’t changed too……. or not.”

“Oh, that’s too bad …… Well, I’ll leave anytime now.”

Hitsuji took off his silk hat, and he lightly tap the ground with the cane he had in his hand.

“This place is no longer even a dungeon because of Seiichi-sama’s power. Therefore, it’s not possible to transfer you all to the outside…… if it’s Seiichi-sama, you can get out of here, right?”

“Well, that’s right”

“Okay. Then, I’ll leave now …… Ah, right right, Seiichi-sama.”


When something like a magic circle began to shine at Hitsuji’s feet, he opened his mouth as if he had remembered something.

“It looks like you’ve been left by your status, but you should be able to see your title, etc. without changes. That’s why, please check your titles and the inside of your item box.”

“Wha? Well, I understood the title, but……  Is there something in my item box?”

To my question, Hitsuji grinned and smiled.――――

“Well, that’s going to be fun to watch.”


“Now then, farewell!”

In the end, Hitsuji didn’t say anything in detail, and he left in front of us.

“…… I mean, he’s a truly peculiar guy.”

“Yeah …… I, am mentally tired ……”

“That is…… Err….. don’t mind it.”

Although Al was a little self-conscious, she patted me on the head. …… I’m embarrassed about this, but I’m happy.

“Fuu…… then I would like to say that we’re going back, but I’m worried about what Hitsuji said, so can I check my titles for a little while?”

“Yes, it’s ok!”

“We’re just going back anyway. In the meantime, we’ll just have a conversation with Zora-san.”

Saria and the others said that, and they began to chat with Zora in a slight distance.

…… Aside from Louise, Saria knows that I’m going to get a lot of mental damage with my titles and stuff, so maybe she took care of it for me.

While thinking about that, I searched for the title column as Hitsuji said.

And, surely, as Hitsuji said, although the numerical status such as my level and attack power had departed, I could see my titles properly. No, isn’t the title part of the status? Isn’t it usually bundled with status?

Well, I won’t understand even if I think about it, so I scan it briefly, and there were some titles that I didn’t know.


『Dungeon Deleter』…… Title given to those who wipe out dungeons instead of defeating it. Normally, a dungeon cannot be destroyed. And it’s more than just erasing it.

『Boss’ Natural Enemy』…… A title given to the natural enemy of all kinds of powerful beings. In front of you, a boss becomes crap. Doubled stats when fighting opponents classified as bosses.

『The One Who Saved the Stars Crisis』…… . A title given to those who defeated the invaders from outer space and saved this planet.

『The Savior of the Whole Universe 』…… A title given to the savior of the entire universe.

『Inadvertent Savior』…… A title given to the person who saved various existences by a slight mistake. When you make a careless mistake, everything moves in the right direction.

What happeneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed!?

First of all, 『Dungeon Deleter』! Can’t normally destroy a dungeon? I could destroy it! I erased it cleanly and entirely!

Isn’t the 『Boss’ Natural Enemy』 terrible!? It’s named as a boss because it’s so strong and dangerous, right!? About it being crap …… . I don’t know anymore!

What is 『The One Who Saved the Stars Crisis』!? When and where did I save the crisis of the star!? Even if I don’t know about it, it would be troublesome to be given such a title!?

Moreover 『The Savior of the Whole Universe 』! It’s not just the crisis of the stars!? So where did the situation came for me to save the entire universe!? If I think about it carefully, both this star and the entire universe were in a critical situation!? I don’t know why anymore!

And the last is the 『Inadvertent Savior』 …… Eh, what? The fact that it appeared together with the other titles is, did I accidentally save the whole universe by mistake? Was it a crisis that could be saved so easily? Someone, tell meeeeeeeeeeee!

No matter how much I mourn, no one told me the answer. Damn it!

I’m already full with just my titles, but when I tried to confirm the contents of my item box that Hitsuji was saying, I had a very bad feeling about it.

But if I don’t check, I won’t know what’s inside it…… Yeah, let’s view it!


I gently stopped looking inside the item box.

Eh? What happened?

HAHAHA! There was nothing! Yes, the 『Highest Performance Spaceship』, the 『Heart of the Space Great King』, and the 『Head of the Dragon God Emperor』 …… There was nothing!

At least I didn’t see anything! Yes, that’s the end of this story!

Having completely abandoned my thinking, I went back under Saria and the others with a refreshing smile.

“Ah, Seiichi! Are you finished?”

“Yup, I’m finished! As a human being!”

“……Are you really okay ……”

It’s a trivial thing, yup yup.

I’ve already been departed by my status …… but it’s too late now!

So, can I go home and cry?

As a result, I confirmed it as Hitsuji said, and at the end of the day, I suffered a terrible psychological damage.