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    Shinka no Mi

    Chapter 127


    Translated by Mlzkzr
    Edited by Mlzkzr


    “―――― Beatrice-san!”

    “Yes? Seiichi-san. What happened? I thought you were in the dungeon by now……”

    After telling everyone those words, I came back, and I immediately went down to Beatrice-san to make a tool for Zora.

    Sure enough, Beatrice-san was surprised at me who suddenly showed up.

    “I’m sorry, I’m on an urgent business ……”

    “Haa…… so, what’s this business?”

    “That’s, where can I make an eyeglass?”


    To my question, Beatrice-san made a stupid look.

    “Glasses …… is it?”

    “Yes. Either eyeglass or goggle is fine…… Beatrice-san already knows that it came from the heroes in another world, but I wonder where I can find glasses in this world……”

    She looked as if she didn’t understand why I was asking her that, but Beatrice-san taught me obediently.

    “I’m not sure…… If it’s a pair of glasses, then they sell it at a general store in this school district, right? Of course, it costs a little more …… “

    “I see……. If you bring your own material, can they make it out of that material?”

    “Eeh? You want bring your own material……”

    Beatrice-san looked even more confused, but then, she seriously thought.

    “…… Let’s see. If you bring your own, then it’s better to have a blacksmith than to buy in the general store. There’s a blacksmith shop in this school district, too, so how about you visit it for a moment? Ah, I’ll draw a map.”

    “Thank you very much!”

    After thanking her for giving me a map, I went straight to the blacksmith shop.

    Thanks to the kind Beatrice-san, I was able to go to the blacksmith without getting lost.

    “Excuse me.”

    “Welcome, come on in.”

    When I entered inside, I was greeted by a muscular and stout-built Ojii-san with a fine beard.

    Not only weapons such as swords and spears, various armors and shields were also placed inside.

    It would be interesting to take a leisurely look if I have some time, but I have some business to do now, so I ignore it.

    “Uhm, can you make a pair of glasses or goggles with this material?”

    And then, I handed a certain raw material to Ojii-san ―――― I gave him the 『Magic Sand*』.  (TN: Madan Suna, can also mean Demon Sand)

    Yes, the item that can solve Zora’s problem is, actually, a drop item of 『Sandman』 that I defeated in the dungeon of the Black Dragon God. (TN: Now I remembered what it was)

    If you heat this and turn this into glass, it says that this can block magic and magic power.

    However, its description says that attack magic cannot be blocked, so at first I thought of where can I use it, but …… I never thought I’d use it in a situation like this.

    The Ojii-san who received the 『Magic Sand』 from me looked around it in a curious manner.

    “This thing is…… a material I’m not familiar with, but when I saw the results of appraisal, it appears that it will become glass if it’s heated. However, does this mean that this pair of glasses…… has a purpose?”

    “Yes. So, can you do it?”

    “Yeah…… With this amount, I can make both a pair of glasses and goggles. …… What will I do?”

    “Then, can I have you make both?”

    “Ou, leave it to me. Wait a moment. If it’s this much then it’s going to be over soon. “

    When he said that and received the 『Magic Sand』, Ojii-san withdrew into the back of the shop.

    I have nothing to do while I’m waiting, and as soon as I started looking around inside the blacksmith shop, Ojii-san came out.

    “It’s done.”

    “That’s fast!?”

    “Well, it wasn’t particularly difficult to make it into glasses. This is the finished product……  For the glasses, I used a special material called 『Daishou Metal*』 which has the effect of size adjustment. Well, I didn’t make it just by this 『Daishou Metal』, but…… I’ve also used the 『Magic Sand』 as much as I like. I don’t know who’s going to use it; but In this case, the frame will automatically adjust to the size of the owner’s face.” (TN: The kanji written means ‘Large and Small Metal or Size Metal’, but it sounds weird so I stick with the romaji version)

    As he said so, he passed me a pair of simple glasses with a silver frame.

    “Well, this is the goggles. This is, uhmm …… I didn’t use anything special. If I put it bluntly, it’s about the rubber.”

    The next one that he passed to me was a pair of goggles that a pilot fighter from a long time ago would wear. As Ojii-san said, a black rubber was attached to it, so I don’t have to worry about the size adjustment of this either.

    When I was satisfied with the result, I thanked him.

    Finally, I paid him with money; but because he was allowed to use a strange material, and the 『Daishou Metal』 he used were from scraps, it was pretty cheap. Well, I have money, but it’s cheap.

    Anyway, I’m ready to go, and I immediately return to the dungeon where Zora and others are.


    “I’m back!”

    “Ah, Seiichi!”

    “That was quite fast, but …… are you done now?”

    When I returned to the dungeon, Saria and the others welcomed me.

    “Ah, the processing itself didn’t seem so difficult, did it? That’s why……yes, this is what I was saying. “

    “This is ……”

    “Certainly, as my Shishou said, she doesn’t have to worry about obstructing her view.”

    “But, can it really cut off her magic power?”

    “She just has to try it out.”

    I approached Zora, who was feeling depressed.

    “Look, Zora. Put this on.”

    “Eh, bu, but ……”

    “If you’re afraid like that, you can’t go any further. Besides, Zora’s light of petrification is effective even on nonliving things, so put on these pair of glasses and goggles that I brought, and then look at the walls and floor, and that’s all you have to do to make sure it works, right?”

    “…… Ye, yes……”

    Zora, who was wearing the glasses, gradually opens her eyes with fear.

    “Ah ――――Aah …… aaaaaa……!”

    The light of petrification was completely blocked by the glasses.

    On top of that, I thought that the light might overflow from the side of it, and that’s why I also prepared the goggles, but for some reason, the light itself didn’t come out of her eyes.

    I was a little surprised at that, but if I observed her glasses carefully, I can see the reason why.

    What the, the 『Magic Sand』 isn’t only on the lens part of the glasses, it was also incorporated into the nose pads and temple part of the glasses.

    Therefore, the magic power around her eyes was completely blocked, and the light of petrification hadn’t come out.

    When Zora puts her hand on her mouth while being overcome with emotion, her hidden emerald eyes turned toward us.

    “I can see……I can see……!” (TN: Good for you, really, good for you!…………I’m not crying, you’re crying!)

    “Well, I’ve managed to get it done.”

    “U … Uu … Uwaaaaaaaaaaaa!”

    Zora bursts into tears.

    Saria pats such Zora while looking at her with gentle eyes.

    “That’s good, Zora-san.”

    ” Un …… Un ……! “

    “No, it’s still too early to be surprised, right?”


    To Zora, who continues to shed emotional tears, I said that and laughed.

    “I’m going to show you something good now, so take a proper look.”

    “Eh? Eh?”

    “Seiichi? What are you going to do?”

    Zora was confused, and Al and the others strangely tilted their heads.

    “It’s fine. Ah, can you all stay as close to me as possible?”

    “Ah, aah”

    While floating an expression like they can’t comprehend what I mean, Saria and the others approach me obediently.

    “All right, then ――――”


    I prepared the 【Fine Sword of Swirling Hatred (Black) 】 and 【Fine Sword of Overflowing Benevolence (White) 】 and step on the ground powerfully.

    With that alone, the ground around me, and Saria and the others was blown off, and the impact surprised Saria and the others so much that they couldn’t speak.

    “―――― see this!”

    With the power that I stepped in as it is, I put some magic into the black and white, and then turned it towards the ceiling, and I swung it with force just before the world creaked.



    ――――The world shook.


    ―――― While Seiichi was handing the glasses to Zora, the dungeon, who feels that they’re completely confined, laughed in a low voice.

    『Kukuku…… stupid humans. I’m originally a dungeon, which is a paranormal phenomenon, and cannot be rivaled by humans who are like garbage! They should die in that room where there’s no food at best. 』

    The dungeon further smiles.

    『The other dungeons have been captured by humans without having an ego, and had destroyed themselves. But I’m different! With the people who have foolishly invaded this land, I’m going to suck up the power of those trashes and cover the world with myself! Who’s the ruler of this planet!? It’s not humans! I am. A dungeon, I’m the ruler of this world! Fufufu …… Ahahahahahahahaha! 』

    The Dungeon laughs like crazy.

    It was at that time.

    『Nn? …… Nguya*!? What!? 』 (TN: It is something like an ‘ouch’)

    As if to interrupt the laughter of the dungeon, a big tremor struck the dungeon.

    In the dungeon, where an ego was born, each layer can be likened to human organs such as the intestine and stomach. That’s why if you attack the walls of the dungeon, there’s certainly some damage, but the Dungeon, which is a paranormal phenomenon in this world, can be healed in an instant with its natural healing alone. Therefore, as they continue to attack its walls, it will lose its physical strength, and it’s going to crumble to dust.

    And now, the dungeon was hit by a terrible impact on its part that’s the same as human’s belly.

    It was the moment when Seiichi stepped on the ground strongly, and the dungeon screams in so much pain.

    『Gyaaaaaaa! It hurts, it hurts, it hurts! Wha, what is thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis!? Thi, this stomach pain ……! Gobo haa!? 』

    However, Seiichi’s stepping on it doesn’t stop from hurting its stomach, and it suddenly had its belly quickly ruptured.

    『Ah…… Ah gah …… wh,why……what the hell …… to me, what happened――――』

    The dungeon was trying to find the cause, but it ended in failure.

    『Hee? 』

    With a dumb voice, the dungeon was blown off.

    No resistance was allowed, and even the time to think wasn’t given to it.

    Only that its human’s belly part bursts off, and the terrifying energy penetrates it vertically from its throat to its brain, destroying itself.

    It couldn’t have expected that.

    Unfortunately, it died without even being seen by anyone, silently, and thus, it was completely erased. (TN: That’s what you get for messing with a ‘human’)

    The inside of the dungeon is wiped out with only the aftermath of Seiichi’s attack.

    Walls, ceilings, floors and monsters.

    None of them are obstacles, and they just disappeared.

    But for some reason, there was no effect on the monsters he knew, such as the Snake God or Anakong.

    A special veil wrapped around Anakong and her companions, the snake monsters, and the Snake God, and it protected them from the shock waves.

    『Th, this is……』

    And when the veil suddenly enveloped the Snake God’s body, instantly, something like the power that keeps it tied to the dungeon disappeared; and it opened its eyes wide with surprise.

    On the other hand, Anakong and her companions, who were heading for the exit after parting with Seiichi, were surprised by the mysterious veil and the collapse of the dungeon.

    『Are you guys, okay!? 』

    『I’m okay, Nee-san! 』

    『This is dreadful, right!? What’s going on!? 』

    『I don’t know! Anyway, thanks to this unknown veil, we seem to be fine, but don’t neglect your guard! 』

    『Yes! I don’t want to die! 』

    『Right right! Nee-san will become beautiful and will meet Aniki again! 』

    『『『Fuu! It’s hot! 』』』

    『…… Is it possible to get the veil off of you guys? 』

    『『『We’re so sorryyyyyyy! 』』』

    It’s as if the world possessed a will…… No, the world actually thought about Seiichi, and it defended the Snake God and, Anakong and the others, and nobody knew that.

    But Seiichi’s attack that wiped out the dungeon, didn’t just end there.

    Rather, his slash pushed forward without a decrease in its power as if it’s saying that the dungeon just happened to be on its path.

    First, the surrounding trees that were above the dungeon disappeared without a trace, and the monsters have vanished at the same time, too.

    If that’s the case, the nearby 『Babador Magic Academy』 should be damaged, too, but the world also did its work there, and it managed to minimize the shock wave of Seiichi’s slash.

    Of course, the world can’t directly catch Seiichi’s slash.

    However, if it did something a little absurd, it can suppress the shock wave.

    Thanks to the efforts of the world, it was only the part of the forest where Demiolos of the 【Demon’s God Cult】 was hiding that disappeared and perished. But, the power of his slash hasn’t diminished.

    Even if the world had made efforts to this extent, since Seiichi, who should be able to easily destroy the world, doesn’t use magic and physical attacks of world destruction class so much, but because it thought that it’d be bad if the damage to the world is caused by a little stress again in the future, so it aimed to get rid of his stress on such an opportunity, but there’s no reason for everyone to know such a thing. (TN: The world erased Demiolos in order to lessen the stress of Seiichi in the future. If you’re confused in this part, just comment J)

    While the World itself is struggling with this, in this planet, if there’s no Demon God, rather than a disaster-class threat, there’s a top-class threat called the 【Dragon God Emperor*】, who’s trying to destroy a country somewhere to kill time, and as it happened to cross the path of Seiichi’s slash in the sky, it disappeared without knowing the reason why. (TN: Ryuujin Mikado)

    The slash that destroyed the 【Dragon God Emperor】 easily crosses the atmosphere, and advances straight ahead through the universe.

    As a spaceship continued to erase the planets and stardust that have no living organisms on it in progress, the spaceship appeared on its path. (TN: Apprently, in this webnovel, Aliens are real)

    Unlike rockets that exist on Earth, on the contrary, this battleship appears to be more futuristic and sharper.

    In such a spaceship, aliens with silvery skin and huge jet-black eyes were talking.

    『Captain. It seems that there’s a star near here that has intelligent life forms.』

    In the cockpit of the ship, an alien directed a special 3D hologram-type device.

    It was the star where Seiichi and his companions live now.

    『Hou? Were there still any life forms in such a remote place…… fuun. They’re probably just primitive people with ultra-low civilization who wouldn’t notice us at this distance. All right, we’re going to rule it as our colony. ――――』

    The words of the alien didn’t last.

    That’s because the spaceship was swallowed by the slash in the blink of an eye.

    Unintentionally, the aliens who aimed at the star where Seiichi and the others are, disappeared without knowing anything.

    As a result, the star crisis was gone thanks to Seiichi.

    But even then, Seiichi’s slash still doesn’t stop.

    Rather, it absorbs the mysterious power of the universe and other things, and its power increases rapidly.

    It happened to pass near the so-called 【Dead Planet】 that couldn’t even shine as it moved forward, then that planet received a huge energy that couldn’t be understood from it, and it burned violently again and came back to life.

    Perhaps because of that, the star seems to have played the role of the Sun on Earth, and the intelligent life forms living on the planet around the revived star were heartily moved to tears at the warmth of its return.

    As it changes the state of the universe rapidly without Seiichi’s knowledge, at last, it encounters an outrageous scene. (TN: Seiichi’s slash is having such an adventure huh.)

    That was, hundreds of times larger than the sun …… no, a strange-looking monster that’s thousands of times bigger than it, was confronted by a myriad of space battleships that’s floating.

    Furthermore, at the front of the space battleship group, a humanoid alien dressed in futuristic armor-like material was holding a weapon.

    『Space King! I won’t give you the universe! 』

    『Hahahahaha! Fine bravery, space hero! But, what can you, a little guy, do? 』

    『I can’t defeat you by myself, but I have friends here!! Even those who have their home planet destroyed by you! In order, not to cause such a tragedy again, we…… the 【Great Allied Forces of the Universe】 shall defeat you! 』

    In response to the words of the man who was called the space hero, the Space Great King answered with no interest.

    『You can’t do anything. You bastards, are just beings that can be played with to an extent.  It’s a sin to be weak. Did I destroyed your home planet too? That’s only natural. I’m absolutely the strongest in the entire universe. You weak bastards are inferiors. 』

    『You bastard……!』

    『The weak will always be weak, and you’re just playthings――――』

    Below the Space Great King, who kept talking to the space hero and the others with plenty of composure, Seiichi’s slash arrived.

    The current size of the slash was the same as the sun now, but for the Space Great King, who’s far larger than the sun, it’s nothing bigger than a flea to a human.

    However, the Space Great King, who received such a tiny slash of Seiichi ―――― vanished.

    『Wha? 』

    Neither the space hero nor the 【Great Allied Forces of the Universe】 understood what happened.

    No, the one who didn’t understood the most, would be the Space Great King.

    And while he was talking about the stronger and weaker individuals, its existence was erased without knowing the reason.

    The Space Great King didn’t know.

    However, as he thinks that there are strong and weak people, there are also individuals who are stupid.

    By colliding with the Space Great King, Seiichi’s slash disappeared at last.

    The space hero and the others were stunned.

    Nevertheless, the overwhelming power that ruled the entire universe until a little while ago has vanished, and when they found out that the Space Great King has disappeared, they cheered all at once.

    『Uwaaaaaaaaaaaa! 』

    『We did it! We really did it! 』

    『Now, we don’t have to be frightened by his shadow! 』

    『I don’t know what happened …… However, we just wanted to kill him, the one that destroyed our mother planets, with our own hands. …… But I knew it was impossible. On the contrary, there was a possibility that we would be annihilated.….. U, uuh …… It was really good…… Right now, we can be at peace…… I’m so happy……!』

    Each of them embraces one another, rejoices, and kept shedding tears of joy.

    Who the heck destroyed the Space Great King.

    Those who know that, don’t even know Seiichi who released that slash.

    ―――― In this way, Seiichi also, unintentionally saved the entire universe, let alone the stars. (TN: So Seiichi saved the entire universe without even knowing it hah.)


    “Wha ……wha……!?”

    The ceiling above me was blown away, including the many layers above. (TN: The culprit is here)

    Moreover, due to the shock wave generated at that time, even the monsters on each layer of the dungeon disappeared.

    ……Well, the Snake God and Anakong may still be in this dungeon, but since it was a strike using the black and white clad with Seiichi magic 【Judgment】 , they shouldn’t get attacked by me. …… No, I want it to be that way.

    You might think that I can just use 【Judgment】 directly if I’m doing such a thing …… well …… there are days that I want to use 『Physics rather than magic 』! …… Eh, no? Ah, right……

    Not to mention the ceiling, I also knocked down the trees on the ground, and not only that, my slash blew away even the clouds floating in the blue sky, and Al and others, who saw that, were too shocked to open their mouths.

    “Oh, it’s a clear weather!”

    “Aren’t you too carefree!?”

    When I was feeling refreshed as I saw the gaping hole overhead, Al tsukkomi’d.

    “What did you do!? There were supposed to be trees in the vicinity!? Even if you blow off the walls and ceiling of the dungeon, it doesn’t make any sense ……!”

    Well, I understand Al’s feelings. I mean, it was unexpected for me, too.

    I thought I’d become a monster, but I didn’t expect that it would be completely destroyed. Was it brittle? The dungeon’s ceiling.

    I looked up while making a shadow with my hand on my eyes, and when I was satisfied, I turned to Zora.

    “See, this is the blue sky.”


    Seeing the clear blue sky through the gaping hole, Zora was stunned.

    And, her tears flow quietly.

    “This is…… the sky……”

    “That’s right. Isn’t it beautiful?”

    “…… Yes. Very……”

    As if she appears to be dreaming, Zora mutters while looking up at the sky.

    “…… I might, have seen it when I was little. But, I don’t think the sky at that time was this vivid at all. Yes, it’s such a beautiful blue sky……”

    Zora, who looked down once, wiped away her tears and looked up at the sky again.

    “The world …… is so wide.”

    “That’s right. The world is wide. Beyond this dim place, the world that you haven’t seen yet spreads …… And we can look at it. Because this world doesn’t belong to anyone. ”


    I smiled at Zora, who nodded quietly.

    “Well, let’s go together, shall we?”


    “In the end, it depends on Zora’s feelings, but let’s take a look at this unknown world together. ”

    “Together…… The world……”

    Saria hugs Zora, who dumbfoundedly murmured.

    “Yeah, let’s go together! It’s fun to see it alone, but I think it’s more fun to share that emotion with a lot of people!”

    “That’s right…… Saria is correct. I’m working as an adventurer, but because of my constitution, I couldn’t even go out …… However, thanks to Seiichi, I can now go to various places with my own will. But I’m happier to look around with Seiichi and the others instead of being alone. ”

    Al also kindly said that following Saria’s words.

    “Zora-san. From now on, all you have to do is enjoy the world. If you’re with Shishou, you can do that.”

    “Yes. Because you’re living in this world, I don’t want you to feel despair in this world. This world is more beautiful and wonderful than you think.”

    “That’s right, snake daughter. The world is overflowing with exquisite food! To spend time without knowing this, it’s a loss in everything!”

    “…… Don’t say anything unusual, Rurune.”

    “Mi, milord!?”

    No, whether it’s lost in everything or not, cooking is a big part of enjoying the world.

    Then, after Olga-chan approached Zora, she looked up at her face, and reached out.

    “…… want to go together?”


    She’s timid, but she certainly held Olga-chan’s hand.

    As I was soothed by that sight alone, suddenly, a voice echoed in my brain.

    『Your level has risen』

    ………………Eh? (TN: This is what I was waiting for!!)

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