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    Shinka no Mi

    Chapter 126


    The moment the anaconda fell to the ground, I immediately rushed to Saria, and quickly healed her with magic.

    “Saria! Are you okay!?”

    “Seiichi…… I, win…… Seiichi, is still my husband……”


    『―――― Really, what a great woman, you are』


    Then Anakong, which should have fallen a little while ago, approached with full of wounds.

    I stood up to protect Saria involuntarily.

    Anakong smiled bitterly at that.

    『If you’re being wary of me, then I’m going to get hurt. I was hit right in front and lost. 』

    “Ah……so, sorry”

    『That’s okay, it’s nothing. ….. That woman is important to you? 』

    “Uhhh……tha,that’s right”

    I’m embarrassed in being honest with other people, but because it’s true, I obediently told so.

    Anakong nodded to my words with satisfaction, and then she turned her serious eyes to Saria.

    『Your, name is? 』


    『Yes, that’s a good name. Then Saria, take this. 』

    Then Anakong took off the gauntlet on her arms and handed it to Saria.

    “This is?”

    『It’s my weapon. It’s better to give it to you who won and can go outside than having it with me who lost. Take it. 』


    Saria receives the metallic blue gauntlet, and she puts it on her arm.

    『Pure Maiden’s Gauntlet』…… Gauntlets suitable for a proud maiden. Fantasy class weapon. The wearer negates all abnormality status. Attack and defense continue to rise as long as the wearer remains proud.

    Its effect was terrifying.

    Disabling all abnormality status is very effective, and even though it’s a vague presentation, the more proud she is, her attack power will continue to increase.

    …… …No, I wish I was proud. I can’t clear that criterion!

    When Saria received that, Anakong smiled.

    『Ah…… It looks good on you after all. 』

    Saria clouded her expression in in such Anakong.

    “Are you……good?”

    『What is it? 』

    “What kind of reason, you, Seiichi …… demanded a male. Is finding one not easy?”

    『So, that’s what you’re saying…… 』

    Anakong spoke with a distant eye.

    『…… We were born and raised in the dungeon. We have no parents. If you ask, it’s this dungeon. That’s why I longed for it. A family is…… a family is all I wanted to have. Because all I know about family and other males who can mate are only as knowledge. …..  When I saw you, I thought that dream would come true. 』

    Anakong laughed at me with a self-deprecating smile.

    『…… But it was my misunderstanding. You already have, a good woman named Saria. From the beginning, there was no chance for me to impose on you.』

    “That’s, what are you going to do?”

    Anakong smiles gently at Saria’s words.

    『You guys have something you need to do, right? To open the door, you have to follow the rules of this dungeon. And the condition for the door of this room to open is that the owner of this room needs to disappear ―――― In other words, if I vanished, then it will open. 』


    Anakong smiles gently, but the snake monsters have a painful look.

    To the surprised us, Anakong laughed.

    『What a face you have. We are enemies, right? Is there someone who’s sad even though their enemy is happy to disappear? 』


    『The results will be the same even if I live. At any rate, we are dungeon monsters …… I’m just a pathetic monster that can’t even get out of this narrow world. 』

    Even with a sad expression for a moment, Anakong told us immediately with a bright expression.

    『Come now, I’m fine about it! I thought its best to――――』

    『―――― This monster is useless! 』


    『What? ……!? GAaaaaaaaAAAAAaaHH! 』


    Abruptly, as I heard a familiar low voice, Anakong suddenly pressed her chest and began to suffer.

    Saria and I rush to get closer to Anakong, but Anakong, who has been desperately enduring the pain, commanded us by hand.

    『Don’t come! 』

    “Bu, but!”

    『…… Apparently, it looks like it’s here to kill me. 』

    『Exactly. For those bastards who can’t be used, I’ll use their lives to the utmost and take the intruders with them. 』

    Then, on both sides of the door, that’s used to proceed to our destination, where there was nothing before, those huge eyes appeared again.

    “Nah …… you didn’t die from our attacks, you bastard!?”

    『Moron! I wouldn’t die with such weak attacks! I’m a dungeon. There is no chance for you to win. 』

    The huge eyes said that while looking at us like we’re stupid.

    Then the huge eyes gazed at Anakong coldly.

    『Although you’ve been able to steadily raise your level, to lose to a lower rank …… you were just an unthinkable small fry. There’s no value or use to you bastard who can’t kill an intruder. Immediate death』

    『GuuuuuuuuUUUUUUH!? 』

    Seeing Anakong desperately enduring the pain, Saria cried.

    “What have you done to her!?”

    『What, I just turned her into a bomb. After all, this gorilla is an existence that I created ……  Handling her, I’m free to change her into whatever kind of existence that I want. 』

    “What was……! That just now!”

    “This rotten fiend ……!”


    Al and the others attack the huge eyes on the wall all at once, but the huge eyes disappeared just before the attacks hit it.

    『Fu hahahahaha! It’s too late now! You should all die after being caught up in the explosion of the small fry there. But if you’re still alive, then I’ll deal with you later. Come now…… can you survive it? Fufufu……Ahahahahahahahaha! 』

    “Damn it …… Wait!”

    Al and the others desperately attacked the wall, but its voice faded away.

    Anakong, who was watching the exchange, squeezed out her voice while holding back the pain.

    『I, I’m fine about it…… you guys…… quickly …… run away ……! 』

    “Such a thing isn’t going to happen!?”

    『Don’t be selfish ……! I told you right……? I, I am …… I’m tied to this dungeon…… whether I was let to live or be killed, it depends on this dungeon after all……』

    “What the …… what the ……!”

    “Aah…… don’t look like that. You, too, do something about Sarria. 』

    Anakong laughs forcibly while her forehead was sweating.

    Looking at that, I ―――― (TN: ―――― Summoned the long dead president)

    “Seiichi …… do something, Seiichi……!”

    “I get it”

    I activated the liberation magic 『President L*ncoln』.

    Then, a gentle light wraps around Anakong.

    And when the light went out, at the same time, Anakong, who wasn’t sure why the pain did disappeared, turned her surprised eyes to me.

    『Th, This is……?』

    “I released you from this dungeon”

    『Wha…… Released me from this dungeon!? How……』

    I applied more recovery magic to the confused Anakong, to heal the injuries throughout her body.


    “…… Whatever your reasons, I can’t accept you. No, in the first place, I’m not really worth it.”

    I’m full with Al and Saria alone, and there’s even Kannazuki-senpai and Airin too, so it’s superfluous. (TN: your harem is too many Seiichi)

    “Even if, you’re a gorilla or whatever …… the courtesy you turn towards me, it just makes me very happy. That’s why, this time, go out to the outside world and find a better man. Since, I released you for that reason. You know what I mean?”

    『I’ve been released…… I can’t believe it, but it looks like it’s true. But a good man …… I’m a monster after all, and no matter what, that’s the limit …… 』

    I took out only one of the 『Fruit of Evolutions』 that I was cultivating and gave it to Anakong, who was somewhat giving up.

    “Eat this”

    『What is this …… 』

    “If you eat this and level up, maybe you can become a human like Saria. …… I, think you’re a good woman. That’s why, if you can be the same race as humans, I think you may become popular to other humans as well.”

    『Wha, what the, heck……』

    Even though it doesn’t taste so good, she honestly received the 『Fruit of Evolution』, and ate it immediately.


    “How is it?”

    『………… it’s terrible…………its taste is unpleasant ……… 』

    “Ahahahahaha! That’s right. Well, I guarantee its effect. Nn?”

    When I laughed because I can sympathize with her, Anakong opened her eyes for a moment then turned away.

    『………… What’s this? I thought I should just give up on him, but I got really serious about him ……….』 (TN: Gorilla harem member + 1, tentative)


    『I-it’s nothing! 』

    “Is, that so?”

    If you’re saying that it’s nothing, then it must be.

    Anyway, Anakong did what was ordered to her.

    Then all I have to do is meet that huge eye that’s ahead.

    “Now then …… We’ll go first. By releasing Anakong from this dungeon, it seems to have been recognized that the Boss of this room has disappeared…… “

    Actually, the moment I released Anakong, the thick door at the back of this room was opened.

    『The-then I too …… Uuh……』

    “Aah…… don’t force it”

    『Bu, but』

    Anakong tried to stand forcibly, even if her wound heals, her physical strength didn’t return, and she staggers on the spot.

    “That’s okay, just leave the rest to me from here on out. Hence, you have to get out of this place quickly, and find a good man.”

    “It’s okay. Seiichi is strong.”

    Saria supported me too, and so, Anakong reluctantly nodded.

    『……I get it. I’ll leave it to you guys. But is it okay! I’m not an unreasonable woman. So, I’ll never forget this gift. Someday, I’ll definitely return this back. 』

    “You don’t have to worry about that……”

    『I, I want to see you again! Be prepared, the next time I see you, I’m going to be so attractive that you’re going to be so surprised!? 』

    『Nee-san…… you’re so motivated……! 』

    『Of course, we’ll follow you! 』

    『….. No, we’re bound to this dungeon, right? 』


    The snake monsters were interacting like a comedy skit again, so I inadvertently casted 『President L*ncoln』 to them.

    『This is too much to even free us……Aniki…… Let me call you Aniki! 』

    『『『Aniki! Aniki! 』』』

    “I’ve had enough brothers already!?”

    Why do even the snake monsters say things that Agnos would say!

    Anyway, by releasing everyone from this dungeon, we finally move on.

    “Its fine already…… Well, see you again!”

    “Bye bye!”

    『Ah, see you again! 』

    We promised to meet again, and then, we headed down to Huge Eyes that was waiting for us.

    “……Seiichi. Are you, a gorilla killer or something?”

    “Heh? What’s a gorilla killer?”

    “…… No, it’s fine already. I also liked that gorilla, and it seems that Saria has accepted it somehow ……”


    Along the way, Al said that while exhaling.

    Apparently, it seems that only I don’t understand it, since Louise and Luthia have a subtle expression, Olga-chan is the same, and Rurune has a matter of course look on her face.

    Even Olga-chan, who doesn’t change, seems to know it, so it appears that I’m the only one who doesn’t understand it.

    Anyway, that huge eye was still alive.

    …… The threat that the Snake God said might be him.

    I certainly thought that it would be completely eliminated by Saria and the others’ attacks.

    Moreover, I haven’t confirmed the existence of the 『Pitiful Child』 in this dungeon yet.

    Anakong was mainly tied to the dungeon in that room, but it may be different for the 『Pitiful Child』 that the snake god said. The 『Pitiful Child』 appears to have been sealed in this dungeon, Anakong, on the other hand, was born and raised in this dungeon.

    Anyway, I was very uncomfortable.

    I know it’s my selfish feelings, but still, I don’t like that statement and attitude.

    If it’s alive, then we’ll deal with it.

    That’s why――――

    “Now … will it be our opponent?”

    The atmosphere here is different from the one before, and that’s what I thought so in front of the huge door.


    “This is……”

    As we pass through the huge door decorated with snakes, we came forth in a dim room.

    Then there was something like an existence with its whole body chained to a cross, in the center of the room.

    When we approach the center of the room little by little, while being vigilant, the door behind us was closed as expected.

    ” ―――― Please don’t come.”


    Its appearance became clear as we approach, and we were surprised in a different way.

    Her dark green hair is constantly squirming, and she’s quietly looking down.

    However, I found out that her figure was extremely good, and she looks about the same age as me.

    The clothes she wore were in tatters, but overall, there are no scratches etc. on it.

    But, because her figure was good, the chain was digging into her chest and other parts of her body, and it was strangely fascinating in particular.

    However, I can’t express any emotion other than surprise when I see such an appearance.


    “Medusa ……?”

    Yes, the woman who was being restrained in front of us, looked like medusa in the myth.

    No, I can’t say anything because I’ve never seen an actual Medusa, but if I look closely at her green hair that was squirming a little while ago, its tips look like snake.

    “What is Medusa?”

    “Uhhm …… Medusa is a fictional entity that appears in the mythology of my world …… is it”

    It appears that there’s no word of Medusa in this world, and Al was mystified.

    Rather than that, she’s in custody now.

    “Etto, I’m gonna take that restraint right now. ――――”

    “Please don’t come”

    We were thinking of helping her, but her reply was a rejection.

    Sarria asks for that rejection.


    “…… I don’t know why you came to this place, but please return now. …… I, no longer want to sacrifice anyone. ”

    “…… I don’t know the details, but I can’t overlook you. Right now”

    “Ah! Ah ……Aah…… no, no good…… run away……!”


    The moment I tried to get closer to her as I ignored her words, suddenly, her appearance became strange.

    She looks in anguish while being restrained.

    “No good …… No…… noooooooooo!”

    At that moment, her eyes, which should have been closed, opened, and it glowed purple.

    The purple light extends to us in a straight line like a laser.

    We had a bad feeling about it, and when we jumped out of its way right away, the purple light hit the door behind us.

    “Wha ……?”

    “The, door ……”

    I wasn’t surprised because I thought that she somehow looked like Medusa, but Saria and the others, who didn’t knew, looked at the door that was struck by the purple light, and their facial expressions stiffened.

    Because the door was changed into an inorganic stone.

    Of course, the door is originally made of iron, and it was inorganic.

    However, the door, which was a completely double door*, was now as hard as one stone plate. (TN: for those who doesn’t know it – https://www(.) )

    She gave off that purple light, and with her face down, she’s desperately enduring something.

    “Gu …… uu ……it’s, no good ……Quickly, run away from here……”

    “Even if you told us to run away ……”

    I can even see how you’re in so much pain, and above all, my business here is this very dungeon itself.

    When I was worried about what to do, the dungeon, which is our purpose, called out to us.

    『What, you bastards. Are alive? It’s boring』


    『Well, whether you’re alive or not, you’re still going to die here after all…… Come on, cursed child! Kill the intruders there! 』

    “Uuh…… uu ―――― AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!”

    She finally screamed as if she couldn’t endure it anymore.

    Moreover, the chains and the cross, that were restraining her, burst away at that moment.

    『Hahahahahahaha! Now, let’s use that power to the intruders! And kill them! If you kill them, I will become stronger again …… 』


    『What are you doing!? Kill, kill! I’m going to use you who can’t live decently in this world! Unleash that cursed power now! 』

    “I don’t want to…… I don’t want to……!”

    To her who desperately held her eyes with both of her hands, the dungeon urged so.

    “I’ve been listening to this disgusting bastard since some time ago …… Don’t hide, come out!”

    “That’s right. Not to show up in front Milord …… it’s disrespectful. Do you want to be erased from this world?”

    Then Al and Rurune, who were full of vigor, looked around the room and said so.

    『Fool. Why should I come out before you? You’re only waiting for your destiny to die……』

    “…… If it’s not coming out, then I’ll randomly attack.”

    Louise indiscriminately slashed at the surrounding walls and ceiling while being wary of the girl’s suffering.

    Slashing certainly scratches the wall, but it’ll be repaired immediately.

    『Fuhahahahahahaha! Useless useless! You bastards are already in this room…… No, you can’t even get out of me! And the cursed child there will kill you right now. 』

    “Tha……that’s…… I…… don’t want to……I don’t……!”

    『Hmm. Do you still want to resist me at the last minute you garbage that’s unneeded by the world? Give it up! 』


    After the dungeon’s words, a black smoke-like thing wrapped her body.

    She was desperately resisting from being swallowed by the smoke, but eventually, she lost her strength and her eyes were completely open.

    Moreover, hatred dwells in her eyes, and she fires her gaze towards us.

    “Hate……Hate Hate Hate Haaaaatttttteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!”




    We desperately avoided the light of petrification which she released indiscriminately.

    …… No, I have the skill 『Perfect Resistance』, and Saria also received the gauntlet from Anakong which has an ability that nullifies any abnormal status. I avoided it because of problems in my mental health.

    Because the Dungeon* maybe somewhere on the walls or the ceiling, while avoiding that, Saria and the others continued to attack the walls and the ceiling. (TN: they are referring at that huge eyes)

    When we’re avoiding that light, she exploded the cry of her heart.

    “Why…… why do I have to be ostracized……! This body…… I didn’t want to have……!”

    『Yes, human beings are selfish, aren’t they? Those bastards made you, and sealed you in this dungeon because they can’t handle you. The power to turn someone to stone just by looking at your eyes …… You, who was said to have been cursed even though you weren’t, may certainly be a 【Pitiful Child】. 』

    Listening to the voice of this dungeon, I could imagine that it has a very disgusting smile on its face even though I wasn’t looking at it.

    『But, you can absorb some power because you’re locked in my dungeon, and thus, you obtained a tremendous ability. You’re a trash that has plenty of value to me. 』

    “Uuu … UuuuuuuuuuUUU!”

    The dungeon’s voice endlessly irritates the human nerves to an extent.

    Because she doesn’t possess any means to oppose her own circumstances or the Dungeon’s words……she cried from both her eyes with bright red blood tears.

    『Ahahahahahahahahaha! Really, the humans have given me a really good toy! I’m thankful for that. Therefore, from now on, I will take in many of this type of human beings, and I will turn the world itself into mine! 』

    The dungeon talks about its delusions by itself.

    『Oi, how long are you going to take your time!? Quickly ――――』

    “It’s been over since some time ago”

    I activated 『President L*ncoln』 to the rampaging girl. Today, 『President L*ncoln』 played a big role

    Then, the black smoke that was wrapping her body bursts, and when she returned to her original state, I caught her who was about to collapse on the spot.


    『Ha!? 』

    Suddenly, I heard not only her, but also the dumb voice of the dungeon.

    …… You somehow said that she was sealed in this dungeon, but apparently, she was tied to this dungeon like Anakong.

    I gently lay her on the spot and stare at the whole room.

    “As I listened to you a while ago, you’ve been talking continuously about things that I couldn’t understand ……”

    『Yo, you don’t understand what I said!? 』

    I don’t understand it.

    Is it even possible keep up with her and the dungeon’s past so suddenly?

    When I released her, Saria and the others also stopped their attacks at once and came under me.

    『Gu, Gugugugu ……! I don’t know how you did it, but you can never get out of this dungeon just by releasing that trash! Because you have to defeat me! If I can’t use the trash there, then it’s fine! Destroy everything in this room, including that trash!  Fu fu fu …… ahahahahahahahaha! 』

    Then the voice of the dungeon fades away again.

    “Ah, don’t run away! Seiichi, is it okay!? To let it go!”

    “It’s fine.”

    Al asks that, but I didn’t mind it.

    In the first place, I have no intention of letting it escape anymore.

    “…… This is the first time I entered a dungeon, but does it all have such an evil personality?”

    “…… No, I’ve never heard of a dungeon having consciousness in the first place.”

    Luthia, too, frowned at the bad personality of this dungeon, and Louise sighed and denied it.

    That’s right …… It’s a strange story for a dungeon to have consciousness.

    Well, aside from that ……

    “Are you okay?”

    “Eh …… that ….. that’s ….. I, I’m okay ……”

    She said that with her eyes closed now while being frightened.

    I gave a bitter smile unintentionally at her appearance.

    “Even so, we’re not so scared of it…… “

    “……It’s definitely scary. It’s settled now, but I can’t control that light. That’s why; I might turn you guys into stone, you know?”

    Saying that, she turned her face down.

    Then Saria gently calls out.

    “I’m Saria! What’s your name?”

    “………….I’m Zora Melgon*.” (TN: Zora Merugon)

    “Then why is Zora-san in this dungeon?”

    “…… Why do I have to talk about that? Please leave me alone.”

    “I can’t leave you alone. Because, you’re alone and lonely in a place like this!”

    To match with such a Saria, I also told her what the Snake God said to me.

    “I’m not a very good guy, but I can’t leave you alone either. I was also requested by the Snake God.”

    “Eh…… The Snake God-sama!?”

    In my words, Zora raised her face.

    “That’s right. Save the 『Pitiful Child 』 in the lower layer along the way, that’s what it said.”

    “…… Is, that so ……”

    Zora, who became silent for a while, began to talk eventually.

    “…… I was, originally in a tribe called the Snake Tribe, and I was born in a village in the depths of the forest. However, I saw my mother who was in sight soon after she gave birth to me …… and I turned her into stone.”


    From the time she was born, she seems to have been able to use the light of petrification.

    “Fortunately, my mother was treated early, so she was saved …… then my parents and the whole village said that I was a cursed child. That’s what the Snake God-sama taught me.”

    “The Snake God?”

    “Yes…… the other snakes who knew my abilities feared me, and they decided to kill me. However, the Snake God-sama, the guardian deity of the Snake Tribe, was angry at this decision. Due to the presence of Snake God-sama, I wasn’t killed right away, but to those who do not think well of Snake God-sama who is the Guardian Deity at that time, instead of finally killing me, they decided to seal me in this dungeon together with Snake God-sama. At first, this was just a small dungeon, and I and Snake God-sama were together. But it gradually accumulates power, and this growing dungeon …… eventually possessed a will. This dungeon that possessed a will increased its layer, and separated me and Snake God-sama. And the dungeon that knew my ability, bound my body into this room, and gained more power.”

    We couldn’t say anything when we heard Zora’s story.

    Instead of being thrown away by her parents, she’s about to be killed, but eventually, she was sealed in a dungeon together with the Snake God who was also their Guardian Deity……

    However, she who has lived such a life was sealed, and perhaps, this is the reason why Luthia said that this place felt sad at the beginning.

    I thought about the Black Dragon God’s time, but I wonder if people are creatures that gradually forget the things they were grateful for.

    Originally, I may not be able to say this as a Japanese man, who is tolerant of religion to some extent, but still, that’s not an attitude they should have to the other party who protected them until then.

    “…… They can’t handle me, and that’s why I’m in this dungeon. Therefore, I haven’t been blessed since I was born in this world.”

    Zora, with her eyes closed, laughed at herself.

    Then Olga-chan hugged Zora.


    “…… Don’t say that, you’re not blessed.”

    “…… What do you know? About my feelings ――――”

    “……I understand it. I was also abandoned by my parents because I was a black cat beast man.”


    Zora was confused and surprised by Olga-chan’s words.

    “………… I was told that I shouldn’t have been born. Then I was sold by my parents, bought by a country, and made me learned assassination techniques ……”


    “…… But I’m happy now. It doesn’t matter how the world is. Everyone has the right to be happy.” (TN: Damn, can I cry now?)

    “…… I want to be happy, too. I want to see the real sky and not be in a place like this. I want to breathe fresh air. I want to see various sceneries ……! But ……!”

    Then Zora couldn’t bear it, and started crying.

    Al, who was watching that, asked me.

    “Say. I don’t know if I should rely on you like this, but…… Seiichi, can’t you do something about it? Because I was also cursed, I can’t think of any person ……”

    “…… I’m very glad that you’re relying on me, but this is……”

    I want to help, too.

    I’d like to help…… But, to make matters worse, her eyes of petrification weren’t a curse.

    No matter how many times I checked her using 『Advanced Appraisal』 or 『World’s Eye』, there’s no sign of a curse.

    I mean …….

    “……It is really an inborn constitution…….”

    If it’s not a curse, but a constitution, then there’s nothing I can do about it.

    I can’t visualize a magic of improving her constitution.

    Moreover, it’s not a skill, so there’s nothing I can do anymore.

    “Even if it’s a constitution, if I don’t know how the light of petrification comes out ……”

    “Maybe, it’s caused by the excessive magic power overflowing from her eyes …… “


    When I was holding made head in a serious stalemate, Luthia was looking seriously at Zora’s eyes.

    “I can see magic power directly as a color, not using any skill or magic. I think I have the same constitution as her. So, I thought it was weird a while ago…… There’s so much magic power in her eyes. And when it’s about to overflow, it seems that it will be emitted as light of petrification without her being able to suppress it. ”

    “Ri, right …… Then, what do we have to do about that magic power? For instance…… reducing the surplus.”

    I thought i could do something thanks to Luthia, but Luthia shook her head with a difficult expression.

    “…… Magic power is, something that circulates inside the body. It’s not about using magic, and if she forcibly reduces her magic power, something will happen to her body, and in the worst case, she can die.”

    “Then we can’t do anything after all ……”

    “No…… It’s difficult, but if she completely blocks the overflowing magic power, somehow……”

    Completely block the magic power huh……

    “Is it easy?”

    “…… Normally, she can’t. No matter how much she suppresses it, her magic power will still overflow from her body, and there are basically no obstacles in her magic power. ”

    “I see……”

    In other words, if there’s something that can shut out her magic power completely, Zora’s light of petrification will be fine.

    However, it’s not just about suppressing the light of petrification, she also wants to see the scenery outside, and so I have to make it happen.

    …… I guess I’m being selfish, but she’ll have to use something that doesn’t block her view, such as goggles or glasses.

    “No…… Something that completely blocks only magical power, and doesn’t obstruct the field of vision ……”

    What a convenient item!

    Where was that ――――


    As I said that, I suddenly remembered.

    ……There was. There was, one ……!

    I remembered the item and called out to everyone.

    “Hey, everyone!”

    “Nn? What’s wrong?”

    “…… I found a way to solve Zora’s problem.”

    『Eeh!? 』

    Sure enough, everyone was surprised.

    “Seiichi…… I’m telling you this myself, but there’s nothing that can completely block magic power, right? What’s more, things that don’t deprive the field of vision is……”

    Base on Luthia’s words, I thought so too at first, but there’s no other choice because it really exists.

    “It’s fine! But I have to get out of this dungeon first to get it ready.”

    “Wha? You’re leaving the dungeon……. I mean, we are trapped in this dungeon.”

    I’ve completely forgotten about it because of Zora, but this dungeon said that we were trapped.


    “No, it doesn’t matter because I have the Transition Magic.”

    “…… Come to think of it, you have that.”

    Actually. it seems that Transition Magic can be used in this room, so we can escape without any problems.

    “But when the errand is over, I’ll come back again. ”

    “Wha? Why ..….”

    I replied with a smile to the curious Al.

    “Of course ―――― I won’t forgive this dungeon.”

    (TN: We will see Seiichi at his finest in the next chapter………… I guess!)

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