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    Shinka no Mi

    Chapter 125.2

    “Ah…… Luthia-san. I got what you wanted. ”

    “Eh? But …… is it okay? Even though the monster, was defeated by the two of you …… “

    “Yes, my main focus is on close combat rather than magic ……”

    “……I’ve already received one.”

    “Yes…… then……”

    Originally, it has the effect that Luthia wanted, so it became Luthia’s property without particularly fighting.

    Because Luthia is wearing a black dress, the necklace with the red jewel shimmering is reflected well.

    Thus, not only Olga-chan but also Luthia got a new item, and began to participate in battles more actively.

    When Luthia used the 『Demon King’s Hand』 with her necklace, it has a power that is incomparable to the previous one, Everyone was surprised by it, including Luthia. Equipment is important after all.

    However, as expected, we didn’t get drop items consecutively, and eventually, we arrived at a large room.

    “Well, this is …… “

    “Seiichi, there’s a big door over there, it’s a boss fight again, isn’t it?”

    As Saria said, there’s a thick door behind the room.

    “Boss…… Maybe the boss is a snake-type monster. ”

    『―――― That’s right. 』


    We were surprised at the voice that suddenly echoed in the room.

    Then a black vortex that I don’t understand well appears in the center of the room, and one monster appeared from inside it.

    The lower half of the super huge snake has metallic blue and some black scales, and has spotted pattern.

    And then――――

    『As you expected ――――I’m a snake monster! 』

    ―――― Its upper body was a muscular gorilla.

    “No, I’ve mistaken, it’s a gorilla monster!?”

    I involuntarily tsukkomi’d at its figure.

    The lower half of its body is a snake, but it’s true!! Obviously, it’s all about the impact on its upper body!

    This gorilla is unlike the 『Kaizer Kong』, Saria’s tribe, it’s somewhat cool with blue body hair.

    However, its body is the same as Saria in her gorilla state …… Comparable to Goria.

    On both its arms, a gauntlet with sophisticated design of metallic blue similar to its lower body is fitted.

    Surprisingly, when the gorilla in front of us snaps its fingers, a black vortex emerged around it again, and a large amount of snake-type monsters appeared from the inside.

    At the same time as the occurrence of the monsters, a thick door also appeared behind us.

    『Now, there’s no escape. And I’m the boss of this room. I can’t let you go first…… you guys, are dispatched! 』

    『Yes, Nee-san! 』 (TN: Dafaq, the monsters called that gori-snake, nee-san!?)

    Receiving the command of the gorilla in front of them, the snakes attacked all at once.

    Then, Al and others are already in their battle state, and didn’t allow the monsters to approach.

    Olga-chan and Luthia’s attacks, which were enhanced with weapons and items on the way, are particularly powerful, and moreover, they’re quite active because they are ideal for wide range annihilation.

    I was taken aback just because it was a gorilla monster, but I returned to my sanity and activated 『Advanced appraisal. 』.

    『Giant Anakong Lv: 1800』 (TN: Anaconda + Kong, get it?)

    It’s strong eeeeeEEEEEEEEEEEHHH!

    Whawhat!? Are all gorillas in this world strong!? Its level is somehow higher than Saria! On the contrary, it’s even higher than Zeanos!

    Moreover, I don’t know if it’s a snake or a gorilla because its name is so well mixed!

    As I was surprised at the results of the appraisal, the gorilla monster who noticed my existence ―――― Anakong opened its eyes wide.

    『Nn? Yo, you……』

    “Eh? M, me?”

    When I twist my head like that without knowing what was so alarming, Anakong blushed for some reason.

    『…… Aren’t you a good man. That’s good. I like you! You, should become my husband! 』(TN: So another gorilla has fallen for him, nice!)


    ““What are you saying, you gorilllllllaaaaaaaaaaaa!””

    Surprisingly, apart from me who stiffened, Al and Rurune attacked Anakong with dreadful look.

    However, Anakong catches Al’s axe and Rurune’s kick lightly with one hand.


    “My kick!?”

    『―――― Don’t disturb me! 』

    And when it shakes its arms, they were greatly blown away.

    However, since both of them assumed a defensive stance* in the air, they didn’t get any major injuries. (TN: Ukemi – the art of falling down safely)

    While the others’ fierce battles are taking place, I was still stuck here.

    ―――― Why, am I getting proposed by gorillas?

    『Come now, let’s get rid of these guys and get the ceremony done! 』

    “Wait a minuteeeeeeeeeeee!”

    I finally tsukkomi’d.

    “Why! I’m your enemy! And you’re a gorilla! Marriage!?”

    『You say something strange. Isn’t it natural to seek for a strong male? 』

    “The super-wild theory came out! What!? Is there a pheromone that attracts gorillas coming from my body!?”

    “That’s right”

    “Please tell me it’s a lieeeeeeeeeeeEEEEEE!”

    What a limited pheromone! Who gave this!? Change this to a different pheromone!

    To me who was holding my head with all my might, Anacong gradually approaches.

    Isn’t this weird? It’s not just Saria!? What’s going on with my body!

    Louise desperately tries to stop Anakong, but the other snake monsters got in the way.

    No, can I fight it right now!? Because it’s completely aiming at me!

    Saria is my only gorilla wife! Or rather, Saria is good! Others are not accepted!

    It’s no longer a situation that can be said to be Louise and the others’ training, so I was about to fight right now.

    “―――― Seiichi, I’m he’re” (TN: Saria speaking in her gorilla form)

    『Nu!? 』

    Saria hits Anakong at a tremendous speed.

    But when Anakong catches her fist, she punches it with her other hand.

    Even that was stopped and Sarria, and Anakong were in a condition that’s so-called four hands*. (TN: Ever watched a sumo fight? Its like both of their hands are interlocked)


    『Guh! Wh, who the hell, are you!? 』

    Their level difference should be huge, but rather than losing power to Anakong, Saria overwhelms it.

    “…… I ham … Seiichi’s … bride-san ……!”

    『Br, briiiiiiiiidddeeeeeeeee!?』

    Anakong shouted as it was about to be pushed down to the ground, but it immediately tightened its expression.

    『Kuh …… until I take it from you ……! 』


    After all its level is over 1000, and from an unfavorable position, Anakong returned to its rivalry condition again.

    However, Saria didn’t lose, and she hit her head towards Anakong.

    “I’m he’re!”


    Anakong, who steadily released its hand, staggered a few steps back, shook its head and punched Saria’s face.

    『Don’t get carried away! 』



    “Don’t come!”

    I rushed in order to help her, but Saria commanded me by her hand.

    “This iz…… a women’s battle……!”

    “A women’s battle!?”

    “Yes…… I’ll win, diz fight……!”

    『Kuh……! 』

    Then Saria punched Anakong in its face in return.

    ―――― The battle from there was terrifying.

    Without both of them pulling back, they strike each other violently on the spot.

    “Why are you aiming for Seiichi! Other males haven’t varnished!”

    『You don’t understand because you’re from the outside!? I’ve never had a chance to meet a guy bound by this dungeon! I don’t know if I’m over thirty or it’s too late ……!』

    What, the condition of this dungeon is. I wonder if this is thirty years old.

    “Certainly, the two of us didn’t share the same feelings at first…… but, I won’t absolutely hand over Seiichi!”

    『This little girl’s position is……!  That male is mine! 』

    I no longer know what’s going on, and all I can do is watch the fight between the two in a dazed way.

    Before I knew it, Al and the others, and even the snake monsters, who were supposed to be fighting each other, were watching the battle between the two of them.

    “Saria! You should never lose!”

    “Please do your best, Saria-sama!”

    “That’s it, hit your blow there!”

    “……Saria-oneechan, hang in there.”

    “Amazing…… The battle between fellow monsters has intensity like this…… “

    『Don’t lose, Ane-saaaaaaaaaaaaaaan*! 』 (TN: Older sister)

    『That young lady* is strong! 』 (TN: Ojou-chan)

    『Oi, why are you praising her? Certainly, the other party is also strong …… but more than that, Nee-san is desperate! I can’t believe she never had a man at this age …… uh …… 』

    『She’s already too old to get married…… Nee-san! You’ll definitely win and get a man! 』

    『………… You guys, I’ll remember this later! 』

    『『『Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!? I, I’m sorryyyyyyyyyy! 』』』

    Am I looking at a comedy skit?

    Eh, what? Am I strange? I don’t understand this situation, am I weird?

    Because I’m the only one who’s completely out of place, I can’t help but feel that.

    That’s why, I tried to look again at the battle between Saria and Anakong.



    The exchange of violent blows was unfolded.

    The impact was tremendous, even only the wind pressure of their fists cracked the surrounding walls; and the ground was already crumbling.

    However, since it’s a dungeon wall, it should be fixed soon.

    When I gaze at the scene while being stunned, one of the snake monsters approached me and put its tail on my shoulder.

    『Nii-chan, you’re so popular! ………… to gorillas though』

    “I’m not happyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!”

    As I thought, I’m strange!? No matter how I think about it! No, I’m weird without even thinking!

    You were our enemies in the first place!? Why are you being so friendly!?

    『No no, please be delighted! Nee-san is a good woman!…… she’s a gorilla though』

    『Yeah yeah, she seems to be the devoted type! …… she’s a gorilla though』

    『The leader that controls us, she’s incredibly reliable! …… she’s a gorilla though』

    『She’s good at cooking, and her hands are surprisingly dexterous as well. ――――』

    “She’s a gorilla thouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugh!?”

    I’m sure that gorilla will be attached to any of their explanations!

    No, a gorilla isn’t bad. But it’s not that kind of problem……!

    『Hand that man oveeeeeeeeeeeeeer! 』

    “Absolutely nooooooooooooooooooooo!”

    Normally, some people may be happy if women scramble for them.

    That’s about all I’m wishing for.

    But ……why is it gorillaaaaaaaaaaaas!

    At least humans! Please let it be humans! Because, it’s not so right for different species to love each other!? And in the first place, I have Saria!

    I noticed while I was grieving, that their whole body was full of wounds.



    Both of them keep on staring at each other without negligence.

    However, everybody here thought that.

    ――――The next one would settle this.

    The physical strength of both of them is also at its limit, and they can no longer release blows with all their might.

    Then AnaKong strangely laughs.

    『Kukuku……Ahahahahaha! 』

    “? What’s funny?”

    『No, my bad…… I never thought this fight would be so interesting…… I’m sorry that I underestimated you for being a little girl. You’ve got this far with me who has a superior status for the male you like. I’ll honestly praise you. It’s just ――――』


    『―――― In the end, I will win! 』

    Anakong approached Saria at the fastest speed it ever had, and it delivered a whole body blow to her stomach.



    『Well now, I’m the winner! 』

    I screamed and was convinced that Anacong would win.

    ――――But, Saria wasn’t defeated yet.

    “――――You’re captured”

    『Naa!? this――――』

    “Seiichi is……miiiiiiiiiineeeeeeee!”

    『Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! 』

    『『『A, ane-saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan! 』』』

    Saria’s sharp upper cut, broke into Anakong’s jaw.

    Raising her arm up in the sky, Saria became certain.

    And Anakong―――― fell down to the ground. (TN: And anakong will eat the Fruit of Evolution, I guess)


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