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    Shinka no Mi

    Chapter 124.2


    Translated by Mlzkzr
    Edited by Mlzkzr


    “Oh, a lake……”

    “If the scenery here wasn’t a cave with walls of rocks, I would’ve thought that this was an underground lake ……”

    As Al says, because this place is grassland, it never looks like an underground lake, and if anything, the impression of the lake that I get besides the main road is strong.

    Then Saria, who was approaching the lake and looking into it, noticed something.

    “Ah, Seiichi! Come over here!

    “Nn? What happened?”

    “That, isn’t that the entrance to the stairs that leads to the lower floors?”

    The lake was very clear, and I could see through to the bottom of it.

    Therefore, it’s also visible what appears to be a stairs as directed by Sarria.

    The stairs themselves are assimilated with the floor, and the entrance to the staircase was closed now by a thick door.

    “That’s true …… Or rather, stairs in the lake…… What’s it doing here, this. You have to open that door to get down, but it’s a lake, so there’s a limit to diving it …… “

    “Hey, Seiichi. Look at that. ”


    When I was worried about the door at the bottom of the lake, this time, Al points to another direction.

    As I look in that direction, a white snake, which exudes a feeling of sacred atmosphere, was motionlessly staring this way.

    “Ah, what about that?”

    “Well? I don’t feel any sort of hostility at the moment, but isn’t that the boss of this level?”

    As Al said, the snake with beautiful pure white scales and blue eyes, even though it was staring at us, we don’t feel any factors such as hostility or harm.

    And the white snake, which seems to be quite large at a visible distance, couldn’t perceive with my 『World’s Eyes』.

    When my mind was troubled with two mysterious things, the white snake and the door, the white snake suddenly spoke to me.

    『Milords, can you save the pitiful child ahead? 』


    That voice seems to be heard by everyone, including me, and Saria and the others are surprised.

    However, as it suddenly talked, I was concerned about the content of its words more than anything.

    “Save a pitiful child …… What do you mean?”

    『Exactly what it means. Wasn’t blessed after it was born, can you save the poor child who has been sealed here for more than a thousand years? 』

    “Tho, thousand years!?”

    I don’t know the details, but the existence that was asked by the white snake in front of us to be saved seems to have been sealed in the dungeon for more than a thousand years.

    …… At first, the entrance of the original dungeon was suddenly opened near the school, and I was only asked to make sure that it would not be used as an entry route for other countries, but this dungeon seems to be more outrageous than expected.

    However, it was the correct answer that we came here to look because Barna-san wouldn’t risk the students in danger.

    That’s because Barna-san and Louise have exceeded the level 500, which is the point of reach of humanity, while all the monsters in this dungeon are at a higher level.

    If this dungeon is so important, then it will have to be investigated even more firmly.

    Still, this white snake who said to save someone is …….

    “………… Honestly, that story, I don’t know if I can save the child you’re talking about. I don’t have any information. But, we also have a reason to move ahead in this dungeon. ”

    The white snake who listened to my words carefully, laughed gently.

    『Hmm …… If you said you can save it* without any basis, I would’ve erased you here, but I have favorable impression for those who answers honestly. 』(TN: I don’t know the gender of the child yet, so I used ‘it’ here)

    Was I going to get erased if I said something inappropriate!? That’s dangerous!?

    I used 『Advanced Appraisal』 to the white snake in front of me unintentionally.

    『Snake God Lv: 5500』 (TN: What the heck is that level!!!?)

    That’s high level!? Oi! Besides, it’s a God!?

    Even the Black Dragon God had a level of 5000, but the white snake in front of me ―――― The Snake God had a higher level.

    The Snake God probably noticed that it was appraised, but it didn’t say anything about that.

    『Whether Milords can save 【That child】, it seems to be worth it to only trust you. However, the monsters ahead will be stronger than this level. Do you still want to proceed? 』

    “Well, we have to move forward.”

    When I said that with a bitter smile, the Snake God deepened its smile.

    『Good. However, there are conditions to open the door at the bottom of this lake. 』


    『Remove all the water in this lake. 』

    “Eh!? The water of this lake!?”

    As I was surprised by the unexpected conditions, the Snake God continued.

    『Yes, all of it. Of course, it doesn’t matter how you do it……. Well, what will you do? 』

    I don’t know what to do……

    I looked at Saria and the others.

    The most realistic thing to do would be to use magic.

    However, there’s no existing magic that removes all water.

    Hmm …… the 『Magic Hole』 of the dark attribute magic can absorb all magic, and if I make a magic similar to that …….

    When I was thinking of trying to make the water disappear like that, Rurune raised her hand.


    “Nn? What?”

    “Milord, we only have to get rid of that water, right?”

    “Eh? A, ah, that’s right but……”

    “Can I do it?”


    Her unexpected offer surprised everyone, including me.

    “Ru, Rurune. Are you going to use magic?”

    “No, I can’t use it.”

    “How then ……”

    “I’ll drink it.”


    Furthermore, we opened our eyes wide to her answer that went diagonally above our expectations.

    “……Glutton, you’re too stupid to even do that……”

    “Wha, what!? “

    “No, I think so too”

    “You too, Milord!?”

    Because I can only call you stupid. Thinking about it normally, what kind of creature are you to drink up a lake? Even I can’t do that.

    Rurune, who received my words like that, was a little bit of a mess.

    “No, no need to say that…… but, I was a bit thirsty because I walked around and fought a battle ……”

    “You’re going to drink up a lake just because you’re a little thirsty!”

    Rurune is more of a monster than me!?

    “Bu, but I can really do it! Please take a look!”

    “Eh? Ah, Oi!”

    I tried to stop Rurune, but she already stood in front of the lake.

    『Fumu? Does the Lord* want to remove the water? 』 (TN: The kanji used in this case is read as Aruji, the previous one, which is Milord, is Omou-sama just like what Rurune uses)

    “That’s right. I am the Knight of Milord. “

    『You have a lot of confidence, but …… how? 』


    『What? 』

    “I’ll drink it up.”


    The Snake God was speechless. That’s absolutely right!

    The Snake God, who returned to its sanity, ridiculed.

    『Fufufu …… hahahahahahahaha! What did you say, you’ll drink it up!? An inconceivable idiot ――――』

    “It’s done.”  (TN: What the heck–!)


    Before I noticed it, the water was gone from the lake in front of me. No, I don’t know how it happened.

    However, Rurune wipes her mouth, making it seem like nothing.

    “It tastes very normal. If this water is from a God, then prepare something more delicious.”

    When Rurune coldly told so, she came back under me.

    “Done, Milord.”

    “Eh!? Ah, Ye, yeah …… that…… I’m really sorry for doubting you……”

    I seriously apologized.

    Then Rurune blushes a little, and tells me with an upward glance.

    “So, then …… that …… Would you like to go out and eat with me again……?”


    “N, no! If you don’t like it! If you don’t……”

    After saying that, Rurune’s face turned into a sad expression, so I panicked reflexively.

    “Let’s go! Yeah, let’s definitely go out on a walk and eat! Right!?”
    “Ah…… Yes!”

    Receiving my words, Rurune’s face shined.

    Olga-chan, who was watching our interactions like that, says apologetically when she returned to her senses at once.

    “…… Glutton, I’m sorry.”

    “Mu? Hmm, you just have to know, know that ――――”

    “…… The glutton was more gluttonous than I expected ……”

    “Are you going to apologize!?”

    In front of us who suddenly became noisy, the Snake God also returned to its sanity.

    『No no no! It’s strange!? What, is this girl! Is Lord really a human!?”

    “No, I’m a donkey”

    『I don’t understand what you meeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaan! 』

    Where did her sacredness at the beginning went, the snake god was very upset.

    『Is there such an insane existence! That is so insane that he can use both the 【Demon King’s Magic】 and 【Holy Attribute Magic】, which are famous as contradictory magic. ――――』

    “Ah, I can use both of them.”

    『So who are you looooooooooorrrrrdddddsss!』

    The Snake God screamed.

    Then, as it just retorted, it started to adjust its rough breath.

    『Haa……Haa…… It’s been many years, since I’ve became a god ……but I’m still encountering such disturbing events……』

    “I don’t know what your life has been!”

    『It’s the Lord’s fault!? 』

    I got scolded. I don’t understand.

    『Haa…… it’s already good. No matter how insane you may be, it’s true that the water on the lake was removed. Let’s open the door leading to the stairs 』

    Then, the Blue Eyes of the Snake God shined.

    At that moment, the door at the bottom of the lake opened with a noise.

    『Now, go ahead. From now on, even more powerful monsters are wandering beyond this…… However, I felt that it was only useless to be worried as I watched Milord’s appearance…… 』

    “Well, I’m sorry”

    『……Haa. Well, it can be said that I was lucky this time that Milords are insane……After all, my expectations of saving 【That child】 increased. 』

    “That’s …… Can’t you tell me about 【That child】? And about this dungeon……”

    Since it started speaking strangely, I asked it unintentionally, but the Snake God shakes its head.

    『I am nothing more than a monster bound to this land. Therefore, many secrets cannot be told. Forgive me』

    “Is that so……”

    It’s inconvenient to say it’s a God. It seems that there are various restrictions on Black Dragon God as well.

    If it’s the God who sent me and the other heroes into this world, the story would be different.

    For the time being, we have no business for this level anymore, and when I was about to go downstairs, the Snake God finally said.

    『Be careful. The threat, isn’t dead yet. 』 (TN: We have a major foreshadowing here guys!)

    The moment I tried to hear the meaning of it, the Snake God disappeared from its place like a fog.

    “? What happened? Seiichi”

    “…… No, nothing.”

    When I was stunned after looking at that scene, Saria called out, and once again, we headed downstairs to the lower level.

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