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    Shinka no Mi

    Chapter 124.1


    Translated by Mlzkzr
    Edited by Mlzkzr


    (TN: This chapter is quite long so I divided it into two parts)


    When we go past the door, there was a staircase leading down there.

    “Stairs? This dungeon isn’t just one level ……”

    【Forest of Endless Love and Sorrow】 and the dungeon of the Black Dragon God was only one level deep, so I was convinced that all dungeons were the same.

    “Yes, that’s right. A plain dungeon only ends with one level, and that’s like a quite complicated labyrinth. On the contrary, if the dungeon continues to a lower layer, the road itself is simple, but the lower you go, the stronger the monsters tend to be.”

    “I see……”

    I was convinced after hearing Louise’s explanation, and for the time being, we’ll try to get down.

    When we get down the stairs, a strange sight spread beyond.


    There is a sky even though we’re in the dungeon, and there’s a sun floating.

    Moreover, grasslands spread all around, then there are trees in every place, and I can’t think this was a dungeon inside of a cave.

    “Uwa! Although we were in a cave until a while ago, but it looks like we’re outside!”

    “…… Nn. A fine weather for a picnic?”

    “A sandwich!?”

    However, apart from me who was purely surprised, Saria and the others were feeling warmly.

    That? Is something wrong with me?

    Then Luthia seems to be the same as me, and she opened her eyes to look around and asked.

    “I’m new to dungeons, is this normal?”

    “Hmm…… At least, I don’t have any experience with this. How about Louise-san?”

    “…… If this is a cave-type dungeon, then it’s a rock wall dungeon that fits this, and some of them are like underground lakes inside, but this is the first time I’ve seen a dungeon with the same scenery as the outside.”

    Apparently, this dungeon also seems to be foreign to Louise.

    …… It’s also true that Luthia said that this was sad, but what the heck is this dungeon?

    We proceed to this mysterious dungeon with a little vigilance.

    Then, we encountered the first monster on this floor.

    “Bururururu ……”


    What appeared was a huge cow.

    Black fur and big sharp horns identified it as a bull, and not a dairy cow.

    When the cow noticed our existence, it started kicking the ground on the spot with a little vigilance.

    “Etto…… its 『Impact Bull』 and its level is 630…… It’s not as tough as the Gojou Snake, but it’s strong enough.”

    As I checked its name and other things with the skill 『Advanced appraisal』, 『All Language Comprehension』 was activated again like the time with Bear-san.

    『I’m the wind…… Yes, the black lightning that runs through this vast land ……! Obstacles standing in front of me, are going to be knocked down! 』

    Be clear whether you’re the wind or lightning.

    Or rather, the monsters here have a strange habit! Is this dungeon special, or is it just the same for other monsters …….

    When I happen to think of such a thing, Rurune stands facing the bull.

    “Milord, leave this to me. I am milord’s knight and servant. If I can help milord even a little ……!”

    “…… The cow looks really delicious, right?”

    “That’s right! Olga!?”

    “You didn’t deny it.”

    Because Louise and the other girls have been fighting for a long time, I wondered if Rurune wanted to fight too.

    With Rurune facing the bull, it seems that the bull also recognized Rurune as its opponent

    『Fuun …… You have good courage to stand in front of me! Now, can you keep up with my speed ――――』


    『DOHEAAAAaaaAa! 』

    It was an insta-kill.

    When Rurune quickly closes the distance with the bull, she hit its torso with a roundhouse kick.

    The bull bounces off the ground several times, and it falls down as it is.

    『I, I was …… flash…… then…… I wasn’t……』

    Leaving such words, the bull becomes light particles and disappears. And this time, it turned into a flash. Didn’t the bull cleared it until its last moment? (TN: the bull turned into flash just like it said)

    Then, a lump of meat had fallen there which is carefully wrapped in leaves.

    “Fuun. The beef taste is, in front of me…… meeeeeaaaaaaaaat!”

    “No, if it’s good, then keep it till the last minute!”

    Rurune had a smug face. As soon as she found the meats that have been dropped, she immediately picked it up. You called it beef taste, but you’re a donkey, right? (TN: You taste like beef too, right?)

    “At any rate …… this is the first drop item in this dungeon, is it originally like this?”

    Since I have the skill 『Complete Dismantling』, I’m definitely able to get drop items, but honestly, I didn’t know how established the other items were.

    “I agree…… It depends on the person, except for the monsters in 【Monster House】, but isn’t it normal to get some in the number of battles we had on the way? “

    “Nn? Is there a difference between the monsters inside the 【Monster House】? “

    “Yes. Since it’s a trap, you can’t get anything other than experience points from the monsters inside the 【Monster House】. “

    “By the way, drop items seem to have a lot to do with the Luck in our stats. ”

    In Louise and Al’s explanation, I found out what was a drop item.

    Well, in my case, I’m sure I can get items and skills even from the monsters in the 【Monster House】.

    While we were having such a conversation, Rurune picked up a meat, and was dangling it in her cheeks while drooling.

    “Nn goku*…… hah…… good…… Very nice …… How delicious would it be if I bake this, add some sauce on it, and eat it with hot rice …… ” (TN: SFX when she swallowed her saliva)

    Oi, idiot, don’t do that. I’ll be hungry.

    When I was amazed at Rurune’s figure, my skill 【World’s Eye】 suddenly reacted.

    It’s right next to Rurune, but I can’t see it.

    As I twist my neck unintentionally, Olga screamed, who noticed it just like me.

    “……! Glutton, it’s dangerous!”

    Then a serpent appeared from the ground.

    The snake looks like a cobra, but it’s big enough to swallow us.

    When I appraised it while being surprised that I didn’t noticed its existence before, I was convinced as I see its name.

    『Undead Hyde Snake Lv: 622』


    In other words, it’s already dead.

    That’s why, I didn’t even noticed it with the skill I used to detect life force, and maybe it was too late to find it by my 『World’s Eye』 because it was so good in hiding as its Hyde name suggests.

    Anyway, when such a big snake appeared right next to Rurune, it tries to swallow Rurune as it is.

    “Wha!? I, I like to eat but I don’t want to be eaten!”

    “Looks like you can still afford a lot of leeway in this situation!?”

    Anyway, when I tried to move to help her, Luthia fired a black flame from the palm of her hand and attacked the snake.


    “When I look at everyone, I also wanted to fight. Not only to be defended, but I can keep myself safe if I become strong.“

    “I see……”

    Certainly, as Luthia said, we intended to protect Luthia, including myself, but nothing will ever happen.

    Then, it would be good for Luthia to become stronger to reduce even the slightest danger to her.

    The big snake that was attacked from another direction, quickly changed its target to Luthia, but before it approaches, Luthia casts her magic again.

    “『Hand of the Demon King』”

    It was a huge hand made of jet black flame.

    When the hand of Jet-black Flame appears behind Luthia, it swung down towards the large serpent.

    And the snake that was cut up by the hand of black flame, was burned out as it was.

    “……Yeah, I’ve used it for the first time in a while, but it worked.”

    “Wa! Just now, that was so cool! Is that magic too?”

    When Saria asked Luthia with her eyes shining, Luthia answered without concealing it.

    “Yes. The existence that is us 【Demon King】 inherited, is this special magic. “


    I had a bad feeling in Luthia’s words

    Then ――――

    『You have learned the 【Demon King’s Magic】』 (TN: Oh, so it appeared this time)

    I’ve done it ……!

    I’m not a demon, let alone a Demon King! Do you understand?! My body! (TN: His body: No.)

    It’s already strange that I can use the heroes’ 【Holy Attribute Magic】, but on top of that, if I learned 【Demon King’s Magic】, where should I go!

    I don’t really know what it means to be a hero or a Demon king!

    As I suddenly held my head to the unexpected event, Luthia, who noticed it, strangely asked me.

    “? Seiichi, what happened?”

    “……uhmm……I wonder if I can use the 【Demon King’s Magic】 ……now……”


    When I involuntarily answered honestly, everyone screamed.

    And Luthia, who returned to her sanity the earliest, floated a serious expression.

    “Is Seiichi a demon?”

    “I’m a humaaaaaaaaan! No matter how you look at me, I’m a humaaaaaaaan!”

    I’ve started to doubt myself recently, but I want to think that I’m a human ……!

    Then, Al asked me while drawing back her face.

    “I don’t think so…… Seiichi was originally a human from a different world, but he said he wasn’t a hero…… you’re not saying that you can also use the 【Holy Attribute Magic】……?”

    “………………………… I can use it.”

    “Are you really a human!?”


    What I was thinking the most was, that!

    Does everyone know that!? The explanation of 『Human』 on my race says that I can become a God or Demon King!? What a dangerous race!

    Even though I’m grieving so much, Rurune and Louise had their eyes shining.

    “As expected of Milord! After all, Milord is suitable for destroying this world!”

    “A premise to destroy it!? I’m not going to do that!?”

    “I am happy to be able to study with someone like my Shishou…… Shishou, I’ll entrust my life to you.”

    “That’s heavy, Louise! Moreover, the other party that you’d entrusted, isn’t it the Welmburg Kingdom!?”

    Naturally, we need strength to protect our loved ones.

    But, I think my power that’s been told to destroy the world is too much! I’m erasing many important people there, too!

    Saria was watching our interactions with a gentle smile.

    “Seiichi’s amazing! Right, Olga-chan?”

    “……Nn. I know Seiichi-oniichan is amazing, but Saria-oneechan who doesn’t change anything more than that is also amazing.”

    “That so? Ehehehe, thank you!”

    “…… Maybe you’re even more amazing than Seiichi-oniichan……”

    I was emotionally beaten for a while, but eventually, I recovered and we started exploring again.

    Although Rurune was caught off guard a while ago, she’s now kicking down another 『Undead Hyde Snake』 that attacked us along the way.

    In addition to the 『Impact Bull』, there were also large snakes like 『Night Snake』 and 『General Snake』 that look like they’re wearing human armor……

    “Hey, aren’t there a lot of snake-type monsters in this dungeon?”

    “I agree…… However, this level may be limited in that way, but I don’t feel like that when I see the 『Impact Bull』’s state.”

    It might be my misunderstanding after all, that this dungeon itself may be somewhat related to 『Snake』.

    However, we won’t know the truth unless we go to the bottom layer.

    As we proceed through the grasslands that you can’t imagine it being inside a cave, eventually, we arrived at a huge lake.

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