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    Shinka no Mi

    Chapter 123


    Translated by Mlzkzr
    Edited by Mlzkzr


    (TN: Title means Five-Headed Snake)

    I patted Louise’s head as a mysterious reward, but it seems to have ignited Saria and Al’s motivation, and after finding a monster from that point on, they annihilated the opposing monsters with certain-kill attacks.

    I’m thankful from the bottom of my heart, that there’s no monster which comes out that’s friendly to humans like Bear-san since then.

    Yup…… I feel like my heart is going to die because of guilt……

    Let’s not repeat that tragedy anymore…… No, really.

    “Seiichi! Look, I defeated it! That’s why, stroke my head!”

    Saria shows me her head with an innocent smile.

    “Seiichi! See, I’ve killed it! So, that’s…… Look, pat me quickly ……”

    Her words gradually became quieter at the end, but Al holds out her head while turning her face red.

    “Shishou. I was able to dispose it quickly again this time……. Please.”

    Her expression didn’t change, but Louise dyed her cheeks slightly red and bowed her head.

    ………… What is this situation?

    We’re in the dungeon, right? Why isn’t there such a tension?

    When I reconsidered what we really came here for, Olga-chan calls out to Rurune.

    “…… Is the glutton good?”

    “Mu? No…… I can’t really take away the opportunities for Saria-sama and the others’ great efforts……”

    “…… Hmmm. Then, I’ll go.”

    “Wha, what’s that?!”

    …………Yeah, It seems that the number of people who I have to pat has increased again.

    When I was unconsciously pulling my cheeks, Luthia asked me.

    “Are dungeons, usually like this?”

    “It’s absolutely different!”

    Yes, definitely not! Should! Maybe!…… I’m not sure!

    However, as Bear-san’s level was high, this dungeon seems have a high degree of difficulty, and even now, Louise barely managed to handle an attack.


    “Garururururururu …… WOOoooooOOON!”

    This monster was 『Blood Dog Lv: 621』, the length of its body is about 2m, and its characteristic features are reddish black fur and bloody eyes.

    By the way, I don’t have to worry for it like Bear-san this time.


    『HYAfuuuuuuuUUU! Meat, it’s meat! I’m gonna kill and eat all of yooouuu! 』

    ……And that’s because it’s very aggressive like this. It would have been nice if Bear-san was so hostile and murderous just like that ……

    Blood dog seems to move fast, and was attacking from various angles using the passages and walls of the dungeon that cannot be called wide at all.

    Even now, Louise used her fine sword to defend against its sharp claws attacks.


    “Ora, let me have some!”

    When Louise received its pounce, Al attacks the Blood Dog, but it avoided immediately.

    However, the figure of Saria, who became a gorilla except her face, was seen in the destination where it avoided the attack.

    “Blow, crush!”


    When Saria punches it at a tremendous speed, the Blood Dog was blown away.

    And Louise didn’t miss that gap, then the Blood Dog tried to get into defense in a hurry, but it didn’t make it in time, and its torso was pierced with her sword.

    The Blood Dog, who died in one hit, became particles of light and disappeared.

    It doesn’t have any drop items because Louise and the others are the ones who killed it and not me, but if I defeated Bear-san, my body would have evolved more by now.

    “Fuu…… The opponents are getting considerably stronger. It would have been tough by myself. Saria-san, and Altria-san. Thank you very much.”

    Saying that, Louise bowed her head.

    Yup, Louise is a good girl. (TN: Seiichi-kun, can you elaborate how good she is to you?)

    However, this happened because they couldn’t understand the monster’s words, it was a sad incident…….

    With that kind of feeling, Louise cuts down various monsters while also training herself, as she originally intended.

    If it gets a little tough on herself alone, she worked with Al and Saria to defeat them, so she seems to be all right.

    But, monsters doesn’t always attack one at a time, and in the middle, there was a group of monsters that surpassed Louise who was alone.

    However, Rurune and Olga-chan also participated in the fight on the way, and eventually, they were able to defeat the monsters without any damage.

    “….. Yes, I knew that Seiichi was outrageous by his aura, but when you look at it this way, Saria and the others are also strange enough. Is this also the effect of Seiichi?”

    “Who, who knows?”

    I had no choice but to incline my head to Luthia’s words.

    No, I don’t think it was my fault, but I can’t deny it completely right now.

    As we proceeded with less tension, we went into a large room.

    “Here is? Dungeons are, not just narrow passages.”

    “That’s right…… Thinking about it normally, there are traps or bosses too……”

    Luthia looked around with great interest, and Al answered so while being a little wary.

    “I think so too. Such large rooms are not unusual in a dungeon. If we’re lucky, we’ll find treasure chests and other things in this place……”

    “Does that contains food!?”

    “…… Unfortunately, it’s not food. And besides, there seems to be no treasure chest in this room.”

    Rurune bites enormously at Louise’s supplement, but she immediately felt disappointed when she finds out that there’s no treasure chest here.

    “……Glutton. Do you also want to eat the food in the treasure chest?”

    “It’s natural, isn’t it? What stupid things are you saying”

    “……Nn. That’s absolutely gonna destroy your stomach”

    Olga-chan frowned on Rurune’s words, and touched her own stomach.

    “Well, to begin with, Rurune’s appetite isn’t something new. After all, the fact that there’s no treasure chest means that the boss of this room is in here, or this is a trap……”

    『That’s right, intruder. 』


    Suddenly, a low voice echoed in the room.

    Then, the entrance leading to the passage behind us, was closed by a thick door that suddenly appeared.

    “Tsk…… Apparently, we were going to see both the trap and the boss.”

    “…… Ah, Seiichi! Look over there!”

    When everyone turned their eyes to the direction where Saria pointed, there’s the same thick door from behind, and there was a huge human 【Eyes】 on the wall of the dungeon as if to sandwich that door.

    『Well done, intruders. I’m the dungeon itself …… I welcome you. 』

    I don’t know where the voice comes from, but the Giant eyes said that with a low voice.

    “We, welcome?”

    『Yes, it’s a welcome―――― Come now, receive it』

    The moment the huge eyes became sharp, suddenly, a large amount of monsters appeared around us.

    Inconsistent monsters such as Dog-shaped or Dragon-shaped, and zombie-like creatures, came to attack all at once.

    “Damn it, it’s a 【Monster House】 !” (TN: An old RPG classic)

    “【Monster House】?”

    When I twist my neck over the words from Al’s mouth that I don’t understand, Louise taught me instead.

    “A 【Monster House】 is a kind of trap where a large number of monsters appear, as the name implies. However, there’s no such huge eyes and voice originally, and if you defeat a certain number of monsters that sprung up, you can proceed …… but, I’m not sure if that’s the case in this situation.”

    Apparently, the voice and the giant eyes are not common.

    But anyway, in order to get out of this situation, we had no choice but to exterminate the monsters.

    “This is also, another form of training. 【Water Laser】”

    When Louise pulls out her fine sword, she recites the water attribute magic 【Water Laser】.

    However, unlike the normal 【Water Laser】, it transformed into a long sword of water laser and wrapped around her fine sword. (TN: It means that her water laser became a long sword and it wrapped around her fine sword)

    “―――― Hah!”

    And when Louise wields that fine sword, the monsters on the front lines that are attacking are chopped easily.

    “Then, I’ll go.”

    “Ple, please.”

    That’s what Louise said, and she plunged into a flock of monsters at a tremendous speed.

    Hmm …… If she was able to do this, then I think Louise wasn’t weak either.

    It’s just that the 【Demon God’s Cult】  guys have ominous power.

    But I have to fight those guys, and that’s why I knew that I needed to be strong.

    Looking at Louise who assaulted, Saria and the others also prepared to fight.

    “Al, fall back”

    “Ye, yeah! …… No, I’m not used to you suddenly becoming a gorilla except only your face!”

    “【Blinking Arm*】” (TN: madoka ude)

    “You’re fighting already!?”

    When Saria activated her skill 【Blinking Arm】, she immediately struck her humanoid fist into the nearest dog-shaped monster.

    Her fist sharply rips the belly of the dog-shaped monster, and in addition, the shock wave of Saria’s fist blew away all the surrounding monsters.

    It’s been a long time since I saw 【Blinking Arm】, but was it so powerful?

    There are even monsters that are shattered throughout their body with only its shock waves …… If I received that force before I evolved, I can’t live like this now.

    Al was also surprised by Saria’s sudden battle, but she immediately switches her consciousness and swung her big ax.

    “I’m …… not too weak!”

    When Al’s axe hits the belly of a raccoon-shaped monster ……

    “Blow off! 【Ice Shock】!”

    At that moment, sharp cold air gushes from her axe, and it penetrated the raccoon-shaped monster’s belly.

    And that cold air affects the other monsters, freezing their feet, and slowing down their movements.

    “Al-san, that’s a good attack”

    Louise didn’t miss that chance, and she defeated the monsters that couldn’t move.

    The number of monsters will surely be reduced by Louise and the others, and we’re just standing up here but there’s no harm for us.

    What am I really here for?

    When I was thinking about what am I here for unintentionally, Luthia pulled the hem of my clothes.

    “I, certainly thought that it would be safest to be with Seiichi. But when I looked at them…… Yeah, I feel more secure. “

    “Is, that so”

    Well, for the Demon guys, we’re taking care of a very important person.

    It’s best for her to feel at ease.

    Then, unlike us who aren’t too edgy, the huge eyes, that had been watching the development with plenty of time until now, screamed impatiently.

    『Wha, wha what, you guys! Are not normal!? 』

    It’s cruel for you to say that they’re not normal. It’s not normal. (TN: so it’s okay if you’re the one who said it?)

    『Eei, then how about this guy!? 』

    When there are only few monsters left at this place, suddenly, the thick door between its huge eyes opened.

    Then, a huge snake with five heads appeared from there.

    It has an atmosphere that’s distinctly different from the monsters that have existed so far.

    Unexpectedly, its status was displayed like this.

    『Gojou Snake Lv: 893』

    No, it’s really strong.

    It’s almost twice as strong as the monsters we met along the way.

    I wonder if this is the boss of this dungeon?

    When I suddenly think about that sort of thing, after killing the other monsters, Louise immediately cut off one of the snake’s heads.

    “UEEEeeeeee!? So fast! You’ve sliced it already!?”

    She cut off the snake’s head so quickly, that I raised my voice involuntarily.

    However ……

    『Fuhahahahahahahahaha! Fools! You guys, have to cut off all its five heads at exactly the same time to kill it! Now, can you do such perfect and precise cooperation!? 』

    As the huge eyes said, the cut-off head quickly disappears, and on the contrary, a new head has grown from its neck.

    Looking at that sight, it seems that it would be really tough, so Rurune and Olga-chan participated in the battle.

    “…… Glutton, are you good?”
    “That snake …… In other words, I can continue to eat it forever!?”

    “……. looks okay”

    Ignoring Rurune’s dumb answer, Louise, Saria, Al and Rurune, there are five of them together with Olga-chan.

    By calculation, with this, all of them should be able to defeat it if each of them slices off one head at exactly the same time.

    But it’s easy to say that, and it would be very difficult to actually do such a thing in one breath.

    “…… Seiichi, are they gonna be okay? Don’t you have to help them?”

    Luthia asks me anxiously …… For some reason, I thought it was fine.

    Of course, I’m worried if they got injured or anything like that.

    But more than that, my trust in everyone prevailed.

    And Louise herself would rather prefer this situation. She’s been following me for the sake of her training, and I will definitely help them when it became really dangerous.

    However, the Gojou Snake is by no means weak.

    Saria and the others, who are still trying to attack at the exact right time, got spitted with purple sludge.

    The sludge makes a great noise the moment it touches the floor and completely melted it.

    But what’s more troublesome than that attack was, the moment when the snake’s eyes shined.

    If that thing happens, everyone avoids that light, because the portion where the light of the snake’s eyes hits becomes more and more petrified, and if they got hit, they’ll be unable to move, and they’ll die.

    I’m fine because I have the skill 【Complete Resistance】, but not everyone has it.

    After several matches unfolded, when they weren’t able to damage each other, Saria and the others noticed something.

    『That’s right! 』


    Because everyone said so with a bright expression, and as I wonder what they are going to do, but for some reason, they all distance themselves from the Gojou.Snake.

    The Gojou Snake also became wary and each of its head seized them one by one.

    “【Blinking Arm ● Spread】!”

    “【Wave Splitter Slash】……!”

    “【Fall Disaster】”

    “……【Cloning Technique ● Kill】”


    One person, gave a strange shout, but what everyone did was an indiscriminate attack over a wide area.

    First of all, Saria shoots her 【Blinking Arm】 with both her arms, and shock waves spread over a wide area.

    Al swings her ax widely, and when she steps on the ground, she makes a huge slash.

    Louise also used her 【Fall Disaster】 and wrapped it on her fine sword, and with 【Water Laser】 running through on her fine sword all at once, it became extremely thick and water intensely flows horizontally from it.

    Olga-chan divided into five clones, and at the same time, thrusts something like a Kunai in her hand against the head of the Gojou Snake. (TN: We have a bonafide ninja here, people!)

    Rurune is…… I’m not sure, but she delivered terrifying kicks.

    In other words, what they want to say is……

    『If we attack this guy at the same time, then it’s all the same! 』

    In time of need, they communicated telepathically. (TN: That’s super weird!!)

    All the heads of the Gojou snake at the same time, were attacked by five people with super powerful wide range techniques.

    The Gojou snake that was exposed to their attacks, with a stunned expression on its face―――― Completely disappeared.

    “I, it’s a lie ―――― GYAAaaaaaaaaa!?”

    Moreover, the aftermath did not stop there, and the huge eyes on the wall were also blown away.

    Dusts scattered throughout the room due to their attacks.

    When the view clears, the room in front of our eyes became clean, and we could only see the passage leading here.

    “…… Seiichi. Most of your companions are also …” (TN: >Strong, Luthia didn’t finish her sentence)

    “……I think so too”

    I meekly nodded at Luthia’s words.

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