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    Shinka no Mi

    Chapter 122


    Translated by Mlzkzr
    Edited by Mlzkzr


    (TN: The moment they entered into the dungeon, they get trapped. What the!?)


    The inside of the dungeon was, strangely bright.

    “Hmm …… It’s bright even though there’s no torch or light source ……”

    “I agree. As shishou said, there’s certainly a dungeon with torches hanging on the wall, and this strangely bright dungeon is more common. However, when asked why this dungeon is so bright once again, I certainly never thought about it.”

    Louise nods to my doubt.

    If I think about it carefully, I feel like the Black Dragon God’s place was like this.

    At that time, I didn’t pay any attention to my surroundings.

    We have to be wary of monsters, and more than that, we need to be on guard for traps like the one when we were separated from Al before.

    I think it’s okay because I knew I could pierce the wall after all, but it’s fine to not fall into a trap.

    Moreover, it would be a problem if the dungeon collapses by breaking the walls unnecessarily.

    “You have to be careful not only of monsters, but also of traps. Everyone’s feet, the walls, let me know if there’s anything unnatural.”

    “Ah, Milord. The walls here have different colors!”

    “Nn? That’s true.”

    “What happens if I press it!?”


    For some reason, when Rurune finds the only one spot with a different color, she tried to push it.

    “……Glutton, are you stupid?”

    “Wha, what!? Don’t you want to push it! Something, like this…… There might be a lot of steaks coming down from above!? ” (TN: What’s wrong with this donkey!?)

    “I don’t like that, Oi”

    It seems that I’m going to be crushed by the physical quantity of that and die, and even if I was saved, I’m going to get sticky and greasy.


    “Nn? What happened? Luthia”

    Luthia suddenly called out to me, so I turned my eyes to her.

    “The floor here, has different colors. Ei “

    “That’s right. ………………………… Why did you step on it!?”

    Because she stepped too smoothly, I spilled that normally.

    “No no no! I’m saying that we should be wary of traps!? Why are you stepping on it!?”

    “?It’s my first time in a dungeon……. If the floor’s color is different, is it a trap?”

    “Okay. That’s the order!”

    Apparently, this seems to be Luthia’s first time in a dungeon, and she doesn’t know what’s dangerous.

    As the selfish common sense in me, I was thinking that if there was a floor or a wall of different colors, I would suspect that it’s a trap, but after all, it was just my own recognition, so I couldn’t push it against Luthia.

    “A, anyway, what kind of trap is it ―――― Whoops !? “

    Suddenly, many spears springs out towards me from the left and right walls.

    I avoid it by dexterously bending my body.

    Looking at the tip of the terrifying spear, it’s painted with a purple liquid that looks like poison, because the moment it drop and fell down on the floor, it raised smokes.

    『Oooooh! 』

    “No, don’t be impressed, please help me!?”

    Everyone applauded my movements. That’s not it!

    When I managed to escape from the spears, Louise was convinced of something with a strange face.

    “I see…… By jumping into the traps of the dungeon, you can train yourself …… “


    “Then……. Ei”


    Louise stepped on another different colored floor without hesitation.

    “I can survive any trap! Hurry up…… come on!”

    “The correct answer is not to get caught in a trap! To step into a trap by yourself, are you stupid!?”

    “No, Shishou! I know. It’s not the safest way, but true strength awaits you as you progress along that stupid path!”

    “Don’t read that deeeeeeeplyyyyyyy!”

    Louise tightened her face, and prepared for an attacking trap.

    As a result ――――

    “Duhhe !?” (TN: So, Seiichi is going to be the target of all the traps)

    For some reason, the thing that seems to be a laser beam shined on my neck, and I evaded it in bridge posture*. (TN: Kinda like this one https://www(.)  just remove the ())

    At that time, a light ray hit my hair, and a little bit of my hair burned and disappeared.

    『Oooooh! 』

    “Like I said, don’t be impressed and help me!”

    “Then this wall is?”

    “You silly idiot!?”

    Then Luthia pushed again a part of the wall with a different color.

    Then under my feet, a pitfall opened without giving me a break, so I twist my body from the bridge posture to avoid the pitfall.

    “Seiichi, that’s amazing”

    “Yup! As expected of Seiichi!”

    “Please stop!”

    It seems that Al and Saria were impressed, but now I want more peace of mind than that!

    When I managed to escape from the trap that was triggered, I suddenly remembered something after seeing Saria and the others.

    “Ah, Saria. Speaking of which, I met Saria’s parents. ”

    “Eh!? Really!?”

    “Oh. When I went to Luthia and the others, I thought that there were gorillas that I was used to seeing, but it really was Saria’s parents.”

    Listening to my words, Sarria smiled happily.

    “I see…… Were both of them fine?”

    “They were both very fine. And I feel like I’ve heard something that they’re going to live with my dad and the others, so if you want to see them again, you can meet them.”

    I heard that when Louise was persuading Ranze-san, apparently, Sunny-san and her husband will live together with Dad and the others alongside Zeanos and his companions.

    They said that they would become adventurers with Zeanos and his companions, and it’s alright.

    Al, who was listening to us, nodded as she said so.

    “Ah…… I completely forgot, but Saria was a monster. You’re a nice girl, and it doesn’t look like you’re monster right now, though. “

    “Is that so? Certainly, when fighting, I have to look like a monster, but now, if I just change my face, I can fight with all my strength?”

    “It’s better to stop it. Seiichi will have a subtle face, but I think I’ll also have a subtle look on my face. “


    Al seems to have the same sensitivity as me, that only Saria’s face will contrast that of gorillaization*. I can’t completely oppose it because it’s one of the ways to showcase her full power.  (TN: So, Saria will transform her full body except her face into gorilla form to exert her full might)

    This time, because I told them firmly, Louise also stopped quietly pushing traps. No, I wanted you to do that from the beginning. You, have more dungeon experience than me, right?”

    “……Nn, Seiichi-oniichan. Something’s coming from the front.”

    “Oh? That’s true.”

    As the same time as Olga-chan told me, I also noticed a presence approaching from the front.

    Nowadays, I’m not only constantly searching with my skill 【World Eye】, but I’m also using the technique to search for life force that I acquired in the underworld.

    “Shishou, leave this to me.”

    Louise originally wanted to be strong, so she followed me, and it seems that she wants me to leave such battles to her.

    After such an exchange, it finally came to a position where its appearance could be seen.

    What appeared before us was, a dark brown bear and about 3 meters long.

    However, the bear has round eyes, and somehow, Bead’s headwear comes to my mind.

    For some reason, a pot covered the bear’s head like a hat, and the claws on both its arms are very sharp.

    When the bear notices our existence, its eyes shined for unknown reason.

    『Ah! Its humans! 』


    The bear returned a reaction that’s something different from what I expected, so I made a stunned voice involuntarily.

    It’s more like a bear in the forest than a ferocious bear.

    For the time being, let’s activate 【Advanced Appraisal】, and confirm the name of the opponent.

    『Dungeon Bear Lv: 488』

    That’s not right! The level of a bear in the dungeon is that high!?

    Aside from its name, having this level means that, at least, this dungeon may be on par with the 【Forest of Endless Love and Sorrow】 or the Black Dragon God’s dungeon. Yup, why am I only focusing on high-level dungeons?

    Come to think of it, I was able to understand the words of Bear-san* naturally, I think I can understand the words of monsters because I have the 【All Language Comprehension】 skill. (TN: Kuma-san)

    Nevertheless, me and Saria can understand the monsters’ words…… but can Rurune understand that? With such a feeling, perhaps even Luthia can communicate with monsters but she may not understand their words.

    When I think of those sort of things in front of Bear-san that’s ahead of me, Bear-san approached me with all its might.

    『Human-sans! Let’s play! 』

    Innocent! It’s approaching very innocently! Is this guy really a monster!?

    But if a human was hit by Bear-san in usual way, he will die!

    When I was wondering what to do, because the opponent has no hostility, Louise moved.


    『GubuAAaaaaaaahhh!? 』


    In a blink of an eye, Louise approached Bear-san, and cut off its neck.

    At the same time as Bear-san’s head fell to the ground, Louise looks at me with hopeful eyes.

    “Shishou, Shishou. How is it? Do I seem to be stronger?”

    『It’s…… not like thaaaaaat!? Buh…… I just, I just wanted to plaaaaaaaaaaay!?”


    I’m soooorryyyyyyy! And you’re scaaaaarrryyyy!

    The bear stared at me with tears of blood, and then it disappeared as particles of light.

    Scary, scary, scary! I don’t like being able to hear a monster’s voice because it has no evil intent!

    “? Uhm…… Did I do something wrong…….?”

    I didn’t react at all …… It was far more than that, and then Louise looked up at my face anxiously.

    Looking at that, I finally got my sanity back.

    “Huh!? E, excuse me. Yu, yup…… Isn’t that good? Un”

    “Really? In that case …… yes.”

    “………… Yes?”

    For some reason, Louise held out her head to me.

    “? Would you stroke my head for being a good girl?”

    “Where did you get that information!? That’s!”

    That’s a reward given to a small child!? Mainly Olga-chan!

    “Is it no good……?” (TN: Why is Louise acting this cute now!?)


    Her facial expression hasn’t changed that much, but I gave up on Louise who’s looking somewhat embarrassed.

    “Hah…… well done.”

    “…… Yes”

    For unknown reason, Louise looked very happy.

    (TN: Louise’s reaction is kinda odd, or is it just me?)

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