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    Shinka no Mi

    Chapter 121


    Translated by Mlzkzr
    Edited by Mlzkzr


    (TN: Another chapter that’s quite short so here you go)

    We managed to convince Ranze-san to allow Louise to accompany me, but I came here using Treasure Box’s transition magic, so on the way back, I used my transition magic to return to Barbador Magic Academy.

    The destination of the transfer is the arena where the simulated battle was once held, and there was no one around.

    Both Louise and Luthia are looking at the scenery around them.

    “Amazing…… Using transition magic on three people at the same time that consumes a lot of magic power on one person, moreover, isn’t it inherently difficult to travel for a considerable distance?”

    “Un. I’m not saying it’s impossible, but it doesn’t change the fact that it consumes a lot of magic power. But since Seiichi doesn’t seem to run out of magic, it’s really amazing. ”

    For some reason, they turned their sparkling eyes on me. It’s itchy.

    “…… Speaking of which, why did Luthia think I was amazing? Have you ever seen my true strength?”

    I suddenly thought that, I wondered why Luthia flattered me there.

    Surely, I was the one who solved Luthia’s 『Curse』, but as the grey-haired handsome demon guy also said, i don’t look strong in terms of combat power or ability.

    Louise knew because she actually fought me first……

    In response to my doubts, Luthia tilted her head for some reason.

    “? I, Did I say something strange? I just said it because I felt that Seiichi was amazing. There’s no particular reason.”

    “Hmm mystery”

    What, i felt amazing. Is such an aura coming out from me? I can’t see it.

    “Well, no. Anyway, it looks like everyone is in my class, so let’s move.”

    I took them to the classroom.


    “―――― And that’s why Louise the 【Sword Knight】 is here from the Kingdom of Welmburg, and Luthia, whose current position is the Demon King.”

    “So, that’s why!? Or rather, this isn’t the second time we had this exchange!?”

    When I arrive at the classroom, and as soon as I went inside with Louise and other, I stood on the platform and told them so.

    After that, Helen gave a huge tsukkomi to this appropriate explanation.

    Saria and Al are also surprised to see Louise here, and opened their eyes wide.

    “That’s!? Louise-san!? Why are you here?”

    “No, Louise-san, too, but who’s the woman next to her? You said that her current position is the Demon King …… “

    “Hhmm…… It’s a long time to explain ……”

    But I have to explain it, I told everyone including the fact that I had an encounter against the Demon God’s cult from the place where I was forcibly taken by Treasure Box.

    Helen, who finished listening to my explanation, held her head down, and was pulling her cheeks.

    “…… how much more insane are you going to be…..”

    “I don’t like it either.”

    “Uhm, Seiichi-sensei. If I listened correctly to the story that you’ve just said now, does that mean that both of them will spend time here as well?”

    Beatrice-sensei asks me so.

    “That’s right. Although I saved her as a result, but Luthia was still targeted by the Demon God’s cult, and the Demon guys said that it is safest for her to be with me …….”

    “Um~, what about the demons~ …… No matter how I think about it, I’m not sure that the General Class of the Demon Army would say that~ …… What about the people who said that Seiichi-sensei is the safest place?”

    “Rachel, it’s useless to say anything to that teacher. After all, that woman named Louise, in addition to being one of the strongest knights of the Kingdom of Welmburg, the 【Sword Knight】, didn’t she just said that she’s Seiichi-sensei’s disciple. It’s more ridiculous to deal with him properly. ”

    “I can’t even say any words to return back, but please be a little gentler!?”

    When it’s analyzed objectively just like this, it makes my extraordinary insaneness stands out!

    “That’s my Aniki*! You have more and more women!” (TN: Brother)

    “Seiichi-sensei, I wonder if you can teach me the method on how to land a girl!?”

    “That purity hurts me”

    In front of Agnos and Flora’s sparkling eyes, I got more mentally damaged.

    “U, Uuuuhhh! Well, for the time being, Luthia is here for me to protect, and Louise has followed me to retrain once again. And I’m sorry about saying this right away, but we can’t have lessons for a little while.”


    “Ah, that’s right.”

    Agnos and the others haven’t heard it, but Beatrice-san nodded as I started speaking already.

    “I’ve been asked directly by Barnabas-san, the head of the school. Apparently, in the forest near where the man from the Demon God’s Cult was lurking, a dungeon seems to have appeared. To investigate it, I’m thinking of going to the dungeon with Louise, Luthia, and then Saria, Al, Rurune, and Olga-chan. These members originally worked with me as an adventurer. But the fact that it’s dangerous for Agnos and the others, I’ll make you stand by this time.”

    “Then, while aniki is in the dungeon, our class will be held by Beatrice-neesan*?” (TN: Sister)

    “Just like that.”

    “But I can’t teach practical lessons like Seiichi-sensei, so it’s going to be all lectures.”


    Agnos collapsed on the spot. Umu, do your best.

    “I don’t think I’ll need to tell you guys anymore, but …… Study hard while I’m away!”


    “I don’t waaaaaaannnaaa!”

    Everyone answered energetically, other than Agnos.


    “This is the dungeon …..”

    “Wah! The entrance is like this!”

    I went ahead on the premise that Saria and the others will also go to the dungeon without confirming them, but Saria and the others accepted it without any worries.

    And now, it’s definitely the entrance to the dungeon in front of us! It’s kind of a cave.

    That’s, the place where Zeanos stayed in the 【Forest of Endless Love and Sorrow】 was also a cave of this sort.

    Nevertheless, what was hiding in the depths of such a forest.

    There’s no more, but when I interrogated that guy and examined this place, it seems that the surroundings here were filled with corpses of monsters that were killed miserably.

    As a result, it looks like the ecosystem here has collapsed and a dungeon with ferocious monsters has appeared.

    By the way, this actual dungeon will be my third time, but I’m still nervous because it’s only my second time to enter from the entrance.

    “Louise-san! Luthia-san! Nice to meet you!”

    “Yes, Saria-san. Nice to see you too.”

    “Nice to meet you. …… you’re the same as Seiichi, you seemed a little strange.”

    “Is that so? But, I wished I was the same as Seiichi!” (TN: To become human just like him)

    Saria was as energetic as ever, and soon she was able to quickly get along with Louise and Luthia.

    Louise then turns her eyes to Olga-chan, who stands quietly.

    “Olga. It’s been a while.”

    “……Nn. It’s been a while since I’ve been with Louise-neechan too.”

    “How are you doing?”

    “……Nn. Excellent*!” (TN: Bacchi gu = kinda like how a kid says ‘good’ or ‘just right’)

    I don’t know where she learned those words, but Olga-chan made a thumbs up with Louise.

    “Black cat beast man …… She’s rare, too.”

    Luthia, who was watching the exchange between Louise and Olga-chan, opens her eyes a little.

    “Isn’t a black cat beast man rare?”

    “……Yes. However, even though she’s rare …… she’s a target of persecution ……”


    Olga-chan was abandoned by her parents just because she was a black cat beast man, and was raised as an assassin.

    ……Really, that’s stupid

    Reluctantly, Luthia turned her eyes to Rurune and Al.

    “…… And then, looking closely, that woman also has the same presence as Saria-san and Seiichi. It’s different, but this woman seems to be blessed by someone. ” (TN: The first sentence is referring to Rurune and the second one is to Altria)

    “Mu? Tha, that’s right…… the same as my lord……” (Rurune)

    “Blessing? I, I wonder if someone would ever bless me ……?” (Altria)

    Aside from Rurune, Al was twisting her neck.

    Well, Al’s curse was reversed using the ring that came from Treasure Box, and it must have blessing written in the ring’s description.

    Even so, Luthia seems to be able to detect a kind of presence and atmosphere that I or the others don’t understand.

    That’s because she realized that not only Saria but also Rurune had the effect of the 『Fruit of Evolution』.

    After seeing us all, Luthia turned her eyes to the dungeon again.

    “…… This dungeon has a….. very…… very sad presence……”

    “Sad presence?”

    “Un, I don’t know why it has such a sad presence ……”

    It only looks like a normal cave to me, but its air seems different to Luthia after all.

    “…… Well, we won’t know even if we think about it, so shall we go now?”

    When everyone nodded strongly to my words, we set foot into the dungeon.

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