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    Shinka no Mi

    Chapter 120


    Translated by Mlzkzr
    Edited by Mlzkzr


    『I’m so sorry! 』

    Safe mock battle …… No, after the training has finished, the demons bowed to me.

    Looking at that, I don’t know why, but Luthia has a subtle smug floating on her face for some reason.

    “No no, please raise your head! I don’t really care ……”

    “…… It’s not fun. You were the life saver of Luthia-sama, but our blood rushed completely to our heads ……”

    “Right…… After Luthia-sama fell, it seems that we were a little bit out of composure…..”

    Receiving my words, the grey-haired handsome guy and the very beautiful woman have an apologetic look.

    Well, I understand the feelings of the demons, but I don’t care either.

    More than anything, they were able to safely help me there, so I think its fine for me, but…… I’m sorry if that’s the case.

    Thinking about that, the grey-haired handsome guy puts on a serious expression.

    “If it’s you, I entrust Luthia-sama to you. It’s rather safer than being with us. …… It’s frustrating. But, please take care of Luthia-sama!”

    “………… Eh, it’s decided that Luthia will accompany me!?”

    “That’s right, but?”

    “That’s my intention!”

    『Thank you very much! 』

    “I’ve already heard that!”

    Besides, all of them bowed their heads down, so I can’t refuse! After all, I’m a Japanese man who can’t say no!

    But the actual problem is that if Luthia is still targeted in the future, is it safest that she stays with me?

    I know I’m pushing myself, but I don’t know how well it will work.

    “Because I was asked, I’ll do my best to protect her properly. ”

    “Yes, I’m counting on you.”

    Luthia looked at me and nodded.

    Now then…… is it time for me to really go back?

    Saria and the others may be worried, and more than anything, I have to go to the dungeon where Barna-san asked me to.

    I look around to tell Ranze-san, dad and the other that I’m returning, but before I knew it, Ranze-san and the others seemed to be back in the castle.

    Then, once I was thinking of returning to the castle, Louise came before me.


    “Nn? Ah, Louise. It’s been a long time since I’ve been here, but since I’m going back soon, can I have you guide me to Ranze-san?”

    “I understand. I’ll also go to school with my shishou. ” (TN: So Louise is also joining the harem, heh!)

    ”Thank you ―――― Yes?”

    I reflexively inquired back.

    “Uhhmm……Louise-san? What, now ……?”

    “So, I will also go to the Barbador Magic Academy with my shishou.”

    “That’s not why!? What and how did you get to talk about that!?”

    I asked her to guide me to Ranze-san, but why did it turn into that sort of story!?

    Louise, who received my tsukkomi, made her expression darker than I’ve ever seen.

    “…… In this battle, I couldn’t do anything. “


    “Originally, there is no individual who can stand alongside me other than 【Black Holy Knight】 except shishou, and I thought that being 【Transcendental】, I became one step stronger. That’s why, at first I wanted to be stronger than I was. ”

    When I first met Louise, I heard such story from Claudia-san who is a subordinate of her.

    She’s lonely because there’s no stronger individual than her.

    So when she lost to me, Louise seemed a little happy that she had lost.

    “But at the time, the country that I have to defend is attacked by a strong existence, I lost without doing anything …… I was mortified. Apparently, I was incredibly arrogant, and was left alone. Fortunately, I was saved thanks to the help of shishou’s honorable friends, if I keep being that way…… I couldn’t have protected what was important to me.”


    As I listened silently, Louise looked straight towards me.

    “Shishou. I want to be strong. I can’t lose to anyone. So that I can protect what I want to protect.”

    Louise’s words, resonated deeply in my heart.

    My power is definitely soaring. That is beyond control.

    But, I don’t know how far it will soar.

    There may be an existence that is stronger than me.

    And if that sort of guy attacks Saria and the others ―――― I won’t be able to protect them.

    In fact, I don’t even know the power that that eerie man used, and my body didn’t react to the mysterious powers of the demon guys.

    It’s still an excessive power, but I probably must follow Louise and yet become stronger. (TN: So he really wants to be stronger huh?)

    ――――To protect Saria and the others.

    “…… I get it. Luthia’s tagging along anyway, and it would be the same even if I add one more person. ……Luthia?”

    “It’s fine.”

    “Let’s grow stronger together”

    “tsu! …… Yes!”

    In my words, Louise opened her eyes for a moment, then turned her cheeks a little red and replied so.

    ―――― At this time, I wanted to grow stronger little by little, but it was just before I realized that my body was much more crazy.

    By the way, even though it was a coincidence, my companions have increased by two people as well. Strange.

    How do I explain this? Helen is definitely going to tsukkomi on this.

    Well, I said I’ll take them, so I’m not complaining.

    But it would be really bad if I don’t go back soon.

    So I asked Louise to guide me to Ranze-san as originally intended.

    Then my parents and Ranze-san, Zeanos-san and the others were having fun talking to each other.

    “No, I’m very indebted to Seiichi-kun.”

    “No no, likewise. Our son seems to be helpful …… “

    “Really, it was fine before we saw it, you know……  There is also Saria-san’s case, so I have to cook red rice!”

    …… It’s hard to mix into this conversation, Oi.

    Zeanos noticed me who was strangely hesitating because the content of their conversation was my story.

    “Mu? Seiichi-dono. What are you doing in such a place?”

    “Ara, Seiichi. Come over here.”

    “Ye, yeah…… Before I knew it, you also became friends with Ranze-san. “

    Dad smiled when I asked him that.

    “That’s right~. This is the first time for Tou-san* to have known a King. I can brag about it. ” (TN: kinda like dad or father, but he was referring to himself here)

    “Yes. This was the first time I had entered the castle, but it’s really gorgeous. There are a lot of maid-sans too…… I wonder how much money do I have to pay?”

    “What about that? I’m curious about that too, I wonder if the maid here also does something like 『Moe~』*?” (TN: ‘Moe moe, kyun kyun‘ like that)

    “Mou, Makoto-san. Isn’t that only on Japan? These women here are nice re~al maids. Ah, let’s take a picture later!”

    “I like that!”

    “……………… Somehow, they really are Seiichi’s parents. ”

    “What do you mean?!”

    Ranze, who was listening to my dad and the others conversation, stared at me with an incomprehensible look.

    No, it’s only my parents who are so weird! Probably! I’m not sure!

    I exhaled a sigh and told him that I would return back to achieve my original purpose.

    “Excuse me, I’m returning soon. Saria and the others may be worried, and there‘s some stuff that Barna-san asked me to do……”

    “I see…… Ah, don’t worry about your parents. I also heard from Zeanos-dono and the others. They’re talking about wanting to move to this country……  I welcome them of course. I am grateful to have such a reassuring presence in our country. The same goes for Abel-dono and the others who are helping the soldiers now. ”

    “Thank you very much!”

    If I look closely, I can’t see Abel-san and his companions. I think, Gassur-san and the others are with them, but they disappeared before I knew it. I guess they’re back in the guild.

    I was able to feel relieved because it allowed me to move safely than before. (TN: Remember the Paradise of Roses(BL)?)

    When I felt relieved, Luthia speaks to Ranze-san.

    “King Ranze. I’m going with Seiichi.”

    “Wha?…… No, it was the flow of that story. I completely forgot, but if your vassals are convinced, then I can’t say anything. In fact, it might be safest for you to be in Seiichi’s side.” (TN: Dude, you’re the one who set up the battlefield )

    “Yes…… Our meeting was messed up. It happened this time because of the 【Demon God’s Cult】, but perhaps you may also get attacked by those who have looked us demons as enemies. Even so, will you continue to walk with us demons after this?”

    Luthia’s gaze was very serious, and Ranze-san answered it directly.

    “Obviously. I can’t do this if I’m so scared.”

    “…… Thank you.”

    Luthia smiled a little, looking relieved.

    “Well, then Seiichi! See you again! Next time, take your time here!”

    “Yes! Thank you very much!”

    “Well then…… Zeros, Zorua, Reiya, Rialetta, Urs, Jade. See you later.”

    『Hah! Be careful! 』

    Besides me who was greeting Ranze-san, dad and the others, Luthia was also greeting the demon guys.

    Then Lucius-san goes in front of Luthia.

    “You are……”

    “I was able to meet you with great pains, but unfortunately we don’t seem to have time to talk slowly. Well, you’ve come back to life just like this, and I can see you anytime. Let’s have a conversation slowly at that time.”


    By the way, Lucius-san is the first Demon King, so Luthia and Lucius-san have something to talk about.

    But as Lucius-san said, they can see each other anytime they want to.

    Regrettable, but Louise saluted to Ranze-san when I was about to return.

    “Your Majesty. I’ll have time-off to train.”

    “Yes………………… Wha!?”

    “Then, I――――”

    “Wait wait wait wait! Eh, what!? What are you going to do!? That’s the first time I’ve heard it!?”

    “Since I just said that”

    “I’m sure I told you that I should be well-informed first ……! I’m your boss! You understand!?”

    It seems that Louise didn’t say a word to Ranze-san at all. No, Ranze-san is totally right!

    In the end, I persuaded Ranze-san in a form that I was also caught up with Louise.

    (TN: That’s wrapped up, ‘Now to the dungeon’! (title of the next chapter))

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