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    Shinka no Mi

    Chapter 119


    Translated by Mlzkzr
    Edited by Mlzkzr


    TN: Well, we know who’s going to win, right?


    I had a stupid look on my face in Luthia’s words.

    “Eh, take you……”

    “I’m going to follow Seiichi.”


    I wasn’t the only one who was surprised by Luthia’s words, even the very beautiful woman was surprised, too.

    “Luthia-sama, don’t! You were attacked just a little while ago, and even though you were in a perilous state …… We cannot protect you if you’re separated from us!”

    “That’s right! Certainly, this guy may be your benefactor, but this is a different story!”

    Not only the beautiful person, but also the handsome guy with grey hair said so.

    But I also understand what they mean.

    In the first place, I was puzzled when she told me to take her so suddenly, and for the Demon guys, they would be uneasy to entrust someone who is very important to them to an unknown person.

    “Reiya, Zorua. It’s fine. Because Seiichi is strong.”

    “Strong …… I can’t believe that! It’s true that this guy lifted your 『curse』, but I’m not convinced that he’s strong even if you said so!”

    After the words of the handsome guy with grey-hair, the dignified Demon man also opened his mouth.

    “……Luthia-sama. I agree with Zorua. I can’t seem to see that person over there being strong ……”


    I think it would be better for Luthia to reconsider after being told so this far.

    I haven’t said it, but the rest of the demons have similar reactions…..

    …… That, Lucius-san! Why do you look like something interesting is going to happen! I don’t know what you’re thinking, but such an interesting thing isn’t ――――. (TN: Yeah, me and Lucius-san are having the same face hehehe~~)

    “――――I understand. Then Reiya and the others will fight Seiichi, and there’s no complaint if Seiichi wins?”

    “Oh no” (TN: said in monotone, as in no expression at all)

    I knew it! I thought it would be a flag when I got here! Just said it in one tone!

    But, let me escape reality. I just want to live in peace.

    The dignified demon man, who received the words of Luthia, frowns his face.

    “……Luthia-sama, are you serious? That all of us and the person there will fight?”

    “I’m serious. Seiichi is strong.”

    Hey, Luthia-san? It isn’t really good to raise the situation that much, is it? (TN I mean, One vs demon army? That’s really too much!!)

    “Luthia-sama. Please stop joking. Me and Zeros aren’t only the opponent of this guy, but all of us?”

    “I am not joking. Even if everyone joined together ……you can’t beat Seiichi. ”

    “―――― Oi, Human. That’s nice bravery you have.”

    “That’s too unreasonable!?”

    Why did you get angry at me even though I didn’t say that?! Is this the difference between those who have power and those who don’t?! It’s so hard to know!

    “What what? It’s an interesting development. Is it okay? I’ll lend you my training grounds.”

    “The location is ready!”

    All right, I’ll do it! You won’t complain if I do it, right!?

    Eventually, we came to the training grounds of the Royal Castle, where I was swept away.

    Moreover, not only Luthia and the demons that will fight, Dad and the others, and soldiers in the castle have gathered together and it became more serious matter than expected. How did this happen.

    In front of me, motivated ―――― or rather, the demons’ bloodlust that are enough to kill. A-re? This is a mock battle, right? We’re not killing each other, right!?

    When I was shaking my body involuntarily, a handsome man with grey hair cracks his neck.

    “Now, let’s kill”

    “That’s an absolutely funny kanji!” (TN: Not a translation error, he actually said kanji there hahahah)

    Not good! These guys are serious!

    Aside from the demons who completely pass through my Tsukkomi, Ranze-san stands between us.

    “Now then, we are going to start a mock battle …… You can do anything if you don’t kill.”


    ”Ranze-san, did he just click his tongue right now!?”

    “It’s just your imagination.”

    “You’re kidding me!”

    “Can I ask a question?”

    After the grey-haired handsome guy’s tongue clicked, this time a very beautiful woman raised her hand.

    “Nn? What’s wrong?”

    “If I don’t kill him, what can I do….. Can I hurt him as much as I want?”

    “That’s fine”

    “It’s not fine!?”

    Why did you approve such dangerous things!? When you ask that sort of question, you’re definitely trying to hurt me!

    “Don’t worry about it. There will be no problem if it’s Seiichi.”

    “What do you think I am?”

    “……………… Okay, let’s get started!”

    “Don’t ignore me there!”

    My protest ended in vain, and the demons kept their distance so that they could always attack.

    Ranze-san who saw it confirmed me as well ――――

    “Demon Army VS Seiichi …… Start!”

    “Take this!”

    At the same time as Ranze-san’s signal, the grey-haired handsome-san was covered in jet black something on his whole body, and from there, countless jet-black tentacles were shot towards me.

    I thought it was magic for a moment, but because my body didn’t particularly reacted to it, it doesn’t seem to be a skill or magic.

    …… It was the same as that eerie guy. There are other mysterious powers in this world that cannot be explained only by skill and magic. (TN: Bro, you’re in a fight)

    When I was thinking in such a carefree manner in front of the approaching jet black darkness, the ogre-ish person, who is a gorilla-like Macho, began to punch me vigorously.

    “You can’t escape this without touching Zorua’s 『Darkness』!”

    While thinking that it might have great power because of his appearance, I caught the ogre’s fist with my right hand.


    Then the demon stiffened with a dumbfounded look. No, I think that his rigidity has opened quite a gap, but ……

    “Urs, get away from there!”

    “Wa, wait, Reiya! I’m still――――” (TN: a sacrificial pawn)

    “『Waltz of the Eternal Flame*』! “


    As I was receiving the attack of the Gorilla-macho ogre, the very beautiful woman shot a number of golden flame rings immediately.

    Because my body doesn’t especially react again, this is probably not a skill or magic.

    Rather, GoriMacho-san, who can’t get out of my hands, is getting involved…… I mean, as all the flames hit me directly, I didn’t get any damage.

    However, because of his reaction, I suddenly let go of his hand, so he left the place, even though he had become a fire daruma*. (TN: if you don’t know what that is, then  J )

    “Just a minute, we didn’t hit him because of you!”

    “I’m the victim here!”

    No, I sympathize with GoriMacho-san, too, that’s because the biggest victim here is me, who’s fighting for some reason, right?

    While I was thinking about that sort of thing, the jet-black tentacles finally reached me.

    There have been a lot of things going on so far, but in fact, it’s actually happening in less than a few seconds.

    That alone makes me realize that the Demons are amazing ……

    As I was thinking of avoiding them for the time being, a very sexy demon woman approached me, and sent a mysterious gaze.

    “Stop! 『Gaze of Attraction』 !”


    This feeling is…… similar to the feeling when I ate an 『Enchanted Mushroom*』 in the 【Forest of Endless Love and Sorrow】. (TN: miwaku take)

    In other words, I’m about to get charmed by this sexy demon.

    But as I said earlier, it has no effect on me, because I have already acquired the charm resistance skill in the 【Forest of Endless Love and Sorrow】.

    Looking at me, who has no sign of being attracted at all, the sexy demon opened her eyes.

    “Another person who doesn’t get fascinated by me again …… I’m about to lose my confidence as the 【Succubus Queen】 …… “

    “Eh…… I, I’m sorry……”

    When I apologized reflexively, I finally lost the opportunity to escape from the jet-black tentacles.

    No, I guess I could escape, but ……

    While thinking about such a thing, the jet-black tentacles suddenly surrounded me and attacked overhead.

    “What would happen if I hit this……?”

    Suddenly, that sort of question came to me, and so I strike the jet-black tentacles in front of me.


    The jet-black tentacles disappeared.

    “Hah……haaaaaaaa!? My 『Darkness』 is……!?”

    “Ooh…… I can’t believe I erased it…….”

    That didn’t felt like I hit it. It’s probably just my fist pressure that made it vanished. I’m too lame.

    When I was unconsciously pulling my cheeks, Lucius-san who was watching this scene bursts into laughter.

    “Ahahahahahahahahaha! Seiichi-kun, that’s amazing! That guy’s 『Darkness』 is really special, but …… you can smack and erase it ……!”

    I seem to be dangerous as I thought. Damn it!

    “……Zorua, get down. 『Annihilation Sphere』 !”

    Then this time, the dignified demon shot a semi-transparent ball at me somehow.

    Can this be erased too if I hit it?


    The semi-transparent sphere vanished.


    “Oi oi, what kind of monster are you to even erase the bastard lizard’s 『Annihilation Sphere』!?”

    “Don’t give up, Zorua! He must have a weakness somewhere!”


    The moment the demon with an Onee* tone said so, I sensed that the atmosphere around me had changed. (TN: effeminate man (often homosexual or transexual), or gay)

    What? This is……

    “Ara? To even detect my magic…… it’s more and more doubtful that you’re a human, eh?”

    “That’s rude! I’m a human!……. Probably!”

    “You have zero persuasive power……”

    The demon who has an effeminate(Onee) tone laughs in my words, but he immediately switches to a serious expression.

    “Now then, play time’s over, eh? Blow away!”


    Reflexively, I pulled out the 『Fine Sword of Swirling Hatred (Black)』 and 『Fine Sword of Overflowing Benevolence(White)』 and slashed in the direction where I felt strange.

    At that moment, even though I should have slashed an empty space, I felt a solid response.

    Seeing that, the effeminate(Onee) tone demon opened his eyes.

    “That’s a lie!? You can see my attack……!”

    Apparently, the effeminate(Onee) tone demon seems to be able to make invisible attacks, and I slashed at the place where I felt a sense of discomfort.

    Then, including Gori-Macho-san who reorganized his posture and the very beautiful demon, all of them attacked to defeat me in earnest.

    Moreover, each attack is carried out at an exquisite timing, and their coordination is terrifying.

    It’s unlikely that I’ll have another opportunity to deal with opponents that have professional cooperation, and in the first place, I’m fighting with great pains so I want to acquire experience, since I was allowed to practice fighting against the demons.

    Well, rather than bulldozing them with power, it’s hard to find a gap using my technical skills alone.

    I continued fighting thinking that I was grateful for the training companions, but it seems that the demons have finally lost their physical strength, and each of them were in breathlessness state.

    “Thi …… this is…… Wha, what’s going on ……!”

    “Zee……Zee…… I, I…… ca, can’t move……”

    “Ho, honestly…… wh, who is this life form that lives on the same star…… I don’t think ……” (TN: Seiichi, not human, not from their planet, verified)

    Isn’t that too rude? I’m not an alien, right?…… No, I’m not a human being from this planet, so am I an alien? But aliens are UMAs* that are found on monster shops! I’m definitely different! (TN: Unidentified Mysterious Animal)

    Anyway ……

    “Well, training is already――――”

    『That’s impossible to decide! 』

    “Ah, yes.”

    That was said by all of the members of the Demon Army.

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