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    Shinka no Mi

    Chapter 118


    Translated by Mlzkzr
    Edited by Mlzkzr


    I managed to somehow dress Saria’s parents, who were naked and laughing loudly, and then a woman approached me just when I thought I was finally able to calm down.

    “Are you Seiichi-san?”

    “Eh? Yes, but ……”

    I didn’t recognize the woman, who was wearing dress armor with a divine blonde hair stretched to her waist, so I answered while tilting my neck, and the woman smiled gently.

    “Ara, excuse me. I’m Elemina Kissa Welmburg. I’m an S-class adventurer and is also called the 【Thunder Empress】, and I’m Ranze’s wife.”

    “Ranze-san’s wife!?” (TN: That’s a shocker.)

    Come to think of it, at that time in the school tournament, I was introduced to Roberto who is in S-class and it was said that his mother was an S-class adventurer……

    But what exactly is this person wanted from me?

    “Uhmm, what’s wrong?”

    “No, I heard about you from my husband. When that man was in a serious situation, I was in another country …… But, I heard you saved him, so I wanted to give my gratitude to you directly. That man …… Thank you for helping Ranze. ”

    “Please raise your head! I’m indebted to Ranze-san, and above all, I like this country ……”

    “If you tell me that, I’d be happy as the wife of the king.”

    Elemina-san smiled kindly when she said that.

    Suddenly, I wondered why Elemina-san was an adventurer, so I asked her.

    “Can I ask you a question?”

    “Ara, what is it?”

    “Why are you an adventurer? Ah, it’s not in a bad meaning …… I was simply curious……”

    Thinking about it, she might have heard something rude, but I can’t go back because I’ve already said it.

    However, Elemina-san told me without being angry.

    “It’s true, that the wife of this country’s king is an adventurer. I’m really thankful to Ranze for letting me, who has always loved adventure, do what I like. That is why, I learned the situation and technologies of other countries while working as an adventurer, trying to get it into this country. In addition, there are diplomatic implications too …… and I’ve been gathering information about certain matters lately. ”

    “What matters?”

    As I tilted my head, Elemina-san gave a stern look.

    “Yes ―――― it’s the 【Demon God’s Cult】”


    【Demon God’s Cult】…… The guy who attacked the Barbador Magic Academy, and the ones who have attacked Terviel this time are of the same organization……

    I’ve heard that name several times, but I hardly know the actual situation.

    …… The eerie guy who appeared that time ……I don’t really understand his ability …… what the heck was it……

    I also contemplated about the members of the 【Demon God’s Cult】 so far, and when I thought about their faces, Elemina-san gave me some information.

    “You’re also a benefactor of Ranze, and more than anything, your power is going to be of great help. That’s why, I want you to know about the 【Demon God’s Cult】. “

    “I’m sorry, please. Besides this time, I’m also fighting with the guys from the 【Demon God’s Cult】, but I don’t really know who they are…….”

    Receiving my words, Elemina-san nodded.

    “I understand. First of all, the  【Demon God’s Cult】. is an organization that worships a certain god. Do you know what that god is?”

    God? Well…… Is he like the Black Dragon God who I fought a long time ago?

    Elemina continues as I twist my neck.

    “You don’t seem to know what that means…… Then do you know this story? This world, has already been forsaken by the Gods. “

    “Ah, I know that. In the past, a conflict broke out between one pillar of god and the other gods, and that one pillar of God was defeated and sealed off, right?”

    It was in Beatrice-san’s story.

    So, what was born from the collision of powers of the gods at that time was ―――― the 『Fruit of Evolution』.

    “That’s right. Then I’ll go back to the story. It is said that the God the 【Demon God’s Cult】 worships……was the defeated one pillar of god. “


    In other words, instead of being the same as the Black Dragon God, you mean it’s the real God who sent us to this world!?

    Even now, the scale is too big for me to follow.

    “Bu, but, that God was sealed, right? Then, why are they worshiping it?”

    “……The final goal of the 【Demon God’s Cult】 is, about resurrecting that one pillar of God. ”

    “Resurrection!? Can they do that!?”

    Wait a minute! Can we humans revive the existence of a God that was sealed!?

    To the surprised me, Elemina-san nodded heavily.

    “Yeah … but, the method of his resurrection is the problem.”

    “Method of resurrection?”

    “『Negative Emotions』 throughout the world ―――― Hatred, anger, grief …… All those dark emotions are necessary to resurrect the sealed God. And, the people who attacked this time are the existence called 『Apostles』 of the 【Demon God’s Cult】, given special powers from the sealed God, their mission is to collect negative emotions from all over the world. ”

    “Negative emotions……”

    What, that easy-to-understand bad God.

    I mean, that God used to spoil humans in the past, right? But why is it that he’s collecting the negative emotions of those same humans right now? Did he stray from the right path? Did he sulk?

    “For the time being, I somehow understood the existence of 【Demon God’s Cult】. But if you know that far, shouldn’t we just eradicate that cult in each country?”

    “It’s not going to be that easy. In addition, it was only recently that the 【Demon God’s Cult】 began to appear on the table, and until then, I haven’t grasp the actual situation of their rumored existence to an extent. And as I said earlier, the appearance of the 『Apostle』 is troublesome……. Because there’s the rumbling presence of that eerie man, who is also the reason that they’re able to escape this time, we can’t afford to be careless.”

    “I see……”

    I mean, it’s a very annoying organization.

    In the first place, why are the 『Apostles』 involved in the 【Demon God’s Cult】?

    After all, the God who desires to resurrect wants humans’ negative emotions, and even if the 『Apostles』 receive special powers from that God, they would be the same human beings……

    “Uhmm, what will happen after they resurrect that God?”

    “Well…… I don’t know that yet, but this world right now is abandoned by the Gods, there’s no doubt that it will be a bad thing. ”

    In this talk, I found out a little about the 【Demon God’s Cult】, but at the same time, the things that I don’t understand have increased……

    …… For me, I wish I could live leisurely with Saria and the others, but it seems to be accompanied by some troubles.

    But one thing was clear, even if you spoiled humans in the past, they can be your enemies now.

    If they put Saria and the others in danger…… I won’t forgive them.

    As I made up my mind, Ranze-san, who was leading the search for the eerie man, came back.

    “Tsk…… They escaped completely.”

    “We can’t help it. The power of the 『Apostles』 is completely unknown. “

    “But, it’s painful that those guys who had been caught by us were snatched away, too. I wanted to get a few information somehow … “

    Ranze-san spoke lightly to Elemina-san, and he turned his eyes to me.

    “Seiichi. You were really helpful. Thanks to you, I was able to rescue the Demon King’s daughter, and above all, I was greatly helped by the people that were referred by you who came here to aid us. Thank you. ”

    “No, I’m happy to be of help! …… Ah, I’ll be going back to school too. I worry about Saria and the others if I stay too long. And most of all, I’ve been asked by Barna-san to do something ……”

    “Oh, that’s right. I haven’t missed anything, but …… I might rely on you if something happens again.”

    “No, don’t worry. I shall lend you my power again.”

    I told Ranze-san so, and it was when I tried to greet my mom and the others, and Saria’s parents, and was about to return to Barbador Magic Academy.

    “Seiichi. I want you to take me with you.” (TN: Demon King’s Daughter-san wants to join your party? [Yes]  [No])


    Luthia said those words.



    (TN: There’s going to be a war next chapter, Seiichi-kun vs Demon Army. Stay tuned!!)

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