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    Shinka no Mi

    Chapter 117


    Translated by Mlzkzr
    Edited by Mlzkzr


    AN: The first volume of the comic is on sale. If you don’t mind, please give it a try.


    We were escaped by a mysterious intruder, and because of that, Ranze-san and his people have become so busy, so I went to Dad and the others.

    Maybe I can go home, but I’m still unclear in various things, and above all, I wanted to talk to them properly because I was able to meet them.

    It’s just――――

    “……uhhm……Why are you following me?” (TN: She’s waiting for you to capture her, Seiichi!)

    “……No good?”

    “Iya, it’s not that it’s not good, but……”

    “……There’s no problem then.”

    “I’m asking you why though!?”

    Yes, The Demon King’s daughter-san has followed me since then.

    “Demon King’s Daughter-san. You don’t have to follow me, and shouldn’t it be better for you to be with the other demon guys? See, you were in a dangerous situation until a little while ago, and as an escort……”

    “…… Then the safest place is near you. Because you’re the strongest here.”

    I can’t say anything anymore.

    Strange…… There are supposed to be strong people here who represent each country …..!

    When I was about to hold my head, the Demon King’s daughter-san, who was ignoring me like that, continued to be a little dissatisfied.

    “…… and I’m Luthia. Call me by my name.”

    “I, I’m sorry……Uhmm, Luthia-san?”

    “…… Luthia is fine.”

    “No, as expected, addressing the daughter of the Demon King without honorific is kind of……”


    “Etto*……” (TN: kinda like uhmm in Japanese)


    “……Yes. Luthia”

    “……Un. That’s good”

    When I called her name after losing to the pressure, Luthia nodded happily.

    “…… By the way, what’s your name?”

    “Me? I’m Seiichi. ”

    “Seiichi …… Un. And I don’t need honorific. There’s no veto right.”

    “You no longer have any reserve!?”

    That’s not particularly good.

    After all, I don’t know why she’s following me, so I just went down to my Dad and the others.

    Then, not only Dad and the others are there, but also Treasure Box and two gorillas that are too familiar …… No, two monsters? Two large animals? There was also that figure.

    Dad who noticed me, calls out to me with a smile.

    “Seiichi! Have you been well since then?”

    “Un, there’s no particular change.”

    “Yes, then its fine. Is Saria-san and the others okay, too?”

    “They’re fine. I mean, speaking of which, the gorillas there are……”

    When I tried to think that I knew something, with the fact that they were with my dad and the others, the gorilla called out to me.

    “Seiichi…… I, ga Saria is ――――my Daughter no ban” (TN: Gorilla language is here!!)

    “Eh!? Daughter!?”

    I’m surprised by the words that came out from the gorilla’s mouth.

    The two gorillas continued without minding me.

    “I’m ha Saria’s Mother de aru, 【Sunny】 Da”

    “I’m father 【Adramelek】 Da”

    “Wait, my head can’t catch up!”

    “…… Monsters that can speak ……unusual.”

    These two people are, Saria’s parents!? Seriously!?

    No, I know her parents are gorillas because Saria is a gorilla, too!

    The one who only knew it are the fellow members of the same race, so I was surprised from the bottom of my heart at their statement that they were Saria’s parents.

    Luthia, who was behind me, was also a little surprised that Saria’s parents spoke.

    “Oh my, did you not notice, Seiichi? See, Sunny’s eyes look exactly like Saria-san’s.’

    “How does my mom know!? I can’t really tell at all!? ”

    Dad and mom have been weird since before, and I thought that it would quickly spring up but …….

    “Umu…… We ar able to me’t boyfr’end, Seiichi-dono love a demon ak desu na, a non-standard existence ” (TN: Another gorilla sentence that I have a hard time translating)

    “Saria yes captur’s a male. Dat’s why my gene’s secure’d dana.”

    Beside me and my mom who are having a conversation, were Saria’s parents talking to each other.

    …… Although I’ve already been quite rude, I have to greet Saria’s parents properly.

    “……I’m late for greeting, my name is Seiichi Hiiragi and I am in a relationship with Saria-san as my wife.”

    “Oh, wat about…… that is, da child’s number to be born?”

    “As mutch as pasible iz gud . Wat time, how mutch “


    Ah, this is really Saria’s parents!

    Their thought circuits are very similar!

    When I think so involuntarily, Sunny asked a question suddenly.

    “But ga…… my daughter Ha gorilla and Seiichi-dono ha human da. Such ha problem nano?”

    “Ah…… Right now, your daughter lives in the same way as a human being, there’s no problem. And even if Saria remained a gorilla, I’ll still love Saria …….”

    “Dat’s right……mu? a strange humanoid figure dazo? What it’s mean da?”

    I wonder if they don’t know the existence of Fruit of Evolution?

    But in 【Forest of Endless Love and Sorrow】 ,it has existed for a long time, but it isn’t a lot…….

    I told to the two of them that Saria ate a thing called 【Fruit of Evolution】, and taught them that she was able to evolve from her race and became human.

    “……【Fruit of Evolution】 ka? Surely, dat thing ga isn’t merely a copy……”

    “But, b’coz of that, Human grew and convince to give na. We also want to eat dat, howev’r ……”

    “Uhm…… I have them at hand, so how about one?”

    That’s right, since then, the 【Fruit of Evolution】 that I have been cultivating with my smartphone has safely succeeded, and the number was increasing.

    I can’t eat it anymore, but I can give it.

    The effect of this is too strong, so I should be careful about whom I give it to ……But they’re Saria’s parents so there’s no problem. The two people, who received the 【Fruit of Evolution】 from me, began to look at it from various angles.

    “Hou…… so diz iz the 【Fruit of Evolution】 ka……”

    “Smell ha special scent na”

    Luthia, who was looking at such two people, pulled the hem of my clothes.


    “…… Give me that as well.”

    “Eh, no……that’s……”

    When I was wondering about what’s going on, the two bite the 【Fruit of Evolution】 at the same time.

    And ――――

    “”Ma … DIZ ISN’T GOooooooood!””

    Yeah, I know.

    Its effect is great, but the 【Fruit of Evolution】 tastes terrible and unappetizing……

    Seeing the two people, who were just going to vomit at any time, Luthia opened her mouth with a serious look on her face.

    “…… I don’t want it after all.”

    As a result, I was saved because I didn’t have to give it. Thank you, fruit of evolution!

    Wiping her mouth, Sunny-san says while staggering.

    “It’s, awful and unsav’ry ga……so then, we’ll turn to hum’n daro?”

    “Ah, that’s right――――”

    They will not evolve unless they defeat an entity higher than themselves after eating the 【Fruit of Evolution】.

    Even though they ate something unpleasant with great pain, it was when I thought that it would be painful to tell them that it would not work immediately.

    『Skill 【 Synchronization】 has been activated. By doing this, we will synchronize with the surroundings. 』

    “Fu ah!?”

    Suddenly, my skill 『Synchronization 』 was activated.

    Eh, what what what what!? What happened!?

    Then Sunny-san and Adramelek-san’s bodies began to shine.

    “Thiz is!?”

    “Wat de heck……”

    『The synchronization is complete. The contents of synchronization this time were, the state of Seiichi-sama’s 【 After Evolution*】as the main body, because it was synchronized with the two people who ate the 【Fruit of Evolution】, The state of the two people has been changed to 【 After Evolution*】』 (TN: shinka go)

    “You’re kidding me!?”

    Is there such a thing!? Synchronize with my evolved state! Anything’s fine!?

    No, but this time!

    While I was involuntarily twitching to the announcement in my head, an intense light wraps around the two people’s bodies, and we reflexively covered our eyes.

    When I felt the light had subsided, I opened my eyes, and the appearances of two humans were reflected in it.

    “Oh, Is this the human body “

    “I can’t say any word.” (TN: No more gorilla language for me to translate here!!)

    A terrific beautiful woman with the same crimson and rough extended hair as Saria, and there was also a good-looking man with a similar crimson hair standing there. ―――― Naked.

    “Wear some clooooooooooothes!”

    I involuntarily tsukkomi’d* with all my power. (TN: ‘retorted’)

    Come to think of it, monsters will be completely naked after they have evolved! I forgot……!

    To me who was holding my head instinctively, Saria’s mother, Sunny-san, puts her hand on her waist and pointlessly stands out boldly.

    “Why is it? Is this appearance so strange?”

    “It isn’t strange if you’re a monster …… But you now have a human body!”

    “Oh, our hair disappeared all at once!”

    “Adramelek-san is nude in high spirits!”

    They, who were monsters, seemed to have no shame, and they were laughing at each other with excitement. No, Saria was more ashamed in her monster state ……Ah mou, I don’t know why!

    I managed to procure clothes and have them wear it, but the two are curious about their human body and moved around naked.

    “Please, be quiet!”

    Eventually, I forgot that they were Saria’s parents, and until the two of them were stopped by force, Sunny-san and her husband were all excited and naked.

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