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    Shinka no Mi

    Chapter 116


    Translated by Mlzkzr
    Edited by Mlzkzr


    TN: This chapter is actually kinda short so here you go….


    Thanks to Lucius-san, I can finally use magic on the daughter-san of the Demon King, I immediately held my palm at her, and invoked the reversal magic 『Get well』.

    Then, a light was emitted from my palm, and it is sucked into the body of the Demon King’s daughter-san.


    Then each Demon who saw it opened their eyes and was surprised, and suddenly I was gripped in my collar by a good-looking guy* with grey hair. (TN: Ikemen – good looking or handsome)

    “Oi, you bastard! What magic did you use?! “

    “Eh, I, I have to tell you!?”

    “Obviously! Chantless is also surprising, but you had used unknown magic to Luthia-sama…… Tell me now!”

    Not only the handsome guy with grey hair, but also the other demons released a terrifying bloodlust.

    Eeh…… I, I really have to say that!?

    I’m likely to be killed if I don’t tell him, but if I say it, I think I’m going to be killed even more!?

    Even if I try to get through it, because I couldn’t come up with a good plan, and the Demon guys’ intimidation was dreadful, I finally confessed……


    “Ah? I can’t hear you!”

    “………『Get well』……desu……” (TN: WEAK! Seiichi-kun you got intimidated so easily!!!)

    “………Hah? Just now …… what did you say ……?”

    Ah, Mou! I know this will happen!

    “I said! It’s Reversal Magic, 『Get well』!”

    “――――Are you fucking kidding me you baaaaastaaard!”

    You got angry! Don’t say that! That’s why I didn’t like it!

    Who are you!? The one who made this magic name! (TN: Uhhm, you)

    ―――― Me, the idiotic bastard!

    “You’re basically making fun of us!? Don’t you think with such a childish magic will ――――”

    “……Nn……Nn? Here ……is……?”

    “―――― Awakeeeeeeeeeeeeeened!?”

    The grey-haired handsome man shouted so as the Demon King’s daughter awakened from her sleep, and the moment she spoke out, he shoved me away and ran up to the Demon King’s daughter-san.

    Along with that, the other demons also rushed to her.

    “Luthia-sama! Are you okay!? Is there something wrong with your body!? “

    “……I’m fine. But …… what in the world ……”

    The Demon King’s daughter-san who woke up seems to be safe, but she appears a little surprised that she can’t figure out what’s going on.

    Then, a demon man who floated a strange dignity informed the Demon King’s daughter-san the details of the incident.

    “Luthia-sama. Until now, Luthia-sama has fallen to the despicable deed of the enemy, received a curse by a 【Curse Tool】, and was asleep leading up to death. ”


    “Yes. But, thanks to the man over there, the curse was lifted. Since I am using my skills to check, there is no doubt. However ……”

    “……However? What’s going on?”

    Apparently, it was only this male demon that confirmed it using his skill; the other demons turned their bloodlust on me again as the male demon had something to say to the Demon king’s daughter-san.

    Give me a break.

    “… I don’t know what to say, but instead of the same 『Curse (Curse)』, a new 『Curse(Blessing)』 called 【Eternal Health】 has been added ……”


    All the demons had stupid expressions on their faces.

    Ah, the Demon king’s daughter-san’s 『Curse(Blessing)』became the same as Ranze-san. I don’t know what kind of 『Curse (Curse)』 it was, but the result is all right. Her life expectancy is extended by 10 years, there’s no worry of illness for the rest of her life, and it’s harder for her to get injured.

    The Demon King’s daughter-san and the other demons also confirmed the effects of the 『Curse(Blessing)』, and were surprised at the contents again.

    “……Wha, what’s, this fucking effect……”

    As if to represent everyone’s feelings, a very beautiful female demon muttered so.

    Then Lucius-san, who was watching the course of events, puts his hands on my shoulder in a cheerful manner.

    “Iya, it’s still ridiculous! Although it’s common sense that 『Curse (Curse)』 cannot be broken, but rather than breaking the curse, you turned it into a useful 『Curse(Blessing)』 for her!”

    “……? You are?”

    The Demon King’s daughter-san who noticed Lucius-san’s existence, curiously asked.

    “Me? I am Lucius Arsale. Our blood isn’t connected, but I’m the First Demon King ……I mean, do you understand?”


    The Demon King’s daughter-san opens her eyes to some extent.

    “Th, the name is certainly the same as the founder, the first generation Demon King-sama but …… really?”

    “Yes Yes, believe it or not, I came back from the underworld thanks to this Seiichi-kun who lifted my curse!”

    『You came back from the underworld!? 』

    Everyone was surprised at the power word of coming back from the underworld. It can’t be helped. I think I’ll react the same way if I was in that position. But the cause is me……!

    For the first time here, the Demon King’s daughter-san turned her eyes towards me. (TN: Harem member + 1)

    “……Are you, the one who saved me?”

    “Eh? Ah, yes. What does…… that mean?”

    When I answered that, the Demon King’s daughter-san got out of bed, and approaches me.

    “We, well”


    Then, for some reason, the Demon King’s daughter-san stared at my face.

    New method of bullying? It’s really embarrassing and uncomfortable but?

    After staring for a while, the Demon King’s daughter-san separated from me.

    “…… I felt a tremendous power. Are you really a human?”

    “I’m human”

    I’m not confident though.

    “…… Anyway, thank you for saving me. If what everyone says is true, then I couldn’t be saved anymore. Because you rescued me, I’ll return the favor. Is there something you want?”

    That was also the case when I helped Ranze-san before, but those who carry the country on their backs may have more responsibility or fences attached than us to each and every thing.

    I didn’t save you because of your gratitude, and I can’t think of anything even if I’m told so.

    “Uhm…… I don’t need your ―――― “

    “You’re not saying you won’t receive Luthia-sama’s thanks, are you?”

    What is it? This grey-haired handsome man. I’m really scared.

    I can’t really think of anything, so I decided to be honest.

    “I’m sorry…… Nothing comes to my mind when you suddenly said that, so is it okay if I decide again later?”

    “…… That’s……Yes, it can’t be helped. But I’ll definitely give you my gratitude, so I want you to think about it by all means.”

    “I understand”

    I don’t have anything I want in particular, but I have to think about it.

    There were various things that happened, but after I successfully completed the mission of saving the Demon King’s daughter-san safely, I reported to Ranze-san.

    “Ranze-san, I managed to save her.”

    “Oh, seriously! No, as I thought you’re weird. Thank you”

    “Isn’t the way you thank me wrong?!”

    After such an exchange, I turned my eyes to the three members of the 【Demon God’s Apostle】 who were smashed by Lucius-san.

    “So …… What are you going to do to them?”

    “Ah…… Of course, I’ll just restrain them, and I’m going to leave them to Lorna to perform the interrogation ……”

    Ah…… Speaking of which, Lorna-san, one of Louise’s subordinates, can interrogate.

    It was when I remembered that kind of thing.

    ” ―――― I’m in trouble.”

    『! 』

    Suddenly…… without anyone really noticing, an eerie man who keeps grinning appeared, then covers up the three men who are at deaths door.

    With the appearance of a mysterious intruder, the demons and all the adventurers around them set up their weapons all at once.

    “You…… Who the hell are you!”

    The dignified demon man says so, but the mysterious intruder didn’t answer his question.

    “We’ll be in trouble if they get caught. It’s a shame to let go, such talented pieces.”’

    “Answer the question!”

    Then, the handsome guy with grey hair wore a jet-black thing that looks like darkness, and fires it into the intruder in the form of a spear.

    However, when the intruder rings* his finger, the darkness disappears in an instant. (TN: Kind of like a ‘snap’)


    “Even if you don’t rush, we’ll meet each other again. So this time, with this――――”

    When the intruder snaps his finger again, the intruder and the three members of the 『Demon God’s Cult』 disappeared in an instant.

    …… Who is that guy? Taking those three people, he’s probably a member of the 『Demon God’s Cult』, but …….

    It was that my body didn’t react at all in that.

    Because they disappeared in such an instant, I thought they used skills and magic, but …… Considering that evolution didn’t trigger, it’s neither, it might have been a really special ability.

    When I was thinking about the intruder, Ranze-san quickly gave out orders to the soldiers.

    “Oi, search every corner inside the castle and town! And contact the gatekeeper!”


    After that, we remained vigilant for a while, but in the end, we couldn’t find the intruder and the three members of the 『Demon God’s Cult』.


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