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    Shinka no Mi

    Chapter 115


    Translated by Mlzkzr
    Edited by Mlzkzr


    “――――The emergence of a dungeon …… is it?”


    I was invited by Barna-san to visit the school director’s office.

    And now, I’ve just been informed about the appearance of the dungeon.

    …… Hmm …… The thing called dungeon, I only know about the 【Forest of Endless Love and Sorrrow】 and the place where the Black Dragon God was ……

    “Is a dungeon such a thing that emerges so easily?”

    “No, that shouldn’t happen originally. However, it seems that during that time, the apostles of the 【Demon God’s Cult】 and others have used strange powers to devastate the forest near the school. “

    Speaking of which, I heard Al was exploring the forest at Barna-san’s instructions. Was there an apostle of the 【Demon God’s Cult】 over there?

    “The fact that it appeared is that, it’s a new dungeon, right?”

    “No, we can’t say that yet ……”


    I lean at Barna-san’s words.

    It’s enough to say that if a dungeon has appeared, then isn’t it a new one?

    When I think so, Barna-san taught me politely.

    “You don’t seem to know what it looks like. Dungeons may certainly emerge new in one case, but there is the second case where a new entrance appeared to an existing dungeon. If it’s a new dungeon, then its fine to capture it normally, but if it’s another entrance leading to an already existing dungeon, the story will change a little. Depending on it, the entrance to the same dungeon may exist in different countries across foreign countries. In that case, there’s also a concern that its existence will be used in wars as an advantage, so we need early detection and information gathering. ”

    “I see…… “

    I didn’t think that the entrance can be in another country or something like that.

    “For that reason, the emergence of dungeons is a problem we cannot overlook. ”

    “Well then, you called me this time …… “

    When I said that, Barna-san looked at me with a serious expression.

    “Umu. I would like to ask Seiichi-kun to capture* the dungeon. ” (TN: Conquer)

    “Me, is it? Iya*, I am an adventurer, but I don’t really have much experience in dungeons ……” (TN: kind of like ‘no’)

    “I know Seiichi-kun’s true strength. I don’t understand why you want to hide it, but when you destroyed the army of monsters that attacked Terviel, at least you showed me a glimpse of it. And what changed it into conviction was, when the 【Demon God’s Cult 】came to attack. What would have happen if you weren’t here at that time ……”

    Ah……I didn’t think about hiding my strength these days. No, did you really want to hide it in the first place? Me. (TN: ‘Me: No’)

    …… Looking back on myself in the past, I didn’t try to conceal my true strength as much as they say. That’s stupid, I know.

    Well, I don’t really need to hide it now.

    “Anyways, I’d like to request Seiichi-kun who is such a powerful person, and that is to collect information as soon as possible. I couldn’t even leave the school because of that incident ……”

    “I see…… I understand why. If you don’t mind me, then I’ll go.”

    “Ou! It would be helpful if you could say that. Ah, if Seiichi-kun has little experience in dungeons, then you should bring Altria-san too. I’ll let you decide who else to take.”

    “I understand. As soon as I’m ready, I’ll leave. “

    “I’m sorry, please.”

    …… It’s been a long time, since I’ve been in a dungeon,

    Ah, but…… the 【Underworld】 should also be a kind of dungeon, right?

    In any case, it’s been a long time since I had a task as an adventurer. I have to be careful because it’s a dungeon.

    At any rate, it became a situation where the two of us got separated from Al at Black Dragon God’s domain, and of course, negligence is forbidden.

    The members who are going with me are…… Well, that’s it. Of course, Al, Saria, Rurune, and let’s take Olga-chan too. Agnos and his classmates would be fine if they ask Beatrice-san.

    When I was walking in the corridor while thinking about such things, suddenly, a bright light occurred in front of my eyes.


    It was too sudden that I exposed an idiotic look, then the light eventually settled, and there appeared Treasure Box who was supposed to have traveled with Tou-san* and the others. (TN: Father or Papa)

    “Eh? Wha? Wh, why is Treasure box ……?”

    “……Found you. I, will, take you”


    Ignoring me who was dumbfounded in the incomprehensible situation, Treasure Box grabbed my arm.

    “Then, go”

    “Eh, wh, where am I going ――――”


    “Whatwhatwhatwhat!? Tsu……Uweeeeeeeeeeeeee!?”

    When Treasure Box suddenly opened, Treasure Box stored me inside it.

    I couldn’t understand this situation at all, and I was left in a jet black space.


    “Brought together”

    “So, what’s with this situation!? Explanation please!”

    I don’t know how much time has passed, but when I think that light suddenly entered the jet black space, my arm was grabbed by Treasure Box, and I was taken out from inside it……. Treasure box’s inside is such a space.

    When I was thinking about escaping reality like that, I was suddenly called out. (TN: Escaping reality? Dude, what’s wrong?)

    “I’m glad you’re fine, Seiichi.”

    “Eh? Ranze-san!? Th, then here is……”

    “Ah, it’s Terviel of the Welmburg Kingdom.”

    Without realizing it, I seem to have been taken by force to Terviel.

    Looking around again, not only Zeanos-san, Lucius-san and the others, I could also see Florio-san and Louise.

    What’s, that? I can even see Gorillas that looks familiar to me, but…… Is it just my imagination?

    “Uhmm…… I can’t swallow the situation, so can someone explain?”

    I, Did I do something wrong?

    The air is somehow heavy, so I reflexively think about such a thing.

    Then Ranze-san opened his mouth with a severe expression.

    “Seiichi. I have a request for you “

    “Mm, me?”


    I feel like I’m receiving random requests in one day, today……

    Well, both Barna-san and Ranze-san are taking care of us, so I want to help them if I can.

    When I think so, Ranze-san’s request was more important than I expected.

    ” ―――― The Demon King’s daughter was cursed by a 『Curse Tool.』. I want you to do something about it.”

    “Demon King’s daughter!? And curse……”

    When I open my eyes to the unexpected words, Lucius-san explained to me as he spreads his bloodlust throughout his body, even though he appeared to be smiling.

    “The garbage lying there put their hands on my dear fellows. That too, they used something like a 『Curse Tool 』”


    Following Lucius-san’s gaze, I looked in that direction, and three blood-stained men were lying down. Yeah…… What, is this murder scene like. The, they’re alive, right?

    “It’s the apostles of the 【Demon God’s Cult】 that are lying over there.”


    I’m surprised that it’s the name of the same organization who is the main offender in the recent incident.

    “They used the 『Curse Tool.』, to attack the Demon King’s daughter. The curse is the same as the type I received before, and there is no one in this world who can break the curse in the first place. But, you’ve lifted my curse once. Using that power, I want you to help the Demon King’s daughter. ”

    To be honest, the story’s sudden development is too fast for me to follow.

    Why did such a situation occur, and why did the 【Demon God’s Cult】 attacked…… Anyway, there are a lot of things that I don’t understand, but the Demon King’s daughter-san will come first.

    “I, I understand. I don’t know what will happen, but I’ll try”

    There’s no way I’m going to use the reversal magic 『Get well』 again ……! (TN: but she needs to get well Seiichi-kun)

    No, this time, I don’t have to say the magic name. I did it!

    When I said so, Ranze-san and the others showed a little relief, then he transfer me to a certain room.

    “She’s sleeping here. Don’t worry because the people around you are the vassals of the Demon King’s daughter. ”


    Once inside the room, as Ranze-san said, some Demon-like people have an anxious look on their faces, and like Lucius-san, they’re standing while scattering their bloodlust that dominated the entire room, and the atmosphere here is heavier than the previous location.

    Without appearing to be worried about such atmosphere, Ranze-san told everyone on the room to hear.

    “Oi, you guys. I’ve brought someone who can break the 『Curse』.”



    Since all eyes were on me all at once, I suddenly made a voice. Yo,you don’t have to look at me so much ……

    Then, a terrifyingly beautiful woman-san*, who somehow have a high amount of exposure, asked Ranze-san. (TN: Bijin-san, kinda like bishoujo but older)

    “……That guy? You’re joking, right?”

    “I know it’s a joke, but it’s true.”

    “… I don’t want to admit it, but it’s a 『Curse』, you know? I’ve never heard of a 『Curse』 being lifted.”

    When the beautiful woman-san says so, a stunning grey-haired handsome man stands up while spreading his bloodlust and turns his sharp glance towards me.

    “To make a joke in front of us now …… It seems like you want to die?”

    That was also the case when I helped Ranze-san before, but 『Curse』 is something really hopeless in this world.

    Well that’s fine …….

    “I’m a friend of Ranze-san, the king of this country. It’s hard to believe it all of a sudden, but can you trust me even a little?”

    “We can’t do that, right? You’re a suspicious person who hides your face with a hood.”

    That’s indeed a sound argument!

    I just forgot to take it off, and I immediately took off my hood.

    Then the demons opened their eyes wide. Why do you look so surprised?

    “Is this okay?”

    “Eh? Ah……Y,yes…… No, I told you to show me your face……”

    What is it?! That reaction!

    But I know you don’t want to bring a suspicious guy closer to the lady you serve…… Should I just ignore it and use magic?

    When I was going to a slightly rough thinking circuit, Lucius-san came from behind me.

    “Don’t worry about him. Let me assure you.”

    That’s right! Lucius-san is the first Demon King, and maybe they’ll listen to him!

    “Eh!? Ah, that…… I’ve always been curious…… Who are you?”

    “Oops~, I forgot to introduce myself ~ “

    “That’s not good!”

    If you didn’t introduce yourself, then you’re just a suspicious person same as me!

    “Iya, Sorry sorry. I am Lucius Arsale. I’ve founded the Demon country ……the so-called first generation Demon King.”


    Voices of astonishment echoed throughout the room. That’s right. I was surprised too.

    “I thought the words I heard that time were wrong……”

    “How,however…… Even if he called himself the first Demon king……”

    But, it would be troublesome for the Demon people, who suddenly been told, that he was the first Demon King.

    In fact, I don’t even know how everyone will react.

    “Nn~…… I don’t have much time to answer questions here…… That’s it!”

    Lucius-san, who was thinking a little, opened his mouth as if he suddenly came up with something.

    “You guys, it was pretty dangerous if I didn’t arrive, right? I mean, I’m a so-called lifesaver, and I’m telling you to trust me…… You trust me, right?” (TN: That’s coercion.)

    Lucius-san, that’s too much of an argument!

    Although it was slight, each demon had no choice but to shake their heads vertically due to the sense of intimidation emitted by Lucius-san.

    In a sense, Demon King…… Or rather, after his devilish deed, Lucius-san said to me with a nice smile.

    “Come on, let’s move as much as we want!”


    I also shook my head vertically.

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