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    Shinka no Mi

    Chapter 114


    Translated by Mlzkzr
    Edited by Mlzkzr


    When the extermination of monsters was completed safely, Florio approached Abel.

    “Thank you for your help…… But we don’t know who you are. Are you guys,  adventurers? And those monsters are ……”

    To the question that was naturally said, Abel smiled bitterly.

    “Ah……I’m not an adventurer ……when I think about it carefully, it’s hard to explain!”

    Not only was he a hero even though it was a long time ago, but, he simply could not explain that he was brought back to life after he died.

    To Abel, who is worried about what to do, his companions, Garrus, Treasure Box and the others, also came.

    “What’s wrong with you?”

    To Abel who was holding his head, Kazumi calls out.

    “Well…… I was wondering how should I explain it to these people …… “

    “U umu…… Apparently, he looks like a soldier from this country …… “

    Makoto, who made that judgment by looking at the clothes of Florio and the others, said to Florio.

    “Excuse me, my name is Hiiragi Makoto. Sorry for being sudden, but do you know the name Seiichi?”

    “Eh? Seiichi-kun?”

    Florio opens his eyes to Makoto’s words.

    “Yes. We are Seiichi’s acquaintances. Well, I and Kazumi are Seiichi’s parents ….. And these monsters here are Saria-san’s parents. “

    “Eeeeeeeh!? Yo, you are Seiichi-kun’s parents!…… What, Saria-san’s parents too!? No no…… No matter how you look at them, they’re monsters …… “

    “Un? Didn’t you know? It seems that Saria-san is of the same kind of monster here ……”

    “Umu, Saria ha and us tou are same 【Kaizer Kong】 dazo.”

    “It’s a shocking new fact! Besides, you can speak!? ” (TN: Now they all knew)

    Looking at the surprised reaction of Florio, Abel felt relief “Ah, I wasn’t the only one who was shocked.”

    “I met Saria-san’s parents here for the first time but we’re different. I met Seiichi a little while ago. When we were looking for a place to live, we heard that this country is very nice, and we came here with the protection of Abel-kun and the others. But as soon as we arrived, for some reason, you’re having difficulty, so Abel and the others went to help. ”

    “Yes. We were escorts as Makoto-san said, and we were thinking of becoming an adventurer in this country. But when we came here, we were surprised at the hordes of monster that were rushing in …… No, I was most surprised by Saria-san’s parents … ” (TN: OH GOD! Please someone stop them!! and also hahahaha)

    After receiving explanations from Abel and the others, Florio was astounded.

    “Ah…… Did you say that you were acquainted with Seiichi’s parents?……. Anyways, you were helpful, thank you very much.”

    “No, I’m glad that we were there in time too.”

    Florio with his head bowed, immediately raised his face, but his expression isn’t good.

    “…… No, it’s not over yet. On the other side, the monsters are still marching in …… “

    “Ah, that will be fine. ”


    To Abel’s words who wore a bitter smile, Florio involuntarily replied.

    “There are also acquaintances of Seiichi that are over there ……”

    “I think that’s overkill ……”

    “Yeah. I mean, I can’t think of anybody who could match those two people ……Ah, except Seiichi. “

    “I agree…… Aside from Seiichi-san, I can’t really think of anyone who can be their opponent ……”

    Not just Abel, even Garrus and his comrades also laughed bitterly and said to each other.

    The moment Florio tried to ask for Abel and the others’ reactions, one of the soldiers came to him in haste.

    “Florio-sama! It’s a report! It’s about the battle on the other side, and it was ended by the two people who assisted that suddenly appeared!”


    “After that …..”

    Florio opened his eyes wide in astonishment to the soldier’s reports.

    While looking at such reaction of Florio, the soldier continued his report to fulfill his duties.

    “According to a report from the reconnaissance team, the surrounding monsters are said to have been completely subdued, Florio-sama and the S-class adventurers are urged to return to His Majesty’s side as soon as possible.”

    “I understand. Then, please tell it to the S-class adventurers. Then, some people from the Magic Division have to watch out for the surroundings, and let the rest of the soldiers collect the drop items. ”


    The ordered soldiers move from their spots promptly.

    After seeing that, Florio turned around and apologized again to Abel and his companions.

    “Excuse me…… May I ask everyone to accompany me? Of course, Saria-san’s parents too. “

    “Eh? We don’t mind, but…… Is that fine?”

    “Dat’s right. We ha monsters dazo “

    “Yes, it’s okay. It seems that Saria-san’s parents also cooperated in the subjugation, and I’d like you guys to tell His Majesty a detailed story if possible…… In addition, Seiichi-san is an acquaintance of yours. You’re free to enter.”

    Abel and the others, who agreed to accompany him, were taken by Florio to the castle.


    “Mu? They’ve come.”

    “Hey, here here~”

    When Abel and the others, who came to the castle with Florio, entered the room where they were guided, the appearance of Zeanos and Lucius were already there.

    They sound very peaceful if you only observe their words, but it was disastrous inside the room.




    Lucius remained smiling at the three people, while crucifying them with a jet-black spear.

    Those three men are the apostles of the 【Demon God’s Cult】, they originally possess great powers, but it didn’t mean anything in front of Lucius.

    As soon as they entered the room, Florio and the S-class adventurers are dumbfounded to see three bloodstained men.

    In such a violent scene, Abel enquired while squeezing his cheeks.

    “Uh, uhmm…… What are you doing ……?”

    “Nn? These three people experienced my imperial wrath for a moment. I was punishing them. Hahahahaha “

    “Tha, that’s right…… ha, hahahaha……”

    ‘I can’t laugh.’

    Abel honestly thought so.

    He looked around the room to change the topic immediately, but everyone has a dark look on their faces.

    Florio noticed the situation too, and he called out to Ranze, who was standing with a complicated expression.

    “Your Majesty, I’ve returned just now.”

    “Nn? Oh, Florio. You’ve worked hard.”

    “Thank you very much. Well ……. First of all, who are they……?”

    In front of Florio’s gaze are the figures of Zeanos and Lucius, and Ranze informed him while sighing.

    “I don’t know very well the details either. But, they’re seemed to be Seiichi’s acquaintances. Well, it seems that they saved Louise and the others from a serious predicament, and they’re not bad guys. If you say that, then who are those guys you brought with you? There are even some monsters ……”

    “Ah……they seem to know Seiichi-kun. Two of them seem to be Seiichi-kun’s parents, and these monsters seem to be Saria-san’s parents ……”

    “Are you serious!? It doesn’t make too much sense!? I don’t know the exact information, but we were saved this time thanks to the aid of Seiichi’s acquaintances here. Or rather, not only that guy, but also his acquaintances are too strong……”

    To Ranze, who looked amazed, Florio asked why there was this dark atmosphere here.

    “So, your Majesty. Why is the atmosphere like this? Speaking of which, I don’t see any demons ……”

    “Ah…… the Demon King’s daughter…… Luthia was killed. ”


    Florio was speechless in Ranze’s words.

    However, he immediately returned to his sanity and asked the detailed situation.

    “And then, the Demon Army……”

    “They’re nursing* her in a separate room.” (TN: can also mean ‘taking care)

    “Is it wounds!? What about Recovery Magic…….”

    “We tried everything. But, the tool used by that guy who was crucified there were awful. ”


    “―――― It’s a 『Curse』”


    With that one word from Lanze, Florio guessed everything.

    “The spell on the 『Curse』 , is the same type of curse that I’ve received…… Recovery magic and recovery medicines, nothing works. And worse, it seems that she will die if we can’t lift the curse within three days. ”


    ”The Demon Army guys wanted to kill the ones who were crucified there immediately, but they endured it. If they kill them, we can’t really deal with it. Right now, I want to save as many information as possible.”


    Florio loses his words.

    To everyone who has a dark expression, Edmund, one of the crucified, floated a distorted smile.

    “Ku ……Kuku…… sad sight…… royalty….. that girl…… no life…..”

    “You still look fine, right? What do we do? Your mouth, do you want me to tear it up?  (TN: Oh God, he’s getting scary!!)

    “Lucius-dono, stop it. It’s only what they think.”

    Lucius, who is giving off an overwhelming intimidation, was calmed down by Zeanos.

    Florio, who was watching the situation, suddenly came up with something and said to Ranze.

    “That’s it! Let’s call Seiichi-kun! Like in Your Majesty’s case, Seiichi-kun can do something about it!”

    In Florio’s words, Ranze shook his head sideways.

    “It’s impossible. No matter how fast you move from here to Barbador Magic Academy, it will take at least a week. Some people can use Transition Magic, but they can’t even use it because they’ve never been to Barbador Magic Academy. “


    While everyone is in despair, suddenly, a lax voice was heard somewhere that is out of place.

    “May I have a moment?”

    “Nn? You are……”

    The owner of the voice is Kazumi, and then Kazumi moves to Ranze’s side.

    “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to eavesdrop, but you need Seiichi, right?”

    “Ah, yes.”

    “I don’t know anything about it, but Treasure Box-san can do something, can’t he?”


    To the abrupt suggestion, not only Ranze, but most of the people on the place had dotted eyes* on.  (TN: kind of like this one ●_●)

    However, Ranze immediately returned to his senses and asked..

    “Tre, Treasure box-san……”

    “……Nn, that’s me”  (TN: The hero has arrived!)

    “It’s really a treasure box!? No, why do you have limbs growing in the first place!?”

    “That’s a trivial problem. Don’t worry”

    “As I thought, you’re his comrade!”

    Although, it was Ranze who tsukkomi’d* at the appearance of Treasure box unintentionally, but he remembered the current situation and asked seriously. (TN: Kind of like a retort or some sort)

    “This lady here says, that you can bring Seiichi with you……”

    “……I, can do it. I’ve been to school, Transition magic, I can use.”

    “Why are you so good!?”

    To the surprised Ranze and the others, Treasure box thrust his thumb up and declared.

    “……Later, to me, leave it*”  (TN: He means to leave it to him.)

    That figure was so reliable that they couldn’t believe that it was a treasure box.

    (TN: Treasure Box-san actually looked pretty heroic.)

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