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    Shinka no Mi

    Chapter 113

    TN: This chapter is actually kind of short, so I decided to post it now. Anyway, STAY SAFE GUYS.


    “…… When I think who suddenly appeared, they said something strange. The Hero’s master? The first Demon King? Huh. If you’re going to lie, why don’t you make a bit better ones.”

    Rodias was surprised at the appearance of Zeanos and Lucius, but he quickly regained his composure and laughed with his nose.

    “Th, the first Demon King-sama ……?”

    “I, it’s a lie, right? Naa…..”

    “But that horn is definitely something akin to us demons. Nevertheless, the first Demon King-sama ……”

    Apart from Rodias, the demons who were listening to Lucius’ words were astonished as never before.

    While each of them was surprised, only Lucius himself was laughing nonchalantly.

    “Hmm …… Well, it’s no wonder you can’t believe it. Hahahahaha “

    “……Hmph. You can’t seem to read the situation. I don’t know what you guys’ true identities are, but since you came here, you’re prepared to die?”

    Receiving the tremendous amount of intimidation of Rodias, even Zeros and Zorua, who are fighting against monsters, are horrified, but Zeanos and Lucius’ composure did not collapse.

    ” fumu ……Lucius-dono. I’ll take this place. I request you to be the monsters’ opponent.”

    ” Nn? Are you sure? I’ll leave him to you then.”

    “Of course”

    On the contrary, in Zeanos’ remark that he will be his opponent alone, Rodias raised his eyebrows.

    “……You’re considerably making light of me. But, the monsters will kill you bastards without me having as your opponent!”



    The monsters attacked Zeanos and Lucius.

    Then Lucius pierced those monsters with a surprisingly cold glance.


    With that single word, the monsters silenced. No, they even stopped moving.

    The monsters should have lost their reasons, but that was the result of following their remaining instinct.

    When the monsters stopped moving, Lucius nodded with satisfaction.

    “Yes yes. That’s a good boy.”

    The members of the Demon Army and 【Sword Saint War Maiden】, and even Rodias, opened their eyes with astonishment.

    “……That’s stupid…… What’s going on……?!”

    “Fumu, I beg your pardon if you look aside in front of me.”

    “What !? Gua!?”

    Rodias, who was completely distracted in front of Lucius’ power from Zeanos, was cut on his flank with Zeanos’ jet black fine sword.

    Rodias quickly tries to get away, but Zeanos didn’t allow it.

    “You already ―――― lost the opportunity to attack.”

    From there, Zeanos’ surging waves of attacks continued.

    Rodias desperately tries to prevent Zeanos from attacking, but Zeanos’ fine sword moves just like a living thing, and it easily slips through Rodias’ defense.

    “Ridiculous ridiculous ridiculous!? With the power entrusted by Demon God-sama….. this me……!?”

    “【Demon God】? So that’s what happened. Were you with the same 【Man】 who made even the underworld surrender*?” (TN: can also mean ‘under control’, about Demiolos)

    “Wha, what!?”

    “―――― There”

    Striking at the gap of his moment of confusion, Zeanos pierced Rodias’ legs.


    “Rebel, are you still good to go?”

    Zeanos wipes off the blood stained on his fine sword, as he asked Rodias, who is crouching on the spot.

    That composure is only allowed for strong individual, and Rodias was in that position until now.

    That is now reversed and, he himself is being looked down.

    “……It mustn’t be. It shouldn’t be ……! With the power we received from Demon God-sama, we apostles got defeated ……!”

    When Rodias stood up with all his mustered energy, he spawned a large number of knives around him.

    Moreover, it’s not just normal knives.

    They’re special knives with various attributes and effects that are added to each one

    “Die now!”

    As Rodias waved his arm, the knives flew towards Zeanos.

    Staring at the knives calmly, Zeanos jumps out of his spot, but the knives pursuit him without slowing down.

    “The knives will chase you without slowing down until it strikes you……!”


    Zeanos only nods while dodging the swarm of knives――――

    “『Dark Hole』”


    Suddenly, a jet-black space was created between Zeanos and the knives.

    When the knives are sucked into that space, the space disappears.

    “『Dark Chain』”


    And Zeanos doesn’t just stop there, he continued to use magic.

    Then, a jet-black chain extended from Zeanos, and restrained Rodias.

    “Excuse me. After my death, I was called the 『Darkness Noble*』. I’m good at dark attribute magic.” (TN: Ankoku Kizoku)


    He desperately tries to untie his restraints, but the jet-black chain didn’t break.

    Zeanos quietly thrust his fine sword against the struggling and thrashing Rodias.

    “Are you disappointed? The fun time is now over. ”

    “Sh…… shiiiiiiiiit!” (TN: or ‘Damn it’)

    ―――― And thus Rodias was detained.

    ◆ ◇ ◆

    『Kuh! This number ……no matter how many I killed, I can’t see the end of this……!. 』

    The 『Black Holy Knight』 burned down all the monsters approaching with its own 【Black Flame Magic*】. (TN: Kuro En Mahou)

    【Black Flame Magic】 is a unique attribute that can only be used by the 『Black Holy Knight』, it is a special attribute that could support his comrades that don’t have the fire attribute magic.

    There are many more powerful magic than the usual fire attribute magic, and the 『Black Holy Knight』 was better at taking advantage of its auxiliary characteristics.

    『Mu, Elemina-sama! 【Guardian black flame】*!』 (TN: shugo kuroen)

    The 『Black Holy Knight』 uses magic on Elemina who is in sight.

    Then, a jet-black flame engulfed Elemina’s body.

    “『Black Holy Knight』 ! Thank you!”

    『No need for thanks』

    “Even so…… How long will they really continue to surge! If we keep going like this, our physical strength and magic power will reach its limit……”

    Elemina who was clad with two magic, the Black Flame and her Thunder, cut the Dragon-shaped monster that was approaching in front of her in half with her hand sword*. (TN: hand used like a sword for striking)

    Other S-class adventurers can’t fight with composure like they had at the beginning, and impatience started to gradually appear on their faces.

    After all, their opponent is not just weak monsters, but S-class monsters.

    At first glance, they seemed to be able to correspond with a lot of margin, but they were fighting delicately and cautiously at a level that no ordinary person would understand.

    Even if they have a high level of defense, it’s certain that it would be impossible for them to recover after receiving the blows of S-class monsters.

    The Magic Division led by Florio is also there behind the S-class adventurers and 【Abyssal Black Troops】, but their magic power is also running out.

    There is always an end.

    But they couldn’t see the vision of reaching it.

    ―――― To them, an unexpected reinforcement came.

    “―――― Garus! Please turn to the side that has less protection! Anna, disturb the monsters as much as possible, and Liliana, seek for an opponent that is hard to attack physically!” (TN: oh right, Liliana is a sage)

    “Ou! Let’s do it!”

    “Let’s go!”

    “Yes! 『Flame Rain*』 !”  (TN: Fureimu rein)


    Abel, who used to be a hero once, arrived.

    Everyone who was fighting on the spot including Elemina gave a surprised expression at the sudden unfamiliar reinforcements.

    Without worrying about them, Abel slashes the monsters and immediately throws away their bodies nearby with one sword.

    Garrus breaks between a monster and a soldier, who can’t move because of his injuries, with a huge shield, and beat down the monster using his shield. (TN: The SHIELD HERO HAS ARRIVED!!!)

    Anna uses a bow and throwing knives, to gather the awareness of many monsters, and disrupt their movements.

    Liliana, as Abel ordered, was actively burying the monsters which physical attacks don’t work well that are sometimes mixed in, with powerful magic.

    Abel and the others’ speed of extermination are extraordinary, and the number of monsters is decreasing rapidly.

    “Even though I died once, if you meet Seiichi, something of this degree is nothing……!”

    When Abel is dealing with the monsters with a bitter smile, the Treasure Box with limbs* called out to him. (TN: hands and legs)

    “…… My, power, lend you?”

    “Nn? No, we’re good enough! You protect Seiichi’s parents!”


    The Treasure Box nodded obediently and escorted Marie who can’t fight nearby.

    Makoto, Seiichi’s father, who is protected by Treasure Box, murmured at the sight in front of him.

    “…… I saw creatures that I had never seen on Earth while on the road, but there are even dragons……”

    “If it appears on Earth, there’s going to be an uproar.”

    “Uh umu…… It’s apparently a monster? That creature seems to attack humans aggressively. Speaking of which, the meat of the creatures Zeanos-san and the others hunted was also of monsters, right? “

    “Yeah. If you consider what their tastes are like because they’re called monsters, they were normally delicious.”

    “It’s disturbing, but this is the culture of this world.”

    “Yes…… How delicious is the dragon’s meat?” (TN: They plan on EATING IT!)

    “That’s what bothers me, too. Let’s ask Abel-kun later. ”

    Normally, it wouldn’t be strange for them to collapse looking at that scene, but Seiichi’s parents are still at their own pace and Treasure Box inwardly thought, “These two people are overly big shots, huh?” (TN: Just like Seiichi hahaha)

    In fact, Marie, Zeanos’ maid, and even Nataliana, who is just a florist, were horrified when they saw the sight in front of them.

    Makoto and his wife, who doesn’t know that Treasure Box is thinking like that, glanced at the scene where Abel is confronting a certain monster, and then they looked at each other’s faces.


    “Yes, that monster……”

    “? What’s the matter?”

    Treasure Box asked the two people who had strange reactions.

    Then, Makoto asks him an opposite question.

    “Hey, Treasure Box-san. Can you take us to Abel-kun?”

    “……Eh? It is possible …… but, it’s dangerous. ”

    “I know that a hundred times.”

    “…… Do you really want to go?”

    “Yeah. It’s important. ”


    As Makoto said those words, including the nod of Treasure Box, Marie and the others were surprised.

    “I, it’s dangerous! Why are you doing such a dangerous thing!?”

    “Marie-san, its fine. Treasure Box-san says he will protect us. “

    “It still isn’t absolute, right!?”

    “We know. But, we have to go.”

    Marie and the others tried to calmly restrain them, but Makoto and Kazumi still went to Abel while being protected by Treasure Box.

    Abel himself is confronting a monster in front of him, and is looking for a gap.

    Moreover, the monsters are acting in two bodies, trying to pinch Abel in between and observing his state.

    “These guys ….. I can’t see any gap ……”


    “Eh?…… Makoto-san!? And Kazumi-san…… It’s dangerous here, so please turn back now!”

    “We know that. But, forgive us for now. ”


    Abel is talking to Makoto while being careful not to show any opening, and then Kazumi talked to the monster Abel was facing.

    “You guys are ―――― Saria-san’s parents, right?” (TN: I wasn’t expecting that)


    “Wha, what?”

    In Kazumi’s words, Abel and Treasure Box were surprised.

    “Saria-san…… is the girl who was next to Seiichi, right? That can’t be――――”

    “……Daughter hoh….. D’you know……!?” (TN: Can’t translate gorilla language properly, I’ll do what I can. > ‘…..Daughter hah….. do you know….!?’)

    “Are you serious!? You can speak!?”

    The monster that was confronting Abel ―――― one of the 【Kaizer Kong】 gazes at Kazumi with a surprised expression.

    “Yeah, she’s with our son.”

    “……Lies ha…… Don’t b’lieve……” (TN: >‘Lies…..Don’t believe…)

    “Ara? Do you know what a lie is? That’s convenient ~ “

    It’s not a matter of convenience or anything like that, but for Kazumi, she thought that it was only one special skill.

    “No no no! I’m having trouble that you’re talking that fast, naturally!? Eh, so what? Saria-san is a monster!?” (TN: Now, you know)

    “That’s right? See, the eyes of her and Saria-san looks exactly the same!”

    “Eyes!? Is this guy a female?! ”

    “Rite gah?” (TN: >’Right’)

    The Kaizer Kong, who was looking in front of Abel, was shocked to hear that obvious matter.

    And then, the Kaizer Kong, who was on the other side, also opened its mouth.

    “Umu, and I’m ha o da”

    “Yes, I know. You’re Saria’s father, right?”

    “I don’t understand the difference! How can Kazumi-san distinguished them!? “


    “Seiichi’s family is weird!”

    Makoto calmly told Abel, who was screaming loudly.

    “Because, I realized they were Saria-san’s parents. I came to stop you.”

    “No, if that’s the case…… I never thought that my opponent could be identified as a monster, but ….. whatever. And? What will you do? Do you still want to fight?”

    To Abel who asks them with a serious expression while bracing his mind, the Kaizer Kong also answered seriously.

    “No, lets sthop meyo. Me’ting my da’hters acquaintance. And, our brainwash’ng no more noda. B’cause of, he’ring 【 Saria 】’s name from you da.” ( > ’ No, let’s stop. Meeting my daughter’s acquaintance. And, our brainwashing is no more. Because of, hearing 【 Saria 】’s name from you da’, TN: this is actually getting harder)

    “Brainwash? What does that mean ――――”


    When he said that, a crowd of other monsters have rushed to Abel and the others.

    “Tsk! We can’t chat at ease in this …… Makoto-san! When you’re business is done already, return to Mary and the others’ spot! I’ve already had this…… Two people? Two creature? Aah mou! Anyway, I won’t fight these guys!”

    “Yeah. I’m sorry to disturb you, shall we go back?”

    “Yes…… Ah, that’s right! Abel-san, could you come back with the dragon’s meat later? I want to eat it ~ “

    “I need to get it!? I, I understand! I’ll do something!”

    “Thank you! Then let’s return. ”

    “……Hang in there”

    As Treasure Box finally encourages Abel a little, he went back with Makoto and his wife.

    After confirming that, Abel called out to the two Kaizer Kong again while facing the attacking monsters.

    “You guys said that your brainwashing has been broken, can you support us?”

    “I help. By da way, my name 【Sunny】 gaaru”

    “I ham【 Adramelek 】. Sou sobe”

    “Why are your names so cool!?” (TN: So Abel is transforming into a first rate tsukkomi master hah)

    “? Want to change yor name too, Dagger Man?”

    “No way, that’s happening!”

    While Abel is exerting his all strength, he also defeated many monsters in collaboration with Saria’s parents, the 【Kaizer Kongs】.

    As a result, the cooperation between Abel and his comrades and the 【Kaizer Kongs】 made a decisive hit, and they were able to annihilate the monsters safely.


    (TN: Damn, I got tired translating the Gorilla Language on this chapter. Not sure if I’m going to do that again)


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