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    Shinka no Mi

    Chapter 112


    TN: One word, QUARANTINE. Because of the ongoing quarantine, I was so bored that I decided to translate a chapter of shinka no mi. hehehehe


    While Eust is repressing one of the Demon God’s apostles, the demon army faces the 『Sword Knight』 spearheaded by Louise, the 【Sword Saint War Maiden】, with the S-class adventurers divided into two groups, one towards the 【Black Corps of the Abyss】 led by the 『Black Holy Knight』, each of which was heading outside the city walls.

    “Oi, Nem! Wouldn’t it be nice to get up! If you’re there, you can’t reinforce the barrier!”


    Shaken by Oval, Nem woke up while rubbing her eyes.

    “Fu a~….. what~…..? I’m still sleepy~…..”

    “I’ll let you sleep as much as you want when this battle is over. Anyway, reinforce the 『barrier』 that you originally set up here.”

    “Nn~….. I don’t understand but~….. Ye~s….”

    Nem, still being sleepy, took out her cane that had been carried on her waist and lifted it up in the air.

    “Fua~….. Originally, it was a 『barrier』 that was set up for Al-chan, but~…… Ah, so to speak …. I haven’t seen Al-chan since I came back here~.…. What is she doing~? It would be dangerous if she came out of this 『barrier』~. I wonder if she’s still out there~?”  (TN: Al-chan = Altria)

    “Oi, let’s think about that later!”

    “Yes yes (TN: or Hai hai), I understand ~…..Barrier Technique: Layer of Amulet ~” (TN: Kekkaijutsu: Manoke No Sou)

    Nem cast her magic as she was dragged by Oval.

    At that moment, from the cane that had been raised in the air, a pale light flies into the sky.

    The light bursts in the sky, covering the royal capital Terviel.

    ―――― Nem Dolmir

    She is an S-class adventurer known by the nickname of 『Sleeping Princess』, which was also famous in a different sense in Terviel.

    It is in the 『Kekkai』 (barrier) which surrounds Terviel.

    She and Altria were actually friends, and she was doing a lot of research to manage Altria’s constitution of misfortune.

    And, by putting a barrier which somehow restrains Altria’s constitution of misfortune in Terviel, Terviel had not been affected by Altria’s constitution of misfortune until now.

    “Nice, good job! Now then ――――”


    “You’re going to sleep already! Don’t sleep because there are still monsters left!”

    “Mu! There’s a pretty lady over there! Ojou-san*! How about we have a hot night together …” (TN: Young lady)

    “Oi Yurine!? Temee, where are you going!? Damn it! Eust, you really were having a hard time!?” (TN: He’s talking about how Eust keeps the guild together while still being normal)

    Oval was tired just controlling the S-class adventurers who are too free.

    And yet, somehow, they came to where the 『Black Holy Knight』 was, there, a fierce battle with monsters was unfolded centering on Elemina, the 『Thunder Empress』.

    “Oi oi…… this is hopeless…..”

    While Oval whispered those words involuntarily, Elemina was facing a dragon in front of her.

    “It looks like there are only S-class monsters here  … 【Blade Dragon】 How long have I not seen one?”


    The monster that Elemina was confronting has sharp blades all over its body, it was a deformed Dragon called the 【Blade Dragon】.

    Each blade boasts a sharpness that is not inferior to a sword forged by an expert blacksmith, along with the high magical power because of its Dragon lineage; it can also attack by infusing magic on each blade.


    “Unfortunately, your compatibility with me is the worst, you know?”

    When Elemina said so, she thrust her right arm towards the Blade Dragon.

    “『 Lightning spear』”

    When a large amount of lightning spear emerges from Elemina’s arm, it became a single bundle, and a great spear of lightning was completed.

    In the school competition against Agnus, it was even bigger than the one that Roberto produced with all his might.

    The lightning spear that was created, flew at a speed that the Blade Dragon couldn’t recognize, and penetrated its blade body very easily.

    「GUGAAAaaaaaaaa! 」

    The pierced Blade Dragon, who had thunders run all over its body, was electrocuted and fell down while raising black smokes.

    Oval, who was watching that scene, said while being stunned.

    “I don’t think, you can find a queen as strong as that in the world.”

    “I agree…… Now then, I can’t just let Elemina-sama fight alone. I’ll go too.”

    Then, while concealing her mouth using a fan, Cornelia goes forward with elegant footsteps.

    “Originally, this could have quietly ended without them being killed here …..”

    Cornelia, staring at a group of monsters in front of her with a somewhat merciful expression, aimed her thin fingertips towards the swarm of monsters.

    “At least, I’ll offer and send you back to the earth.”

    The moment she said that, the surrounding earth was corroded around the herd of monsters.

    “Rot and sink, 『Corroded Sea』.” (TN: Kusa Uomi)

    The corroded ground eventually extended to the feet of the flock of demons, and the rotten ground transformed into a bottomless swamp.

    “GaAh…….ga, gaga―― ――”

    “Gieeeeeee! Guie, Gigi―― ――”

    “Guuooooo, ou, o―― ――”

    The monsters desperately tried to escape, but the more they move, the more they sink into the swamp, and at the end, they sank completely and remained silent.

    The land, which had been turned into a swamp a little while ago, is restored to its original state, then Cornelia, who saw everything, closes her fan.

    “In the next life, I hope you’ll be able to stay in peace.”

    Cornelia · Arnoldi.

    She is the only person in the world who manipulates the  『Rot Attribute Magic』*, and because she was a magician and aristocrat, she had the nickname of 【Noble Man】. (TN: kusa zokusei mahou = Rot Attribute Magic,  ki kusa hito = Noble Man, correct me if I’m wrong in making names)

    “Haa…. Homon-sama and the others don’t seem to be here. … I wonder, are they over there?”

    ……Never, she is by no means called a 【Noble Man】 because she is a person of that kind at all …. she just wants to believe that.

    As Cornelia wipes out a horde of monsters, Yurine, who is also an S-class adventurer, was slicing monsters at a tremendous speed.

    “Geez…… I can’t pick up girls with satisfaction because of you guys….!”

    Although his motivation to fight the monsters is impure, his ability is certain; he’s definitely reducing the number of monsters.

    “In this town alone, how many women do you think there are!? Attacking them…. even if God forgives you, I won’t!”

    Yurine made a big leap on the spot and raised his sword up in the sky.

    “Blow it up―――― 【Lily Slash (Hyakugozan) 】!”

    Then petals, which appeared from somewhere, gathered around the sword of Yurine.

    And, when he swing down the sword wearing the petals vigorously, the petals became a sharp blade that you wouldn’t think it’s a petal, and poured into the surrounding monsters.

    『GYAAaaaaaa! 』

    “Silence! Just shut up and die!”

    『Gya, gyaa !? gya ――――』

    For unreasonable reasons, they were not allowed to even raise their screams of agony, and the monsters disappeared.

    Yurine Rezui

    Because of his figure that cuts down as pretty as a lily, he is known as 『Yuri no Kenshi (hyaku gō no kenshi)* 』 (TN: Lily’s Sword)

    …… It is only regrettable that he has become a 『Swordsman of Lilies』 in a sense now. (TN: He only fight for the ladies/lilies)

    “Hmm…… I haven’t seen this monster for a long time which is mixed in here…..”

    Afros said so while scratching his giant Afro head.

    Towards such Afros, a single monster plunges in.

    “Nn? Whoops……”

    The one who rushed towards Afros was a 【Guardian Dragon】 that boasts the top-class/highest level of defense among S-Class monsters.

    Its scales cannot be scratched by ordinary weapons, and among the S-class adventurers here, it was a monster that was incompatible with Yurine and Gargand.


    “Fuu…… this thing is definitely tough….”

    Aside from Afros, who sighs as if it was troublesome, the Guardian Dragon has made a rush that takes advantage of its defensive power.

    If you crash into this, it’s a dangerous rush that can’t be get away safely no matter how strong an S-class adventurer is, but Afros doesn’t appear to be flustered.

    “Well, it’s the same as usual after all.”

    In the place where Afros and the Guardian Dragon were supposed to clash, Afros suddenly bowed his head.

    As a result, the Guardian Dragon inevitably plunges into Afros’ super huge Afro ――――

    “Nn, it’s in.”

    The Guardian Dragon was swallowed by his afro.

    And when he raised his head as if nothing had happened, Afros thrusts his hand into his Afro head, then he grab something and pull out his hand.

    “Yada…. it’s so big after all.”

    What came out was, the bone of the Guardian Dragon that he had confronted a little while ago. (TN: What the heck happened!?)

    “It’s a hassle to fight, I’m just glad that the materials are gathered together.”

    Right after he said that, he started to stow the monsters inside his Afro one after another in a good mood while humming, and taking out only the bones.

    Afros Dinoire.

    Despite being an adventurer that explores unexplored lands and magic boundaries, he was also a rare adventurer who was given the nickname 『Makai*』 because of his mysterious Afro. (TN: also called Makyou = “ghost cave” or “devil’s cave”, referring to his afro)

    “Are you ready to go, Gargand?”

    “Ah? There are no humanoid monsters. I’ll pass.”

    “You’re…… the same as usual…… That said, it doesn’t seem like we’ll have our turn there. ”

    Gargand and Oval look at the sight in front of them, and were talking about that.

    In fact, Elemina, Cornelia, Yurine and Afros, in addition to the four of them, there is also the 【Abyssal Black Army Corps】 led by the 『Black Holy Knight』, it was only a matter of time before the monsters were wiped out.

    In this way, although the S-class adventurers are mainly composed of perverts*, but their skills were certain. (TN: Hentais)


    “This is……”

    “…… It’s certainly hopeless if you look at it just by the numbers…”

    The members of the Demon Army came together with the 【Sword Saint War Maiden】 led by the 『Sword Knight』 Louise.

    They went out of the walls and were lost for words to the number of monsters marching there.

    But, because of the efforts of Louise and the 【Sword Saint War Maiden】, the approach of monsters to the vicinity of the walls wasn’t possible.

    While looking at the scene, Reiya asked Zeros.

    “So…… How about you? Can you try calling and listening to them?”

    “……That’s impossible. They’re all monsters that aren’t under the jurisdiction of our Demon army. Besides, it seems that they had lost their reasons … “ (TN: Mazoku = demon. Mamono = monsters)

    A great number of monsters belong to the Demon Army, or their subordinate.

    Therefore, depending on the type of monster, it was possible to stop their movement using a compulsory command, but looking at the types of monsters that are attacking, Zeros concluded that it was impossible.

    “It’s a bit annoying. It doesn’t matter if I kill them, right?”

    When Zorua said those, 『Darkness』 covered Zorua’s body.

    Zorua dressed in darkness, turns his crimson eyes towards the flock of monsters.


    Then, a part of the darkness covering Zorua’s body becomes like a sharp spear, and it attack a group of monsters at once.

    The spear of darkness branches in the middle and increases in number, and it quickly annihilates the horde of monsters.

    “Ora, what about you? Temee, don’t you want to fight.”

    “……I’m reluctant to follow your words, but that’s right.”

    The moment he said that, Zeros caused an eruption of ominous magic power.

    “The number isn’t infinite. My magic power has limits, but are you gonna be okay?”

    “Hah! Temee*, unlike you, I don’t consume magic. But, this number is impossible by me alone. Eliminate them with a little bit of magic power if possible. ” (TN: motherfucker, you shit, you son of a bitch > that is what it means)

    “You don’t have to say it.”

    When Zeros puts his arms forward, the ominous magic power passed through both his arms and finally converged on both his palms.

    “『Annihilation Gun』*” (TN: shoumetsuhou)

    The magic that converged on both his palms is released at once, and then a torrent of tremendous force engulfs the crowd of monsters.

    The monsters that got hit by Zeros’ magic cannot maintain their existence, and they disappeared completely.

    “Don’t be fucking selfish, didn’t you just fire way too fast that they drop dead already?”

    “Who are you worried about? You’re not the one who’s going to die, right?”

    While having such an exchange, the two steadily reduced the number of monsters.

    “… Those two people seem like monsters as usual …”

    “That’s right……. So, what to do? Do you want us to go?”

    “If we’re going, should we go to a spot where the defense is weak? It would be impossible to protect this great wall … “

    Reiya and the other remaining demons were talking about such things while watching Zeros and the others’ battles.

    “Yes ……. Let’s do our best to defend the places where the defenses are weak. ”

    Reiya made that decision, and when she was about to start moving.

    “―――― That won’t be so easy”

    ” Tu! Who !?”

    To the voice that was suddenly heard, Reiya and the others look around.

    Then, before anyone knew, a man was standing on the castle wall.

    “YOU are……”

    “……Right. Let me name myself. I am Rodias*. An apostle of the 【Demon God’s Cult】” (TN: Rodiasu)

    “… Apostle …”

    The man who called himself Rodias, has a presence that was somehow difficult to grasp.

    With purple hair that was long enough to hide his right eye, his sharp line of sight pierces through the Reiya and the others.

    “What is an apostle doing here?”

    “…… I guess you’ve heard from Lester. Our purpose is only one. It’s just the resurrection of Demon God-sama. ”

    “Right…… That’s why you are here ….. “

    At the same time Reiya’s line of sight becomes sharper, the gaze of Rialetta and Urs behind her also sharpened.

    “…… As all of you know, I came to eliminate you”

    “Then…… let’s finish this quickly …!”

    Reiya clads herself in flames, and plunges towards Rodias.

    “Reiya, I’ll support you! 『Wind Jet』!”

    Reiya was accelerated by the magic that Rialetta chanted.

    ” …… Fumu, that’s rare. A Phoenix Demon?”

    “Yes. That’s why, I’m going to burn you using this flame….!”

    “Fu….. Do you believe so?”

    Reiya’s accelerated attack was easily avoided by Rodias.


    “… I’m one of the apostles that belong to the main combat unit which mainly engages in battle. Unfortunately, you can’t get me a single scratch with an attack like that, can you?”

    “If so, how about this?”

    Then, from behind Rodias who avoided Reiya’s attacks, Urs jumped out with fighting spirit(*Touki) all over his body. (TN: fighting spirit or battle Aura)

    “『King Ogre’s Blow』*!” (TN: ou oni no ichigeki)

    Concentrating his fighting spirit(*Touki) from his whole body to his right arm, Urs hits Rodias.

    “….…Are you of the King Oni* tribe? Interesting, let’s compare our strength. ” (TN: can also mean ‘ogre’)


    However, Rodias did not avoid Urus’ attack, he hit him directly in return.

    Originally, the ogre tribe possesses monstrous strength….. and there was almost no one who was able to catch the attack of Urs, from the King Oni Tribe.

    But, Rodias hits his fist against Urs’ fist, and it completely offset Urs’ attack.

    “My attack ….. This easily……!”

    “Urs, step back. 『Gaze of Attraction』*!” (TN: miwaku no manazashi)

    “…… And the queen of succubus, huh. There seems to be a lot of interesting individual in the Demon Army.”

    Rialetta used a technique that charms the opposite sex, which is also a characteristic of the Succubus tribe, but it was ineffective on Rodias.


    “……What happened? The battle has just begun, right?”

    “―――― If so, how about this?”


    Suddenly, a voice is heard from above Rodias.

    At that moment, Rodius jumped out of his spot, and the 『Sword Knight』 Louise swung down her sword in the position where Rodias had stood.

    “……You are……”

    “Me? I’m Louise Barze. Although they called me the 『Sword Knight』, do you know that?”

    “…… I see, one of the two great knights of the Welmburg Kingdom. The other one seems to be struggling on the opposite side……”

    “Yes. If it’s the 『Black Holy Knight』 then he’ll be fine. Besides, it seems that all S-class adventurers are also there. ”

    Reiya and the others were surprised by the appearance of Louise, but they immediately repositioned and distanced themselves from Rodias.

    “At first glance, you seem to have strange powers ….. “

    “…… I don’t think you’ll ever see through that far. So, what are you going to do? Will you be my opponent this time?”

    His tone did not change, but Rodias’ atmosphere changed completely, and sharp magic power rose from his whole body.

    “…… Excuse me, the three people there. Can you help me?”


    “……Apparently, that person seems to be a heavy load on my own. I would appreciate it if you could help me….. “

    The gaze of Louise who says so is severe, and she’s staring at Rodias with caution.

    “……Yes. I understand. “

    “Thank you for your cooperation.”

    Reiya accepted Louise proposal, then Rialetta and Urs also prepared while being vigilant against Rodias.

    “……Four people are my opponents huh. But……that’s fine. Bring it on.”

    With Rodias’ words as a signal, four people leaped at the same time.

    ◆ ◇ ◆

    “Now then, can we talk to you?”

    “…… What was your purpose?”

    In front of Lester and the sloppy man who are in captive state, Ranze and Luthia enquired.

    Jade has the body of Lester, but the sloppy man is restrained by Eust, and can’t move.

    However, despite this situation, the sloppy man smiled.

    “Kukkukkukkukku…… Do you guys believe that you won just by restraining us?”


    “Shouldn’t it better for you to stop being a sore loser? There’s nothing you can do now. ”

    Eust says that while pressing his sword, which he had put on the sloppy man’s neck, slightly stronger.

    But, the man’s attitude never changed.

    “Maybe. But, we’re not the only apostles of the【 Demon God’s Cult 】. As long as Demon God-sama exists, many more will appear just like us. Besides right now, Rodias might be outside, killing your honorable comrades?”

    “Don’t say something stupid. I don’t know who that Rodias is, but we can’t afford to lose that much in terms of war potential* ” (TN: or war force)

    “Well……You’re free on whatever you think? But Rodias, unlike us, is a real combat unit. Don’t complain to me if they got killed, hah?”

    To the man’s appearance that doesn’t break his smile, Ranze and the others’ faces grimaced.

    “……The story got deviated, but could you tell us your purpose? Of course, I’m not asking about the resurrection of the Demon God and that. I’m asking why you attacked this place.”

    “Keh! What the fuck are you ――――”

    “Ah, it’s the daughter of the Demon King there, we were aiming for her life. “


    What Lester tried to hide, was answered quickly by a man called Edmund, who was also being seized, and Lester gave a surprised voice.

    “Oi, I didn’t think you’ll answer so quickly.”

    “This much, they can understand it immediately even if I don’t inform them, right?”

    “…… Then, why did you aim for her?”

    The moment Ranze said so, from Jade and Eust, who are holding them down, a tremendous amount of intimidation was released.

    However, Edmund laughs without worrying about the sense of intimidation that he receives.

    “Kukkukkukkukku …… Why did we aim at her ……Hey……”


    Ranze realized that Edmund’s reaction was strange, but Edmund was already moving by then.

    “I’m sorry, but I’m still aiming for her!”

    When Edmund opened his mouth, a dagger emerged from the said mouth.

    They thought that the dagger would fly to either Ranze or Luthia herself, but for some reason, it pierced Luthia’s shadow.

    With the sudden appearance of the dagger, Eust grabbed the guy’s head and slammed it to the ground.

    “……You, do you know your current situation?”

    “Luthia-sama! Are you okay!?”

    As Eust strengthens his bindings, that was the time Jade asked her while holding down Lester.

    “……………… ――――”


    Luthia fell on the spot.

    ◆ ◇ ◆

    “….. Foolish”


    Rodias muttered that while looking down at Louise, Reiya and the others crawling in front of him.

    On Rodias’ chest, same as Demiolos, which Seiichi fought before, a crest of the evil Demon is drawn and is floating.

    “You said you could fight me 『Sword Knight』, I had some expectations, but …… I was disappointed. “

    Looking at Reiya and the others lying on the ground, Zeros who were dealing with the monsters, and the members of the 【Sword Saint War Maiden】 raised shouts and screams*. (TN: can also be ‘shriek’)


    “Oi OI…… What’s wrong you guys!”


    “Kuu! You!”

    Those who were dealing with the monsters immediately move to help Louise and the others, but even if they kill it, the monsters that spring up blocks their destination and they can’t go to help.

    Rodias stared at the situation without expression, and return his gaze back to Louise and the others.

    “…… Sorry, but there seems to be no rescue for you guys.”

    “……Looks like it. But, I have no intention of giving up……!”


    When Louise stood up by mustering her strength, she swung her sword with god speed.

    “….. It’s certainly fast, and if a person receives that, no one can endure…..  unless, if the other person is me.”


    Rodias said that, and received Louise’s attack with a knife in one hand without moving from his spot.

    “……Well, I’d like to go and see Lester and the others status soon. Let’s end the battle here. ”

    The moment he said that, several knives emerge around Louise, Reiya and the others in the blink of an eye.

    “….. Let’s kill you all at once”


    It was when someone from 【Sword Saint War Maiden】 shouted so.

    “―――― fumu, I thought this was the royal capital, Terviel, but ….. “

    “Wa!?….. who?”

    Rodias reacted immediately to the voice that he heard suddenly, then the monsters were pierced by a mysterious jet-black spear, and they vanished.

    “This is…… Zorua, is that yours?”

    “…… No, this 『Darkness』 isn’t mine.”

    “Then who the hell is that from …..”

    Something very similar to Zorua’s 『Darkness』 appeared, and Zeros reflexively asked Zorua himself, but he denied that it was his.

    When everyone in that place has question marks floating, they heard a different voice this time.

    “―――― Really, we came here because of Seiichi-kun’s introduction, but I didn’t think his fellowmen are being attacked……”

    “……You guys are…..?”

    The two man who give off an overwhelming presence, appeared in front of Rodias with a slow pace.

    “―――― Zeanos Zeford. Just the hero’s master*.” (TN: Shishou)

    “―――― Lucius Arsale. Just the first generation Demon King. ”

    ―――― The strongest reinforcements have arrived. (TN: Damn, I admit. That entrance is way too cool.)


    Author’s Note: Another perspective continued this time, but please wait a little longer.

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