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    Shinka no Mi

    Chapter 111


    TN: This is actually a two-part chapter, I couldn’t finish it, so I posted the first part


    ――――【Arc Shell Castle】 in Terviel, the capital city of the Welmburg Kingdom.

    It usually has a peaceful atmosphere, and in this place that is one of the tourist attractions loved by the people, a historic meeting was about to take place.

    For that reason, it seems like there’s tension running throughout the castle.

    The maids and butlers, who are usually chatting with each other, are now busy working to support the meeting.



    And, in the room prepared for the meeting, Ranze, the king of the Kingdom of Welmburg, and the first demon king’s daughter, Luthia, who governs the demons, sits facing each other, and behind each of them, their vassals are there and are prepared to protect their Lord.

    In addition, apart from them, in this meeting itself….. The S-class adventurers are serious to protect everyone in this place.

    “Young lady*, Are you free after this? Iya, if it’s okay, do you want….”  (TN: Ojousan)

    “I won’t permit you!? What are you trying to do! Don’t pick up* the maid!” (TN: He’s trying to seduce the maid)

    “Gufu…… Gufufufufu. The butler-san over there ….. He has the “Receiving*” face. The delusion progresses…..!” (TN: uke – submissive partner of a homosexual relationship)

    “That! Don’t start making delusions with the butler-san!”

    “Oh? Hey, they’re seems to be in good mood …… I’m gonna hit them for a second.”

    “Why are you trying to beat the demons!? Are you stupid!?”


    “Nem-san is…… sleeping!?”

    “…… Eust, it’s tough on you……”

    “If you think so, please help me Oval-san!”

    ――――Seriously, they were on guard.

    The S-class adventurer Eust Horazu, who holds the reins of the perverts, had his mind already exhausted.

    “Good grief….. Come to think of it, Afro-san was patrolling around the castle, wasn’t he? Will he be all right being alone?”

    “It will be all right. At least, it’s more problematic to take someone here. “

    “What’s the point of a bodyguard!?”

    “And, Elemina-sama should also be patrolling on a different route. Well, she’ll figure it out somehow.”

    “…… That person is alone …… In the castle, I don’t know if she’s going to mess up..…”

    (TN: Remember that Elemina is clumsy :D)

    If you look at them from the side, they look like a playful group, but they are the top adventurers all over the world ….. they’re S-class adventurers.

    When it comes to ability, there’s no need to worry……it should be. Maybe. Probably.  They might not be good after all.

    Even though the whole castle was tense, only the S-class adventurers looked as usual, and there was no doubt that their spirit* was in place. (TN: Kimo)

    “…..Ah, I don’t know what to say…… Don’t worry about the S-class adventurers around you.”

    “…..Yes, it’s okay They’re lively.”

    When Ranze said so while holding his head involuntarily to the appearance of such S-class adventurers, Luthia smiled a little.

    “――――Now, I don’t like being slow. So, I’m going to ask you straight to the point?…… You guys, what do you want to do?”

    “….. What do I want to do?”

    The tone was of the usual Ranze, but he certainly was a ruler who enshrined the dignity of a King.

    Luthia herself, who was asked by Ranze, was not particularly aware, but the atmosphere clad on her body was noble.

    Luthia quietly closed her eyes, and eventually, she said in a small but clear tone.

    “……We, want to coexist with humans. ”


    She stares straight at Ranze’s eyes.

    “….So, you want us to believe that?”

    “Ah? Teme …… Should I kill you right now?”

    “….Zorua, calm down.”

    Although Zorua flared up in Ranze’s words, he was stopped by Luthia immediately.

    But, Zorua wasn’t the only one who got angry with Ranze’s words.

    All of the demons, were angry but they stayed silent.

    In addition, although not angry, Oval, the only S-class adventurer of the demon race, couldn’t understand Ranze’s words.

    Because this meeting, he thought it was to make peace and ties.

    Without even caring about the anger drifting from the surroundings, Ranze continued as normal.

    “It’s not like that. If you think about it a little, you’ll understand. Regardless of your true intentions, the surrounding people have decided you were evil. In fact, most countries discriminate against you. Having an exchange like that with you …….. it’s just, don’t you think it’s a little risky?”


    Ranze stares at Luthia with a piercing gaze.

    Silence came between the two sides.

    But, the silence was immediately broken.

    “…..It’s, the same for us.”


    Luthia with a strong gaze that won’t lose to Ranze, stared back.

    “…… Even us, are scared to get involved with humans. Moreover, even now I hate human beings. Because, my Otou-san*……. Was sealed” (TN: Father)


    “….But, that’s not it. Even if I seclude myself because I’m scared……  Nothing will ever come to an end. And there is no future ahead.”

    “……That’s right.”

    “…… But I can’t do that. Now I, am the leader of the demons. I have an obligation to connect the future of the demons to future generations. Even if it’s dangerous…… I have to move.……or it’s useless.”

    When Luthia finished saying that, there was silence between the two again.


    “……Fu. I’m sorry I said something so mean.”


    Ranze who said that as if the previous atmosphere was a lie, returned to the calm and gentle atmosphere that was somewhat elegant as usual.

    When the demon side is dumbfounded by seeing the situation, with the nickname of 【Ice Demon】 who was behind Ranze, Florio Barze complained in astonishment.

    “Your Majesty ……It’s bad for the heart, so please refrain from saying so…..”

    “Ha ha ha! Don’t say that! In fact, I’ve got to confirm it, right?”

    “That maybe so…..”

    In an atmosphere that only the Welmburg Kingdom knows, Luthia asked involuntarily.

    “…… What do you mean?”

    “Nn? Oh, I didn’t put it into words properly. I ―――― Welmburg Kingdom agreed to officially interact with the demons. ”


    In Ranze’s words, Luthia opened her eyes wide.

    “…… Really…… Are you sure…..?”

    “Good or not, you came with that intention from the beginning, right?”

    “…… Right, but…..”

    “Don’t worry about the small details! We have excellent vassals. A little bit of armed interference won’t be a big deal. ”

    『Of course. My jet-black flames will scatter, and will burn them all to ashes.』(TN: he speaks old Japanese, so I had a hard time TL)

    Just like Florio, the 【Black Holy Knight】 , who was wearing a jet-black full-body armor that was behind Ranze, answered with tightened chest. (TN: kuro no kiyoshi kishi)

    Next to him, Florio’s sister, the strongest knight in line with the 【Black Holy Knight】 in Welmburg Kingdom…… Louise Barze also informed while saluting.

    “Now that I’m one of the 『Transcendents』, I don’t think I’ll fall behind”

    “…..Nn? Hey, did you just say 『Transcendents』!? I haven’t heard that story!?” (TN: Apparently, he didn’t know)

    “Yes. I just told you now.”

    “I’m the king, right!? Please inform me beforehand!?”

    In Louise’s remark, Ranze said that involuntarily.

    “Geez…… Well, it’s certain that there are many problem children, but they’re not going to be so easily defeated. Rather, should we be careful about that?”

    “…..Yes, its fine. My subordinates ….. are also strong”

    With that word of Luthia alone, Reiya and the others were indescribably moved that they couldn’t say a word.

    “All right, then, let’s shake hands as a sign friendship, shall we? Documents that are specific to the exchange will be fine for later.”


    They both stood up from the spot, and walk up to each other.

    “Please take care of us in the future.”


    And then they hold out their hand――――

    “Oops~! We can’t accept that?”

    『Tsu! 』

    Suddenly, a 『Shadow』 appeared between Ranze and Luthia.

    At that moment, Louise pulls Ranze, and Zeros separated Luthia from the 『Shadow』 by covering her behind him.

    “Gu ho!? O, oi….. Louise….. Can’t you take me a little more gently … “

    “Excuse me, it was an emergency.”

    “Look at the other side. If you’re smart, you can just cover me behind you, right?”

    “I’m sorry, it’s troublesome”

    “That’s what you really mean!?” (TN: Mmh, so the king became a first rate straight man)

    Even though an unidentified 『Shadow』 appeared, Ranze and his peers exchanged without any tension somewhere.

    But, the surrounding S-class adventurers, and each of the vassals behind him were the most wary of the 『Shadow』.

    Then, a man appears from the 『Shadow』.

    What appeared was, an eerie man with dull red hair, standing upside down with reptile-like slitted eyes.

    The man looks around with a frivolous smile.

    “Gyahahahaha! My bad!? I’m sorry to interrupt the good atmosphere!”

    “……Who, are you?”

    With Luthia behind him, Zeros asks with maximum intimidation.

    But, the man didn’t seem intimidated by the threat, he laughed rather pleasantly.

    “It’s nice, it’s nice! You’re strong, aren’t you?!”

    “Answer the question! Who are you!”

    When he lightly shrugs his shoulder to the words of Zeros, the man opened his mouth.

    “So angry. I am Lester*. An apostle of the 『Demon God’s Cult』…..!” (TN: Resuta)

    “The Demon God’s Cult…..?”

    To the name of the organization that came out of the mouth of a man named Lester, Zeros frowns with his eyebrows.

    Then, Zorua went out in front and opened his mouth as he lined up with Zeros.

    “Huh. What is the apostle of that large organization doing here?”

    “I told you? We can’t accept it. Don’t you listen to people properly? Gyahahahaha!”

    “It’s not accepted…..?”|

    Looking at the members of the Demon Army twisting their neck, and the vassals of the Kingdom of Welmburg, Lester said while being astonished.

    “Oi oi, You don’t know what I’m talking about? In other words, I’m telling you that we won’t let you get along.”

    『Hoo? What rights do you have to say that … 』

    “Ahn? What what, do you have an armor that speaks!? Gyahahahaha! That is awesome!”

    What’s interesting,  is that Lester burst into laughter at the sight of the  『Black Holy Knight』.

    After a moment of laughter, Lester turned his eyes back at him.

    “What rights do I have? It’s for the Demon God, there is no such thing as right!”

    “For the Demon God?”

    While Zeros asks with further vigilance, Lester, meanwhile, is in a state of euphoria.

    “Aah….That’s right, it’s for the Demon God-sama. Collecting all the 【negative】 emotions of this world, we will revive the Demon God! To do that, we will be in trouble if you guys get along. I want you all to kill yourselves more miserably and cruelly!”

    “……The Demon God you say or the resurrection of it, I don’t know what it’s all about.…… You know that I don’t understand what you’re talking about? “

    As Ranze glares while he says that, Lester’s condition hasn’t changed.

    “You don’t need to understand. Either way, you’re all going to die here! Gyahahahaha!”

    “That’s quite risky….. In addition to the strongest force of our Kingdom of Welmburg and the Demon Army, there are even S-class adventurers. To come alone to such a place ――――”

    “Oi oi, Do you think I’m not thinking about anything?”


    Interrupting Florio’s words, Lester had an eerie smile.

    At that moment, the door of the room was opened vigorously.

    “Re, reporting! Currently, in the vicinity of Terviel ……  A large amount of monsters are pouring in!”

    “What!? How many!?”

    “That is…… It’s few times the size than the previous invasion…..”


    It was one of the soldiers of the Kingdom of Welmburg that jumped into the room, and the report told by the soldier was outrageous.

    In front of Ranze and the others that are stunned, Lester was immersed in pleasure.

    “Gyahahahahahaha! It’s a good feeling of despair! ….. What are you going to do now? Do you want to be my opponent, or do you want to be overrun by monster…..!”


    During the last monster invasion, Ranze knew that it was thanks to Seiichi that the damage was almost zero.

    That is why, now that Seiichi isn’t here, it was hard to imagine how much damage it would cause.

    “『Black Holy Knight』! You lead the 【Abyssal Black Troops (Abyss Schwarz)】 to clear the monsters! Louise! You and the 【Sword Saint War Maiden (Walkure) 】 also head out to subjugate the monsters! Ill leave the command of the place to these two people!”



    “Florio! You fly the magic camera in part of the Magic Division! There’s already a reconnaissance unit out there, so can you find the location from there? And, the rest are to guide the evacuation of the people! Anyway, this place in the center…… let them come here at 【Arc Shell Castle】 !”

    “Are you sure? There will be no guard for your Majesty’s protection.”

    “The people are more important than me! I’ll do something about it!”

    “….your will”

    Ranze gave instructions at a tremendous speed, and the soldiers in the castle started to move accordingly.

    “……King Ranze. We’ll also help. “

    (TN: to be continued on the second part. Sorry, I couldn’t translate as much as I want to because our final defense is coming up this third week of November. It’s very tiring…..)

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