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    Shinka no Mi

    Chapter 110


    (TN: this is one hell of a roller coaster chapter, enjoy 😀 :D)

    “I rushed when I hear that Kisaragi and his group are headed to the F-class’ classroom …..”

    “I came to see Sei-chan after my back was pushed by Yuka and the others……”

    “Why are you here?”

    “Why is the student council president here?”

    “No, I asked first!”   (TN: We’re witnessing two students having a catfight right from the start!!)

    Kannazuki-senpai and Airin who came to F class suddenly, said that while pointing their finger at each other.

    Even though Kisaragi-senpai and the other seniors had just left, Agnos and the others had their eyes rounded to the new characters, but they keep silent while watching the development.

    Let’s sort out the situation for the time being.

    First of all, Kannazuki-senpai knows it. Thankfully, she seems to care about me, so I guess she came all the way to help me when she heard that Kisaragi-senpai and the other seniors had came to F-class.

    But, I don’t know about Airin.

    In the first place, Airin and I have not met at all in high school.

    No, Airin has been searching for me since middle school, but I avoided her.

    Even though she was able to make friends and get out of a Loner life, if she was with someone like me, she would just go back to being a loner, and she might get bullied too.

    I ended up thinking a lot.     (TN: Hooo, so you’re thinking about her after all!)

    “Oi oi, what’s up?”

    “Why is the student council president here?”

    “…… Who knows? But, it feels like a shuraba*……”    (TN: A scene of carnage or fighting scene…….yikes!)

    I heard a voice from behind Airin, and when I turn my gaze, there was a group of fancy girls talking about something in a whisper. They’re probably Airin’s friends.

    “What’s going on!? Seiichi-kun! Why is Seto-kun here ――――”

    “Sei-chan, what does it mean! Why is the student council president here――――”   (TN: HAHAHA, it’s bloodbath alright!!)

    For some reason, Kannazuki-senpai and Airin who were bumping each other’s gaze suddenly turned their eyes towards me, and they had a dazed expression similar to Kisaragi-senpai and the other seniors.

    “Eh? Ah, um……What’s the matter?”


    Even though I used honorific words somehow when I asked, there’s no response from the two of them.

    “Oi, what happened? ――――”

    “Is there something wrong?…….ha?”

    “………………………. Is he really Sei-chan?”

    And their friends, also solidify with a similar expression when they looked at me. So why!? Explanation please! (TN: Dude, you can just use a mirror to see your face right?)

    As I thought so, Airin, who had finally slipped out of her stiffness, recovered her blood complexion and came over.

    “Sei-chan, you’re too cool!? What kind of diet did you do!? ”

    “Eh?…….. Fru,fruit of evolution diet……..?”

    “What’s that!? I mean, it seems like it’s more of a transformation than my own!”  (TN: Remember that Airin did a transformation in order to impress Seiichi)

    As I was told, Airin was an ordinary girl in junior high school.

    That is, she made a great makeover and is now a beautiful girl. However, my appearance seems to be surprisingly different from that. Well, not only did I lose weight, my body also grew and my thinning hair was resolved.

    “Have I changed so much? Did my face just thin a little?”

    “What do you mean by that?! Are you looking in the mirror properly?”

    “That’s right.”

    That? Am I weird?

    Certainly, after leaving 【The forest of Endless Love and Sorrow】, I had opportunities to check my face several times. That’s exactly what you’ll see in the water.

    But it doesn’t seem to have changed as much as they say; I just thought that my pimples disappeared.

    And when I was thinking about it, Airin says while being astonished.

    “Sei-chan……. How low is your self-evaluation…….. Well, just losing weight doesn’t make you cool…”

    “That? Are you lightly disappointed?”

    When I and Airin are having such an exchange, one of Airin’s friends opened her mouth.

    “…… Probably but, was it* used to be so bad that you couldn’t make a legitimate judgment on your own face? In a way, it’s terribly sad.” (TN: She’s talking about his face)

    “Is there usually such a thing? ……No, it’s possible if it’s Sei-chan.”

    I’m not sure well, but they seem to have been convinced.

    I didn’t care given the situation, but thinking about it carefully, Airin and I talk like this when we were in middle school.    (TN: Ahem, please don’t…..)

    That makes me feel somewhat sentimental.

    “…… It’s too late now, but it’s been a long time since we’ve last talked like this….”

    “…..That’s true….. You avoided me without permission … ” (TN: He needs permission to avoid her….!)

    “That’s…… sorry”

    The fact that I avoided her has not changed, so all I could do is to apologize.

    Airin stares at such a pitiful me with a serious expression.

    Then, Airin suddenly softened her expression, and had a gentle smile on her face.

    “…… Well, that’s enough. Because I was able to meet Sei-chan like this.”

    “…… Thank you.”

    When I felt somewhat embarrass in the reunion after a long time, Airin suddenly changed her atmosphere.

    “…… By the way, Sei-chan. What is this all about?” (TN: You need to answer her dude…)

    “Eh? “

    “Acting like a fool is useless. You have a special relationship with the student council president here, right? What does that mean!?”

    “Even if you say that we’re in a special relationship ….. She’s just a childhood friend, right?”

    “Noo! No matter how you think about it, it’s different! My intuition tells me so! Come on, confess already!”

    “Even if it’s different, I’m just telling you the truth…”

    When Airin was in an out of control state* that I don’t know well, she also charged at Kannazuki-senpai.       (TN: She’s running wild……. Seichi, grab her leash!!!)

    “The president too! When I asked you before, you said you didn’t know Sei-chan! You’re a liar su!”


    “Hey, are you listening?”

    Even though Airin is calling out to Kannazuki-senpai, she has no reaction.

    Thinking about it, Kannazuki-senpai has been quiet for a while now…… What’s going on?

    When I tilt my head to the state of Kannazuki-senpai, she suddenly opened her mouth with a stern expression.

    “Let’s get married.” (TN: What the!?)

    “What are you talking about!?”

    What’s going with Kannazuki-senpai’s head!? Where did it become a talk about marriage!? Are you living alone in your own another world!? (TN:He means that she is living in her imagination)

    While I and Airin were surprised, Kannazuki-senpai continues without seeming to care at all.

    “I thought I could endure it, but I changed my mind right after seeing your face. Where would you like the wedding ceremony?” (TN: ……it’s not even a proposal huh!?)

    “Don’t             marry me just because you change your mind!” (TN: ……Seriously!?)

    When I tsukkomi’d involuntarily, Airin also quickly opened her mouth.

    “Wha,what are you talking about, Kaichou*! Are you crazy!?” (TN: President)

    “Tha, that’s right! Tell her more!”

    ‘’I’ll be the one to marry Sei-chan! ‘’ (TN: Oh, you too!)

    “What are you saying!?”

    It wasn’t only Kannazuki-senpai who was crazy.

    “I, I can’t help it! I originally liked you before, and now that I’ve see you after a long time, you looked amazingly cool!”

    “Ha? You liked me…….eeeeeeeeeeh!?” (TN: suki=like or love, I’m gonna use like here J)

    “I’m the only one, who has always liked Seiichi-kun for a long time. I can’t stand it anymore.”


    Airin loves me!? Kannazuki-senpai also loves me!? Yabai (Dangerous), there is no way I can process so much information at once ……!

    “Sei-chan, I have decided my resolution! You’re going to marry me!?” (TN: What the… a reverse proposal!!)

    “No, it’s me. You’ll choose me!? Otherwise, I’ll kill you and I’ll die too!” (TN:Yikes….)

    “What, the options are too risky too ……!”

    Strange, it’s funny…..! What the hell is going on with me!?

    Before I knew it, I was cornered against the wall, and I was really in trouble.

    Then, suddenly, someone’s arm entangled my right arm.

    “N……no! Seiichi’s wife is――――  me!”

    ―――- It was, Sarria.

    To Sarria who suddenly appeared, Kannazuki-senpai and Airin have surprised expression.

    It’s not just Kannazuki-senpai and the others. I was surprised, too.

    So far, even when I became lovers with Al, she didn’t get angry, but Sarria, who didn’t show any jealousy ―――― was now, venting her emotions for the first time.

    Holding my right arm tightly, she stares at Kannazuki senpai and Airin with eyes that can make one feel somewhat uneasy.

    When I, Kannazuki-senpai and Airin were surprised, Sarria, who suddenly returned to stare at me, looked puzzled.

    “Tha, that? Why, me…..”


    When I call out to her, Sarria looked up at my face while being puzzled.

    “Seiichi.…… I, feel strange. When I heard that Kanazuki-senpai and her friend say that they were going to marry Seiichi….. I thought I’d hate it very much …..” (YN: She’s jealous!?)


    “Things like this, never happened before…… What should I do…..?”

    Sarria asks that question in an uneasy way.

    Looking at that figure, I was ――――

    “…… Sarria. I’m sorry?”


    When I apologize with a single word*, Sarria gave a stunned expression. (TN: it was actually one word in japanese)

    I involuntarily smiled at the expression of such Sarria, then I turned to Kannazuki-senpai and Airin.

    “Kannazuki-senpai, Airin. I’m happy about your feelings, but I have Sarria. I’m sorry.” (TN: So he didn’t choose the harem route after all?)

    I bow my head to the two of them.

    …..Al is my lover, but Sarria acknowledge that relationship before.

    But, maybe we have to talk about it again……..

    When I was keeping my head down, the first thing I heard was the voice of Kannazuki-senpai.

    “Seiichi-kun…… I understand your feelings. But I will not give up on you.”

    “It’s the same with me. I finally met you, and I was able to convey my feelings just like this, but it’s just going to end here……..I absolutely hate it.”


    To me who can only bow my head down, Kannazuki-senpai said clearly.

    “So, I’ll be the second wife!”(TN: I saw that COOOOOOMING!!?)


    “Yo, you’re sly! I’m the second wife!”

    When I give out a stupid voice involuntarily to Kannazuki-senpai’s remark, Airin also raises her hand as if they synchronized.

    “Nn? What are you surprised about? In this world, you are allowed to marry as many times as you want. So if you’re going to choose Sarria as first…….” (TN: Polygamy)

    “N,no no! Wait a minute! That is not the real problem!? Hey!? Sarria!”

    “Am I the first wife? Then that’s fine!”

    “You’ve accepted it now!”

    What’s this!? This, isn’t such a problem that can be solved easily!?

    When I think so, Sarria tells me with a gentle expression.

    “Of course I love Seiichi, and I want to get married, but, as I said before, Seiichi should not be monopolized by me alone. “

    “Such a thing――――”

    “Besides, they knew about Seiichi before me, and were thinking about Seiichi, right? I don’t think that they’ll give up because of someone who suddenly appeared. ”

    “…… But, maybe … “

    To me who wondered so, Sarria said with a smile.

    “It’s okay! Because I will do my best to be the best for Seiichi!”


    Really, I’m no match for Sarria.

    When I think so from the bottom of my heart to Sarria, Sarria turned her eyes at Kannazuki-senpai and Airin who were still arguing about who will be the second wife.

    “I wonder if the second is impossible because there’s Al”


    All I could do was let out a dry laugh in return.

    And then, Agnos and the others who were watching over the course of events, Flora muttered with a forced smile.

    “I really feel like I’ve heard the same thing over and over again, but…….who exactly is Seiichi-sensei?”

    I knew that!


    “That shit! You’ll definitely regret it……!”

    “I want to knead those breasts …..”

    “Ah……. suck those huge breasts” (TN: He’s saying he wants to suck it….)

    Kisaragi and the other seniors who went out to class F for a while, were treated lightly by Seiichi, and were walking while spitting curses in the school hallway.

    Seeing the Heroes who didn’t even tried to hide their mood, the students who are still in the school, quickly left the place.

    And then, Kisaragi, who was walking in the front of them, turns around as if he had thought of something, and he talked to the other heroes including Togou and Oyama.

    “That’s it…… From now on, let’s raise our levels.”

    “Ahh? What’s up? All of a sudden.……”

    When Oyama asked about the sudden remark of Kisaragi, he answered with a dark smile.

    “We’re going to beat that Seiichi by raising our level. We are heroes. The status growth of us is higher than the other people, right? Then, we just have to raise our level and go beyond him.”

    “That being said….. What is the level of that guy?”

    “Hah? I don’t care about that. If we raise our level, we can beat that guy. isn’t that enough?”

    With a dark smile, Kisaragi visualizes his future actions inside his head.

    “For the time being, we have to recover our magic power first in order to raise our level.”

    When he said that, Kisaragi and his friends went to a certain classroom.

    ――――At that time, I did not know yet. Of what will happen to Kisaragi and the others….

    (TN: 3rd POV)

    While heading to the classroom, when they tried to climb the stairs ―――― It happened.


    Suddenly, Kisaragi who was walking at the front, stepped off the stairs. (TN: He fell down)

    Of course, when falling down the stairs while being at the top, the heroes behind also got involved and fell down the stairs.

    “Guaaaa tsu!”

    “That, huuuuuuuuurts!”

    “Ma, Masaya! How did your feet slip!” (TN: Why did your feet slip!)

    “I, I didn’t do it on purpose!…… Nn?”

    When everyone violently banged their bodies against the floor and were writhing in pain,         Kisaragi noticed that something had fallen on the stairs where he slipped his foot.

    Since everyone can move somehow, they go up the stairs carefully while dragging their bodies, and there they saw a wet rag dripping with water.

    “Fuck! Who’s, the guy who left a rag in such a place……! I’ll never forgive him!”

    Looking at the rag on the floor, Kisaragi reveals his anger and strikes it.

    While Tougou complains as they arrive at the desired classroom, Kisaragi opens the door in frustration.

    “Oi, bring me a magic recovery medicine!”


    “Who do you think we are!? We’re heroes! Bring it fast now!”


    Kisaragi and his friends visited a classroom which is called the pharmacy room, where a variety of drugs and raw materials used for pharmaceutical classes and other classes were placed.

    In the pharmacy room, even though the students who were eager to study were experimenting hard, but Kisaragi did not care at all, he just said his order and sat down on a nearby chair.

    Because the bad reputation of the Hero is known to all students, the students in the pharmacy room obediently follow the request.

    Although they’re studying in the pharmacy room, they don’t understand all the medicines in the classroom.

    However, because they know that there’s nothing they can do about it, they’re desperately looking for it.

    “If, if I’m not mistaken…… Was, this it……?”

    “How long will you make us wait!? Give it fast!”

    Kisaragi took the medicine the student had in his hand when his frustration reached its limit, and then he drank it all at once and distributed the rest to Tougou and the others.

    Tougou and the others also drank it one by one in the same manner.

    “Fuu….. I’m sure I’ve recovered with this.”

    “I, I’m in trouble! If you drink it all…..!”

    “What? You’re gonna tell us what we’re going to do?”


    At the same time, the Heroes turned their gaze, the students shut up involuntarily.

    When Kisaragi sees the scene, he laughs with his nose.

    “Fun….. There are no human rights for the weak. They just have to shut up and listen to what we say. …… All right, we’re done here, let’s go.”  (TN: ….Somehow, it smells fishy……)

    Right after he ransacked, Kisaragi took all of them and left.

    ――――But, they didn’t realize it.

    The medicine that Kisaragi and the others took, was not a magic recovery drug at all.

    If, any one of them used the 『Appraisal』 skill to the medicine, the future would have changed.

    That’s because, what would have been displayed in the 『Appraisal』, was as follows:

    『Vigor Killing Medicine』* (TN: Seiryoku Shimetsuyaku) …… …… Drugs made for the high fertility, such as orcs and goblins. The effect is enormous, if you take a sip, no matter how excited the situation may be, your genitals will no longer function except for excretion, and you will not be able to engage in any sexual activity.

    They lost their functions as men without knowing it.


    Unknowingly so, Kisaragi and the others who thought that they recovered their magic powers, went to the forest near the school.

    “This seems to be the best place for students to raise their level. For now, let’s apply some strength here. “

    『Ou! 』

    They look for monsters to raise their level immediately, but they can’t easily find them.

    Kisaragi and the others didn’t know, but Demiolos visited this forest before, and at that time, the life of many monsters were reaped.

    As a result, the ecosystem in the forest has changed dramatically now, and the students were prohibited from entering because it was in an unstable state.

    However, Kisaragi and the others ignored it and came to the forest.

    Just as time passed, Kisaragi and the others became more and more grumpy.

    “Why don’t they come out!”

    Kisaragi who finally reached the limit of his patience, raised his voice.

    “What about slime? Goblin!? Why don’t they come out!? Even though they’re small fry*…….!” (TN: Zako)

    “Without a doubt…… It’s strange, isn’t it?”

    “It’s a school that you can’t really use”

    When they were exploring while talking about such things, they suddenly heard the sound of trees breaking.

    “Nn? What?”

    Kisaragi and the others turn their eyes toward that sound, and what appeared was 『Soitsu*』.(TN: it means “That guy” or “this guy”)


    “Tsu! Thi-this guy…..!”

    What appeared in front of Kisaragi and the others while folding the trees, was a bear monster that wasn’t originally seen in the forest around the school.

    “It finally appeared ….. Furthermore, it seems to be the right one to raise our levels”

    For a moment, they showed a frightened expression to the appearance of the bear monster, but they immediately regains their mind, and Kisaragi and the others had smiled fiercely to the monster that finally appeared.

    And then, Kisaragi raised his hand towards the bear monster.

    “Well then, why don’t we kill it and go to the next one? 『Fire Lance』! ”

    Kisaragi said the magic name, but the magic never appeared.

    “Ah, a-re?”

    “What are you doing…… I’ll do it for you. 『Wind shot』!”

    Because Kisaragi’s magic ended in a failure, Tougou tried to use his magic instead, but the result was the same.

    “What? Wh, why….”


    『Tsu!? 』

    When they’re upset because they can’t use magic, the monster they had been wary of up until now, raised a roar.

    Kisaragi and the others didn’t understand, that the roar released by the monster has the effect of causing panic, and Kisaragi and the others who received that roar became panic.


    “Do, don’t be scared!”

    “Yo,you guys, shoot your magic too! Fast!”

    “I, I understand! 『Fire Lance』!”

    “『Wind Cutter』!”

    “『Water Shot』!”

    Kobayashi and the others received Kisaragi’s order who was a senior, but even if they say the magic name, the magic never invoked.

    “Wha……why is that!?”

    The reason Kisaragi and the other seniors magic didn’t work were very simple.

    That’s because, they didn’t drink the magic recovery potion.

    What Kisaragi and the others thought was a magic recovery potion was actually a 『Vigor Killing Medicine』, and there is no element in it that allows magic power to recover.

    But still, they have not completely run out of magic power.

    However, Kisaragi and the others, who have not been properly trained in basic magic manipulation, didn’t have a delicate technique to use magic with less magical power.

    In front of Kisaragi and the others who are upset by the fact that their magic didn’t activate, the bear monster that is judged to be completely inferior, approaches with firm steps.

    While their waist is about to fall back to the monster that approaches gradually, Kisaragi shouted as if he remembered.

    “Tha,that’s right! You guys, use the 『Holy Sword』!” (TN: Oh, that sword.)

    “That’s right! Monsters are like a part of the demons!”

    “Eat this!”

    When each of them took out the Holy Swords all at once, without any technique, they charged to the monster by just swinging it.

    At that moment, Kisaragi and the others were blown away all at once.

    “Gaha !?”

    The Bear monster, shook it’s arm.

    However, just like that, Kisaragi and the others were blown away without recognizing the attack.

    If they acted calmly and carefully,  Kisaragi and the others should never have been attacked by the monster.

    But, due to the effects of the monster’s roar and the inability to use magic,             Kisaragi and the others couldn’t afford to do anything.

    Everyone were struck against the surrounding trees, the person that’s been attacked first falls prey to its vicious claws, and had his arm torn apart.

    “It hurts, it hurts, it hurts, it HUUUUUUURTS!”  (TN: That’s screaming in pain)

    “Au….. Ah gu…..”  (TN: That’s groaning in pain)

    “Haa……..haa, gaaaa…..”

    “Ugu…..Egu……waaaaaa n!” (TN: that’s screaming in fear)

    Fortunately, although there were no deaths, Kisaragi and the others were led to the brink of death with just one blow.

    A sight that drove Kisaragi and the others to further despair jumped into their eyes.

    “Eh ――――”

    That’s, Kisaragi and the other’s 『Holy Sword』―――― were broken.

    “Tha, that’s….”

    “I, it’s a lie, right? Hey…..”

    And then, the broken 『Holy Sword』 becomes a particle of light, and it vanished into the air.

    They were stunned by the fact that the Holy Sword has broken, and without realizing it, Kisaragi and the other’s status had changed dramatically.

    First of all, with the loss of the 『Holy Sword』―――― their 『Hero』 title was lost.

    Originally, the 『Holy Sword』 is not so easy to break.

    On the contrary, even if it breaks, they will not lose the qualification of being a Hero, and if they make it appear again, it should be restored.

    But…… Kisaragi and his group have lost their qualifications to be a Hero.

    In other words, it means that they’ll never be able to release the 『Holy Sword』 again.

    In addition, it is not only the 『Holy Sword』 that’s been lost.

    Because they’re no longer heroes, they also lose their 『Holy Attribute Magic』, and their growth rate is also the same as that of an average person. …… No, they lived in a peaceful world originally, so their growth rate is of the lowest value, their level was also 1, and their status also changed to the point that they could be defeated by children around the world.

    But they who are only stunned by the fact that their 『Holy Sword』 has broken, didn’t notice that.

    The monster, that has nothing to do with Kisaragi and the others’ condition, swung down its heinous claws again.


    Kisaragi desperately drags his painful body, and he avoided the monster’s attack from being hit directly.

    But ――――.

    “My, my faaaace! Mm…..  MY, FAAAAACE IS AAHH!” (TN: I can’t really explain it clearly but he’s basically screaming about his face)

    Kisaragi, who could not avoid it completely, had his face greatly torn.

    The wound is large, and the appearance of an idol is no longer there.

    The monster also pursued the other heroes who were still stunned.

    Tearing, hitting, trampling――――.

    Kisaragi, whose status became less than the average person now, had his body full of wounds.

    The shape of each face had changed, and the one who had talked about Idols in the F class earlier was now gone.

    But even so, Kisaragi and the others are still lucky.

    Because the Monster recognizes them as inferior, they were able to live this far, it was playing with them and is doing nothing more.

    Still, it doesn’t mean that the play will last forever.

    The monster, who got tired of playing, finally opened its big mouth to eat Kisaragi and the others.――――At that moment.

    “You were told that it is prohibited to enter.”

    A flash.

    In the faint consciousness of Kisaragi and the others, the bear monster’s neck fell, they saw the moment when the Bear monster’s neck fell and it collapsed.

    “It’s a terrible injury.…… your life will be saved, but it will leave scars. You get what you deserved.” (TN: What, they’re still alive?)

    Approaching while saying so, was Altria who had come to investigate the forest.

    Because Demiolos destroyed the ecosystem of the forest, Barnabas asks the teachers to look at the situation.

    Altria frowned in front of Kisaragi and the others who were wounded.

    It wasn’t only from the smell of blood and sweat from Kisaragi and his group, but, because they were on the verge of death, they became incontinent*. (TN: lack of voluntary control over urination or defecation. They started peeing and pooping at the same time…..)

    They mixed together, making the surroundings smell terrible.

    “For now, you’ll recover with the healing potions that I have, but it will not bring back your blood and it can’t completely eliminate the pain. Because other teachers will come now, you have to be patient until then.”

    (TN: They survived!)

    Teachers came to help as soon as Altria said that, but Kisaragi and his group’s injuries are quite severe, the pain could heal, but the scar could not be cured.

    Kisaragi and his group no longer have a future as an idol.

    Kisaragi and the others who fainted for being relieved, wasn’t far from despair yet. (TN: Remember the Vigor Killing Medicine?)

    But why, in this world that Gods have abandoned, did so many disasters happen to them.

    ―――― That’s, the result of the world being so attentive to one 『Human』.



    TN: By the way, I’ll try translating a chapter each week or at least one chapter every two weeks. I’ll try that as my goal. Send me your thoughts again. Thanks for reading!!!

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