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    Shinka no Mi

    Chapter 108


    (TN: Still not in Seiichi’s POV)

    “Geez…. Why is this meeting in such a remote land?”

    “Gyahahaha! Don’t say that! If this is successful, we’re one step closer to the resurrection of the Evil God*, right?” (TN: Demon God)

    “…That’s right. Rather, it’s less difficult because it’s not a big country. “

    There were three people in the woods near the capital city of Terviel Kingdom.

    “Hey, Why are you still here? I’m the only one who’s been entrusted with this mission, right?”

    “In this case, you know that this is important. You can’t make a mistake.”

    “Is that so? The worst is we’re gonna die…… We must get our goals done.”

    “Well…. If the success rate goes up, I won’t complain. But, there are three of us who are apostles. And besides, I’ve got monsters from that Kreis bastard.”

    Even though one person says so with confidence, the other person said calmly.

    “… I’m sorry, but it’s still dubious.”


    “…. Demiolos was brought down”

    『What? 』

    With those words, the two were surprised.

    “Oi oi, is this some kind of joke?”

    “That’s right. Even if that guy isn’t a fighter, he’s still one of the apostles. Is it possible that he was eliminated?”

    “…… I was surprised at first. However, it seems to be true. That too, was done at the Barbador Magic Academy.”

    “Haa!? Is he defeated by the kids!? ”

    “…… I don’t know the details. But, the same goes for Anglea.” (TN: Angela?)

    “Angela? …… Ah, that poor woman. I don’t know what’s going to happen to her, but I can’t ignore Demiolos……”

    “…… Anyway, something unexpected for us may happen. Brace yourselves for this.”

    “Gyahahahaha! Leave it to me!”

    “…..I’m most worried about you……”

    When the three of them finished the conversation, they disappeared from the place as if they melted into the darkness.

    ◆ ◇ ◆

    “It’s been a while, anata” (TN: anata = dear)

    “Elemina …”

    In the castle of the capital city Terviel where Ranze lives, Ranze and a woman were facing each other in Ranze’s private room.

    A loose, wavy, divine, shining golden hair which extends to the waist, wearing a luxurious cloak and a dress armor, is the wife of Ranze, the king of the Kingdom of Welmburg, an S-class adventurer…… With the nickname of 『Thunder Empress』, was Elemina Kisa Welmburg.

    “I didn’t think you’ll have a meeting with the Demons.”

    “Aa, I don’t know how this will fall, but…… It’s troublesome to be frightened by the great country every time. The demons aren’t the bad guys.”

    To Ranze who spoke so in a dignified manner, Elemina smiled.

    “You’re still the same.…… But, that’s what I like about you.”

    “…… Don’t do that. I’m getting embarrassed”

    Unusually, Ranze didn’t take any concubines, and the marriage with his wife Elemina was very good.

    “Does Elemina come back for security at this meeting?”

    “That’s right. Besides, I’m a queen, too. Thanks to you, I was able to continue my self-motivated adventure. I’m going to help you at times like this.”

    “I’m saved”

    There were many things that they wanted to talk to each other at the reunion after a long time, but the Demon King’s daughter, who is now the Demon King, is coming.

    Because each of them is aware of their own role, they just keep staring at each other quietly.

    “…….Well, it’s time to get ready.”

    “….Yeah. I’ll be with the other s-class adventurers.”

    When Elemina says so, she turned her cloak and tried to leave.

    But ――――



    Elemina’s cloak was caught in a nearby houseplant, because of the recoil, the pot that had been placed nearby fell to the ground, Elemina also fell on the spot, and the houseplant has fallen on Elemina.


    “………….Haa. That hasn’t changed at all ….. But I beg you, Don’t run in front of the demons …..”

    While hugging Elemina who made a hump on her head, Lanze was so worried.

    ◆ ◇ ◆

    “……Here is, the capital city of Welmburg Kingdom?”

    “Yes desu”

    A group of demons, was near the gate that was the entrance to the capital city of Terviel.

    They were the members of the Demon’s army forces meeting in the kingdom of Welmburg this time.

    Luthia Butte, the daughter of the Demon King, Rieya Falser of the third corps commander and all the others Demon Army Commanders were there.

    “Luthia-sama. Was it good to bring us all together? For those who want to protect Grand Beige……..”

    “…..No problem. The White Dragon God* will protect it.” (TN: Hakuryuu Kami)

    “Aa, if there is the White Dragon God ….. It’s okay.”

    Reiya told her own fears, but was relieved by Luthia’s words.

    But then, Luthia had a clouded look, and was a little depressed.

    “……But, I left Kreis behind. Why didn’t he follow me? I wonder if it’s okay?”

    “……Luthia-sama. You don’t have to worry about him. I’ll make sure this meeting will be a success, then let’s surprise him.”

    “……Un, that’s right.”

    Luthia gave a small nod to Reiya’s words, and turned forward.

    After looking at the situation, the commander of the second unit, Zorua Waltor, raised a discontented voice.

    “Hey, Why don’t you kill him? That’s right, even if we get this meeting, he will just get in the way? Isn’t it better to kill a guy like that now? “

    To Zorua who speaks of dangerous things, the first commander, Zeros Albana, calms him down quietly.

    “Calm down. I don’t like his own attitude, but it’s not that much.”

    “Ah? What are you saying, were you sleeping? …….. You’ve noticed, too, haven’t you? He’s definitely up to something, right?”

    “……. . . there is no evidence yet, I can’t do anything..…. And I can’t say its okay, but I’m asking everyone in the first unit to monitor Kreis.”

    “Huh! It’s a very warm job to monitor such a small person. It’s amazing to hear that from the strongest troops of the demon army.’’


    When the disturbing air begins to drift between Zorua and Zeros, Jade Reven, the head of the punishment squad, speaks in a dazed voice.

    “Hey… it’s fine, but think about the place, alright?”

    “Ha? I just told the truth, didn’t I?”

    “Because this guy poking me.”

    At the same time, Jade sighs at Zorua, and speaks out.

    “Haa…… it’s good that they are like that …. it’s part of their charm.”

    “” … “”

    The two were silent on Jade’s casual words.

    “…… Zorua, Zeros. Thank you. But Kreis is also an important member of the Demons.”

    “……Roger that”

    “…….your will.”

    Luthia smiled and told them so, and then they looked at each other and nodded.

    Realetta Barheim, the 4th Corps Commander who was silently watching such a flow, spoke to Urs Bamyu, the Commander of the 5th Corps, who was watching the course of events in the same way.

    “Haa…… I thought we were going to have a fight here too. Hey? Urs”


    “…… Urus? You fainted!?”

    In the disturbing air of Zorua and Zeros, Urs had fainted

    While having such a conversation, Luthia’s party finally reached the gate.

    “….. Here is…….the capital city Telvier…..”

    As the small Luthia mutters, she tries to get into the gate.

    And then, she was stopped by a soldier who was guarding the gate.

    “Oops, I’m sorry. You guys, would you mind going through a checkup?”

    It was Claude Schleizer, a soldier from the Kingdom of Welmburg, who asked to do so in a casual way.

    Because Claude has made the usual timid response a routine, Zorua tried to bite him, but was stopped by Luthia’s hand first.

    “…… No problem. But why?”

    Luthia says, 『Why? 』And, isn’t the story that a group of demons will come has not reached the gatekeeper? It was a word that included the meaning.

    “Nn? Iya, it seems that a group of great demons are coming to this country. Because they would be in trouble if something bad happens, so a strict inspection is being made. Seeing it carefully, are they all from the demon tribe?” (TN: He uses “they” because they’re many)

    “. . . Yes. And, we’re that group of Demons.”

    “Hee, I see………………. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh!?”

    Claude simply didn’t realize it.

    “Ah, that…….. I’m so sorry! Hey, somebody! Hurry up and tell his Majesty that the Demons are here!”

    “Ou!” (TN: Yes)

    After bowing vigorously, Claude immediately gave instructions to his fellow soldiers.

    “That’s……Iya, I’m really sorry……”

    “….It’s fine. Thanks to you, I now know this country is thinking about us. So this is what I’m saying, thank you very much.”


    To the unexpected appreciation, Claude makes a dumb voice.

    When he was doing that, the horse-drawn carriage immediately came under Luthia.

    Claude were watching for a while as Luthia and the others climbed into the horse-drawn carriage, but finally, when he returned to sanity, he said the usual words with a smile.

    “Ah, I forgot ―――― Welcome to Terviel!”

    “……Yes, thank you.”

    Thus, various speculations and organizations, gathered at Terviel in the Kingdom of Welmburg.

    ◆ ◇ ◆

    The king’s room of the Kaizer Empire.

    The current Emperor, Sheld Wald Kaiser, keeps his feet on the throne, and was discussing a plan with Helio Loban, one of the greatest wizards of the empire.

    “――――Your Majesty. Following the S-class adventurers, It seems that the Demon King’s group have finally entered the Welmburg Kingdom.”


    In response to Helio’s report, Sheld grins.

    “How about the preparations?”

    “Ha. I have fixed units that were given dungeon weapons that have been gathered along the way, and arranged them in all directions. After that, everything will end with one voice from His Majesty. ”

    “Kukuku……What about Zakia?”

    “Ayatsu (TN: He?) is now, located at the Kingdom of Deor (TN: Deole?). After the Deor Kingdom, he’ll meet up with the troops in the vicinity as is, and subsequent movements shall also be the same”

    In Helio’s words, Sheld smiled.

    “Yes, that’s good. The <<King’s Sword>> should wield power for me! Helio, now that Zakia is away, who’s in charge of my security?”

    “―――― It is me.”

    Suddenly emerging from the shadows with those words, was an eerie man whose entire body was in black clothes and whose face was not known except the eyes.

    He wore a black hood with only the eyes exposed, and his only visible eye was a sanpaku eyes* with deep shadows. (TN: It means that the white space above or below the iris is visible, source: .)

    “Ha? You, Rutis.”

    “Ha….. We, the assassination squad, will take care of your security while Zakia is gone. No need to worry about assassinations from other countries.”

    “hahahahaha! It’s reassuring that you’ll be the guard……… Come to think of it, I sent to the Kingdom of Welmburg before the <<Twilight Assasin>>, what happened?”

    In his words, the man in black, called Rutis, raised his eyebrows.

    “…… That beast man, seems to have failed the mission. After all, the beast man was less than a beast that could not satisfy even one mission. “

    “Really……. That’s a shame. I heard that you had your technology implanted.……”

    “Yes.…… However, there are many other outstanding members of my assassination squad. It’s just very frustrating that my time has been wasted, that beast has a lot of information.…… I didn’t give her any freedom, so there will be no damage for our country.”

    “Fun…… Well, that’s good. Anyway, I’m asking you to protect me while Zakia is gone.”

    “Your will.”

    When Lutis says so, he disappeared as if he blends into the shadows again.

    “Now, we’re ready. With the flag of our country―――― trample “

    “――――As your majesty’s heart desires “

    ―――― Behind the scenes, the situation is starting to move greatly around the Kingdom of Welmburg, and the Kaizer Empire was also beginning to move.



    TN: By the way, there’s another one

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