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    Shinka no Mi

    Chapter 106


    TN: The demon god’s cult is back


    The Guild headquarters in Terviel, the capital city of the kingdom of Welmburg.

    Usually, the perverts are making noises, and it annoys the soldiers of the country, but the Guild headquarters were now silent.

    And then, the adventurers who were usually working at the Guild headquarters were silently gazing at a group in the distance.

    “————So? For what reason did you call us this time?”

    It doesn’t look like the adventurer’s guild where rough people gather, when a woman wearing a crimson dress that combines glamorousness and elegance says quietly.

    A fan was held in her hand, and her mouth was hidden.

    She was a woman of about twenty years old, and her face was gorgeous and aristocratic.

    “That’s right~~? They gathered us with the trouble of using the guys who could use the transition magic. You got a good reason for that~? “

    And the next one who just said, with a super-huge Afro head and sunglasses, and an aloha shirt and shorts with beach sandals, he was so aloha and brown-skinned man that was so American that you’ll almost forgot that he was in a different world.

    His age was in his early thirties, and is very flashy combined with his appearance.

    “You disturbed my enjoyment. If it’s a trifle business, I’ll cut you…..  is, what I want to say, but if I can spend time with such a beautiful woman, I’ll consider it. By the way, ladies. Would you like to spend a hot night with me?”

    The last remark he had just said was pointed to a dignified woman, such a swordsman, with a clear silver long hair and gold sharp eyes.

    The sword on her waist, even if you are an amateur, there is an aura that makes you think that it is not a mere sword at a glance.

    Like aristocratic women, she looks about in her twenties, and has dignified appearance seemed to be popular with women.

    “Did I have to come, too? You know my position, don’t you? Although there is almost no discrimination in this country, What do you think of it from other countries……..”

    With a troubled look on his face, he was a middle-aged demon, a man who was almost never seen in the Guild headquarters.

    Swept back purple hair and red eyes. Two horns that can be said to be the symbol of the demons grew from his forehead, and his outfit is not much different from the equipment of a general adventurer.

    “Fuaa~…….. I’m sleepy….. Can I go home~?”

    And the fact that they’re not really tense, was a girl in her teens that can not be said to be a girl.

    Wearing a witch-like hat and a robe, she’s already sleeping while making her nose bubbles.

    “I don’t care. If I can legally beat people.”

    In his silver full body tights, the man in the red scarf——– with a second name of the [Inevitable], said Gargand while laughing. (TN: 必倒, suggest a better one?)

    “Well, well. Let’s all calm down.”

    It was the young man whose words were commonplace, that suits well to appease everyone who said each opinion.

    A brown-haired man with an average adventurer’s equipment, laughs in a troubled way.

    Standing in front of them who have nothing in common at all, was Gassur who served as the guild master of the guild headquarters.

    “Hahahahaha! I felt relieved that you remain true to your desires as usual!”

    “It’s not funny, is it? This muscle daruma.”

    “Thank you!”

    “I’m not praising you…..”

    Sighing next to Gassur, is Eris who is the receptionist of the Guild headquarters.

    After interacting like a comic as usual, Gassur began to talk with a serious expression with a single cough.

    “Now…… , It’s time to get down to business. There is no other person that called you this time. That’s because I got a request.”


    In the words of Gassur, everyone who gathered twists their necks.

    “Oi,oi….It’s not calm to gather us and make a request.~”

    “I agree……And while these people were gathered, isn’t it strange that she’s not here? “

    “Indeed.…… It’s funny that we’re here and she’s not coming.”

    Afro men, noble woman, the demon man said what they thought.

    To their question, Gassur answers.

    “Ah, she might come later. Anyway, I told you first. But, I hear she is late for another matter.”

    “Well, that would be normal!”

    “Then, what are the requests and what happened before you call us? Honestly, some people including me don’t want to leave the country too much …”

    “Yeah, Tell me what it’s about. You called me…….You’re asking me to hit people, right?”

    “I don’t think there is such dangerous request …… Isn’t that right?”

    While the woman swordsman is asking Gassur, Gargand’s words make a mediocre young man feel tired.

    “Umu, Gargand, I’m afraid I’m not asking you to hit anyone.”

    “Is that so. See you.”

    “You’re going home!? You can’t do that!”

    Gargand wanted to leave, but the mediocre young man holds him.

    “I don’t want to be here anymore. Let me go.”

    “Fua~……A, Is Gargand going home?”

    “You’re too free, these people!”

    Because even the wizard girl follows Gargand and says so, the ordinary young man made every effort.

    “Ha-ha-ha-ha! Iyaa, That’s how it is!”

    “Don’t laugh, Gassur-san, please stop them!”

    “Hang in there!”

    “You can’t do that, can you!?”

    The ordinary young man’s words were justifiable.

    “That’s enough for a joke….. I’ll tell you the contents of the request. Gargand, please wait a little longer.”

    “…Tsk. Then tell me quickly.”

    “Thanks! Well, I’d like to ask you guys……Soon, the King of The Kingdom of Welmburg, Lord Ranzel, and the King of the Demons… No, his daughter, Lady Luthia, is going to have a meeting about diplomatic relations. “


    To the words of Gassur, the complexion of everyone who gathered changed.

    Especially, the demon man was the most shocked.

    “As far as I can tell,…… To you all, I’d like to ask for security during the meeting. ”

    “……It’s a serious and big request.”

    The noble woman says so while sighing.

    “Umu. As everyone knows, the relationship with the demons is quite dangerous. I’m not saying any country, but historically, other tribes, such as humans and elves, have mostly been hostile to them. It’s a troubling story, but there’s no discrimination here in the Kingdom of Welmburg, but the relationship with the demons in other countries is not good. ”

    “…That’s right. No matter how much we try to walk up to the demons, if a big nation says that we’re evil, other small countries will get swallowed up. And that will eventually become a common perception of the world……”

    When the demon man says so with a complex expression, he immediately stared at Gassur with straight line of sight.

    “That’s why … I didn’t want to cause trouble to this country because they don’t discriminate even to demons like us. Even if it’s just us going in and out, it will stimulate the great country. ……But … .. Really…… Will you go that far …”

    “Don’t worry! This is your home! What’s great country, come back without worrying! Before your muscles, it doesn’t matter what country or race you are! And so, let’s do muscle training with me!”

    “Oh, I’ll pass.”

    “That’s cold!”

    Even though he was refused, Gassur decided to pose his muscle with a smile.

    The demon man who refused, was happy and embarrassed by Gassur’s words, but he smiled.

    “So ….. What do you think? Gentlemen. Would you accept this request?”

    When Gassur said so with a serious expression again, silence for a while came.

    And ――――.

    “It can’t be helped.…… Okay, I—- Cornelia Arnoldi, will accept this request. “(TN: kōneria arunorudi)

    A noble woman, —- Cornelia, she told him as she close her fan.

    “Cornelia-kun …!”

    “Ah, Will Homon participate in this request? 『Rose paradise』(Bī eru) I’m a fan of…… Oops, I just remembered my passion from my nose…..”

    “…… For a request, I’ll call you later.”

    “Is that right! Mufu… he he he he.”

    “Cornelia-kun? Women can’t have such a face, right-?”

    He didn’t shut up at the last minute.

    “You don’t mind me, do you? I’m not even a demon, but if they’re going to make them laugh, I’ll help you as much as I can. That’s why, Afros Dinoir will also participate~. ” (TN: afurosu dinowāru)

    “Oh, Afros-kun! I’m saved!”

    An Afro-headed man said in a light tone—– Afros also indicates the intention to participate.

    “I was just called for a request. And honestly, I don’t like the great country. How many lovely women do you think there are in the demons…… I, Yuline Rezui, shall join as well. Umu, the demon women are really good! If you think of their fascinating bodies…..! Mu? Excuse me. I also have passion through my nose…… ”  (TN: Yurine?)

    “Umu, Yuline-kun! I appreciate your participation, but keep your desires modest during the request!”

    The swordswoman——-Yuline too, Like Cornelia, decided to participate while having a nosebleed.

    “Ha! I’m not interested in diplomatic relations or race, but…… I call myself a hero of justice. I, Gargand Lutics will also participate.”

    “Gargand-kun! What did you say, you’re a great hero of justice! “

    “I thought I could hit someone.”

    “You’re withdrawing your previous statement!”

    Gargand, regardless of his motives, expresses his participation.

    “Hm~ ….. To be honest, I don’t want to do it because I’m sleepy, but~……I can sleep slowly if it becomes peaceful~…… Okay, Nem Dormir will also participate~” (TN: Nemu Doru mīru)

    “Nemu-kun will also participate!”


    “You’re already sleeping?!”

    The wizard girl―――― Nemu, while making a nose bubbles, also told that she would participate in the request.

    “Ahahahaha ….. They are really free people. Gassur-san, I ―――― Eust Horāz (TN: yūsuto horāzu) , please let me join. I also want to get along with the demons.”

    “Eust-kun….If you were here, the request is as good as it was completed! ”

    “That’s too much to say.”

    An ordinary young man with a wry smile――――Eust also, also said that he will participate without fail.


    “Now……You’re the only one left, Oval-kun!”

    “.…Everyone’s gonna cooperate, why can’t I participate? Oval Demira, is going to join you!”

    The demon male ―――― Oval also decided to participate.

    And so the people gathered here, was supposed to receive Gassur’s request.

    Gassur looked over everyone, at the end, and told them in a dignified manner.

    “Ladies and gentlemen, Thank you for your cooperation! ―――― 『S-class Adventurer』. Let’s achieve the request together!”


    S-class adventurers gathered at guild headquarters.

    For the bright future of the demons and humans, they vowed to do their best.

    “So, why don’t you call Homon-sama soon?”


    …………………………I swear.

    ◆ ◇ ◆

    ——In a dark room with a crystal.

    One man——— Kreis, the Demon King’s close aide, spoke to the crystal.

    “Nhhhhhhh! How is it? Have you gathered it?”

    『Aa, But…… I had a hard time collecting that amount.』

    “…..Nu fu. All of this, the previous strategy….. It’s bad that all the monsters that’s been thrown upon Terviel have been killed. ..”

    『Fuu….. Honestly, I want to throw my anger at you at that time, but I didn’t think it would fail either. Not only 【Iron Man】 and 【Ice Devil】 but also 【Magic Saint】 was even there……..』

    The previous strategy that Kreis and others talked about was, when he sent a great multitude of monsters to the king’s capital, Terviel, by Transition Magic.

    That place did not become a catastrophe due to Seiichi’s presence, if it were true, there would have been no small damage even if there was Barnabas which was called the 【Magic Saint】.

    And this, It was all failed because of Seiichi.

    “I thought I had to rework my plan ….. But I’m lucky this time. ”

    『…… Was it the Welmburg Kingdom and the Demon King’s daughter meeting to restore diplomatic relations? 』

    “Nhi! That’s right”

    To the voice of the crystal, Kreis grinned.

    『I was asked to collect the monsters again, but what are you going to do? Are you going to send monsters back to Terviel? If that’s the case, it’s even harder than before. It’s a meeting with the Demon king’s daughter, so it seems the King of Welmburg gathers S-class adventurers for security. Even if you send the monsters collected in such a place, the results are visible. And what am I supposed to do? 』

    “Aa … …We will surely send the monsters back to Terviel. But this time, there’s one more person―――― Send Edmund in.” (TN: Edomando)

    『Edmund? That guy’s ―――― That’s it. 』

    The voice in the crystal seemed to be suspicious for a moment, but was convinced immediately.

    “Do you understand? Another way to gather despair is not just to kill civilians.”

    『Are you aiming at the Demon King’s daughter? 』

    “Ni hi! Correct answer”

    Kreis had a distorted smile on his face.

    “At a meeting to wish for friendship with human beings, the daughter of the demon king killed by the human hand……”

    『The demons are furious; the relationship between humans and the demons will be at an irreparable level.…… What’s more, if a horde of monsters floods there……』

    “With the Demons who are going mad, they also have to deal with the monsters. Just killing one person, A lot of blood will flow ……. Ni nhi nhi hi ! It’s great…… Isn’t it the best!”

    『Is it Edmund for that? That would be possible for him. Even if 【Magic Saint 】is there. Anyway, I can add more time. 』

    “Nfuu. That would be nice. I can’t make any mistakes like before. The existence of us [Demon God’s Cult] is gradually becoming known to the world … “

    『……That’s right. Well then, don’t let everything go … 』


    — Everything is for the Demon God —.

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