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    Shinka no Mi

    Chapter 105


    (TN: This is from the heroes point of view, there is a shocking revelation at the last  :D)


    Before this, [Character introduction summary: 1] has also been posted. (TN: Still not finish translating though :D)


    I—-Takamiya Shouta, came to see the event that the school rivalry in Barbador Magic Academy, I came to the arena of the school.

    It was supposed to be an irrelevant event for us heroes, but we were instructed to follow the special training of S-class students and see the results. The S class includes, the first prince of the Kaiser Empire who summoned us…… Theobolt, so we can’t refuse.

    To be honest, I don’t have a good impression on the S-class. No, Roberto, the first prince of the Kingdom of Welmburg, I know that a very few of them are nice guys who treat us normally.

    But more than that, the majority of the S-class were people who looked down on others.

    …… Well, we heroes can’t talk about it either.

    Some of us are acting to intimidate the people around us with the great power that we’ve suddenly got.

    [……. And? Why are you in such a good mood?]


    I asked Kannazuki-senpai who was smiling unusually next to me so.

    [N~? Would you like to know? Nn? Nn?]

    [Unusual to get angry with me……!]

    Usually, because Kannazuki-senpai who doesn’t do such a thing, I’m worried about the content.

    [I’m interested. Please tell me.]



    No, recently Kannazuki-senpai was strange somewhere. I wonder where the ordinary dignified figure of Senpai went, usually you can see it clearly.

    Funny……I’m absolutely sure… There’s no doubt that something happened…..

    Come to think of it, there are times when Kannazuki-senpai sometimes disappears. ……It has to do with that?

    Eventually, without knowing why Kannazuki-senpai is in a good mood, the match has started.

    The first was C-class and A-class match, which was very interesting for me, but it seemed to be different to the other heroes.

    [Ha! That magic, I can use it too.]

    [We’re better than the people in this world, after all]

    [This is why we can afford to participate in the school.]

    Many heroes, look down upon them.

    I don’t know why you guys can be so confident.

    With the power acquired without any trouble, I was afraid that people would change.

    When I thought about that, the atmosphere changed a little when a student from Class A came out.

    The second prince of the Kingdom of Welmburg, Gionis, came out.

    [Kiyaa! t’s Gionis-sama!]

    [That rough feeling is wonderful.]

    [Shi, Would you like to attack? We’re heroes and we will not be treated as evil, right?]

    The girls made a fuss when they saw the appearance of Gionis, and the boys are looking at the situation with an unimpressed look.

    …… Right. The source of the trouble is, it is not necessarily a hero and another class

    There is a bad mood among the Heroes.

    Among them—-

    [……It’s not funny.]

    [Naa, is it okay to kill him?]

    [That’s right. they say you can show off your strengths, and show off your skill~~]

    It is three people of Masaya Kisaragi, Tsuyoshi Oyama, and Rento Togo.

    Kisaragi-senpai and his friends, can be said to be the people who are making the mood worse.

    Using that power, they seem to have approached the schoolgirls many times.

    [… That’s troublesome.]

    Kannazuki-senpai who also felt the disturbing signs of the Kisaragi-senpai and his friends, makes a frown.

    Now, Kannazuki-senpai and we are somehow holding back, it will be only a matter of time.

    The game progressed while various speculations were involved, and finally the S-class that helped us and F-class match.

    [At last,]

    [It’s boring.]

    [What, F-class are gonna get killed, right?]

    [It’s really good.]

    [F-class cute~~]

    [They can’t use magic. How do you fight with that? Ttee]

    The heroes laugh at the F class.

    I’m not laughing though, I thought it would be tough for the F-class to win over the S-class.

    Anyway, in the class of people who are skillful in handling magic originally, that’s where we grew up because we were involved in training.

    Above all, Roberto, the first prince of the Kingdom of Welmburg, was overwhelming. He was originally the owner of the ability that can surpass the heroes, if he became stronger. To be honest, can the strongest of the heroes, Kannazuki-senpai, be able to fight him?  That’s just the opponent.

    …… Right, we’re just heroes, but we’re not the strongest.

    Even so, everyone else doesn’t understand it.

    Well…… I can only say what’s in my heart, It might be more useless.

    While I having a loose teeth, the F class enters the venue.

    And then, the boys smiled odiously without concealing their vulgar feelings.

    [F-class women just looks good.]

    [It’s definitely not a mistake. Yes, why don’t we take the other side? ]

    [Oh, that’s good. The F-class is in an invisible class. It would be an honor to have you guys take on the Heroes.]

    [Well, if they resist, we can take them by force!]

    To the content that is unbearable to hear, Kenji, who was sitting next to me, tries to stand up.

    Then, Kannazuki-senpai stopped him expressionlessly.

    [They … .! ]

    [Kenji, calm down.]

    [Kannazuki-senpai!? But……!]

    [There are too many opponents. And a hero with bad feelings, you don’t know what would happen if you made a fuss in a place like this.]


    [Simply, it will be necessary to pay attention to the movement of us heroes more from now on.]

    The match started when Kenji was calmed down.

    The first thing that appeared in the F class was, a male student wearing a bear head costume.

    [What the hell, is that……..!]

    [Bear!? What? Are you making characters!?]

    [Are you serious!?]

    [You don’t want to show off your face when you lose!?]

    The Heroes laughs down the boy student with bear costume who just appeared.

    In the meantime, the S-class student who appeared in front of the F class, to be honest, he was a student which gives little impression. The only thing I remember is that he’s always stuck with Theobolt.

    However, even if the S class were rotten. Their ability is certain.

    This is going to be a tough fight……

    I tried to watch the game unfold with that in mind. ——-But we were stunned.

    [Wha, what the, hell…….]

    [You’re kidding me……?]

    [I don’t know what that means……]

    S class students…… Indeed, his name was Torimaki? Anyway, he was unleashing a magic with enough power from us heroes point of view.

    But the student in the F-class…. Bead prevented his magic, ——— He blow it off.

    I didn’t understand the meaning behind that.

    Certainly, Bead’s hands are equipped with weapon like brass knuckles.

    But, it’s clearly preventing magic. ———— It’s Bead’s fist pressure alone.

    Oi, this isn’t a manga……

    Bead, walks from the front in a dignified manner straight to Torimaki.

    To the students of S-class, there are few people who can act such dangerously among the Heroes.

    But, Bead was able to pull it off unscathed.

    Torimaki unleashes a great deal of magic out of fear, but was completely beaten down, and finally ….. he defeated Torimaki with a heel drop.


    Silence wraps the entire heroes.

    No, it’s not just the heroes.

    The other students also, were stunned by the current battle.

    The only thing that’s normal is, were the faces of F class including Bead.

    No…… Surely, You want to say that’s normal? Are you kidding?

    With such silence going on, the game continues.

    The next match is from Theobolt from the S-class, and Blued, the younger brother of Theobolt from the F-class.

    Instead of meeting him in the Kaizer Empire, I didn’t even know he existed until I came to this school.

    …… There may be circumstances behind the royal family.

    Anyway, it became a brother confrontation that wasn’t in a usual relationship.

    Theobolt, he’s good but not equivalent to Roberto. Regardless of his personality.

    Only Kannazuki-senpai can definitely win among the Heroes, and Kisaragi-senpai and the other seniors have the ability to only barely win.

    That’s why the Heroes gradually return to their sanity, and forgot about the game a little while ago and tried to concentrate on the Theobolt’s match.

    [Ma, that was just a fluke.]

    [Tha,that’s right!]

    [And next is Theobolt!]

    [Ha! Zamaa! Defeat f-class in the blink of an eye!]

    When each one of them is saying things arbitrarily to spice up their feelings, the game began when Blued shot an attack in an unknown direction.

    [Where are you attacking!]

    [oi oi, you don’t even know where your opponent is!?]

    [Why don’t you use your magic!? Ah, you can’t use it?]

    The heroes are saying like that as much as they want, while Blued’s attack continued to fly to strange places without change.

    Theobolt, too, thrown a lot of magic out while making fun of that.

    But, Blued also managed to avoid them and attack well.

    Such a development continues for a while, then Theobolt came to the end, as if he had run short of numbness.

    By unleashing a powerful tracking-type magic, he come to kill Blued with all his might.

    But—- That was the aim of Blued.

    Blued used that magic as a foothold, and the he approached Theobolt very quickly.

    And Theobolt, who was surprised, tried to avoid it……. but, the footholds ahead of him are worsened by the slashing that Blued has released, then Theobolt which took the foot to it breaks it.

    And then, when Blued grabs Theobolt’s neck, he used Theobolt himself as a shield to Theobolt’s magic that was unleashed!

    Because it was a powerful magic, the impact of the collision is also large, and sand smoke engulfs the entire arena.

    When the smoke clears up, there is the undamaged Blued and the dark-blown figure of fainted Theobolt.

    He treated Theobolt, who was supposed to be his brother, as if he was filth, then he gracefully left the place.


    Once again, silence engulfed the seat of the heroes.

    What the hell is that? That’s F-class. That is the dropouts?

    In the minds of all of us, such thoughts dominated.

    But, only the F class is still calm as if it is natural.

    Weird…… this is really weird.

    Those who thought Bead’s game was a fluke, has lost words to a second defeat of the S-class.

    However, when the Kisaragi-senpai and the other seniors return to their sanity, they began to laugh at Theobolt and the others with their noses.

    [Fu…… I guess this is the limit for them who are not heroes after all.]

    [Tha… That’s right! That Theobolt guy, I thought he’d do some more]

    [Ma, if you look at the results, they’re not good]

    At first glance, it seemed to be nothing but an illusion, but it seems to be different to other heroes; they followed the words of Kisaragi-senpai.

    [That’s right!]

    [If the S-class loses to the F class…. After all, the Hero is the chosen one! 」

    [Ah, It looks like Roberto will fight next?]

    [Fuun…..Roberto might be able to do the expected.]

    In the next game, Roberto, the school’s strongest, participated for the S-class.

    And, from the F class, the schoolboy who looks like a delinquent….. Agnos comes out.

    [Wow. He looks stupid.]

    [This guy’s going to be easy.]

    To the state of Agnos, the Hero laughs again.

    . . . I have already read it. It’s a flag no matter how you think about it……

    When I felt that premonition, the match began.


    [Eh? Eh?]



    I didn’t understand the meaning of this in another sense.

    Bead and Blued’s match didn’t make sense for the progress of the match, but the battle that is unfolding in front of me, the level was too high that I couldn’t make of.

    Roberto unleashes a super powerful magic.

    Agnos confronts it with a nail bat.

    In close combat, Agnos has a little bit of advantage, and there, a tremendous sword-fight that we could not reach is unfolding.

    The battle heats up steadily, as the end approaches.

    They did their best to each other; the next is the last blow.

    They created all the power they couldn’t have left, in a single shout with spirit.

    The match doesn’t have a winner or a loser.

    But, It didn’t matter.

    The heroes who had turned back a while ago did not want to admit.

    The F-class guys who had been made fun of, have such a strong power like a monster.

    Unusually, even Kisaragi-senpai and the seniors are contracting their faces.

    We, the heroes…..….No, Almost every person in the hall saw something incredible. And only the F-class was in normal operation.

    Who was the teacher who taught that F class? Isn’t it strange that they are normal?

    If you look at the F-class it’s as if this result is taken for granted, I was curious who had created such an insane group.

    When I looked at the F-class bench, in addition to the students who are waiting there, there were about three different people.

    One of them is a very teacher-like woman, but I don’t think she created that insane group.

    The other one is obviously far from being a teacher, she’s a young girl who didn’t mind even if said that she’s an elementary school student. It’s impossible.

    And the last one.

    Covered with a hood, a suspicious person was there.

    Yes, no matter how you think about it, it’s him. He’s too suspicious.

    What the hell are you doing? Is it doping? But honestly, I didn’t feel that kind of atmosphere.

    And if there is no evidence, doping would just be an excuse.

    First, the students in class F can’t use any magic.

    What’s really going on …..

    When we heroes are losing our words, suddenly, a male student appeared from s-class, he began to complain and curse the F-class.

    The boy student, who’s name is Freid, and like Torimaki, he had the same impression as Theobolt.

    Listening to Freid’s words, apparently, Fried says that he is not convinced that the showdown between the S-class and F Class is a draw, even though there is still one boy who’s not fighting from the F class.

    No, I don’t know what that means.

    It’s a draw with two losses and wins and one draw, or rather, thanks to the F-class, the defeat of the S-class is gone. Why doesn’t he know that?

    If this were the last F-class student coming out, and if Freid loses, the whole S-class lose shall be confirmed?.

    When I thought that way, sure enough, one of the students of F-class will take part in the battle.

    Well, it was an image of a boy whos seemed to be weak when viewed from here, but it seemed that Freid touched the anger of the weak boy.

    I can predict what will happen next.

    I sighed involuntarily, but ……. Well, the result is as you would expect.

    It was a terrible way to lose———–Freid.

    With this, the complete defeat of S class was decided.

    However, the brave are honest in the game until Freid comes out, because they were crushed by their pride and somethings in various ways, they didn’t look straight at the one-sided game that was just played.

    Even now, they couldn’t accept the reality despite that, the teacher of the S class finally came out this time.

    If you look closely, at the F-class student who got fainted, a man in a suspicious-looking hood took care of him.

    The person who might be the teacher of F class, while he wants to take his student to the infirmary as soon as possible, the teacher in the S-class began to complain.

    As for the contents, he said that he cheated, but there is no evidence.

    However, that’s what the Teacher of S-Class said, then the heroes regained their momentum again.

    [That’s right……. That’s right! Thinking normally, it’s not ok that S-class loses to the F class!]

    [You’re cheating! ]

    [This stupid guy! ]

    [You should just spill out everything!]

    While pouring abuse in the mouth, the teacher of S class threw a magic at the teacher of F-class which was defenseless.

    [It’s dangerous!]

    Watching the situation, Kannazkui-senpai raised her voice unintentionally.

    When I was thinking about it——–we were dumbfounded again.

    What, the F-class teacher grasped the magic of the S class teacher with his bare hand.

    I do know how Bead’s fist pressure knocked the magic down, but I don’t know how he was able to grab it with his bare hands.

    It seemed that the S class teacher was the same, after all, when I was in that teacher class, he developed a number of magic that were overwhelmingly stronger than us heroes, and he threw them all at once.

    But, the F class teacher was more of a monster.

    When I think that he’ll shot it down with the magic which he had seized, he grab a new magic between his fingers in addition, and he threw it back directly to the S class teacher.

    Moreover, its power got stronger.

    From the S-class teacher, who was the owner of that magic, it’s power had evidently jump up.

    Before the magic of such power, the S-class teacher gets on his butt.

    Seeing it, the F class teacher also tries to go to the infirmary this time, but the class S teacher didn’t give up. Rather, I had a bad feeling.

    Again, he shot a great amount of magic at the F-class teacher.

    I thought everything would hit the F-class teacher directly.

    Actually——it was different.


    All the heroes, muttered so in unison.

    Because, the magic that the S class teacher threw changed direction to his own just before going that far, and it became a magic with more power than the S class teacher had thrown, then it attacked the S class teacher.

    No…… That……What’s that?

    Why is it that the person who casts the magic is the one who was targeted by that magic?

    No one could understand the scene in front of me.

    After a while, when the overwhelming magical violence stopped, the S-class teacher which is regrettable to see, lays there in a pitiful and inordinate manner as if he had been deprived of his dignity as a man.

    In his appearance, not only the heroes but also the whole venue becomes quiet.

    The F-class teacher went away from the battlefield, as if he couldn’t stand the air in the surroundings.

    I thought the students in the F class were incredibly strong, but it wasn’t.

    The thing that was the most ridiculous was, it was the F class teacher.


    No one wanted to believe what they had ever seen.

    The F-class that’s been made a lot of fun, I didn’t want to believe that it was a group of people who were as strong as a monster.

    And, In order to deny the thing which they do not want to believe straight away, Kisaragi and the other seniors revealed dark emotions.

    [I won’t forgive……I’ll never forgive…….The strong….. We’re the only one…!]

    The other heroes started to approve for his words, which is no more than eight.  (TN: apparently, it was eight on original Japanese)

    [That’s right! Someone like that doesn’t even know, I can’t forgive you for being above us…..!]

    [We, the Heroes are on top, the others should kneel to us!]

    [Yes, yes!]

    The faces of the Heroes, had their feelings turned black over jealousy to the F-class.

    This is…… Mu, It’s too late.

    I thought he’d come back to his senses one day, but he seems to have fallen to the level which cannot be regained any longer.

    When I was looking at the hero with a stern expression, only one student was stuck with a surprised expression.

    It was Seito Airi who had been searching for [Sei-chan].

    Seito whispered with a stunned expression.

    [… Sei-chan …?]

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