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    AN: Because it’s the beginning, this part is somewhat few, and it feels like a prologue.

    “I’m off, see you lateeer.”

    The boy, Konno Muramasa, started school as usual. With the usual school route. And, as he was supposed to arrive at the school as usual.

    “Well, where am i?”

    Spreading in front of his eyes, was only a tea table in the middle of a room covered with tatami mats and was surrounded by a sea of clouds.

    Etto, what happened to me?

    “This, place is called the space between the sea of clouds.”

    What appeared was, a woman with long light pink hair and white hair at the end. The woman, was wearing a white one-piece dress, and the word “Lovely” suits her well.

    “Wha, what the heck is this room?”

    “This is, called the Heavenly Room in the space between the Sea of ​​Clouds.”

    “What on earth happened to me?”

    “Please calm down and listen. Konno Muramasa, you are・・・・”

    I, gulped down my saliva. What will be told to me from now on? I’m very concerned about the subtleties of the woman in front of me. She shouldn’t say that I was dead, right?

    “Konno Muramasa-kun, you have ended today your 15-years of life.”

    “Eh? What was that just now?”

    “To put it simply, you’re dead.”

    It’s too direct, and very straightforward! No, no, don’t say such a thing. Eh? What reason did I die? Perhaps, I just set upped a strange flag?

    “Uh, uhmm, why did I die?”

    “You were wondering if you were really dead.”

    She said that while her face is smiling. Did the flag just come true?

    “Eh? You must be kidding? It’s a lie, right?”

    “Yes, it’s a lie. But you’re still dead.”

    This woman declared that I’m dead while laughing.

    Did I die after all?

    “It’s the same thing as being dead.”


    She was smirking and told me that.

    “So, how did I die?”

    “By a traffic accident.”

    “Don’t say this sort of things again.”

    This person has been light for a while. Isn’t it okay to make it a little heavier? What is with this light atmosphere ……

    “Don’t worry so much. This is just me. “

    “Ah, that’s right. I understand already. “

    What can he say, he can’t say anything back. It’s something that happened to him, so he knows he can’t do anything now. Nevertheless, he never thought he would die so soon. Because he’s still 15.

    Well, come to think of it, why does this person know my name?

    “Why do you know my name?”

    “That’s because, I’m an angel. Ah, I also didn’t say my name yet.”

    Speaking of which, I still don’t know this person’s name.

    “My name is, Eve.”

    “Eve? I’ve never heard of it. “

    “Well, I’m not very major in Konno-kun’s world. But, I’m still a high-ranking person. “

    Hee, I smell something fishy. Looking at her deeds and what she just said, I don’t think she’s an extremely high-ranking angel. In some way, is she just a beautiful woman with a nice face? Bull’s eye

    “That’s Konno-kun, is there something on my face.”

    “Is that what you’re worried about? By the way, you’re old, gofuu. “

    “Eh? What was that?”

    OI, don’t hit me all of a sudden. You don’t like it that much? Women don’t like to be asked about their age. I was about to fall off the tatami mat.

    “I’m sorry. It’s nothing. So, what’s going to happen to me from now on? “

    “There are two options. The first one is for you to wander around in the original world as it is, and disappear after being exorcized by some spiritualist. Another one, is to transfer you to a new world with a fresh life. Which would you choose?”

    “It’s as if I had no choice!”

    What’s with these demon-like options that make you want to choose the latter? Or rather, what is it with the first option that I have to be exorcized? Isn’t exorcism normally done on an evil spirit? The world is too unreasonable.

    “Then, is it, the first choice?”

    “Is there any reason toーーーー!”

    “Fufu, Konno-kun is really funny. It’s fun to watch. “

    Please don’t play with people. Are you really an angel? Or, aren’t you a devil or a fallen angel by mistake?

    “Then, I will start the reincarnation of Konno-kun to a different world. Konno-kun is still young, so I’ll have you reincarnate as it is. That’s why, you’ll keep your original memory. And, I think that there are some things that are a little confusing for you in the world over there, but please deal with any situation in an appropriate manner.”

    He’s glad that he’ll able to go there as it is. However, if he continues just like this, there will be a lot of trouble. His original common sense will not work, and he wondered what to do with the language problem.

    “Am I fine with the language over there? Dialect, and physical strength?”

    “There’s, no particular problem in that. Language will be arranged for you after reincarnating into the different world, and it’s a common language. A common language is really convenient, right? Why does, Earth have so many languages?”

    But it’s certainly so. Ah, there are so many of them that it’s really hard to study. I didn’t really like English either.

    It seems that I was ready for my reincarnation while having this sort of exchange.

    “Then, Konno-kun, this is your new beginning. Please do your best in a new world. If you have any problems, please call me in your heart. I’ll give you some advice. But, it’s better for us not to talk for too long. “

    “Eh? Why?”

    “When we’re talking, your voice will come out and you’ll be seen as weird by other people.”

    That’s a problem. As much as possible, I mustn’t rely on this nasty angel. I don’t want to be involved with her again.

    “Then, Konno-kun. Go now. Let’s see each other again soon.”

    I won’t see you.

    This is how I, Konno Muramasa, started a new life.

    (TN: This web novel is kinda confusing; it started with 3rd POV then gradually became 1st POV. I’m gonna stick with 1st POV from here on out)

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