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    I’ve Been Reincarnated in a Different World, So I’ll Do My Best

    I’ve Been Reincarnated in a Different World, So I’ll Do My Best (Web Novel)

    Author: Tsujimoto Yunma
    Rank 102
    3 Releases 70 Views 3 Bookmarked Hiatus Status
    Last Update 1 month ago


    Muramasa Konno, was in a mysterious space before he noticed it on his way to school. The space feels like he was floating in a cloud. And, a terrible fact was told from the woman who appeared there. “Konno-kun, unfortunately, you died.” Without even knowing the reason, and base on the person that was there, he was dropped into another world. Muramasa is in that world, and he’ll enter the magic school Kurea(Claire) Academy with the guidance of a woman from the sea of clouds. Muramasa will meet various people at the academy. And behind the scenes where he spends his school life, the secrets and darkness that were hidden in the world gradually began to move. The marks scattered all over the world are connected and gathered together. When the reverse side of history, which was spun with lies, falsehoods and tears, appeared on the surface, the reason why he was dropped into this world was revealed. And then, the truth of magic was disclosed.


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