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    “Oops, it’s about time for the night to unwrap. Let’s tidy up before that, and then I’ll go back.”

    The underground library was a little messy because I was playing with Grimoire.

    There was almost no damage such as destruction because a barrier was set up in advance, but there is a little disorder in the bookshelf and the furniture.

    “Would you like me to help? Lloyd-sama”

    “That’s not necessary …… yo”

    When I deployed the technique, the scattered books and magic tools floated up softly, and they go back to the place where they were originally.

    This is my created original technique.

    Tracing the memory of the object itself, it gives power for them to return to the place where they were originally.

    Its effect is valid for all objects, whether it’s dust or dirt, and the Grimoire’s book that I terminated is also restored.

    …… But only its appearance, though.

    “Ooooh, that is an amazing magic!”

    “This thing is not on a degree of magic, though. But it’s convenient for finding things and cleaning up.”

    By the way, the one where you weave magic power is called the technique form, and the one that bundles it and demonstrates an effect beyond a specific level is called magic.

    It can’t be called magic at this level.

    “Speaking of which, Grimoire, you stand out in that figure. Can you get smaller or disappear, can’t you?”

    “It’s not impossible, but……”

    The Grimoire muddies his words.

    Since the magic which changes your shape is quite high level.

    Besides, it’s a magic that selects its user because of its inconveniences. It can’t be helped that he can’t use it.

    “Then you can live in my body. I’ll lend you my right hand “

    When I extend my right hand, the grimoire gives an unbelievable look.

    “Ha……? I,is that okay?”

    “That’ll be less noticeable, right?”

    The Grimoire seemed puzzled, but he turned away from me and made a smirk with his mouth.

    “……Kuhihi, I can’t believe this guy. To have a familiar inside one’s body, if there’s no strong relationship of trust between the two, one must always be prepared to be targeted for his life. You don’t even know that, Ama-chan-me*. It’s easy to kill your body if you let me use your one arm! I’ll kill you even when you’re sleeping, and take over your body ……!” (TN: Ama-chan-me – A man who thinks optimistically)

    “Ooy, what are you talking about. Come quickly”

    “Ey! Here I am!”

    When the Grimoire responded vigorously, it became a black haze and entered my right hand.

    “Wha,what the hell is this!? The magic power density inside this body is not in fragments! If I stuck myself in such a tight space, there will be a space for me, but …… He,hey……! Right arm, is impossible. Then at least from above the wrist …… Guh, no good! I can’t even put in one fingertip ……! Uoooooooohhh!”

    After that scream, a single line entered my palm, and a mouth suddenly opened.

    The Grimoire was gasping for air.

    “Haa-! Haa-! O,one palm skin was the limit ……! What’s with this magic power density ……!”

    He was saying something, but it seems that he has entered safely.

    “Oh, was such hand will be used at the time of double chanting?”

    “E,eeh right! I knew that Lloyd-sama was interested in double chanting. Of course, this body belongs to Lloyd-sama, so you can move it by your own will.”

    “Really? That sounds interesting.”

    Double chanting huh. It seems that various things can be done depending on how it is used.

    Yep, I’m excited. Let’s try it later.

    “It was impossible to take over his body, but…… if I curry favor like this, he’ll be off guard sooner or later. What, let’s not get impatient…… let’s proceed slowly, kuhihihihi”

    “Nn, did you say something? Grimoire”

    “I,it’s nothing! Ri,right Lloyd-sama, it’s fine to call me Grimo!”

    “Is that so. I look forward to working with you. Grimo “

    “A,aye! I’ll do my best, I will do a good work for Lloyd-sama!”

    In the mean of that, the room was cleaned up, and I went out of the library, went back to my room, and went to sleep.


    The next day, I was on the roof of the castle.

    “Lloyd-sama, coming to a place like this, what the hell are we doing?”

    “I’m going to try the double chant right now.”

    It’s lunch time now, so the guard soldiers are also going for a break and no one is in this place.

    Naturally the barrier has been deployed.

    The time is short, but now I can experiment with magic without a worry in mind.

    “Then, will you lend me your power? Grimo. First of all, let’s try chanting. Can you cast 『Flame Conflagration Ball』?”

    “Of course!”

    There is a chant in all kinds of magic.

    However, most magicians use a technique whether its un-chanted or simplified in a way that is tailored to them.

    Lower-rank magic requires almost no chanting or magic power, but when it comes to higher-rank magic, it is not possible to compensate for it with just the technique form, casting a spell is required.

    It will be activated simultaneously by double chanting.

    I wonder what kind of effect will be produced …… I’m getting excited.

    “Let’s go, Grimo”


    With my words, Grimo’s mouth opened in my right hand.

    Once again, I’ll start casting magic.



    Suddenly, Grimo screamed.

    “Whawhawha,what the hell was that just now!?”

    “Eh? I just chant the magic, but ……”

    “Just now!? I heard a ridiculous amount of spells all at once!?”

    “Ah, it’s a bunch of spells, you know. I’m rushing into a bunch of hundreds of spells in one breath.”

    The previously spun ■ is such a bundle.

    I thought that he could do this much if he was a demon, but……

    “No, it’s impossible! I know about a bundle of spells, but at most two or three of them can be bundled! To keep up with such casting speed, a low-rank magic …… for example, it’s impossible unless it’s a 『Fireball』, you know!”

    “You don’t need to chant 『Fire ball』, right?”

    “N,no …… I myself need it normally ……”

    That’s surprising. It’s necessary to chant even a lower-level magic such as 『Fireball』 hah.

    Ancient magic may have a culture that emphasizes chanting.

    On the contrary, because I am knitting a technique formula specialized in chant reduction, I can’t chant at lower-rank magic.

    Well, if that’s the case, it can’t be helped.

    “Then I’ll have to do it by myself.”

    “Myself……! Wait, does that mean that you’re going to chant for two people alone!?”

    “Ah, I can talk normally with this mouth for the time being, but…… Ah ah, yup, not normal.”

    I try to speak out from the mouth of my hand. It’s a strange feeling, but it’s not difficult.

    If this is the case, it likely possible for me to perform double chanting alone.

    “I have to set up a barrier just in case huh. Then, again …… ■■■ ―― “

    I double-chant two high-ranking magics, the 『Flame Conflagration』 and “『Rapids Vehement Water Polo』.

    The coordinates are specified slightly above me, and it is accurately activated ――

    ――It’s there, but what is this. Feeling of ridiculous magic power.

    If I do this any longer, the barrier will be no more! When I judged so, I cut off the magic power supply and forced it to activate.

    Immediately after, the two combined magic bursts.

    Dooooooohhnn! And then it caused a big explosion, and the barrier vanished. The surrounding clouds were scattered away.

    “Wha,what power ……!”

    “Ah, that was amazing.”

    That was double chanting huh. I intended to suppress it down quite a bit, but it still broke my barrier.

    I wonder what will happen if I shoot with all my strength.

    “What the! I heard a great sound in the sky over the castle!”

    “No way, did a dragon appear!?”

    “Run, run!”

    I heard the voices of the guard soldiers from downstairs.

    Dangerous, if they find me, they will get angry.

    I jumped off the roof, and ran back to my room.

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