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    The Lich was confused since I prevented its attacked, but perhaps it regained its mind, it fired a 『Death Blade』 again.

    But it’s useless. The magic barrier that I had already deployed have prevented it.

    As the black blade hits the barrier, it breaks, shatters, and dissipates.

    “……Just now, what the heck did you do……?”

    “It’s magic. I forgot to say it, but I’m a magician.”

    Since we entered the dungeon, I entrusted the battle to Tao.

    I wasn’t hiding it, but I was concentrating on practicing 『Ki』 that I didn’t have the opportunity to show it.


    Lich raises a voiceless voice, and fires a series of black blades.

    Fumu, I wonder if it’s dark system magic.

    Since this thing is disliked because its a magic that monsters use, there are almost no magic books for it.

    It’s my long-awaited, so let’s examine it.

    Eeto, for that purpose, let’s lower the strength of the magic barrier, and instead, fully increased the elasticity …….

    Alright okay, let’s go.

    Zuhn! And making a dull noise, the black blade pierces the barrier.

    However, the blade did not penetrate the barrier, and the momentum was killed and it stopped completely.

    I picked up the black blade that has lost its attack power, and examine it.

    I feel a tingling numbness. This is …… poison huh.

    “……Hee, it’s changing its magic to poison and shooting it huh.”

    Poison is a little misleading word huh.

    It has a stronger magic side than the one that actually employs a certain poison, so it is a mind-like poison ―― In other words, the closest expression for it is that it’s a curse which was solidified and shot.

    Rather than the body, it’s an attack that affects the life force inside the body.

    If you eat it straightly, it can directly reduce your life force, so its attack power seems to be higher than it looks.

    Still, it’s thinking direction as a technique is not so different from fire and water, so it can be defended without problems with my magic power barrier.


    Perhaps it was surprised that it was lightly handled by me, the Lich hurriedly began to knead its magic power.

    The magic power gathered in its both hands, is incomparable with the previous one.

    The Lich sharply hones the mass of magic power collected in its both hands, and spreads it up and down like the fangs of a beast.

    “Robert, that’s dangerous! Avoid it!”

    I wonder if that was the Darkness system upper magic 『Death Fang』.

    Although it has a similar structure, it has a magic power that is so strong that it can’t be compared to the 『Death Blade』.

    Or is there any other additional effect to it…… I’m bothered.

    When it grinned at me who didn’t move, Lich unleashed the black blade from above and below.

    The blade approaching at high speed collides with my magic barrier, but the penetration doesn’t come true.

    Its momentum is killed, and I picked up the tumbling blade.

    “Fumu, as it looks, it’s just a higher version hah. I thought that there was another kind of curse because it was dark magic, but…… my expectation was crushed”

    When I glance at Lich vaguely, it’s pretty upset that it didn’t think that I could prevent its attack.

    In that appearance, I don’t think it has any more magic.

    I don’t think I can learn from this guy anymore.

    However, this is dark system magic huh. As I found out earlier, this power is similar to 『Ki』.

    I might be able to do the same thing. I want to give it a try.

    As Tao taught me, I collect the 『ki』 inside my body into my right hand, and interweave it with magic power.

    I still have a long way to go about 『ki』, but I am confident in my control of magic power.

    By interweaving my magic powers, my 『ki』 forms a blade-like shape.

    “Mu ……? This technique, is a little burdensome?”

    I somehow managed to endure the pain of breathing that made me feel like I was coughing.

    My lungs hurt much more than at the time I normally use 『ki』.

    Moreover, it is tough. I cannot handle well the shape change of 『ki』 and it will fail.

    It is necessary to re-breathe each time, and it takes a considerable time.

    ―― But my excitement is much stronger than that.

    Although the kneaded 『ki』 repeatedly fails, it gradually becomes the shape that I want.

    …… Yup, that’s pretty much it.

    After some thought and error, I managed to create a 『ki』 blade.


    Seeing that, the Lich tries to defend it by deploying a magic barrier.

    Let me see, the power of the 『Ki』 blade, let’s try it.


    With an impelling voice, I flew the blade that was generated with 『Ki』.

    The blade flies while drawing an arc, cutting off the Lich’s upper and lower body together with the magic barrier.


    The Lich disappeared, leaving a weak hoarse voice.

    Hee, it will be like that if it’s defeated with the attack of 『Ki』 huh.

    Come to think of it, it was written in a book that undead monsters are vulnerable to life energy and sacred power.

    The way it disappears is exactly as it was written in the book.

    “I,I can’t believe it ……!”

    Tao mutters when she sees it.

    “That is the secret art of 『Stomata bullet』, 『Stomata fangs』. …… It’s a technique I couldn’t do after years of training. He did that easily, without any effort at all……! No, it’s different. It’s not an effort. Robert was just having fun and feeling 『Ki』……! Come to think of it, it was something my jii-chan said. It’s natural to make an effort. That’s why the guy who can enjoy his own effort is stronger than anyone else, he said. ――Fu, speaking of which, think I enjoyed training when I was little. Every time I did it, I was able to do something new. I wonder when did I no longer enjoy training at all…… I don’t remember anymore. Yareyare, I have to start training again from scratch. This time, I’m going to enjoy it to the fullest. “

    What is she talking about.

    Tao looks at me, and it looks like she’s enlightened.

    I wonder what the hell happened …… well, it’s fine.

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